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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Danged Swamp!
by Richard Mason

Richard and John Clayton stumble across a moonshiner's still deep in the swamp. The Danged Swamp is Volume 4 in the Richard, the Paperboy series. The Da..  
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     Featured "Family" Books!


      ¿Recuerdas en tus sueños? by alex canton-dutari
La tercera novela corta de Alex Cantón-Dutari recoge recuerdos ancestrales y los entrelaza a través de la fantasía. El lector podría sentir la necesidad de perpetuar sus propias reminiscencias...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Alex Canton-Dutari, Author Fan-Page, Kindle Edition,

      365 Days of Christmas by Charlene White-Jackson
A collection of short stories, poems, and more for every family to enjoy during the Holiday Season...
Buy! Jackson Publishing, Jackson Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference by Penny Zeller
Serving others is a vital part of the Christian life. Time and again Christ demonstrated the importance of putting others first and giving what we can to help those less fortunate. As adults, we recognize the importance of in..
Buy!, Penny Zeller, Author,

      A Cabin on the Mountain by Earnest Mercer
The experiences of the Mercer family atop North Mountain, Gore, VA. Recommended for all ages, particularly good for adult reading to children...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica, Mercer Books,

      A Caregiver's Journey - You Are Not Alone by Linda Thompson
For 12 years, Linda traveled the journey of a working caregiver. Calling upon her experiences, she has written a book to help family caregivers understand their role, and how to care for themselves while caring for another...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Life Path Solutions, Life Path Solutions,

      A Child's Grief Surviving the Death of a Parent by Judy Strong
The death of a parent affects thousands of children every year. The depth of their plight often goes unrecognized or unacknowledged. This book helps adults understand the deep impact of loss for a child, and what it takes to ..
Buy! Amazon, Survive Strong Resources,

      A Cricket's Christmas: The Bethlehem Story by David Hennessey
Chirp is a young cricket living in the manger where Jesus will be born. He and his friends witness the miracles that surround that event...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu, Lulu, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      A Devil Singing Small by Karen Charbonneau
Novel loosely based on author's mother's life in rural Idaho, spanning years from World War II through Vietnam War, as she rears a family with her schizophrenic husband, using her rural life to give her fortitude...
Buy! A Devil Singing Small - U.S. Kindle, A Devil Singing Small - UK Kindle,

      A Disappointing Homecoming by Patty Boat
Discharged and lame, Sergeant James disembarks in Maine at the train station with a ticket home and his final pay. When his money and ticket are stolen Sergeant James starts walking home to Oregon...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Booksamillion,

      A DIVORCEE'S RESTORATION by Antoinette Richards-Garraway
This is a "must read" for all. It is simply a healing tool; designed to bring total wholeness to the divorcée...
Buy! Amazon, A Divorcee's Restoration, Kindle Edition,

      A Dog's Life by Edward Garbowski Jr
Follow Franklin Cartwright as he moves to a small town to leave the big city behind. He finds a quirky little town and murder!..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Kindle Edition,

      A Family Christmas. (Short Story) by Eilise Burrows
The Wardens Motorcycle Club Series..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      A Family Of Six At Sea: Crossing The Atlantic On A Cement Boat by Werner Gysi
Sailing across the Atlantic for Werner was a dream come true. A book that inspires those that enjoy reading adventures, want to go sailing or just look for an action rich true story. The four children, now grown up, all added..
Buy! Gooly Mooly Publishing, Chapters Canada, Gooly Mooly Publishing,

      A Jourbey to Heaven by Bruce Brodowski
First time author Tammy Brodowski Mott engulfs you into a whirlwind of emotions in her book “A Journey to Heaven, A Daughter’s Short Life Gives a Family Lessons in Love and Miracles.”..
Buy! Amazon,

      A King in a Court of Fools by Larry Enright
This is a story about a group of kids growing up in a time when things were simpler and every day was an adventure. Written from the perspective of an adult looking back, its humor, nostalgia and just plain fun appeals to all..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, A King in a Court of Fools, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      A Maine Christmas Carol by Philip Harris
A Maine Christmas Carol is available from Cambridge Books!..
Buy! Amazon, Cambridge Books, Write Words, Inc, A Maine Christmas Carol,

      A Memory of Lessons by Tim Maddox
It’s the 1960s; he’s twelve years old and all boy. Jimmy finds himself in some favorable situations and some troubled ones. Go along for the drama and light humor as he and his friend Bobby experience a few of life’s many les..
Buy! PublishAmerica, Tim Maddox,

      A Mother's Son by J E de Sousa
"A Mother's Son" is the true-life account of the author's reconciliation of his mother's life as seen through events in his own life. Seeing his mom's life as witness to his own, he comes to terms with her death and finds me..
Buy! SynergEbooks,

