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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape
by Nickolaus Pacione

It is done, let it be written let it be done. The horror storm arrived and welcome to the darker landscape that is the mind of a collective. The book's been redesigne..  
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     Featured "Horror" Books!


      The First Series Collection by M.S. Fowle
Follow Alex and Zeke on their harrowing battles against Odin and the monstrous Chimeras in this four book series collection...
Buy! Amazon, Website, Facebook,, Kindle Edition,

      The First War (Book Three) by M.S. Fowle
Death may just be a part of life, but it is both the fuel and the fire of war...
Buy! Amazon, Facebook, Author Site,, Kindle Edition,

      The Fishing Trip-A Ghost Story! by Chris Keys
Four friends take weekend fishing trip on Lake Michigan where they catch more than their limit in fish. Take a ride thru the paranormal with them as they race the devil for their souls...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Fixer by Jon Merz
Meet Lawson: vampire by birth, Fixer by trade. His mission: preserve the secret existence of vampires by any means necessary. There's just one problem - his oldest enemy Cosgrove is back, killing humans and threat..
Buy! Amazon, Jon F. Merz - Official Website, Kensington Publications Corp.,

      The Folks by Tammy Vreeland
Imaginary friends that go too far...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tammy Vreeland's Fan Page, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Folly And Other Tales by chris sanders
A collection of horror and mystery short stories...
Buy! Amazon, chrissanderswriter, chrissanderswriter, Kindle Edition,

      The Fright Factory by William Potter
A cozy cabin on a lake. A few glasses of wine. Erotic conversation. What could go wrong?..
Buy! Amazon, , Kindle Edition,

      The Game by Lee Pletzers
Phillip McKenzie is a man obsessed with creating a video game like no other currently on the market. He has invested five years into its code and the release date is looming. Investors are screaming. Time is up. Finally succe..
Buy! Amazon, When Dreams Become Nightmares, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Gatekeeper-Now Available in Paperback by Dana Reed
The house stood empty, dark and forboding...But if the house was empty, who was watching Erica with dead, vacant eyes.....
Buy! Lulu, Lulu,

      The Gemination of Benjamin Lore by Cyrus Walker
Benjamin Lore has a problem. His psychologist tries to persuade him that he suffers from a dissociative pattern. Is Ben going mad? Or does his retarded non-responsive fraternal twin possess his mind and body? The animosity..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Store, Smashwords,, Kindle Edition,

      The Gentling Box by Lisa Mannetti
Bram Stoker nominated debut novel about the lives of a gypsy family caught up by a terrible curse in 19th century Hungary and Romania...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Horror Mall, Dark Hart Press,

      The Gentling Box by Lisa Mannetti
2nd Edition, Published by Shadowfall Publications October 2010 New cover by acclaimed artist, Glenn Chadbourne. New Introduction by New York Times best-selling author, Heather Graham. New Afterward by Lisa Ma..
Buy! Amazon, Shadowfall Publications, Lisa Mannetti, Author,

Do you believe in ghosts?..
Buy! Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      The Ghost Man by Michael McCann
First there was the car accident that claimed his beloved wife. Then came the grueling months of recuperation from his injuries. Now his constant companions are ghosts seeking worldly release, and his friends and neighbors ar..
Buy! Amazon, Michael J. McCann, Kindle Edition,

      The Glowing by Stephen Williams
Buy! Borders,

      The Glowing by Stephen Williams
A three hundred year old curse comes to Steve Johnson through a family he never knew about...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, The Glowing, Publisher,

      The Hay Fort by Judith McDowell
Two teens enter an old mansion that may be haunted. Does an evil ghost or a witch reside there?..
Buy! Amazon, World Castle Publishing, Author Judith Ann McDowell, Kindle Edition,

      The Headless Ghostman by Larry Sells
A headless ghostman with his sidekick, the Holy Ghost fight evil in the real world and the spiritual realm...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Horror Tales by Thomas Dalton
Composed of three short stories, this book brings you “The Field.” The Army National Guard is called in to a rural area to control a disease outbreak. They soon find themselves overrun by an army of zombies. They hope to hold..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica, Buy direct from the publisher and save money!,

      The House on Huntington Hill by Joseph Cowley
THE HOUSE ON HUNTINGTON HILL is about J. Pierson Grenville, a wealthy old man who has discovered the secret to eternal life by persuading specially "gifted" young men to give him their bodies, and the attempts of Jack and Dor..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Hunted by Kristy Berridge
Do you like vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, and magic? If you do, you've picked up the right book!..
Buy! Amazon, KRISTY, Sid Harta, KRISTY, Kindle Edition,

