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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Madam Blaze Starr: Whiskey and Sagebrush Truth in Eights and
by Sage Sweetwater

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     Featured "Gay/Lesbian/Bi" Books!


      2 IN 1: Partners by Kira Chase
Partners: The Wrong Corpse and Partners: The Other Woman are now available in one volume...
Buy! Amazon, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, All Romance Ebooks, Kira Chase, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      32 and Raining by Daphne McLaren
A young actor with a penchant for eyeliner leaves a girlfriend behind to find his gay best friend from high unusual romance!..

      A Bid For Love (1 Night Stand #88) by KT Grant
Anthony Conlin is a forty-one year old workaholic in love with his twenty-nine year old neighbor, Reece Whitmore, who looks like he belongs on the cover of GQ magazine. Anthony longs for Reece to the point of obsession, but d..
Buy! Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, A Bid For Love, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      A Clash of Fangs by Roger Hyttinen
A Clash of Fangs is a contemporary, gay vampire love story based in Chicago...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Roger Hyttinen's Website,

      A Deadly Game by J.P. Bowie
Nick Fallon, private investigator, is stalked by a drug lord seeking revenge for the death of his son...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, J.P. Bowie, J.P. Bowie,

      A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole
Committed to one another and their union, Van Dansk and Calen Maxwell decide to spice things up by bringing a third into their bed. They intend to invite the lovely straight barmaid from the local gay/bi night club to join th..
Buy! Loose Id, LLC, A Delicious Taboo,

      A Delicious Taboo Plus Two by Jennifer Cole
For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn't ge..
Buy! Loose Id, LLC, A Delicious Taboo Plus Two,

      A Dish Served Cold by Andrew Ashling
Growing up gay in a society where slavery has been reintroduced...
Buy! Amazon, Ximerion, A Dish Served Cold (Sample the first nine chapters), Kindle Edition,

      A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To My Sexual Orientation by Kage Alan
Welcome to the world of 19-year-old Andy Stevenson, where life is ruled by Murphy's Law and if something doesn't seem like it can get any worse, it generally does. His philosophy of life: "I was born a dumbass, have since be..
Buy! Amazon, Zumaya, Common Language, Zumaya Publications,

      A Good Neighbor (short) by Clare London
Dylan admits it himself, he's a relentlessly single man in a small town, consoled only by being a good teacher and a devoted nephew to his Great-Aunts. When the Aunts take a hand in matchmaking him with Josie, the girl ..
Buy! AllRomanceEbooks, Amber Quill Press, Clare London, Writing...Man to Man,

      A Harem Boy's Saga - I: Initiation by Beau to Beau Books
The contents of this book constitute a work of NONFICTION. It documents the author’s experiences, and is not intended as an expose’. This book contains substantial sexually explicit material and language which may be conside..
Buy! Beau to Beau Books, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      A Matter of Course by Coleen Grundy
This novel is about lesbian love, relationships, trust and, finally, acceptance. Inside all this is a life experience that achieves all the above...
Buy! Barnes &, Sid Harta, Amazon,

      A Matter of Degrees by Alex Marcoux
To solve her brother's murder, Jessie infiltrates an all-male secret society and learns much more than she bargained for ... Freemasonry's Royal Secret ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lesbian Fiction and Suspense Thrillers, Bella Books, Lesbian Suspense Thriller | Conspiracy Theories | Paranormal, Kindle Edition,

      A Personal Hell: Don't Ask, Don't Tell by R.J. Hamilton
Greg makes a decision that may destroy him...
Buy! Amazon, Webstore, Kindle edition, Official Site for R.J. Hamilton, Kindle Edition,

      A Private Affair by Mike Warren
A young man who has a family and joins the military to take care of his family...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      A Promise Kept by Stormy Glenn
His name was Jack. It wasn’t a famous name or an adventurous name, or even a poetic name. But to Mason Philips, it was the most beautiful name in the world, because it belonged to Jack Spencer. The man Mason had been dreaming..
Buy! Torquere Press, Stormy Glenn,

      A Revolutionary Romance by Melody Clark
A novel regarding reincarnation, and where two prominent founding fathers would have stood on gay marriage, particularly after falling in love - with each other...
Buy! Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Melody Clark Books,

