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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age
by Lonnie Hicks

This is a large volume of poetry (560 pps) which seeks to capture the spirit and issues ordinary individuals (myself included) struggle with here at the on-set of the Oba..  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      Life: Descending / Ascending by Alice Shapiro
Rugged adventure with an ever present tang of danger. --Thomas Fortenberry ..
Buy! TotalRecall Press, Georgia Poet Alice Shapiro,

      Ligerezas by addis gonzalez quintana
Ensayos de mi alma desnuda, mi vida desde los 13 años en poemas, las pasiones locas que me impulsan y ese reflejo que me ha llevado a ser quien soy. Esto es Ligerezas..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Addis gq, Tienda online, Lulu,

      Lighthouse Rainbows by Stephen Pollard
Lighthouse Rainbows (Assorted Poems, Verses, And Lyrics)..
Buy! Amazon, XLIBRIS, Buy this book,

      Lightning Strikes, Love Ignites (Volume 2) by David Boggs
"Poetry, Prayers, Thoughts, Promise"..
Buy! Amazon, David G. Boggs, Kindle Edition,

      Like A Box of Chocolates by Justin Bienvenue
A book of 40 poems with mixed genres such as horror, sci-fi, love, mystery, etc...
Buy! Amazon, The Official Website of Justin Bienvenue, Kindle Edition,

      Limericks and Other Funny Verses by Igor Maltsev
Selected limericks and funny verses by Igor Maltsev, in Russian...
Buy! Lulu, Limeriki I drugie shutochnye stihi,

      Linguistics of a Lady by Jonell George
Poetry book touching on womens ups and downs.....
Buy! Jonell George, Blurb,

      Liquid Kisses by Mocha Sistah
Steamy black eroticism spews forth in a collection meant to grab, and twirl your emotions. Enter the passionate world joyously...
Buy! Osbey Books, Mocha's Online BookStore ,

      Liquid Reflections: A Stream of Fluid Prose by B.M. Song
"As a diamond that gleams, exposing a sliver of its hope...therein lies the beautiful enigma." -(Excerpt from LR)..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica, Author B.M. Song,

      Liquored Words & Afterthoughts by Susan Voth
Susan Voth's first book of poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Susan Voth,

      Listening To Africa: Poems by Diana Raab
Poet Diana M. Raab travels to the heart of Africa with her family to experience the beauty and fascination of another world. During her safari, she observes the distress, the delight, and the dignity of the humans and animals..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Listening to Africa,

      Literally Speaking by Joanna Jones
Edited by Danielle-Kim Davis and Roberto Lee Davis, featuring poetry by Joanna Jones..
Buy! Fountain Penn, Novel Book Shop,

      Literary Potpourri by Patricia Gomes
July, August, September 2003..
Buy! Lit Pot Press, In the Wee Hours,

      Living At The Monastery, Working In The Kitchen by Eric Shaffer
Living At The Monastery, Working In The Kitchen is a book of poems written in the voice of Shih-te, cook and janitor at the Kuo-ch'ing Monastery in the T'ien-t'ai Mountains of China during the T'ang Dynasty and companion to t..
Buy! Amazon, Leaping Dog Press, Reckless Poetry,

      Living Purpose: between Midnight and Noon by Larry Hunter
A book of poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Official Website of Larry B. Hunter,

      Locked In Emptiness by Jessie Hammond
A book of dark poetry......
Buy! Amazon, PublishAmerica, Amazon, Jessie Ryan Hammond's Home Page,

      Longer Moments by william aher
poetry & illustrations; 2001 thru 2004..
Buy! Amazon, the mad poet, Lulu,

      Longest Poem written by Nikhil Parekh - Only as Life by Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet
This book aims at eventually arriving at the veritable meaning of the chapter called Life - interweaving through countless elements and analogies offered by the boundless creations of God--unfurling each instant around us. Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Look in the Mirror by Daniel Berghoff
An introspective look at our human condition through self-awareness and analysis. The search for self is the primary focus in this artistic exercise that combines poetry, verse, visual art, humor, and reflections of thought b..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Publishing, Lulu,

      Looking for Divine Transportation by Karren Alenier
The search for those angels who are wheels transports the reader through a landscape of eccentric family members, the world of Gertrude Stein and Paul Bowles, and Alenier's own brand of Eden...
Buy! The Word Works,

      Lord I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can by J. Joy Matthews Alford - Sistah Joy
This collection of poetry includes 6 cycles, including themes of socio-political commentary, relationships, spirituality, youth poetry, Haiku, and "general". The book's introduction is by Washington Post Journalist, Dorothy ..
Buy! Amazon, Sistah Joy ,