      The Hunting Sorrow by Christopher Treagus
On October 12, 1992, Cairo is rocked by the worst earthquake in Egypt's modern history. And something has awakened. In the tradition of the classic mummy legend, a curse has been unleashed upon the world for the violation o..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Christopher Marc Treagus, novelist and playwright,

      The Implausible Hero by M.L Bushman
Horror and dark fantasy spiced with a dash of romance!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, M.L. Bushman,

      The Invisible People by Alex Maher
Have you ever heard of "The Mamu"? Dan Clifford hadn't heard of it either. Will he survive? But what is worse – A psychotic shape shifting demon killing the city's homeless, or the fact that no-body notices? Dan notices, and ..
Buy! Barnes &, Barns and Noble, Smashwords, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Iron Gospels by William Hache
When David wakes up surrounded by strangers dressed in white gowns chanting praise to a name as unfamiliar to him as his new environment, he is quick to realize that he carries no memory of how he arrived. In fact, he has lit..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Nightbox Publications,

      The Jacket by Charles Elgee
Greg Eagles goes twenty years back in time after putting on an old college jacket. There he encounters horrors of his past and future and must fight to save his life and soul...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      The Jade Corpse Caper by Stan Carter
Roaring Twenties gangster girls take on zombies, mummies and an old lady...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Kanc by Steven Porter
A short story inspired by New Hampshire's famed Kancamagus Highway...
Buy! Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Last Night of October by Greg Chapman
A Halloween novella..
Buy! Amazon, Bad Moon Books, Publisher's site, Kindle Edition,

      The Ledgend of the Green Lady by DAVID ZINK
Hung as a witch during the 17th century Elizabeh Palmiter seeks revenge..
Buy! dave zink, Lulu,

      The Legend of Rachel Petersen by JT Baroni
A paranormal tale full of twists and turns with an ending you don't see coming! It is acleverly written story within a story...
Buy! Amazon, Damnation Books, My website, Kindle Edition,

      The Legend Of The Vampire Khufu by Raymond Mayotte
From the ancient sands of Egypt to modern day times, the vampire Khufu struggles to survive in the world of mortal men. In his travel through time unknowingly leaving his presence known throughout history which you may well r..
Buy! Amazon, The Legend of the Vampire Khufu, createspace, The Legend Of The Vampire Khufu,

      The Light At The End by Craig Spector
logline: A vampire prowls the subways of New York...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Stealth Press, Skipp & Spector,

      The Light at the End of the Tunnel by James Nelson
A supernatural thriller. Worst-of-the-worst criminal, Les Paul, is on death row awaiting his execution. The prison chaplain will read his last rites but wants to stop the excution due to a heretofore unknown rule of reinc..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Light Upstairs: A Short Story by J Sloderbeck
A young boy comes face to face with the secret that's been hidden in the old loft above his father's garage, and the horrible consequences that come about because of it...
Buy! Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Lonely Tree and Other Twisted Tales of Torment by Charlotte Gledson
My collection of short sharp shocking stories...
Buy! Amazon, Charlotte Emma Gledson,

      The Long Hour Before Light by Ronald Scala
Collection of Short Horror Stories..
Buy! etreasures publishing, Ronald Joseph Scala,

      The Lost Souls of Bell Valley by A Distler
In the rural foothills of southern Ohio, the abandoned town of Bell Valley is damned by a dark curse, which has been responsible for countless disappearances, mysterious “accidents,” and inexplicable spectral sightings for ge..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Lost Souls of Bell Valley, Lulu,

      The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming by Michelle Browne
This genre-breaking anthology is a new and ferocious look at the frailty of the human condition. Gender and sexual mores are rewritten; dreams and reality merge. Primal fears take physical form. This beautifully-written thril..
Buy! Amazon, The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Lunacy Machine Twisted Tales of Unfortunate Times by chris mckinney
This intriguing collection of fifty-nine stories written in verse combines artwork and mystery to create a unique reading experience for adults, young and old...
Buy! Amazon, The Lunacy Machine,

      The Lurking Man by Keith Rommel
If you were to die right now, would you have any regrets?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author, Sunbury Press, Keith Rommel, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Mach Band Region by Maria Hooley
When I left McKarey's Bluff ten years ago, I never planned to return. Ariel Morgan had refused to marry me and there was nothing left to stay for. Now Ariel is dead, supposedly by her own hand, and her younger sister, Rachel,..