      A Summer Place by Ariel Tachna
Overseer Nicolas Wells had been coming to Mount Desert Island for ten summers to help build cottages for the rich and powerful. Despite his secrets, he had grown comfortable in the peaceful little island town, getting to kno..
Buy! Barnes &, Dreamspinner Press,

      A Touch of Cedar by Roger Hyttinen
A gay-themed time travel ghost story in which the hero tries to stop a 100 year old murder...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kobo, Smashwords, A Touch of Cedar, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Above All, Honor by Radclyffe
A deadly assignment to protect the President's daughter leads to a battle between duty and desire...
Buy! Amazon, Open Book Limited, Justice House Publishing,

      Acceptance by Starla Kaye
Chase’s hectic life is out of control and romance never seems to work until he meets a sexy Spaniard who tilts the world for a few brief days. Rico must return home to Spain. Chase must accept that, but will acceptance be eno..
Buy! Amazon, Decadent Publishing, Starla Kaye, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Adventures of a GWF an erotica novella by Dorian Beth Wenzel
Story of Dobi, ex-penticostal lay-minister, who left the church to lead a gay life-style, and her adventures as a single lesbian on her journey to self-discovery and self-love...
Buy! Amazon,

      African-American Hot New Gay Novel! by Keoni Kenai
Labeled A novel By Keoni Kenai Synopsis Love is a funny thing. And as cliché as it sounds I thought it would never happen to me. But it did. Let me explain. I am a product of God you see? Son of Adam. I a..
Buy! Barnes &,

      After the Fall by M. King
Before the Fall of Lucifer, Heaven was at peace. Two angels knew perfect love, until the rebellion parted them...
Buy! Buy direct from publisher, Buy from OmniLit, Author's website,

      ALI BABBA and the MANY THIEVES by Alexander Cee
A contemporary version of ALI BABA and the FORTY THIEVES. How can an honest, poor, overwork police officer ever bring down a global group of treasure thieves the newspapers have dubbed 'Ali Babba and the Many Thieve..
Buy! Alexander Cee's Storefront, Alexander Cee's Smashword storefront, Alexander Cee's Storefront, Lulu,

      All Lost Things by Josh Aterovis
Killian Kendall is asked to prove a troubled teen innocent of murdering his abusive father...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Josh Aterovis,

      Almost Human (Immortal Fire anthology) by M. King
Even if you can’t die, terrible things can happen to your soul. In a world where everything has changed, two immortals flee for their lives...
Buy! Buy direct from publisher, Buy from OmniLit, Author's website,

      Also Known as DNA by Kelli Jae Baeli
A crescendoing battle of survival will test their courage, as they discover the darker permutations of DNA...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kelli Jae Baeli, Author, Synaptic Circus of Kelli Jae Baeli (Blog), Kelli Jae Baeli, Author,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      An Aurora Twilight by Angie Lynch
Tyller Mancuso had given up on love after heartbreak. Daylee Rothman found herself pregnant and alone. Together they come together but can their love possibly work?..
Buy! Amazon, Author Central, Kindle Edition,

      And She Fights: The Chronicles of Landris by Twynette Campbell
Devon Marshall is still saddled with the protection of her ex-lover because of her dreamland nature. She is guierra di sogno or a dream warrior. When she meets Veronica, she feels something different about her--with good reas..
Buy! Amazon, Author Content Website, Lulu,

      And Then is Now by Coleen Grundy
And Then is Now has been published 2012 yet it is written for the year of 2053 excitement plus..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle Edition,

      Andy Stevenson Vs. the Lord of the Loins by Kage Alan
"It amazes me how much we think we know and how mature we think we are when we're younger. I mean, now that I'm 19, I'm so ahead of the game in those areas! Now I know everything." --Andy Stevenson..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Zumaya, TLA, Zumaya Publications,

      Aneesha's Prophecy by Darlene Duncan
One woman determined to avenge her mother's death and free her people from the slavery of the Empyre - or die trying...
Buy! Aneesha's Prophecy, Aneesha's Prophecy, Darlene Duncan,

      Angelfish by M. King
You can never outrun the past…but is the future always inevitable? Magic realism set in New Zealand...
Buy! Buy direct from publisher, Buy from OmniLit, Author's website,

