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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Omega Wave E-Book (PDF)
by Richard Rydon

Not for the faint-hearted, ‘The Omega Wave’ is a full-length science fiction novel exploring gothic facets of consciousness and human nature. Luper a sensible young scien..  
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     Featured "Science Fiction" Books!


      Slave of the Legion by Marshall Thomas
Slave of the Legion When do you become a slave? Is it when they put chains on your legs? Or when you realize, suddenly, like a laser shot in the brain, that you do it yourself? Beta Three stood under the holy dead..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Booklocker, Soldier of the Legion,

      Sleeper, Awake by Bob Rich
Retired film star Flora Fielding was diagnosed with cancer. Her solution: she had herself put into suspended animation, and invested her fortune in cancer research. She expected to return to life in five to ten years -- but i..
Buy! Amazon, Sleeper, Awake, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Sleeper, Awake by Bob Rich
Flora tried to escape cancer through cryogenic storage, but was awakened into a very different world, 1433 years later. And her presence made a difference, changing many lives...
Buy! Adventure Stories by Dr Bob Rich, Clock Tower Books,

      Smolif by Thomas Stone
Smolif traces the fortunes of Contra Marlo, a retired, alcoholic, security specialist. Contra was the best before he dropped out and became a full-time drunk. When a company rep offers him a job, Marlo must deal with sobriety..
Buy! Smashwords, Smashwords,

      Snail's Pace by Susan McDonough
Victorian orphan Susannah McKay is delighted when the Chinese man in Hong Kong offers her a job as a governess. However, even the adventurous Susannah is taken aback to find that the young male she is to teach is an alien abo..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Snake Eyes and Boxcars by Jay Dubya
Snake Eyes and Boxcars is a collection of fourteen sci-fi/paranormal stories. Two of the tales are written in the first person and the other twelve authored in the third person writing style. The newly published work is autho..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II by Jay Dubya
Snake Eyes and Boxcars, Part II is a collection of 14 sci-fi/paranormal stories and is author Jay Dubya's 13th story collection and is also his 33rd hardcover book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Nook,

      Snatched by Vijaya Schartz
Snatched from a post-apocalyptic battlefield by galactic traders, Zania is sold to a clandestine ring of fighting Amazons on a planet lush with green jungles and teeming with deadly felines. She resents the gorgeous and overz..
Buy! nook, Are, kindle, Kindle Edition,

      Snooze: A Story of Awakening by Sol Luckman
Join Max Diver, aka “Snooze,” on a mesmerizing quest to rescue his father, astronaut Thomas Diver, from a fate stranger than death in the exotic, perilous Otherworld of sleep...
Buy! Amazon, Crow Rising Transformational Media,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Solar Lullaby by T.W. Fendley
Dr. Flare Haich offers the only hope for diverting a solar flare that will dwarf the 2012 Mayan Event, which killed her parents and a half-billion others. She must overcome the betrayal of one she trusted and launch Empress I..
Buy! T.W. Fendley, Kindle Edition,

      Soldier of the Legion by Marshall Thomas
On their first combat mission the new recruits of Squad Beta are getting a chilling introduction to the Legion. The ultimate evil is awaiting them all, writhing in the shadows, merciless and all-powerful, and humanity itself..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Booklocker, Soldier of the Legion,

      Sometimes the Dragon Wins by William Walling
The successful deployment of a space elevator system allows China to virtually monopolize international commerce, and U.N. Intelligence Agency Asset Rudy Cateel is blackmailed into accepting what amounts to a "mission impossi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Novels by William Walling, Novels by William Walling, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Son of the Star by Janice Dietert
Exiled from the planet, Quentas, with his guardian when just an infant, Michael Stellan spent his whole life evading assassins and hiding his true identity. But he finds he can't hide from the woman he loves. When she sacrifi..
Buy! Amazon, Janice Dietert, Janice Dietert's Official Site, Lulu,

      Song of the Elowai by Thomas Stone
Song of the Elowai takes place in a future fifty years distant when an over-populated Earth has no choice but to reach out into the solar system in search of new resources and living space. In so doing, an alien species is di..
Buy! Smashwords, thomascstone,

      Sorry, Wrong Number by Sammie Ward
Sorry, Wrong Number is the story of , Jorey Jeffers a successful owner of a cafe whose life will never be the same when a mysterious caller dials her phone number...
Buy! Lady Leo Publishing,, Lady Leo Publishing,

      Soul Traveler by Laurance Pearsongreer
What good is it to live forever... if you can not remember WHO you are? Immerse yourself in this time-defying, adventure of speculative historical fiction. Become part of a saga that stretches from one end of the planet to th..
Buy! Hard Shell Word Factory, Soul Traveler homepage, SOUL TRAVELER,