      The Melting Dead by Doug Lamoreux
People are trapped on an island with irradiated, burning, blood-thirsty monsters...
Buy! Amazon, Creativia Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      The Midnighters Club (edited by Ron Horsley) by W Gagliani
Buy it direct from me! See below... (Made the Bram Stoker Award Preliminary ballot!) Look at this shiny pendant. Watch it catch the light as it swings. It's so bright. It swings so well. Watch it swing. Repeat after..
Buy! Barnes &, Buy Books on the Web, The Midnighters Club,

      The Monster Within Idea by R. Thomas Riley
The monsters lurk in everyone: monsters of greed, of guilt, of the pleasure found in pain, of the pain found when pleasure dies. Carefully disguised, the monsters can sit down beside you or take up residence within you at the..
Buy! Amazon, Apex Book Company ,

      The Mortician by DAVID ZINK
Ted and his wife are necrophilias, they own a mortuary. While building an addition on thier home money gets low but suddenly things turn when people begin dying in town. ..
Buy! Lulu, Daves bookstore, Lulu, Lulu,

      The Mortician's Wife by Maralee Lowder
A revenge book placed in a haunted mortuary, peopled with a psychic child and an old woman the town call "The Witch"..
Buy! Amazon, Taylor Street Books, Kindle Edition,

      The Mountain by Richard Turner
Exciting sequel to Incursion..
Buy! Amazon, The Mountain, Kindle Edition,

      The Mountain City Bronzes by Madeleine McLaughlin
Kevin tries to understand the evil in his town and his father's part in it...
Buy! MuseItUp Publishing, MuseItUp Publishing, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Mysterious Legend of Vladimir Return What is Mine by KC Bouma
Eleven years have passed, and still Vladimir mourns the loss of his beloved Ivana and newborn son. Until one day, a stranger brings Vladimir to his Gothic castle off the coast of Italy. There, he finds comfort in the arms of ..

      The Mysterious Legend of Vladimir The Beginning by KC Bouma
FREE use code # PG86L Book One of a five book series. A single curse was all it took to destroy a young man's life. Waking up after his wedding night to find all of his guests and new bride slaughterred in the night. Was it h..

      The Nightmare Project by Jo-Anne Russell
The Nightmare Project is the story of one woman`s will to survive against surmountable odds...
Buy! The Nightmare Project, Jo-Anne Russell Ink,

      The Nightmare Realm by Lonzo Lucas II
Since the beginning of our existence on this planet man has always wondered whether we were truly alone in the universe. From the mind of Lonzo Lucas II comes The Nightmare Realms a collection of short stories sure to whet yo..
Buy! The Nightmare Realm,,, Lulu,

      The Noctuary by Greg Chapman
Simon Ryan is Hell’s new scribe…the safety of our souls will depend on his every word..
Buy! Amazon, The Noctuary by Greg Chapman, Kindle Edition,

      The Other Side by Deanna Chrystal
Paige spent years trying to escape her childhood memories of living in her grandparent’s house, and everything in her, told her not to ever go back, but her grandfather was a very persuasive man, and when he called and begged..
Buy! Heavenly Trinkets, GhstWriters, GhostWriters Ebooks, Lulu,

      The Outsiders by Joe Mynhardt
THE OUTSIDERS is a shared-world Suspense Thriller / Horror featuring the gated community of Priory, with its religious leader Charles Erich and his cult followers: those who’ll do anything for him, and those who are waiting t..
Buy! Amazon, Crystal Lake Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      The Parasitorium: Parasitic Thoughts by Jodi Lee
Members of the Parasitorium writers group come together to create the third collective anthology - Parasitic Thoughts...
Buy! Bloody Mess / Lulu, The Parasitorium Yahoogroup, Lulu,

      The Park by William Wilde
An ancient, mythical predator hunts the woods of a huge, forested city park..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Kindle Edition,

      The Piercing ( new book) 2nd of THE PIPER TRILOGY by Helen McCabe
HELEN McCABE, author HORROR/thriller set in Romania, Germany and the US. 2nd Book in the Piper Trilogy. Telos Publishing ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Telos Publlishing, Telos Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      The Pines by Robert Dunbar
Halloween 2008 Restored version for the first time in paperback..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Robert Dunbar, Author,

      The Pink Room by Mark LaFlamme
The Pink Room is a place where lost loves come home. And you can't send them back...
Buy!, The Pink Room, Kindle Edition,

      The Pisachas Retribution by Lee Cushing
Now available to order...
Buy! WHSmith, Waterstones,

      The Pisachas Retribution (Kindle Edition) by Lee Cushing
The Pisachas Retribution is now available...
Buy! Amazon Kindle US, Amazon Kindle UK,

      The Place in Between by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
A brand new collection of 3 hardcore/extreme/Bizarro novellas from LegumeMan Books. For a FREE sample:..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Place in Between,

      The Possessed by Ronald Dondiego
A thrilling story of demonic possession and its terrible outcome. Strange and ominous things happen when Johnny Dove buys a haunted pen and enters the crossroads of his life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, PublishAmerica,

      The Preying Grounds by Paul Morabito
Not even the western side of town knew what they were in for that day. How can such a small town have hidden a secret so large? A once peaceful farmland community with rich history and abundant harvests has now become a fea..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Paul Morabito,

