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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Four Series - The Beginning - Book I
by Margaret Millmore

A new twist on the battle between good and evil...  
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     Featured "Action/Thriller" Books!


      Earn Fire by Richard Marsh
Earn Fire takes Reynir to Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, and finally Ireland, where he is alternately befriended and threatened by a variety of personages from Celtic and Norse mythology...
Buy! Amazon, Mazgeen Press, Kindle Edition,

      Earth Angel by Jeff Fuell
When Brian Bradford meets both the devil and God in the same week, it is just the beginning of an adventure for he and his daughter. Brian Bradford, a writer and widower, wonders what is happening when his teen-age daughter s..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Facebook,,, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Earth Angel by Judie Stein
One person's reality is another's insanity. Everything depends on who is defining the truth...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author House,, Kindle Edition,

      Earthscape, a long way from home by Linda Dell
An adventure story about two aliens that get stranded on earth. How one of them meets an earth girl, falls in love and goes on the run across Europe...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      East Wind by jack winnick
A team of Islamic terrorists aim to blackmail the US government by detonating a nuclear bomb...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jack Winnick,

      Ebola Pursuit by David Carlberg
CIA agent travels to West Africa to prevent North Korean agents from stealing highly virulent Ebola Viruses to be used in biological warfare...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      eBook titles by Hank LeGrand
Below is the listings for most of my eBooks in the Amazon KDP select program. Below are my titles in the Amazon KDP Select program. To find a title on Amazon simply type in the ASIN numbe. You can also copy and paste into you..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon KDP select.,

      Echoes of Ocean Trails by AD1436 Foundation
Echoes of Ocean Trails is a teenage fiction thriller written by real high students living in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area...
Buy!,, Echoes of Ocean Trails,

      EDDY FALLS by Darryl Sollerh
When Eddy Reeves, a smart, Manhattan defense attorney with a broken past, wakes up one morning to find himself framed for the murder of a known gangland hood, the only person who can turn to for is his painfully-estranged ex-..
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Edelweiss Pirates, Operation Einstein by Mark Cooper
A group of fun loving rebellious German teens calling themselves the Edelweiss Pirates, witnesses something so deplorably sickening they decide to take action when a six-year old Jewish girl is left orphaned. Torn between pat..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Edge of Escape by Debra Chapoton
Eddie fixates on the popular girl. He abducts her then acts as her rescuer. Will she accept his fragile devotion or reject his special love? Stalking gets a strangely sympathetic turn in this story of obsession and survival...
Buy! Amazon, Bigpinelodgebooks, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Edge of the Cliff by Andrew Lomac-MacNair
Three people are pursued at breakneck speed across a mountain pass in the high rain forests of Central America. As fiendish assassins corner each of them in a darkened restaurant above a steep jungle ravine, they ask the same..
Buy! Amazon,

      EFFIGY by Theresa Danley
Science Unearths A Deadly Prophecy . . ...
Buy! Amazon, Whiskey Creek Press, Fictionwise, Theresa Danley,

      Eftos-Epos Kingdom of a thousand (EN premier) by Eftos Epos
Kingdom of a thousand characters, names, places, technologies & indicia are original © & ™ Eftos Ent. All rights reserved. ..
Buy! Eftos-Epos Kingdom of a thousand, Kindle Edition,

      Eighteen Months by Leslie Jones McCloud
Eighteen Months is a screeplay about a newspaper crime reporter, a lawyer, a crooked cop and a gangster whose lives become intertwined and blown apart over secrets that are out in the open. Some things are better left unsaid...
Buy!, Yeah and So What!, Leslie's Storefront, Lulu,

      El cubo de Amberes by Patricio Carranza
Un consultor internacional en seguridad informática recibe una extraña propuesta. Seducido por el desafío, se embarca en una odisea en la que los diamantes son protagonistas, y la ambición, la codicia y la traición lo enfrent..
Buy! Amazon, Editorial Dunken, El cubo de Amberes,

      El Primer Escalón. Una selección de mis primeros relatos. by Moisés Morán Vega
Diez relatos de diversa temática...
Buy! Barnes &, El Patio de Los Cangrejos, Lulu,

      El rebaño de Caleb by Luis Abarca
Los últimos días de la gran inundación estan sobre la humanidad. caleb tiene que encontrar una manera de ganarle a sus demonios, reunir a sus amigos y salvar el rebaño antes que sea muy tarde...
Buy! Luis Abarca,,

      El Sage by Robert Apold
Los aventureros buscan para el tesoro español perdido en Panamá, y después de encontrarla, deben transportarla de nuevo a su nave sin despertar la suspicacia y decidir hasta dónde están dispuestos a ir a proteger su hallazgo...
Buy! Amazon, Alibris, BookSurge,,

      EL Sombra by John Braswell/Kawheeta
The drug cartels had the money, El Sombra took it, and they want it back. But, who is El Sombra?..
Buy! Barnes &, Smashwords, Smashwords,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      EL TESTAMENTO DE NSASI, by David Camara
Manual de Palo Monte y Mayombe..
Buy! Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto, Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto,

