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September Wind (Literary Fiction)
By Kathleen Janz-Anderson   

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Category: Literary Fiction
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Type: Fiction
Pages: 453
ISBN: 1492393304
Copyright: 2013

A coming-of-age, family, saga story about Emily Rezell, a remarkable young girl who refuses to let the short straw of life take her under.

SEPTEMBER WIND is a coming of age story about a girl with a yearning so great even the worst of obstacles do not dampen her spirits.

Wise beyond her years, Emily has a fight that would make a burley man run, or at least should have. Yet, she is a gentle spirit whose first love, in its beautiful yet sometimes awkward moments, will make us cry and take us back to our own.
We travel with her as she escapes across country on a train in search of the one person she hopes will embrace her and help her out of a terrible mess that could ruin her life for good. Nothing comes easy.
We become part of her world, and forget the troubles of our own. We watch her grow into a lovely young woman, and cringe when her backcountry lifestyle allows her into the Palace of lust, greed, deceit, and even murder, a place she hates, and yet is mesmerized by.
Precious moments throughout the book with those she barely knows, and those she comes to love will melt our hearts. There are times when we want to push her into another direction, and yet we want to stay with her to see where it all leads.
Book Review
September Wind
Kathleen Janz-Anderson
ISBN 978-1492393306
Pgs 528
September wind is a wonderfully written book filled with emotion. The story of an orphan and her journey through life with various colorfully described characters, some less than caring. It begins on a farm in Illinois filled with men in which she is the young caretaker with too much expectation and burden thrust upon her. Her harrowing journey eventually lands her many states and experiences from that small town in America.
Depicting life in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the piece seems well balanced and accurate in detail for the time period.   There were a few turns in the book that left me with questions, however at the same time kept my interest and eventually came together.
The story of strong will and inner strength…of the heavy burden young girls could carry on a farm in this time period. The horrifying acts of some in this book will leave you wanting to protect Emily and to cheer her toward a normal, respectful life. 
I reveled in Emily’s success and felt proud of her astounding courage facing life and the pressures it tosses us. In this respect, Emily seems to be haunted with more than life’s fair share.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this book of a young triumphant girl who refuses to give in and give up. A tale of strength to share with all women and I am looking forward to sharing this book with my daughters.  
Terri Potts
Book Reviewer
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