      A Plague of Darkness by Paul Payack
A Plague of Darkness sheds light upon the sense of quiet desperation currently devastating the children of our society: Black, white, yellow or red. This plague, which we watch morph and transform itself into its differing fo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bucknell Bookstore, Rakestraw Books, A Plague of Darkness (Preview),

      A Question of Faith: Rob and Claire's story by Hannah Curtis
Claire Tarrington's life is turned upside down as a result of an accident in which Robert, her husband returns injured, whilst his mother dies at the scene. Confused and grieving, Claire fights to save her relationship with R..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      A Tobacco Farmer's Daughter by Linda Childress
This book contains a collection of homespun tobacco farm stories of the 60's and 70's from a daughter"s perspective. Nestled between the tobacco stories are stories of just plain rural living. Memories from having no indoor p..
Buy! Amazon,

      A Visual History Record of Alamo Defender Gordon Cartwright Jennings Family by Mary Jean Kelso
Images of tin-types and other photos of the Jennings and Williams pioneer families of Texas. Genealogy chart, etc...
Buy! Mary Jean Kelso, Author, Mary Jean Kelso, Author,

      Aaron by Ivy Seijo
Aaron 'speaks' of a Jewish boy who loses himself, and even in a sense his own parentage in Israel just before the WWII and then, many years later, 'finds' himself in America, with the help of a wonderful woman. It 'speaks' of..

      Adjusting the Lifters in the Clanking Family Engine by Jake Wade, PhD
Bible-based, proven effective techniques for help with the family, especially marriages. The presentation is as if one were maintaining an automobile. Easy reading and it works...
Buy! Timothy Bible College,

      Advice from the Blender by Susan Hetrick
Help for stepfamilies with a Christian twist...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Advice From The Blender,

      Altered Dreams...Living With Gender Disappointment by Katherine Asbery
What to do when what you dreamed about your family make up does not come to be? What about future children? How do you go on when your dream changes midcourse?..
Buy! Barnes &, MotheringBoys,

      Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands by Wendy Willett
"Whosoever is in possession of thy book, read thy words carefully, take a second look.... Thou shall falter if thy heart is untrue...." Book Synopsis for Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands Genre: Fanta..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Spinetinglers 2008 Book of the Year Award Winning Author/Illustrator, Wendy Willett,

      Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands - Casebound by Wendy Willett
Hardcover edition availabe. "Whosoever is in possession of thy book, read thy words carefully, take a second look.... Thou shall falter if thy heart is untrue...." Available through and most online stores..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Outskirts Press, Inc., Amber Shadows and the Missing Wands Video book Trailer,

      An Irreconcilable Difference by Lynda Fitzgerald
On Kindle Now!..
Buy! FitzgeraldWrites, FitzgeraldWrites, Kindle Edition,

      As Nora Jo Fades Away by Lisa Cerasoli by Linda Radke
Did Cerasoli just make Alzheimer's disease hip? If by "hip" you mean relevant, current and something everybody is FINALLY going to talk about, then yeah, As Nora Jo Fades Away hit the mark. How does a writer..
Buy! Five Star Publications, As Nora Jo Fades Away ,

      Ashi:In a Class all by Myself by Annie Eskeldson
Ashi's back and she's old enough for school. Oh! How she hates it!! Find out how this young autist goes from hating school to loving it with help from Mommy and some furry friends...
Buy! Amazon, Ashi's Gift Website,

      At the Skylight with Matilda by Phyllis Levine
At the Skylight with Matilda is a delightful read for the young adult and women of all ages. Because of the many requests to learn more about Matilda,I decided to write this second book. Like the reader, I too have become att..
Buy! Amazon,

      Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom by Betty Anne Grillo
Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom by paralegal Betty Anne Grillo is an informational, inspirational guide to understanding the legal terms of bankruptcy...
Buy! Amazon, Sunset Dream Books, Facebook, Sunset Dream Books,

      Being a Senior Citizen by Patrick Kennedy
When senior citizens enter this stage in life there are so many issues: Where is the money? Where do I live? How is my health? This book is a guideline to help these individuals adjust to what is happening in their lives...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Being a Senior Citizen, Kindle Edition,

      Boudreaux and His Buddies by Cindy Barnett Armstrong
"Boudreaux And His Buddies" takes you on an unforgettable journey througout South Louisiana. It is written to appeal to all ages, children and adults alike. Each fun adventure is experienced with an innocent, whimsical chara..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      Box Set: Glenda Diana Short Story Collection Book 1 by Glenda Diana
Box Set includes 3 short stories: No Sense of Humor -- A Taste of History -- Sunbeam..
Buy! Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Brown Paper Bags by Nora Steuber-Tamblin
Robert, Sandra, Nora and Brenda were happy, playful children until their mother left them. They were removed from their home and placed into separate foster homes, lost in the system and never to be a part of a real family ag..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Armadillo Publishing Corporation, For signed copies,