      El Visitante Maligno by Sobenes Fernando
Historia de terror, suspenso y misterio..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Element of Surprise by Derek Hart
Travis Kelland was 20 years old when Germany invaded Poland to start World War II. Travis enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy and set forth on a grand adventure to fight the Nazis. He joined the MTB’s fighting in the Channe..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Derek Hart Books,

      Element Zero by James Knapp
Technologically reanimated corpses are frontline soldiers engaged in a neverending war. Agent Nico Wachalowski uncovered a conspiracy that allowed Samuel Fawkes, the scientist who created them, to control them beyond the grav..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Elephant Gun by Phillip Carpenter
Five-star rated action-adventure novel for sophisticated readers who care about the environment...
Buy! Amazon,

      Elf Queen By: S. M. Brennan by S. M. Brennan
Pulled from one world into another, Maggie finds herself in a strange place where others want her dead. Go along with Maggie in her journey to find out what secrets this other world holds, and what it is that is in store for ..
Buy! Amazon, Author S. M. Brennan, Kindle Edition,

      Em by Ann Livi Andrews
The third book in the Rehab for Superheroes saga...
Buy! Amazon, Ann Livi Andrews, Kindle Edition,

      Emaho Tibet! Blessings from the Land of the Snows by Simhananda
This book is a reverberant homage to the country of Tibet which inhabits and inspires the author. It is also a living testimony to the pilgrims who ambulate this holy land, a circumstantiation of their ardent faith, and of th..
Buy! Amazon, Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications,

      Embittered Justice by Michaela Riley
What if everything in your life was changed because you opened a mysterious package? Jennifer Campbell is a beautiful, talented woman with ambition and drive to succeed in corporate America. Moving to Virginia into ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Michaela Riley,

      Emerald by brian january
A fast-paced, high-octane adventure thriller starring Park Skarda and April Force!..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Enchanted Castle - A Novelette (A FREE Book!) by Chrissy Peebles
This book is free at Smashwords. It will be free at iTunes, Sony, and other leading outlets soon. This is a young adult, paranormal, novelette series. ..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Enchanted Secrets (Witches Of Bayport) by Kristen Middleton
Sixteen year old Kendra meets a mysterious teenaged boy named Tyler who introduces her to a world of magic. Not only is he cute but he's an Enchanter who can manipulate people at will. When she learns that her mother has been..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Encryption by Bill Ward
When the full force of government is brought to bear on one family, they seem to face impossible odds. Is it an abuse of power or does the end justify the means?..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      End Times by zahid zaman
An elite and all powerful secret society is hellbent on wiping most of the worlds population or 'sheeple' as they call them, only two bright young men stand in their way and and total anihilation of the working and middle cla..
Buy! Amazon,

      Enemy of My Enemy by Alan Murray
An Eye for an Eye takes the reader on a multifaceted effort to free American tourists held hostage on a cruise ship near the Bahamas. Luck, skill and timing all converge to win the day in this chilling, cleverly spun scenario..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Alan J Murray, Alpha Mike Media, Alan J Murray , Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Epiphany by Gary Stephens
In less than ten days, four asteroids will impact the Earth and no place on the planet can provide refuge from the collisions “We’re going to use nine megaton warheads in space and we’re not sure they’re large enough..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Tower Books, Kindle Edition,

      Epitaph by Donald Meadows
The action packed sequeal to Of Ice and Steel. Russian Submarine Captain Valerik Danyankov and American Submariner Grant McKinnon return in this underwater thriller..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Epoch - The Final Saga of The Grounds of Nachmasheeghan by Andrea Van Scoyoc
Twenty-five years later finds us at the twilight of this most acclaimed, heart-breaking and thrilling trilogy. Take one, last journey with us to bid the Nachmasheeghan family a fond farewell as they set sail into et..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Lulu,

      Equal Time Point by Harrison Jones
Ride along in the cockpit with the pilots and walk the cabin aisles with the flight attendants as their routine international flight becomes a nightmare that will require all their training to survive. After reading Equal Tim..
Buy! Barnes &,

      Equity of Evil by Rudy Mazzocchi
Award-winning Medical Thriller based on True Events..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author Website, Publisher, Rudy Mazzocchi - The Author, Kindle Edition,

      Equity of Fear by Rudy Mazzocchi
The SECOND Book in The EQUITY Series by Award-winning Author, Rudy A. Mazzocchi..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rudy Mazzocchi - The EQUITY Series, Kindle Edition,

      Erosion by Lon Cohen
Erosion is a thriller about a Native American, driven to madness by his dark past, discriminated, molested and ostracized exacts revenge on the small upstate New York town of Canyon Park. The spirits of his tribe and a popula..
Buy! Amazon, Erosion, Lulu,

      Escape the Hezbollah by Pola Muzyka
Abducted into the newly formed Hezbollah army, a young American Christian fights for his life, his freedom, and the woman he loves when he defies a brutal regime during one of the most difficult times in Middle East history. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Escape the Hezbollah,

