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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Sri Lanka / Serendib - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Sri Lanka with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier,and from the Dhammapada (teachings of the Buddha), in English and French..  
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      A New Dawn by Jake George
The follow on book to "Grandfather's Song"..
Buy! Arche Books, A New Dawn,

      Africa Speaks by Toris Okotie
In a century where civilization rapidly takes over our time, people in search of what the future might be and rather ignoring the past, “Africa Speaks” is a collection of poems that travels back to the past in a time where sl..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Book-A-Million, Book Website, Lulu,

      African Americans In Hawai`i: A Search For Identity by Ayin Adams
2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist: Non-Fiction Category African Americans contributions to Hawaii is revealed...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      AfricaSoul - photography by Albert Russo and Elena Peters by Albert Russo
Photo book on Africa (Sénégal and Kenya) - Photos by Albert Russo and Elena Peters, with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Jérémy Fraise..
Buy! Xlibris, Albert Russo's homepage,

      Aleuts in Transition: A Comparison of Two Villages by Dorothy Jones
Aleuts in Transition is based on a study of two Aleut villages that show strikingly different responses to contact with the larger American society. The introduction and an excerpt from Chapter 1 appear below. The b..
Buy! Amazon,

      Amazing Ancestors by Melvia Miller
AMAZING ANCESTORS: *Color Me With Respect"

This book is filled with unique activities and pictures for coloring ...offering many hours of EDUTAINMENT fun for young students and for any fans of Black H..
Buy! Amazon, ECO-CLUB, True History Museum, The True History Museum,

      Ancient Indus Civilization by RAFI SAMAD
The book covers evolutionary, proto-urban and mature phases one of the great civilizations of the ancient world, belonging to 3rd millennium BC...
Buy! Amazon,

      Andawehi, Sister of the Wolf by Dan Barden
Is this book a Mystery, or an uplifting novel of American Indian Spirituality, or a delightful blend of both?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bookbooters,

      Anthropologist: Scientist of the People by Mary Batten
A profile of anthropologist Magdalena Hurtado who studies hunter-gatherers in Paraguay, South America...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary Batten,

      Arabs in Medieval Sindh by RAFI SAMAD
The book 300 years of Arab rule in Sindh and Southern Punjab, starting from Muhammad bin Qasim's invasion in 712 AD. Its effect on Sindhi society...
Buy! Amazon,

      Ashes and miracles: A Polish journey by Irena Karafilly
An enriched travelogue combining an introduction to Poland, along with a personal memoir and reflections on Polish-Jewish relations...
Buy! Amazon,

      Ask a Mexican (Hardcover) by Gustavo Arellano
In this irreverent, hilarious, and informative look at Mexican-American culture, Arellano has compiled the best questions submitted by readers of his Ask a Mexican! column in Californias "OC Weekly." Unabridged. 1 MP3 CD. Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Back-Story: First Time Tales by the Stranger Next Door by Jenny Cutler Lopez
Back-Story: First Time Tales by the Stranger Next Door is a collection of non-fiction short stories that spans an inspiring scope of first-time experiences. From stand-up comedy in a Boston night club to death in Asia, life i..
Buy! Barnes &, Back-Story, Lulu,

      Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: True Amish Stories by Brenda Nixon
Brenda Nixon has opened her heart and home to many youths who’ve left the Swartzentruber and conservative Old Order Amish. She shares her intense and interesting experiences in Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories o..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      BLACK HISTORY TREASURY by Melvia Miller

"BLACK HISTORY TREASURY" is a HANDBOOK....a good resource for teachers, coaches, group leaders, tutors, etc. --- an activity-coloring book filled with enjoyable activities for youth. WOULD YOU LIKE TO P..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Write-On Consulting Firm, True History Museum, TRUE HISTORY MUSEUM,

      Black Success Stories Volume 1 by Zhana Books
Black people in Britain are makers of history. ..
Buy! Amazon, The Willesden Bookshop, Black Success,

      Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution by Prince Justice
An Afrocentric chronological account of all the world's major black communities..
Buy! Amazon,

      Boogey Man Global Urban Legend Exposed by Anisa Cantero
Afraid of the Dark? Your not alone!..
Buy! Amazon, undercoverbookreviews, Boogey Man, Kindle Edition,

      Brussels Ride - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
The Capital of Europe - Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French..
Buy! Xlibris, Brussels Ride,

      Cain's Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East by Matt Rees
In-depth stories from within Palestinian and Israeli society, this book shows how our focus on the battle between the two sides is misleading. We should be looking at the disputes within the societies -- only when they're res..
Buy! Amazon,,

      China's Urban Villagers: Changing Life in a Beijing Suburb by norman chance
Although Half Moon Village is only one of many villages in China, learning about it in the PRC's highly transformative years offers an important insight into the complex whole of which it is a part. ..
Buy! Amazon,

      China: Understanding & Dealing with the Chinese Way of Doing Business by Boye De Mente
This book identifies and describes the traditional and modern-day [read Western-like] elements that make up the Chinese way of doing business...which varies greatly in the different regions and which are very much like separa..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Welcome to the Website of Journalist-Author Boye Lafayette De Mente, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Chinese puzzle chinois - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
Photo book on China with texts in English and French by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky..
Buy! Xlibris, Albert Russo's homepage,

      Color of Oppression by Rhonda Finch
Remarkable, intellectual, methodology, and comprehensive, "all this book."..
Buy! Amazon,

      Darshan; a journey by Irene Black
A young woman struggles through a morass of unsuitable relationships, involving betrayal, danger and heartbreak, in order to find her cultural identity. Her journey takes her from India to Britain to American and back to Indi..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon UK, (India), Goldenford Publishers,

      Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership for a Prosperous Edenic Hebrew Civilization by DrShalomim HaLahawi MD(AM), PsyD(PC), LicMD(P), BC-IMD, HMD. DPH, DPHC, Rabi Kohan
The Leadership manual designed specifically for the Hebrew Leader and those saints desiring to ingraft themselves into the Eternal Kingdom and build the Promised civilization of Yahwah (368 pages)..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Torah Covenant Press, Lulu,

      Ebony & Ivory--- An indepth look at cultural diversity by Melvia Miller
*** A heart-warming book that will leave you smiling.*** THIS POWERFUL, HUMOROUS, DARING and STIRRING BOOK WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND CRY......and it offers a refreshing look at the issue of cultural diversity, health,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, True History Museum, Mothership Publications, DIVERSITY CONSULTING CLUB,

      El cielo de el nido y otros relatos by C Mayo
A collection of short stories written in Spanish..

      Going Back Home by Vernella Fuller
Going Back Home is a powerful novel that explores the Caribbean immigrant experience in 1980s Britain...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Grandma's Trunk/El baúl de Mamaíta by Maria Retana
In Grandma’s Trunk / El Baúl de Mamaíta author María Luisa Retana offers an encouraging, comforting, and multi-cultural experience for children dealing with grief and renewal. Children will treasure this story about the spec..
Buy! Amazon, Maria Retana's Books,

      Greece and Britain since 1945 by Lorri Proctor
A most interesting book edited by Dr David Wills and brought out by the Cambridge Scholar Publishers. Covers varied topics about modern Greece by journalists, auhtors and historians...
Buy! Barnes &,,

      Hecate: The Witches' Goddess by Gary Varner
A new book about the witches' goddess, Hecate, by Gary R. Varner. Just who was this goddess? Goddess of sorcery, goddess of fertility, protectress of women and children...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle edition, Lulu Press Inc. , Lulu,

      In France - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
a taste of France in photos by Albert Russo and poetic texts by Eric Tessier and Albert Russo in French and English..
Buy! Xlibris,,