      Lord, I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can by Thelemaque Publishing
Now in its second printing, Lord, I’m Dancin’ As Fast As I Can has enjoyed national and international acclaim for the moving intensity her poems present. Poignant and persuasive, tender and agonizing, Sistah Joy continues to..
Buy! Amazon, Karibu Books, Caravan Books,

      Los Sonidos de la Lengua Nativa Y O Amor Soa Em Minha Lingua Nativa by Rene Reyes
Deslumbrante afeto amoroso do coração de René Reyes, expressa através de poemas escritos em sua língua nativa Português e Espanhol; para sua diversão! ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, sweet verse boutique, International Poet Laureate Rene Reyes,

      Loss, Limbo, Life and Love: A Poetic Journal by Derek Haines
Although most of us enjoy our daily lives in relative routine and harmony, there are times when we are turned upside down and are presented with unpleasant realities...
Buy! Amazon, Derek Haines, Kindle Edition,

      Lost and Found by Justin McManus
My second book of Poetry..
Buy! Amazon, The Poets Place,

      Lost Love by Christina Leigh Pritchard
A collection of 100 plus poems for those who have been in love and had their heart ripped out...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Lotus Woman by Gwendolyn Thomas Gath
WorksOfGath Books ..
Buy! Lotus Woman, Lotus Woman, Lulu,

      Love & City Dreaming by John Howard Reid
I had two aims when compiling this sequel to Margaret Havill Reid's first anthology, "SONG OF THE WAYWARD WIND". Firstly, I was keen to make Margaret's poetry available to all ages. Secondly, I wished to bring to light just a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Margaret Reid, Lulu,

      Love & Pride by Praveen Kumar
LOVE & PRIDE: two principles of the life force. Love & pride as opposite streams of the life force, together constitute life. They are opposite principles. The salvation of life lies in binding the opposite principles into a ..

      Love - Exotic or Toxic by Marquette Carney
Love - Exotic or Toxic is a collection of pros and poetry written in Carney's signature way...
Buy! Soul Write Publishing, Amazon,

      Love And Human Remains: poems by Roger Taber
Volume 1 of a planned quartet: a combination of gay-interest and other poems comprising 200+ poems in seven sections. ISBN 0-9539833-0-7 Only on sale in the UK or over the Internet from the author. ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Love and Lighter Fluid: poems of a wild tirzah by Tirzah Goodwin
My first self-publised collection of poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Love & Lighter Fluid PB, Love & Lighter Fluid (ebook), Amazon Link,

      Love and Lighter Fluid: poems of a wild tirzah by Tirzah Goodwin
My first self-publised collection of poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Love & Lighter Fluid PB, Love & Lighter Fluid (ebook), Amazon Link,

      Love and Sensual Poems For Your Soul by Babette Heaton
Poetry of Love, Romance and Passion ...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Love Grounds & Coffee Poems by Todd and Deb Bauer
Atypical poetry about falling in love, painting and coffee...
Buy! Barnes &, Powell's Books, Love Grounds and Coffee Poems,

      Love In the Obscure & Other Poetic Romances (Ebook) by Joel Young
Romantic poems from a variety of perspectives in Poetry, love songs, haiku, sonnets, and epic forms. ..

      Love Is All by Richard Howardson
A collection of romantic and sad poems inspired by Richard's own life and some of his friends' love stories as well...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Flipkart, Love Is All Facebook Page,

      Love Letters the Select Collection Poems by Mekael by Mekael Shane
Love Letters is a collection of poems that expresses my thoughts and views about love. It was a great experience to create this collection, because it allowed me to focus on this condition, or powerful affliction that affects..
Buy! Amazon,

      Love Makes a World of Differences by Gene Conner
This is from when i was 14 years old til last year. this shows me going through changing through the years..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Love Notes in Erratic Tones: Melancholy & Melodies by Shirley Houston
Love Notes in Erratic Tones presents romantic love in all its facets...
Buy! Amazon, Love Notes,

      Love Poems for Cannibals by Raymond Keen
"Love Poems for Cannibals" expresses the thoughts, feelings, quandaries and wonder of an American poet very much alive to the darkness and light of the 21st century...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Raymond Keen, Raymond Keen's website, Kindle Edition,

      Love Poems For Love's Sake by Faye Kilday
Come on a journey through the many stages of love. This is a book that lovers everywhere will relate to and treasure! ..
Buy! Amazon, Angel-Inspired Poetry, Lulu,

      Love Undying by VicToria Freudiger
"Love Undying" represents poetry in such a way that its author will become known the world over. Robanna Fason has created a genre all its own 'Love Lyrics' using words to spread love to those who need understanding the most..
Buy! Bookman Marketing, Amateur Writers Assoc, Poetry Highway,