      Essays on Earl Renfroe by William Bike
World-renowned orthodontist Dr. Earl Renfroe also broke down barriers for African-Americans in the mid 20th Century...
Buy! Amazon, Central Park Communications,,

      Essentials of Computer Science II by Randall Raus
Although this books culminates in the fundamentals of how to design a computer, including the central processing unit (CPU), the control unit of the CPU, the RAM, the computer's machine and assembly language, and its operatin..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Research and Education Association, Caltech Bookstore,

      Everyday Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition by Mary Barton
In Everyday Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Precognition, Barton shares her personal experiences with extrasensory perception to promote awareness of these abilities of consciousness. Her compelling book reveals how to identify t..
Buy! Barnes &, Experience Tomorrow Today, Lulu,

      Everything by Dr Phyllis Olmstead
Step into the world of a madman whose warped mind devised a cruel and inhuman method of retribution that has the NYPD and the City of New York totally confused as to where and when he will strike next...
Buy! Amazon, Olmstead Publishing, Olmstead Publishing, Everything from Olmstead Publishing,

      Evil Among the Saints by JADE ALEX
Famous Reverend Paul Stone and lead-not-follow Principal Nova Powers are strangers who meet after someone they dearly love is murdered. They unite to fight a frightening evil. In the War of Good vs. Evil, who will win?..
Buy! Amazon,, Lulu,

      Evil Ways by Bobby Nash
FBI Agent Harold Palmer needed a relaxing vacation. All he wanted was to travel to Sommersville, Georgia to visit his brother, newspaper publisher and reporter, Franklin Palmer. He should have known better. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Booby Nash's website,

      Evil's Door by Elizabeth Parker
Just when you thought it was safe, you couldn't possibly know what was lurking below.....
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Books by Elizabeth Parker, Kindle Edition,

      Execution of Justice by Patrick Dent
Filled with nonstop action, adventure and psychological suspense, EOJ is the story of Special Forces operative John Drake - a man who delivers his own unique brand of justice.

When an international terrorist ..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu Press, Action Book, New Bestselling Espionage Thriller, Lulu,

      Executive Order 211 Afghanistan by W. Robb Robichaud
"Executive Order 211 Afghanistan," is the sequel of the first novel, "Executive Order 211 Al Qaeda", adapted for film/television by multi-Award winning Screenwriter/Director Mark Mc Quown. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Executive Order 211 Al Qaeda by W. Robb Robichaud
"A true to life journey into the dangerous dark world of assassination and terrorism." ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Falcon Agency, Booklocker,

      Exit Strategy, Leaving this Life with Grace and Gratitude by Kelsey Collins
If you picked up this book because you’re the caregiver for an elderly parent, I thank you profoundly. Chances are you were born sometime between 1946 and 1964, making you a member of the baby boom generation (there are about..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Exit Strategy, by Kelsey Collins,

      Expect Trouble by JoAnn Ainsworth
The U.S. govt. recruits psychics to find Nazi spies during WWII...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Oak Tree Press, Nook,

      Expendable Assets by Drew Howell
A gripping tale of counterterrorism, covert intelligence, heroism, duty, and betrayal...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu,, Lulu,

      Exposure Behind Closed Doors by Victoria Murray
A suspense-filled roller-coaster ride with twists and turns leading to an explosive finish. Exposure Behind Closed Doors is a story about blackmail, murder, and revenge as a secret branch of the Justice Department jo..
Buy! Lulu Publishers, Amazon Online Bookstore, LuLu Publishers, Lulu,

      Extreme Instinct by Robert Walker
Jessica Coran faces a murderer paving a path of terror from Arizona to Montana. He ties his victims down, drowns their sins in gasoline, and cleanses them with flame. He is on a Satanic mission--and only by stepping into the ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Eye Of The Dragonfly by Londis Carpenter
24 pages which illustrate each line of the author's first poem, THE EYE OF THE DRAGONFLY. These are line drawings by the author and can be colored by the child. this booklet has been placed selected daycare schools and doct..
Buy! Londis Carpenter, AuthorsDen, Lulu,

      Eye of the Needle: A London-based thriller. by Simon bever
An apparently senseless damaging of a sports car on the Victoria Embankment marks the beginning of a series of escalating violence and murder on the streets of the West End. A young, quiet uniformed officer is slowly dragged ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Eye of The Storm: Eilida's Tragedy by Elle Klass
A new image begins to form within the cobwebs of my mind; it fights vehemently to take hold. Through the fuzziness the form of a person struggles to exist, but instantaneously vanishes, leaving a warm, melty feeling inside me..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Troubled Oyster, Elle Klass, Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

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Featured Book
by Terry Vinson

Fifty-one contestants. Hellish weather conditions. Ruthless competition. One winner, fifty losers...numerous body bags. Welcome to the Devil's Gauntlet...  
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Coin For A Killer
by David Snowdon

This thriller set in London, Chicago, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, the Netherlands and Tenerife, it’s espionage through and through!..  
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