      Another F-Word by Lissa Brown
Tells a story of a gay boy in rural Tenn. coping with bullying from family, classmates, preacher, etc. Despite it all, he survives and thrives because of some devoted mentors and relatives...
Buy! Amazon, Lissa Brown Writes, Kindle Edition,

      Armchair Detective by Kelli Jae Baeli
Jobeth stakes out her prey and runs for her life, continuing the investigation that pulls her into close calls, unexpected allies, and more secrets. But Jobeth has secrets of her own, and only love can excavate them...
Buy! Kelli Jae Baeli, Author, Synaptic Circus of Kelli Jae Baeli (Blog), Kelli Jae Baeli, Author,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Around We Go by Tonya Chatelain
Susan felt torn about the feelings she was still harboring for her college sweetheart and the new woman she met on the mountain one cold snowy night. Her life had taken a sudden turn when out of the blue she received a call f..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Author: Tonya L. Chatelain personal web page,

      Around We Go Again by Tonya Chatelain
"Order Now!!! "Around We Go Again" The exciting sequel to "Around We Go", it is an Erotic Lesbian Romance novel with Twists, It is available in soft back or E-Book form I will also send you a free autographed bookmarker if yo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Author: Tonya L. Chatelain personal web page,

      Around We Go Some More by Tonya Chatelain
About the Book: Susan and her newly adopted son, little Billy, adventured into their lives together. The separation from Stephanie had given her plenty of time to search her heart. Susan knew that she loved her, but would..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Author: Tonya L. Chatelain personal web page,

      Around We Go: A New Beginning by Tonya Chatelain
Quiet time in the woods quickly turned into a nightmare for Susan as she came face to face with the past that had been haunting her for years. She had sought closure for as long as she could remember, and now that she was fac..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Lesbian Author Tonya L. Chatelain,

      Around We Go: Love Intertwines by Tonya Chatelain
"No," Susan cried out loud into the early morning hours, while sitting in the wilderness in Kentucky. "Why did you kill him?" After all this time she was finally able to see who killed her brother David. Now, what would she d..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Tonya L. Chatelain,

      Around We Go: The Kinky Side by Tonya Chatelain
Tiffany only seemed to grow more depressed as the days and weeks passed with little to no word from Susan, she knew that Susan was busy with her new life, but she wanted to be remembered as well. She knew she didn’t have the ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Novels and Books by Lesbian author Tonya L. Chatelain,

      Around We Go: The Saga Continues by Tonya Chatelain
Lisa, the attorney from Florida, was now proving to be holding more cards in this game of their lives than Susan would have ever thought possible. Susan had not been at the barbeque more than twenty minutes when she ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Tonya L. Chatelain, Tonya L. Chatelain,

      As Hot As You Remember: Gay Erotica (Kindle eBook) by Donovan Lee
A ghost, a killer, daring lovers, the man of your dreams…you never know who or what you might find in New Orleans. And the nights there are as wild as you remember. As mysterious and dangerous as you remember. As hot as you r..
Buy! Amazon, Donovan Lee, Gay Writer, Kindle Edition,

      As You Were by Kelli Jae Baeli
Amid devious interference, and the threat of the murderous Highwayman, Tru Morgan must win the love of her partner all over again, when a tragic event costs Brittany Jabot her memory..
Buy! Kelli Jae Baeli, Author, Synaptic Circus of Kelli Jae Baeli (Blog),
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux
Bound by passion...separated by violence...and the past holds the key! ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Best Lesbian Mystery, Lambda Finalist, Bella Books, Back to Salem | Lesbian Fiction | Paranormal Romance, Kindle Edition,

      Backdrop: The Politics and Personalities behind Sexual Orientation Research by Gayle Pitman
Backdrop narrates the story behind the psychological research studies on sexual orientation, raising a plethora of political, moral, and philosophical questions...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Active Voice Press, Active Voice Press,

      Bad Hair Day (short) by Clare London
Flip a fable on its end and what do you get? Heat, wicked humor, and a great romance. Flipped Fables is all about taking the tiny morality plays of childhood and turning them into something more, something that speaks to us a..
Buy! Torquere Press, All Romance ebooks, Clare London - Writing... Man to Man,

      Bashed by Rick Reed
Three haters. Two lovers. And a collision course with tragedy. ..
Buy! Amazon, Bashed at MLR Press,