      Soulgate-Temple of souls by Robin Howard
What if the stable world around you started to disintegrate? What if a strange supernatural power came into being? What if that power could not be fought by normal means? How would you and your world cope if all your religiou..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, All Interest Books, JL author site, Jim Long space site,

      Sound The Ram's Horn by S. Joan Popek
A prophetic Millennium story that you hope is coming true right now. Sound The Ram's Horn will undoubtedly be compared with The Celestine Prophesy. Aliske Webb, Publisher..
Buy! Hard Shell Word Factory, Author's Page,

      Space Reachers 2999 by T Winslow
In the year 2999 humanity has solved all of its problems except one: a thousand years of scientific effort have produced no verified contact with ETI. A colossal racewide effort involving billions of astronauts on planet-si..
Buy! Space Reachers 2999,

      Space Rescue One by Atk. Butterfly
Only 3 ships handle rescues in the entire solar system. No one foresaw how many would be needed in time of war...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Boson Books,

      Space Sirens: Full Throttle Space Tales #2 by Julia Phillips
Space Sirens is the second anthology of the Full-Throttle Space Tales series. Edited by Carol Hightshoe, editor of The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals, Space Sirens contains 19 seductive tales of women in space, by estab..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Sparks in Cosmic Dust by Robert Appleton
Five fugitives head into unknown space on a daring mission to mine a priceless element...
Buy! Amazon, Robert Appleton's Author Website, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Species Survival by KEN HOLLAR
Hiding in plain sight they sustain a wave of kindness in an unkind world without making waves that would attract the men and "dogs" hunting them...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Speculative Sky by Clare Dargin
A star gazer her entire life, April Mullen jumped at the opportunity to be an astronomer on a far away planet. Finally she had the chance to live out her dream--to discover intelligent life among the stars. However when her d..
Buy! Mystic Moon Press, Mystic Moon Press,

      Spending Christmas with a Yeti by Max Miller
Even though she had never mentioned it, Shayne Blackwell doubted that her mystical mother, Linda, didn’t know who was responsible for Shayne’s bruised face. When her mother gave her an all-expense-paid Christmas gift to an ex..
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Spiders and Gliders by Sara Russell
An adult satirical sci fi story set in a future unified European super state..
Buy! Spiders & Gliders info page*, Kedco's information page on this book (with 2Checkout button),

      Spirit of the Lone Horse by Ani Manjikian
An adventure that weaves a tapestry through past mistakes and regrets, present circumstances and consequences, and future hopes and dreams...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Star Crash by Elysa Hendricks
Enslaved by aliens on a distant world, to save the man she loves Cora Daniels must surrender the control she’s worked for all her life. After the shriek of the alarm and the shrill whine of Freedom’s engine, Cora remembe..
Buy! Amazon, Elysa Hendricks,

      Star Crash The Star Chronicles Book 1 by Elysa Hendricks
When Planet of the Apes meets Star Trek what's a girl to do? ..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Star Rise / The Third Expedition by Jacob Taylor
NEW Full-Color Expanded Edition Includes 35 Illustrations in full color. Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children 7+, Teens, Young Adults and all those who enjoy space adventures...
Buy! Amazon, TT&T Publishers, Kindle Edition,

      Star Tower by Joe Vadalma
Their Tower to the Stars was a Spaceship! Star Tower is the enthralling hard science story of the first manned starship, how it came into being and what happens on its long journey...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Page Turner Editons,

      Star TyGer by Sultry Summers
Monitoring deep space at Peking's Kavlik Astronomy Institute, Sapphire witnesses a space battle thousands of light years across the galaxy. Shocked at what she watches, she is further amazed when her eyes begin to glow. Obser..
Buy! Melange Books, Escape Into Romance - Dare Imagination,

      Star Wars: Shadow Games by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Some games are played for life or death...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Jax Pavan could be the last Jedi left alive. Knowing this, he embarks on an insanely dangerous mission that brings him face to face with Darth Vader. This book is a New York Times Bestseller..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Kindle Edition,

      Starcruiser Falcon by Derand Drake
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Starcruiser Falcon II: Degeneration by Derand Drake
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Stardancer by Ed Howdershelt
SHE's an ex-fighter pilot and starship captain drafted to lead a Confederation of worlds after a devastating biological attack...
Buy! Amazon, Abintra Press,

      Starfire Angels by Melanie Nilles
Raea's life as a human is about to end.....
Buy! Amazon, Melanie Nilles Books,

      Stargate Atlantis: The Chosen by Sonny Whitelaw
Based on the hit television series of the same name, The Chosen is set in Season 1..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, WHSmith (UK), Sonny Whitelaw,

      Stargate SG-1: City of the Gods by Sonny Whitelaw
Based on MGM's hit television series, Stargate SG-1 CITY OF THE GODS is set at the end of Season 5, and follows the events seen in Season 3 ‘Crystal Skull’...
Buy! Amazon, Full list of retail stores at Fandemonium,, Stargate SG-1 City of the Gods by Sonny Whitelaw,