      In the Quilting Tradition by Vickie Oliver-Lawson
In the Quilting Tradition is a story about the interaction between a young man and his grandmother as she tells him about the tradition of quilting (from an African perspective) released in 2005 and published by Poeticjava Pu..
Buy! Borders Books,

      Invitation to Kagura by David Petersen
An introduction to Japanese theatre's best-kept secret...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, David Petersen's Storefront, Lulu,

      Is 'Black' Really Beautiful? by Kuir Garang
This is an unorthodox presentation of Race, Color and Racism...
Buy! Amazon, BUY THE BOOK, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Japan: Understanding & Dealing with the New Japanese Way of Doing Business by Boye De Mente
A detailed description of the new hybrid - mixed Japanese-Western - way of doing business, how to cope with it efficiently, and what the Japanese are doing that is new and important...
Buy! Amazon, The Online Bookshop of Author Boye Lafayette De Mente, Welcome to the Website of Journalist-Author Boye Lafayette De Mente, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      L'ancêtre noire / The Black Ancestor ( see: The Benevolent American ...) by Albert Russo
One day, Leodine's uncle, eavesdropping on his parents, will reveal to the young girl that her deceased American father had a black great-grandmother. This news shatters Leodine and she becomes obsessed with the fact that sh..
Buy! Barnes &, Fnac, Xlibris, L'ancêtre noire + The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness,

      La Mujer Que Nunca Se Maquillo by alex canton-dutari
Esta novela corta expone el sufrimiento por el abandono acompañado de amor filial en un recorrido por Nicaragua, Panama y Los Angeles, California...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Alex Canton-Dutari's Bilingual Blog, Kindle Edition,

      Lady Ingenuity Magazine Is Back and Introduces AlphA-Men Mentor Magazine by Debra Sawyer
Lady Ingenuity Magazine exposes the talents,aspirations and accomplishments of everyday women, with a spot light on men and teens...
Buy! DiaShah Press LLC, Lady Ingenuity Magazine,

      Leaving Home, Returning Home , Being Home by Jason Alster
Whether you dream of moving across the country or to another continent, or you are returning home after a prolonged absence, Jason Alster’s Leaving Home, Going Home, Returning Home is an illuminating and inspiring read. Alste..
Buy! Amazon, Leaving Home , Going Home , Returning Home,

      LIBERTY'S LEGACY by Melvia Miller

Liberty's Legacy: "Lessons from the African Hell-o-cost" This is a collectible, keepsake book that helps enlighten readers as to how history (or roots) and the fights for liberty and justice over..
Buy! Amazon, True History Museum, Edutainment Ctr., True History Museum, Lulu,

      Literature of Somali Onomastics & Proverbs With Comparison of Foreign Sayin by Anwar Diiriye
A book to read for those interested of cultural studies & comparative literature...
Buy! Somali Writers, Somali Writers,

      Living In Panama by Sandra Snyder
The most authoritative book on Living in Panama, newly expanded and updated to answer all your questions about day-to-day life whether you are living in Panama City, Boquete, Coronado, or elsewhere in the interior...
Buy! Amazon, Exedra Books, Tantoes, S.A., Living in Panama,

      Love Poetry: by Romantic Poetess
The Canvas of Woman... Beautiful Delectations of Beauty... Intimacy of Love's Union... Poeticizing Photographers... Sensually Erotic Nude & Semi Nude Photography Love's Passionate Heart is the inspira..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CREATESPACE, Romantic Poetess,

      Lynchings Without Ropes by Melvia Miller
A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE FRUITS OF RACIAL PROFILING ... This book makes a great supplement for college students who are studying CIVIL RIGHTS, BLACK HISTORY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM...etc. ..
Buy! Amazon, Write-On, True History Museum,

      Ma William and Her Circle of Friends by Giftus John
A story of life in a Caribbean island as portrayed by a shopkeeper and her "trusted freinds."..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Kindle Edition,