      Love Versus Terrorism - Poems on Anti Terror , Peace , Love , Brotherhood by Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet
A collection of Anti Terrorism Poems..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Love Wise by Jill Delbridge
Within these pages you will experience the ups and downs of my life, every life, in fact. My ability to get through it all has been simple, love is the answer to every question...
Buy! Amazon, Authors page ,

      Love's Soft Whisper Poems from the heart by Venita Ennis
Get lost for a little while with these heartfelt words...
Buy! lulu, Amazon, Poetry by Venita, Lulu,

      Love's Thrilling Dimensions by Joyce Akesson
The volume is about relations, connectedness and existential questions...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Love's Wall by John Peter Davis
John's poetry touches reality in simple terms. It draws out your memories and stirs up your own fantasies, tying in to your life and dreams. The book contains romance and relationship poems with themes such as Internet D..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Love - Find it - Just a click away... Books to Touch your Heart..., Lulu,

      Love, Cry and Wonder Why by Bernard Briggs
Over one hundred and thirty poems, charting a thirty year writing career...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Waterstones,

      Love, Love, Love. by Terry Godwin
This book is a selection of romantic and humourous poems. It is written in rhyming verse. The romantic poetry is centred on modern day life, and many of our lovely ladies will relate to themselves when they think about them. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Love, Not Love by Ame Ai
Love, Not Love is my first book. Poems in this volume are separated into two categories: what is love and what is not love. “Love” does not necessarily mean romantic love and “not love” does not necessarily mean hate, but it ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Love, Not Love,

      Love, Sweet and Bittersweet by EDWINA REIZER
This book is a combination of poems that portray love as the one emotion that can bring joy, ecstacy and sometimes pain to all of us. Each poem in this book expresses the feelings that this one emotion can bring into our dail..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu,

      Love,Is,The Beautiful Black Woman by Vernon Davis Jr.
ABOUT THE BOOK "LOVE,IS, THE BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN" is a tribute to all Black Women. It is my praise and trophy to the strong independent women of color that I've met and yet to meet. The good, the bad , the indiff..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse, Powell's Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Love: Its Wonderments, Sufferings and Consumations (Free Audio Samples-41) by Lonnie Hicks
Love stories, love poems, inspirational in nature are the core of this volume. Again, taken from individuals around the world, and of course, the authors own contributions make this work unique and good reading...
Buy! Hicks Publishing, Amazon, Hicks Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      LOVE: the Collectible Casewrap Hardcover Edition by +Steven Curtis Lance
"By love I came to be"..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, LOVE, Lulu,

      LOVE: the Softcover Edition by +Steven Curtis Lance
"By love I came to be"..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, LOVE, Lulu,

      Lyrics and Verses by Ame Ai
Most of this book is meant to be sung (Lyrics). The last section of this book is meant to be spoken (Verses). Some lyrics have choruses. Some have indications for if a sound should be high or low. For those who are musically ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Outskirts Press, Ame Ai,

      Lyrics of an Awakening...Soulful Poetry by Brook Blander
Find yourself, your screams, your cries, your secrets, and your desires in the lyrics of this poetic journal, Lyrics of an Awakening...
Buy!, Brook,

      Lyrics of Life in four-part harmony by Larry Pontius
Lyrics of Life in Four Part Harmony is the work of an incurable romantic dressed in a philosopher’s cloak. With a clear voice, a warm heart, and often an infectious smile, Larry Pontius never fails to touch you. In this colle..
Buy! Amazon,

      Magic by +Steven Curtis Lance
Do you believe in magic? +Steven Curtis Lance does. Experience his new book and you too will believe Magic...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Magic by +Steven Curtis Lance, Lulu,

      maladroit (poetry) by Donald Ehrsam
As RW Emerson said, "To be great is to be misunderstood". Warning: this volume will incommode the reader...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,

      Man of Stone by John Irvine
An honest look at my own life from the long end... illustrated...
Buy! Publishme, Music for the mind,

      Many Leaves, A Single Tree: Insights and Experiences in Poetic Form by Doug Davis
This book is an eclectic mix of poetry. It covers many styles and topics, from humor to inspirational, from romantic to topical...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Hollywood's Bookshelf,

      Map of a Distorted Mind by Joseph McNulty
This masterpiece altogether took a total of 10 years to complete. My words are deep and profound and you just might shed some joyful tears. It's been known to happen...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,

      Marika's Cooking by William Fairbrother
The story of a woman who uses her prowess in the kitchen to reinvent and endlessly deepen her relationships with family and friends.....

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Featured Book
A Golden Fuchsia-Laden Girl (Hardcover)
by Richard Rydon

Collected poems of Richard Rydon..  
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Featured Book
Opening Acts
by Z McClure

The First Edition was limited to 25 copies on Earth...the Second Edition, unlimited, contains 44 extraordinary poetic gems sure to give you a glimpse at the Creator of th..  
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