      Starlight On Stone CRUX (ebook) by Jansen Estrup
Climax of the Starlight On Stone saga in which the peace-bride, Harranish, must decide between dark vengeance in her own land and bright possibilities in the strange one of her traditional enemies. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Estrup Books, Amazon Authors, Carole's Gallery & Bookstore, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Starlight On Stone SOUTH by Jansen Estrup
A historical novel about the Pharaoh boy-king, Shi-shi, and his struggles at war, ruling a fallen empire and in love...
Buy! Lulu, Estrup Books EVI, Lulu,

      Starlight On Stone WEST by Jansen Estrup
A bold young shadow queen and her devoted companion flee pirates, assassins and a looming dark age. Not even the two brave giants who vowed to protect them know what to do when they are caught between the desperate armies of ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon Authors, Lulu Annex, Estrup Books, Lulu,

      Stasis by Colleen Elliott, Sci-Fi Author
Before the Ted Williams cryonics controversy, there was James Harris:


Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica, Inc., Books-A_Million,

      State of Decay by James Knapp
The technology to reanimate citizens into soldiers, and the secret that the technology reveals, becomes central to an underground pitch for power that places a city's population in the crossfire...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Statue of Ku (Moa Book Series, #2) by Tricia Stewart Shiu
The second book in the Moa Book Series, "The Statue of Ku" follows Hillary and Moa as they jet to Egypt on the Prince’s private plane to reclaim Moa’s family heirloom, the inimitable statue of Ku. Their story intertwines with..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Stay in the Light by AJ Caywood
A woman running from darkness. A man forced to live in the shadows. Together can they find a way to stay in the light?..
Buy! DPBookstore,

      Steam Sleuth #1: The Ill Fated Flight of the Bad Ship Petty Snark by Stan Carter
Steamy steampunk novella..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Stellar Endeavors by Barclay Berg
Imagine finding an intergalactic spaceship, what would you do with it?..
Buy! Amazon, Authorhouse, Stellar Endeavors Home Page,

      Stellar Endeavors by Barclay Berg
A Sci-Fi Adventure Fantasy novel; Kind of a Star Wars meets Harry Potter...
Buy! Amazon, Stellar Endeavors, Stellar Endeavors, Stellar Endeavors,

      Steve Sherman, Time-Traveler! by R.T. Caldwell
Historical/Sci-Fi. Though a fictional retelling, the story plays out against a backdrop of interesting and educational facts. Intensity and drama ensue as the final battle approaches between the ancient Britons and Roman in..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Steve Sherman, Time-Traveler!,

      Stewards of the Flame by Sylvia Engdahl
Bronze medal winner, 2008 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Awards! A novel about the future dealing with the paranormal powers of the human mind, which will appe..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sylvia Engdahl (signed copies), Books XYZ, Stewards of the Flame,

      Stolen Paradise by Beau to Beau Books
Dylan meets a man on the beach after he witnesses the stranger’s unfortunate rendezvous with a swarm of jellyfish. He looks like something out of a bad science fiction movie, covered with an unholy mess of jellyfish tentacle..
Buy! Amazon, Beau to Beau Books, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Stolen Worlds by Thomas Stone
In the second book of the trilogy, Harry Irons, Galactic Survey Mission Commander for the Braithwaite Corporation, stumbles upon a mission to recover an unlimited new energy source on a newly discovered planet thousands of li..
Buy! Smashwords, thomascstone,

      Storm Killer by Benjamin Blue
Set in the near future, the United States has developed a new defensive system able to weaken and destroy tropical storms. A test of the orbiting system’s capabilities is being readied in an attempt to save Florida from Hurri..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

      Storytellers Vol. 1 by Franklin Richards
Asia Connell has just lost her mother and she is not dealing with it well. When her mother was alive she often heard her talk about him, the mystery man named Skeema. She has heard other outlandish and hard to believe stori..
Buy! moparmotor1972, Authorhouse,

      Strand book 1 The Antilles by Don Chase
The marines of the PlanetCo. militia are used to trouble. Rescue operations, suppressing uprisings, drunken nights at the bars. What they aren't ready for is system-wide conspiracies, intergalactic felony and getting tossed i..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Stranded by Vincent Berg
An alien-invasion story, turned on it's head, with the aliens as the victims and the U.S. government as the bad guys. A young man seeks to shelter aliens from power-hungry politicians...
Buy! Barnes &, Smashwords, createspace, "Stranded" description on my webpage, Kindle Edition, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Strange & Weird Stories by James Nelson
The Unknown is as close as beside you. We just can't always see it...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Strange New Worlds IV (anthology) by Michael Jasper
Contains my Star Trek story "Scotty's Song," a tale I wrote in less than a week...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Strangers by Melissa McCann
Science-fiction adventure...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Strike Three by Joy Smith
Because of the "hot virus," the devastation of WWIII is more horrible than the worse case scenario, and missiles fired in retaliation gave new meaning to "scorched earth."..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, Joy's writing news updates, Kindle Edition,