      Burial At Sea by Jerome Lusa
I wasn't present when my family cast my maternal grandfather's ashes into the Atlantic Ocean. This short story is how I imagine his burial...
Buy! Author's blog with links to bookstores, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Burying the Bitter: A Boutique Series Short by Tonya Rice
Eveline's heading back home for her uncle's funeral. It's a service she'd prefer to miss, but she can't...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Burying the Bitter: A Boutique Series Short, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Caleb's Branch vol.1 : An Incomplete Tale Of Unfinished Lives by R. devoll Fisher
Caleb's Branch is the story of how two very different men at each end of the 20th century are affected by culture and personality as they deal with the uniquely male experience of being adopted sons and or fathers in nontradi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Caleb's branch,

      Can a Mother Die of a Broken Heart? by Marion Sadler
NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: TROPHY WINNER- Poetry Chapbook, an journeying of thoughts about living and dying written during up and downs and in and outs of grief processing, as our older son died of cancer. Scottie was an engineer and..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Writer, artist, books and paintings for sale,

      Caregiving Tips for Everyone by Marsha Caldwell
Tips to help familys with the financial, medical and emotional struggles of caring for a family member..
Buy! Amazon,

      Carver's Chance by Denise Patty-Brennan
The saga continues at the O'Brien Thoroughbred Farm. It is 12 years later and Abby Carver is anxious to start her career at Second Chance Farm. Everyone is on edge when Luke O'Brien's nemesis returns. Someone's life becomes a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica,

      Casey; The Promise by Ivy Seijo
Is the completion of a promise made by Grandma Charlie that Casey fulfills... read it and find out some possible answers to our meager existence... how we can make a difference... how what we do, say, even possibly think can ..

      Cause My Daddy “Said” Reflections Of My Father’s Words Series Book 3 by R Greene
One Woman’s Journey of recognition, respect, and recollection of her father’s words… ..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Cause My Daddy “Said” The Stories Behind The Quotes Book 2 by R Greene
One Woman’s Journey of recognition, respect, and recollection of her father’s words… ..
Buy! Amazon, Cause My Daddy Said,

      Cell Phone Etiquette, observations from a Mom by Michelle Cimino
Cell Phone etiquette, funny stories, and Do's and Don'ts..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Get Manners,

      Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul by Michael Curry
A wonderful, heartwarming collection of stories about the greatest generation... our grandparents. (Photo of author and grandfather fishing on Moses Lake, WA 1969..
Buy! Amazon, Chicken Soup, Health Communications, Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul,

      Child Models Your Little Super Star by renee lauren
Child Models Your Little Super Star modeling babies, tweens to teens..
Buy! Click here to buy!, Models Fashion Advice,

      Christmas Planner by L.M. Richard
Christmas Planner 2007! Create a memorable Christmas for the family using this Planner to organize your entire festive season...
Buy! Siscan Books, Lulu, Siscan Books, Lulu,

      Christmas treasures - The Greatest Treasure is in the Heart by Bruce Spohn
Though it is fiction “Christmas Treasures” is based on events that Bruce has experienced in his life, from early childhood memories to the events that cry out from the headlines of the news media..
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace ,

      Collista's Search for the True Meaning of Christmas by Jaci Rae
If you've ever lost faith and hope during the holidays. The hustle and bustle and commercialism got you down. Then this inspirational book will bring joy and laughter back into the heart of the holidays...
Buy! Barnes &, NSR, Inc, Christmas With Love,

      Considering Adoption Disruption by Debra Hess
Considering Adoption Disruption: Prayer Journal, Year One..
Buy! Amazon, Considering Adoption Disruption,

      Contract for Home Services: Preferrred Priorities for U.S. Home Improvement by RB Roberts
Here, in "Contract for Home Services" R.B.dissects this historical contract format into 10 crucial Lessons which cumulatively flow into about 80 motivational points for thought and incorporation as needed. Can result in savin..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Smashwords,

      CRYING MOUNTAIN - Crazy Hurricane (Second Edition with foreword by Author) by lili dauphin
The crying Mountain depicts a young girl’s journey through a devastating hurricane captured in diary kept when she was 8 years old. She has been writing since the age of five, when she was a little girl surrounded by extreme..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Barnes And Noble, Islandlili,

      Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali: A Father and Son Story by Felix Rodriguez
Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali is the heart-warming story of the strong bond between a boy and his dad and the Greatest Boxer of All-Time, Muhammad Ali!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse, Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali,

      Daddy's Hugs by Charlotte Johnson
The text’s major premise is that the role of fathers is essential to promote healthy child development and appropriate role modeling. The book exhorts the role of fatherhood in the lives of children. Daddy’s Hugs offers str..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, TEC, Reaching Beyond,

      Daddy's One Acre by m j hollingshead
Daddy's One Acre is told through the eyes of a child growing up in the San Joaquin Valley, California during the late 1950s-1960s..

