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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Terry Vinson

Atop a prison island teaming with super-villains, one evil will dwarf all others. On this island, rescue isn’t an option...  
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     Featured "Horror" Books!


      Vaudeville by Greg Chapman
Vaudeville is a coming-of-age horror tale, touching on themes of grief, loneliness and the darkest days of the American Civil War, from one of dark fiction's rising stars, Greg Chapman...
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      Verland: The Transformation by B. Scully
True crime writer Elle Bramasol is drawn into a macabre mystery when incarcerated Hollywood producer Eliot Kingman asks her to write a book about his case. As she delves deeper into Kingman’s murder conviction, she discovers ..
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      Vicious Bites Anthology by E Irwin
Through shrouded mists hovering over gravestones and crypts, shadowy figures appear in the night. Beguiling temptations tantalize and entice innocent souls, luring them into the immortal embrace of the vampire. Take an evenin..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, E. A. Irwin,

      Vile by Nick Knight
Horrifying and Vile!..

      Visitors (Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector) by Lyle Tanner
They don't fall from the sky, travelling from far beyond the stars to explore and conquer. The skies hold secrets, but they are not nearly as dangerous as the ones who have already made their way through. Slipping t..
Buy! Amazon, Visitors (Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector, Kindle Edition,

      Vrolok by Nolene Dougan
Vrolok, the Slovakian word for Vampire may classify this book as horror fiction or paranormal but the content is historical fiction. Vrolok takes readers on a journey into the past as we meet Isabella, the beautiful ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Vrolok, Easons, Vrolok,

      Wake the Wicked by Christian Baloga
Thirteen Twisted Tales..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Main Website, Author Website, Wake the Wicked, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Weird City by George Wilhite
Sixteen tales of Urban Fantasy edited by George Wilhite..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Static Movement Book Shop, Static Movement,

      Weisses Blut. Phantastischer Roman aus böser alter Zeit. by Helmut Barz
1921 - A young lawyer, Jonathan Hansen, becomes the judge in a rural smalltown at the north sea coast of Germany. Happy to escape the big city's dangers he is looking forward to a few quiet years with his beloved, beautiful a..
Buy! Amazon, Gryphon, Weisses Blut.,

      Welcome To Lazarus by Jackie Griffey
En route to a reporting job in Little Rock, car trouble forces Bob Smith to spend the night in Lazarus, Arkansas. Suspecting the town is hiding some bucolic Fountain of Youth, his curiosity and investigating skills take him c..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, POD all stores,

      Werewolf of Misty Valley by Donald Sullivan
A woman has reason to believe that her husband is becoming a werewolf...
Buy! Riverok Books, Amazon, Sullivan's Short Stories, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      What Tangled Webs by Dan Dillard
Cheating death, cheating time, looking for the easy way out. These things have consequences. Consequences that can be violent and painful. What Tangled Webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. "What Tangled Webs" is ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes & Noble,,

      What Then of Horror? by Barry Eysman
To reach another human being is to experience isolation, to love is to see the gulf below, and how close you were, and are, as love pushes you in--welcome to horror..
Buy! Barnes &,, abe books SuperBookDeals,

      When darkness falls by Julie Bechtel
A peeping Tom starts peeking into the windows of young women. the town discovers this might not be a man, but a monster...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      When It Leaves by Savannah Rayne
Do you have children and allow them to play in the leaves on a crisp Autumn evening before dinner? After reading "When It Leaves", you may rethink letting them do that. ..
Buy! Amazon, Hellfire Publishing, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural by Edward V'Kanty
Dark fiction author, Edward V'Kanty, presents his short story collection in a single volume, entitled "Whispers From Hell: An Anthology Of Horror & The Supernatural." The short stories assembled here in this volume feature e..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Whispers From The Dark by Bryan Hall
A collection of fourteen horror short stories from the author of the upcoming novel Containment Room Seven. Just 2.99 on kindle..
Buy! Amazon, Whispers from the Dark, Kindle Edition,

      Whispers In The Wind - The Search For Jack The Ripper by Del Garrett
WHISPERS IN THE WIND The Search for Jack the Ripper by Del Garrett Horror - 72,200 Words Release Date: December 2008 “The witch! The old hag, she did it. Taught him her secrets, she did. Right n..
Buy! Amazon, Whiskey Creek Press,

      White Trash Tales of the Paranormal by Jacqueline Schumacher
A true story of my life, growing up with the paranormal in upstate NY...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, White Trash Tales of the Paranormal,

      Wildclown Hijacked by G. Wells Taylor
THE GORSHIN INSTITUTE offers a miracle cure for rich and famous addicts. When a millionaire's son in Wildclown's care goes missing, the detective has to risk it all to clear his name. Wildclown battles through a gruesome land..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Wildclown Web Site,

      Wilfred The Devil's Disciple by Edward Duranty
It is a story of a baby born in a shantytown deep in the woods of Minnesota. In an environment where human emotions were nonexistent, he was easy prey for the wiles of the devil. As a demon child he could use his powers to in..
Buy! Amazon,