      The Purple Rose: Into The Tap - Book 1 by Alishia Shockey
Tucked away like a secret in the row of businesses along Canal Street, in the oldest section of downtown Savannah, is a curious little shop called The Purple Rose. Here you will find books, on magic and ancient realms. Scente..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Horror Suspense Author A. Shockey, Horror Suspense Author A. Shockey, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      The Rabbit's Foot by Bon Rose
A horror short story for adults...
Buy! Spooky Short Stories For Everyone!, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Rabbitry by William Chadwick
"clean" horror story about a couple finding out their dream home is becoming their worst nightmare!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, William S, Arkansas Authors, Createspace, Kindle Edition,

      The Rage by Albert Tukker
A horror story like you have never read before. It's what everyone who has ever been wronged wanted to do, but there's a catch...
Buy! Lulu, The Official Website of Albert Samuel Tukker, Lulu,

      The Reaper and Other Tales by Damean Mathews
For the first time, a group of stories that has something for everyone. From the inspirational and meaningful, to the scary and deep, this book is a must...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      THE RECKONING by Eric Enck
A female serial killer obsessed with vampire novels, comes face to face with the king of vampires after she murders his daughter.....

      The Red Church by Scott Nicholson
An Appalachian church and its parishioners share a secret of supernatural betrayal and guilt...
Buy! Amazon, Scott Nicholson's site, Kensington Books,

      The Red, Red Robin Project by W Gagliani
Limited edition CD-ROM anthology includes the story "Lookout Mountain," by William D. Gagliani, Gary Jonas, Don Kinney, and Robert Zasuly. Edited by Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor, Brian A. Hopkins...
Buy! Lone Wolf Publications,

      The Resurrection Game by Mike Watt
Based on the screenplay of the upcoming independent horror/thriller motion picture, The Resurrection Game takes place in a world where the walking dead are an every day irritation, but a small group of people are brought toge..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse,

      The Sand Dwellers by Adam Niswander
A tale of technological terror and Lovecraftian menace. A mutant, monsters and the atomic bomb...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Scream by Craig Spector
logline: A demonic rock band conspires to steal the souls of its fans...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Stealth Press,

      The second gate by quintaurus johnson
An ancient artifact was discovered, deep in the heart of the Congo jungle. But this was no ordinary artifact, this artifact proved to be devastating effecting Jennifer and her family, in ways they could not imagine. At night ..
Buy! The second gate,

      The Serpent Slayers by Adam Niswander
A Southwestern Supernatural Thriller. A Novel In the Shaman Cycle. Giant winged serpent awakened by archaeologists...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Seventh Sense. by Nick Warren
Eleven stories of horror and the supernatural. Meet creatures of evil and destruction both human and not. A dark family with a white sheep. An enforcer tracking a deranged killer. Criminals of the future and the present. Abus..
Buy! Nick Warren Writes,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Shadow of Simon Magus by Samuel Spulman
A man believes he is possessed by the spirit of Simon Magus (based on a true story)..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Shadow of Simon Magus,

      The Shore by Robert Dunbar
A Sequel to "The Pines"..
Buy! Delirium Books, Shocklines, Delirium Books,

      The Snake Woman of Ipanema by Lucille
Every night thousands of terreiros (spirit rituals) take place throughout Brazil. Maggie Dalton takes a torturous path and risks her soul...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Passion, Horror, Fantasy, Mysticism, and the Occult,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      THE SOUND OF HORROR by Eric Enck
A collective work, featuring featuring: Joe McKinney (Dead City) John Edward Lawson (Last Burn in Hell, Discouraging At Best, The Troublesome Amputee) Eric Enck (Devotion) Joseph McGee, and Michael Laimo ..

      The South Will Rise Again by Jeffrey Kosh
Short Horror tale set on a Civil War battlefield. ..
Buy!, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Spirit Box by JH Glaze
It is a spiraling descent into madness, where you may have everything you desire, if only you are willing to sacrifice all that you believe. When you look into The Spirit Box, be prepared to have more than your breath taken a..
Buy! Amazon, JH Glaze Author Site, JH Glaze Official Writer's Site,

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Horror Books
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  6. Dancing With Demons and Other Bedtime Stor
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  8. One Halloween
  10. The Jade Corpse Caper

Featured Book
Lobisón - A Short Story
by Joe

Free short story to introduce my new book "Lobisón"...  
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Featured Book
Dr Iain Ropner's Casebook of Strange Events and Unusual Phen
by Dave Brooks

Dr Iain Ropner's Casebook of Strange Events and Unusual Phenomena is the first instalment from the parapsychologist, Dr Iain Ropner. This casebook comprises..  
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