      Daily Fitness Workbook by L.M. Richard
A daily fitness workbook to use for all your fitness and health records. Charts and logs for almost all fitness programs...
Buy! Siscan Books, L.M. Richard's Storefront, Siscan Books, Lulu,

      Daily Health Workbook by L.M. Richard
A daily health workbook to record all your daily health incidents, issues and symptons for referencing and recording...
Buy! Siscan Books, L.M. Richard's Storefront, Siscan Books, Lulu,

      Dale. A Love Story by Roo Palmer
Dale is a story of inspiration filled with drama and mystery for those who need a Christlike influence that will encourage them in their walk with God. Dale is a young man who vibrates an unusual courage and faith to share hi..
Buy! Dale. A Love Story, My Storehouse, Lulu,

      Discover The Gratitude Experience by L.M. Richard
A personal wellness workbook to experience the effects of gratitude...
Buy! Siscan Books, L.M. Richard's Storefront, Siscan Books, Lulu,

      Discoveries: A Journey Through Life (CD - PDF files) by Shirley Parker
Like the flash and dart of dragonflies, other busy lives surround ours as we prance unaware through our own world. Each absorbing story portrays a powerful sense of place, even when life's smaller crises are held up to the li..
Buy! Amazon, Topaz Cove Creations,

      Discoveries: A Journey Through Life by Shirley Parker
Like the flash and dart of dragonflies, other busy lives surround ours as we prance unaware through our own world. Each absorbing story portrays a powerful sense of place, even when life's smaller crises are held up to the li..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Book Publisher, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Does Your Church Connect with Blended Families? by SHane Stutzman
This book works to help the church and families to CONNECT throught he power of Christ. You can learn how to connect with resources to help your church and family...
Buy! Dr. SHane Stutzman, Forget Me Not Christian, Doing Whatever It Takes Ministries,

      Dog Water Free, A Memoir by Michael Jay
A coming-of-age story about hope, faith and a young mother's love that fosters an improbable journey to find emotional truth...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Author Website, DOG WATER FREE, A Memoir, Kindle Edition,

      Douglas' Big Christmas by Mary Tomasi-Dubois
Does it hurt a Christms tree when you cut it down? That's what Doug, the little tree, wants to know when he finds out he's being raised on a Christmas Tree Farm, and that his biggest job is to be cut down and decoreated by s..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary Tomasi Dubois,

      Down on the Farm: One American Family's Dream by Sue Glasco
A collection of weekly columns from the 1960s started as family history project for Sue Glasco's children and suddenly became a book. Sue says she is not a funny writer, but the book is about children, and they are funny. N..
Buy! Amazon, Down on the Farm with Sue Glasco,

      Elizabeth's Choice by Mary Edwards
Buy! Barnes &,

      Endangered Species: The Stealing of Black Children by Raymond Sturgis
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Empowering People with Words, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Eric the First by Terry Wheeler
Eric is twelve, going on thirteen, and this is the account of that year in his life. Prone to disaster, Eric limps from one hilarious catastrophe to the next...
Buy! Amazon, Terry Wheeler,

      Every Hour Counts by Thomas Ault
Follow the life of Gilbert as he is brought to life, bought, sold, and loved by all. His take of things is factual, but in a fictional way...
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace,, Aults Place,

      Exciting, Fun Stories by Evelyn Horan
Exciting, Fun Stories is a collection of adventure stories for children, teens, and adults. Each story is entertaining and meaningful to the reader. Further, The Preface is for parents, teens and adults with informat..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Expectations by Rick Bennette
Avid golfer Jack Preston is Bernie Madoff's best friend and right hand man. When the financial scandal hits the news, Jack faces serious prison time. To avoid incarceration, Jack is forced to give up the only career he's ever..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon.con,,

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Featured Book
The Goatfooted Children: Preface
by B. B. Riefner

The Goat Footed Children chronicles the stories of fourteen individuals who have dyslexia, their struggles and triumphs, their tragedies and successes. It explores a ran..  
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FREE DOWNLOAD The Suffering of Being Kafka
by Sam Vaknin

A second volume of short stories and poetry by Sam Vaknin. ..  
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