      Wishing Makes It So by Marilyn Meredith
When really, really bad things happen to good people...
Buy! Fictionwise, Books by Marilyn,

      Witchwoods by Gary Henry
Six friends embark on an adventure in the deep woods of Tennessee and come across two famed witches and are systematically attacked and terrorized...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Gary D, Henry, Kindle Edition,

      Wolf Hunter by J.L. Benet
In the waning days of WWII, the Nazis succeeded in creating the ultimate fighters, werewolves. Viktor Huelen escaped capture and made his way to America, where he lived for years undetected…until now. In present day ..
Buy! CreateSpace, Wolf Hunter - from Belfire Press, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Wolf's Trap -- Now Available! by W Gagliani
This erotic supernatural thriller set partly in Wisconsin's North Woods is ready for purchase! A serial killer with a blood grudge and kinky obsessions hunts a tortured cop with a secret. But who hunts whom? And how ..
Buy! Amazon, Shocklines Bookstore,

      World of Zaylyn - 1 - Quest For The Sword of Anthrowst by Katrina Mandrake-Johnston
Evil, malicious creatures have entered this world to do the bidding of an insane wizard. Can the beasts be stopped? To save their world, they need the Sword of Anthrowst. (World of Zaylyn #1(2nd edition) included in ..
Buy! Amazon, Trafford publishing, Trafford publishing, Kindle Edition,

      World of Zaylyn 1 + 2 - Quest For The Sword Fragments And The Hunt For .... by Katrina Mandrake-Johnston
World of Zaylyn - 2 - Quest For The Sword Fragments And The Hunt For Dranngore (World of Zaylyn #1(2nd edition) included in book #2)..
Buy! Amazon, Trafford publishing, Trafford publishing, Kindle Edition,

      Year of the Twist by scott virtes
15 tales, all different flavors of creepy. Early works from a prolific short story author. Experiments, classic hauntings, mysterious plagues, the works...
Buy! Amazon, Year of the Twist, Purchase Year of the Twist from AMAZON,

      Yearly Harvest: A True Story of Christmas by Ryan Callaway
Yearly Harvest: A True Tale of Christmas is the haunting tale of a young woman, Jin Duyen, discovering the secrets behind the terror-filled season of Christmas in Selah, a small, remote town ravaged by the mysterious presence..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Smashwords Ebooks, Yearly Harvest,

      You Morbid Westphal by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
New bizarro tainted hallucinatory medical paranormal horror from Reverend Steven Rage, the Most Depraved Writer in Print!!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, You Morbid Westphal by Reverend Steven Rage,

      Zombeast by F. Brown
The year is 1971 and Lance Ryder, OMNI's top spy, is called in by Commander Alex Power to investigate the mysterious shooting death of a young military policeman, killed in Qui Trang Province, South Vietnam...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Ironskull Literary, Hastings books & tapes,

      Zombie Apocalypse by Julie Bechtel
After going home searching for answers zombies invade the town. Now all Justin Morgan wants to do is get home alive...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Zombie Gang: Regenerated Earth by B.R. Stranges
A teen horror novel that is disgusting enough to make the hairs on your neck stand up, but PG enough to keep the adults off your back...
Buy! Amazon, brstrangesbooks, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Zombie Maelstrom by Bryan Cassiday
Zombie Maelstrom is a zombie apocalypse thriller...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bryan Cassiday,

      Zombie Necropolis by Bryan Cassiday
Zombie Necropolis is a zombie apocalypse thriller. It is the sequel to Zombie Maelstrom by Bryan Cassiday...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bryan Cassiday,

      Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story by Ian McClellan
A horror novel oozing with political and social satire...
Buy! Amazon, Politicalhorrorstory, Kindle Edition,

      Zombies Anonymous by M Chapman
zombies Anonymous is a humorous horror novel concerning the life, death and undeath of Archibald Griest...
Buy! Amazon, Life of the mind, Kindle Edition,

      Zuphreen, Bestower of Damnation by Su Halfwerk
Unfulfilled wishes are sad. Wishes granted by Zuphreen are unfortunate!..
Buy! Damnation books, Damnation Books,

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Horror Books
  1. Macabre; A Journey through Australia's Dar
  2. Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror Vol.
  3. The Cemetery Sleeper
  4. Bloodstained Tales of Sin and Sex
  5. The Mortician
  6. Blood Red Pleasure
  7. Total Ghost Kicker part 2
  8. One Halloween
  9. Thrillers & Chillers 2
  10. Dancing With Demons and Other Bedtime Stor

Featured Book
Song Of The Succubus
by William Pusey

Isabelle is a member of an imortal race of beings called The Kind. From the dark woods of ancient Ireland to stages around the world, she rises to the heights of music st..  
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Featured Book
Shivers and other nightmares
by Billy Wells

A compilation of 30 stories, most in the horror genre with surprise endings. The nightmares include vampires, werewolves, a troll, a ghoul, a genie, voodoo, aliens, spide..  
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