      Maria Lionza: An Indigenous Goddess of Venezuela by Gary Varner
Maria Lionza, a 16th century Indian girl is now a goddess to one-third to one-half of the people of Venezuela. Little known in the west, this book examines her life and the native traditions that have embraced her as well as ..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu Press, Inc., Lulu,

      Mexicana - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
Photo book on Mexico with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Feijoo, in English, Spanish and French..
Buy! Barnes &, Xlibris, Amazon,,

      Mistress-Keeping in Japan - Then & Now by Boye De Mente
An often humorous look at the institution of mistress-keeping in early Japan (the shogun had several hundred), and how it fares today...
Buy! E-Books on Business Culture, Sexual Customs & Travel in America & Asia,

      MUZUNGU by Pamela Bitterman
Muzungu, the swahili word for white man, literally translated means "confused person wandering about". This aptly describes the authors own personal experiences while spending months working and living in Kenya. Muzungu is ha..
Buy! Barnes &,

      New and Different Friends by Melvia Miller
THE EPIC CULTURAL DIVERSITY STORY WRITTEN ENTIRELY IN RHYME. Youth enjoy this story and love the rhymes. USE THIS BOOK is great for teaching skills, such as spelling and phonics. It contains games and..
Buy! Amazon, BOOK CLUB, WOCF, Edutainment Enterprises,

      OutSourced by LaRedeaux
Journey with Hazel and experience the emotions of being outsourced and searching for new employment...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Rainbow's End by C Saunders
Rainbow's End, written in an engaging first-person narrative style, is primarily a contemporary cultural and social study. Its underlying themes include national identity and the perennial search for 'belonging', it also asks..
Buy! Amazon,, Wordpress, Kindle Edition,
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      Respect for the Ancestors: American Indian Cultural Affiliation in the West by Peter Jones
In this eagerly awaited book, the cultural anthropologist Peter N. Jones brings fifteen years and over twenty-five projects to bear on one of the more controversial questions in contemporary American anthropology and American..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bauu Press: Respect for the Ancestors,

      Returnee by Vernella Fuller
Returnee is a fascinating, if not uncomfortable, insight into life in Jamaica as experienced by those who have chosen to return...
Buy! Amazon, Dr Vernella Fuller - Author,

      RomaDiva - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
photography by Albert Russo and poetry by Eric Tessier, Albert Russo, Daniel Michelson and Sébastien Doubinsky, in English, French and Italian..
Buy! Xlibris, Romadiva by Albert Russo,

      Sacred Wells: A Study in the History, Meaning and Mythology of Holy Wells & Waters by Gary Varner
" excellent reference for anyone interested in folklore, history and the development of religion." ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Algora Publishing,

      Saint Malo, with love - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
Photo book with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier, in English and in French, highlighting the beautiful Breton port city of Saint Malo, from which the discoverers of Quebec hailed..
Buy! Xlibris, Saint Malo with love,

      Song of the Wayward Wind and Other Poems by Margaret Havill Mandi Reid by John Howard Reid
This anthology, edited by John Howard Reid, contains 90 poems by the late Margaret Reid, including the title poem which won the "Poem of the Year" award from the Central Coast Poetry Society in 1993. After her death, the Marg..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Verse, Lulu,

      Sri Lanka / Serendib - photography by Albert Russo by Albert Russo
Photo book on Sri Lanka with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier,and from the Dhammapada (teachings of the Buddha), in English and French..
Buy! Xlibris, xlibris,

      Tales of the Wicklow Hills by Richard Marsh
2000 years of history, myth, legend and local stories Distributed in Ireland and the UK by Irish Book Distribution. Distributed in North America by Syracuse University Press. Also available from the..
Buy! Richard Marsh, Legendary Books,

      Tanilí (An Afro-Cuban folktale) by Maria Retana
Tanili is a magical story based on an Afrocuban folktale. It was told to the author by her grandmother when she was a child in Cuba. The tale tells of how Domitila and her grandson, Tanili, use the enchanting song of a lizard..
Buy! Amazon, Maria Retana's Books,