      Beastly Desires by Dora Gonzalez
Ethan is a werewolf trying to find answers to his past. Derek has been sent to hunt him down. Will their growing desire for each other be enough to save them from themselves? And is there something even more dangerous than ei..
Buy! Amazon,

      Beautiful to Behold by M.D. Wiselka
Star-crossed lovers struggle to survive the German invasion of Poland at the opening of the second world war...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Behind Closed Doors by Kira Chase
After witnessing two brutal murders, a woman is given a new identity and whisked away to a depressing remote location...
Buy! Amazon, Extasy Books, All Romance Ebooks, Kira Chase, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Beside the Darker Shore by Patricia Esposito
In Boston’s peaceful vampire community, the ethical Governor David Gedden desires one thing: the blood prostitute Stephen. But to have him, he must ally with the community’s archrival. To have him, he must become a potential ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eternal Press, Eternal Press,

      Best Friends by Kira Chase
Callie Stone is a troubled teenager trying to come to terms with her feelings toward the same sex. Living in small town USA in the sixties, only adds to her confusion...
Buy! Amazon, Extasy Books, All Romance Ebooks, Kira Chase, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Best Gay Love Stories: New York City by Arthur Wooten
Collection of short gay romantic stories celebrating the Big Apple...
Buy! Amazon, On Picking Fruit - Arthur Wooten,

      Between Two Promises by Shelter Somerset
Aiden and Daniel have forged a life together in the rugged Montana foothills, but when a letter arrives inviting them to the Christmas wedding of Daniel's brother, Mark, back in Illinois, Daniel must face the dreaded Amish sh..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Between Two Promises, Kindle Edition,

      Between Two Worlds by Shelter Somerset
Agnostic Chicagoan Aiden Cermak travels to central Illinois Amish Country and finds himself falling for a devout Amish farmer and furniture maker. Can his love be reciprocated? ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Between Two Worlds, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond the Rain by Angie Lynch
A coming out story of a single mother raised in a Conservative Christian family...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Author Central on Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond Thoughts Beyond Reason by Coleen Grundy
Lesbian SiFi 2053 waking on planet Emel learning why they must move Earth from this universe into another...
Buy! Amazon,

      Bi Ranchers Bi Mates by Bill Lee
This is actually a bisexual novel (no bisexual category here) set on a ranch involved horse breeders and the stallions and their females among them. True erotic bisexual action...
Buy! Barnes &, GLB Publishers,

      Blasphemy: a novel by Roger Taber
A gay crime novel set in contemporary London (UK). For the (complete) e-novel, go to:
Buy! Amazon, A Poet's Blog,

      Bleeding Hearts by Josh Aterovis
When Killian's new friend Seth is brutally murdered and he is seriously injured in the process the police think it’s just a random mugging. Killian thinks there may have been a darker motive and, with Seth’s father, sets out ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, From the Author,,

      Blood Glamour by Sonia Cardini
An erotic- dramatic story..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Bloodlust by Fran Heckrotte
The Illusionist Series, Book Two From the mountains of Transylvania to New Orleans, Yemaya and Dakota track an ageless killer whose journey through time has wreaked havoc on humanity..
Buy! Amazon,

      Blue Corn Woman by Sage Sweetwater
Sage Sweetwater pens lesbian pulp fiction novel BLUE CORN WOMAN, brainchild of Sage Sweetwater Creative Properties, flagship of Stone Creek Woman - The FOUR CORNERS SERIES..
Buy! Amazon, AuthorHouse,

      Blue's Singer AKA Roadkill Heart by Blue Sleighty
Cover by Blue Sleighty Prologue: Have you ever had a moment of retrospection, perhaps recalling your first love, when your ultimate summation was “What the hell was I thinking?” This is that kind of a love stor..
Buy! My Secret Obsession, My Secret Obsession, Lulu,

      Bobby's Trace by Edward Patterson
Do ghosts mourn the living? Come peek inside and know what Perry Chaplin knows...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon Kindle, Dancaster Creative, Kindle Edition,

      Bound by Family Ties by Angie Lynch
A hidden past from everyone causes problems for one young woman when she is forced to deal with it unexpectedly...
Buy! Amazon, Author Central, Kindle Edition,