      Strolok by R. Goldberg
Synopsis This is the story of a planet named “Strolok”. The inhabitants of this planet are far advance in literature, culture and education. The scope of the planet includes lush vegetation, beautiful, futuristic bui..
Buy! Strolok, Author Autobahn ,

      Such A Thing... and other pieces of speculative fiction... by Luke Knowles
First Collection of Speculative Fiction By Luke Bradford Knowles. I like to think of it as my finest work yet. Each piece contains meaningful themes such as Loneliness, Love, Patience, Tolerance, Tragedy, Death and Adventure...
Buy!, Lulu,

      Sugar Time by Joy Smith
Three time travel stories: “Sugar Time,” “Flight Test,” and “Return to Neander.”..
Buy! Hadrosaur Audio Odysseys, Hadrosaur Audio Odysseys,

      Suite 16 by Jay Dubya
Suite 16 is a collection of sixteen sci-fi/paranormal novellas and the book represents author Jay Dubya's 38th published work, presented in hardcover, in paperback and in Kindle and Nook e-book formats...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Sunday Awakening Fern Lutkins by Fern Lutkins
Sunday Awakening is a sensitive syfy romance between an alien and earthling.It gives one hope what ever age that there still is true love...
Buy! Amazon, Sunday Awakening Fern Lutkins,

      Sunrise Destiny (Second Edition) by Mark Chapman
When private detective Donatello Sunrise is kidnapped by aliens, he has no clue that he'll have to find a way to save the aliens, or risk the destruction of Earth...
Buy! Available on Amazon in 12 countries, Empty Sea Intergalactic Excursions, Kindle Edition,

      Supernatural Attraction by Jenna Stacey
Through tragedy Alys has triumphed but all is not as it seems, her secrets got shared, her abilities exposed, now she finds herself being hunted...
Buy! Amazon, Supernatural Attraction, Supernatural Attraction,

      Superviviente, narrada en primera persona by Rafael Valdez
Superviviente es un joven militar, que despues de una guerra mundial queda solo en toda la Tierra. ¿Que haria Usted si fuese el Superviviente? Survivor is a young soldier, who after a world war is only on all the Earth. W..
Buy! Barnes &, Superviviente, Superviviente, Lulu,

      Supreme Commander George by William Steinman
A suspense thriller, set in a future where it becomes possible to recall George Patton to save mankind...
Buy! Wesoomi Publishing,

      Surviving Abe by JZ O'Brien
Winter Storm Abe takes aim at America's unprepared populace as a group of radical environmentalists use the opportunity to deploy its own brand of chaos on the citizenry...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Synthetic Blood and Mixed Emotions by J. David Core
Emmanuel Adams has trouble believing he is one of the last six "real" people on earth … then he meets a biker called "Snake" in a bar, his wife tries to kill him, and Manny discovers the world he has always known is only a pr..
Buy! eBooks on the Net,

      Synthetic, Electric Romance by Rodney Johnson
Sarina Rubik, has a knack for getting herself into trouble...
Buy! Roadrunner Books, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      T.I.T.O.R. by J. Surra
Quantum physicists from 2098 must unravel the mystery of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash to prevent a nuclear holocaust from taking place in 2015...
Buy! Amazon, J.M. Surra - Author, Author J.M. Surra, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Tails of a Gay Incubus The Memoirs of Divine Turin by Josehf Murchison
Tails of a Gay Incubus Is the first in series of science fiction books I am writing.The main character is a shape shifter from space stranded on Earth for so long that his people have become a part of our beliefs in demons an..
Buy! Amazon, American Star Books, Josehf Lloyd Murchison,

      Talcon Star City by Gary Caplan
Talcon Star City has been honored as a "Finalist" of the 2012 International Book Awards in the "Fiction: Science Fiction" category. Commodore Robert Sheppard fights to save the peacekeeping Alliance of Worlds from ot..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CreateSpace, Ereaders Sony/Kobo/Nook/epub/and Audiobook versions, Talcon Star City, Kindle Edition, Nook,

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Featured Book
Memphis 7.9
by Sam Penny

Grad student Chris Nelson predicts an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault. His University advisor stresses no publicity. JQ cheats on seismic retrofits. Locals live in a s..  
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Featured Book
The Telepathists
by D.E.Z. Butler

This book is the second book in the telepathy series. It contains more ways for the up and coming telepathist to experiment with the sending and receiving of thoughts.  
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