      The Afternoon Snack/La merienda by Maria Retana
Have you ever visited the Island of Cuba? This story tells of an afternoon in the Colonial town of Sancti Spiritus. Here children enjoy friendship, laughter, and the sharing of their snacks. The illustrations in the story are..
Buy! Amazon, Maria Retana's Books,

      The Color of Love 2nd Edition by Kathryn Carrington
This is a love story of two people from two different races with the same purpose, wanting to succeed in America...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Complicated Life Of The African-American Man(What's on his mind) by Jonathan Richardson
This book gives the reader insight into the Thoughts, Opinions, Joys and Pains of African-American Men by allowing them to experience America through the perspective of one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented groups ..
Buy! Amazon, Now It's Done Inc. Publishing, The Complicated Life Of The African-American Man(What's on his mind),

      The Crazy Old White Man From The Hood by Lee Gaylord
The experiences of the Crazy Old White Man from the Hood are told. It also tells what he learned from those experiences. The book is being published by Publish America and should be in bookstores by June, 2004..
Buy! Publish America, The Crazy Old White Man From the Hood,

      The Folklore of Faeries, Elves & Little People by Gary Varner
An examination of Faery lore and the continued encounters with the Little People around the world. Purely folklore or something else at work?Illustrated...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      The Formula: Chemistry of Hope for Black America by Oak Summers
This book examines the seven elements of cultural survival, how to implement them, and a list of resources to fulfill them...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Krusader Publishing, Krusader Publishing, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      The Gloves Come Off by Lisa Petrocelli
This is a book about the American Biker Culture...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, The Gloves Come Off,

      The Gods of Man: Gods of Nature - God of War by Gary Varner
A book by Gary R. Varner which explores the evolution of human understanding of what "god" is and the nature of religious hatred and genocide...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu Press Inc., Click here to buy!, Lulu,

      The Greeks in Ancient Pakistan by RAFI SAMAD
The book presents features of Greek or Hellenic Dynasties' rule in Pakistan from Alexander's invasion in 326 BC till Kushan period 3rd century C.E...
Buy! Amazon,

      The History & Use of Amulets, Charms and Talismans by Gary Varner
Varner's book tells the tale of the amulet from the small goddess figurines of 30,000 BCE to contemporary crucifixes, saint's medals, copper bracelets, bladed weaponry, totem animals, "nail figures" from the Congo and Native ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Press Inc., Lulu Press, Inc., Lulu,

      The Legends and Lands of Ireland by Richard Marsh
43 Irish legends profusely illustrated with photographs of the places where the legends happened. "The Legends and Lands of Ireland is a book for slow times, a journey through the collective unconscious of the Irish ..
Buy! Amazon,

      The Main by Jeff Keenan
A journey to a foreign land brings self-discovery to a naive young man from Iowa...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      The Meaning of the Boulder-Dushanbe Teahouse by George Peknik
This book contains numerous photos and details about the award-winning Boulder Teahouse: how it came about, what it means in terms of art, Tajikistan, gradens, cuisine, and cross-cultural understanding involvung an Islamic co..
Buy! Amazon,

      The Mythic Forest, the Green Man and the Spirit of Nature by Gary Varner
A new look at the ancient archetype, the Green Man and the folklore and mythology of trees and nature by Gary R. Varner...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Algora Publishing,, Algora Publishing,

      The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling by Ronda Del Boccio
This book and the online content guide you along a journey of peace through listening and through storytelling...
Buy! Amazon, The Peace Seed,

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Featured Book
L'ancêtre noire / The Black Ancestor ( see: The Benevolent A
by Albert Russo

One day, Leodine's uncle, eavesdropping on his parents, will reveal to the young girl that her deceased American father had a black great-grandmother. This news shatters..  
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Featured Book
Mexicana - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Photo book on Mexico with short poems by Albert Russo, Eric Tessier and Feijoo, in English, Spanish and French..  
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