      Boys of the Bite, edited by Cecilia Tan by Bryl Tyne
Hot, steamy, sizzling collection of gay vampire stories! Wanting Needing Having by R. R. Angell To Be Beloved by Pepper Espinoza Lost in Translation by TammyJo Eckhart The Love of a Faithfu..
Buy! Ravenous Romance, All Romance Ebooks, Bryl R. Tyne,

      Brad - A Young Man's Adventures by Ken Smith
Adult 18+ Gay erotic romance. Brad leaves high school with a boyish innocence and enthusiasm. But when he meets a stranger in the woods one day, he finds himself attracted to the young man and a series of hot and sca..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, KINDLE, AllRomance ebook,

      Breaking Faith by M. King
When trust, hope and faith break down...a man can lose everything. A powerful love story set in northern Montana...
Buy! Buy direct from publisher, Buy from OmniLit, Author's website,

      Breaking Free by Kira Chase
Can a famous big city writer and a down home country girl find a common ground? ..
Buy! Extasy Books, All Romance Ebooks, Kira Chase, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Bridge Across the Ocean by Randy Boyd
A friendship between a 26 year-old black gay man and two straight, white teenage brothers leads to a summer vacation in Cancun, Mexico, that will change their lives forever. Inspired by a true story. A Lambda Literary Award F..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Buddha's Bad Boys by Alan Chin
Six stories about six gay men, all clutching the end of their rope, find themselves in Thai monasteries trying to find themselves. What they find there is the last thing they expected: a chance to help others, and for some a ..
Buy! Amazon, Alan Chin's website, Kindle Edition,

      Butt Babes In Boyland by Kage Alan
This holiday season, it's not just turkey's getting stuffed!..
Buy! Amazon, Wilde City Press, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Butt Ninjas From Hell by Kage Alan
Comedic anthology tackling the ninja genre with just a little bit of the supernatural thrown in...
Buy! Amazon, Wilde City Press, Kindle Edition,

      Butt Pirates In Space by Kage Alan
A fun collection of five gay, campy, sci-fi short stories from authors with a sense of fun and humor. Nothing is off limits!..
Buy! Amazon, ManLoveRomance Press, Kindle Edition,

      Butt Riders on the Range by Kage Alan
The bulls aren’t the only ones being grabbed by the horns in this Western anthology!..
Buy! Amazon, Wilde City Press, Wilde City Press, Kindle Edition,

      Butterfly's Child by Alan Chin
This is a western story of three fathers and their entwined relationships with their sons...
Buy! Amazon, Alan Chin's Website,

      Calling Dr Love by G Hauser
Pride and ego make a very unlikely combination for finding true love. Unless you discover another who is your mirror image. Twenty-five year old Phil Andrews left his family in Eastern Washington to escape the small ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Candela by Flor Fernandez Barrios
Flor Fernandez Barrios creates a story that in itself becomes a dance. But it is also a living tapestry of the world Candela enters in her search for and discovery of her whole self...
Buy! Barnes &,,

      Captain's Surrender by Alex Beecroft
A gay historical romance, set in the 18th Century. Patrick O'Brian's 'Master and Commander' sea stories meets Brokeback Mountain...
Buy! Amazon, Linden Bay, Fictionwise, Adventure and Romance,

      Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelliing by Toby Johnson
An anthology of stories and essays revealing the positive and wonderful--even magical-qualities of gay consciousness...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Charmed Lives,

      Chat Line (short) by Clare London
Jerry needs help at home and so he rings a number in the local newspaper. But when he gets Sean on the other end of the line, neither of them realizes initially what kind of help they’re talking about – with surprising resul..
Buy! Dreamspinner Press, All Romance EBooks, Clare London - Writing...Man to Man,

      Choices by Skyy Kourvoisier
In the school of life and love, what choices would you make?..
Buy! Barnes &, Kings Crossing Publishing, Simply Skyy: Official Website of Author Skyy,

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Featured Book
Bobby's Trace
by Edward Patterson

Do ghosts mourn the living? Come peek inside and know what Perry Chaplin knows...  
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Featured Book
Night of the Foal: The New Riders of the Purple Sage
by Sage Sweetwater

Adapted to screen by Sage Sweetwater for Jett Durango Feature Film and Television Spin-Off Series Jett Durango...  
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