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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Breaking Through
by Bob Mitchley

My poetry from the heart, along with family pictures.....  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      My Mind's Empty Room by Nathan Dahlhauser
Poetry about Life, Love, Hate, and Society...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Marketplace, Lulu,

      My Original Poetry Editions One And Two by Janie Bragg
"My Original Poetry Editions One And Two Is a world of Adventure,Happiness,and Passion Poetry...
Buy! Amazon, lulu, Createspace,Amazon, My Original Poetry Editions One And Two, Lulu,

      My Path..My Journey..My Life by William Gregory
My first book, revisited, amended, edited & renamed, available soon, from
Buy! Lulu, Art & Inspiration by William Gregory aka Starfire,

      My Poetry Is My Destiny by John Calabro
A wonderful small book of poems for the entire family...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, WIX,

      My Secret Heart... by David Humphrey Sr
A book for Everyone Who's Ever Been in Love, And for Anyone Who Would Like to Be.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bible City,

      My Sentiments Exactly by Mark Stellinga
Rhyming, metered verse at its very finest...
Buy! Mark Stellinga, Mark Stellinga's Bookstore,

      My small book of poems by David Delaney
My ever 1st book which was published purely to gauge public reaction & well as the saying goes "the rest is history"..
Buy! ASA Publishing Co. & book store,

      My Soul Has Spoken by Terri Armstrong
My Soul Has Spoken is a book of contemporary poetry that spans the range of emotions: death, life, love, sadness, happiness, and much, much more...
Buy! Amazon, Terri's Heart,

      My Soul is not for Sale! by Vaughn Aiken
My Soul is not for Sale, Various Poems of Love, Inspiration, and Revolution..
Buy! Amazon, Booksurge, HUE_MAN Bookstore, Vaughn's Website,

      My Story, Through My Eyes by Jason Williams
My Story, Through My Eyes is about a young African American dealing with the ups and downs of life. This book is my diary. This book deals with my happiness and sorrow. And that one question that constantly stays on my mind. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      My Suicidal Heart by Michael Howard
In short, my book of poetry deals with my emotional journey after my own suicide attempt on November 2003. They are not only therapy for me, but will hopefully have an impact on others as well...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Suicidal Heart, Perplexing poetry/Creative therapy,

      My Thought's My Journey's In My Words by Jazar Kahr
This amazing book of poetry and prose is a journey to self- love and awareness that everyone can learn from and relate to! Enjoy!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Personal Blurb Page!,

      My Thoughts by Sherman Kennon
A book of beautiful poetry that touches on different topics. Inspirational words to uplift...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sherman Kennon, Amazon, Sherman Kennon, Kindle Edition,

      My True Heart by Tiffany Simar
A lighter lyric/poetry book...
Buy! Tiffany's spotlight, Lulu,

      My USA Heart: America Speaks Out In Poetry by Cheyene Lopez
This book of poetry is a short book of Patriotic American Poetry and is the third and perhaps final book in my line of American Patriotic Poems of which the other two are published with titles are Poems Of ..
Buy! Amazon,, None Yet,,

      My Wave Of Words by MARILYN GARCIA
Growing up in the inner city, there are many stories to be told. Sometimes the endings are happy - but not always...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, ROSEDOG BOOKS, My Wave Of Words,

      My Wave Of Words by MARILYN GARCIA
Some Of the plights from life both good and bad put together in poetry..
Buy! Barnes &,

      My Words And Thoughts by Chad Howell
My Words And Thoughts is a collection of poetry that explores love, betrayal, feelings, relationships, intimacy, and family. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Screenwriter/Poet,

      Mythology of Touch by Mary Stone Dockery
Mary Stone Dockery's first collection of poetry...
Buy! Amazon,

      Naked Heart by Tabitha Robin
These poems tell the story of a my past. A Time when I endured physically abused and mentally tormented by the hands of mistake. In my words, I shared the emotional roller coaster of insanity and solitude; from contemplating ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Naked Heart,

      Naked Toes by John Mangini Jr.
Naked Toes is a provocative and gripping collection of poetry, which screams and whispers at the same time. Author John A. Mangini Jr. attacks the pages with an intensity and passion all his own, painting surreal and vivid im..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Napkin Poetry by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
Roughly 10 years' worth of poetry... but only the best. Coffee camping, bar adventures at 17, and sex, all eventually leading to domestic violence survival and escape...
Buy! Amazon, Napkin Poetry, Lulu,

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Kent Glowinski
Ever told a terrible ex you would write a book about your relationship? This is that book...
Buy! Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder,

      Nature & Life: A Poetic Journey by Jeanette Cooper
NATURE & LIFE: A POETIC JOURNEY is a soulful collection of reflective poems inspired by our beautiful natural environment, that furnishes the foundation of all our lives, and by family, friends, places, and events that are co..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle e-books, Smashwords e-books, Free e-books, mystery, suspense, drama, romance,

      Nature's Holy Grail by Ruth Thomas
Nature's Holy Grail is a collection of poetry inspired by nature, life, and the world around us. The south Louisiana landscape, along with the plants and animals that inhabit this diverse area, is dear to the author's heart...

      Needs by Grace Reed
Need is the voice of addicted at-risk youth in juvenile justice and on the streets of Portland, Oregon. Written after a two year creative expression research...
Buy! Needs, Needs, Needs,

      Nenomatne Nbolen: Puisi Uab Metô Sin Lê Mabuab by Yohanes Manhitu
This book contains 11 poetry themes and each theme consists of some poems...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Yohanes Manhitu, Nenomatne Nbolen: Puisi Uab Metô Sin Lê Mabuab (Matahari Telah Terbit: Sebuah Antologi Puisi Dawan) Nâko/Karya: Yohanes Manhitu,

      Netherworld Befalls by Charles Watson
A compilation of 50 light and dark Gothic poems about the life of death, death of life, and the forces in and around them that's existed throughout history and through us...
Buy! Local gems Poetry Press, Kindle Edition,

      New Poems by +Steven Curtis Lance
Love, loss, loneliness; affection, alienation, absurdity; poetics, politics, philosophy; humor, heartbreak, and humanity are passionately, poignantly, perfectly expressed in this fifth and best book of three hundred most unus..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, New Poems, by +Steven Curtis Lance, Lulu,

      NEW POETIC VOICES by Roopa Menon
Author: Roopa Menon & Ruby Moses Ezekiel Binding: Paperback (pp: 107) ISBN: 81-8253-007-5 Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher:, Allahabad, India Pub. Date: 2004..
Buy! cyberwit,

      New Utopia (HAIKU) by Peace Poet
Dr. Santosh Kumar has successfully shown that he has both a good understanding of the classical form and literary history of the haiku as an art form, and more importantly possesses the literary experience, expertise, sensiti..
Buy! Cyberwit, Amazon USA, Taj Mahal Review,

      Nightmare and other Poems by John Dyhouse
A new collection of poetry by John Dyhouse...
Buy! Amazon, Poems and Poetry on Life,

      Nil Carborundum by Stephen Morris
A book of poetry and visual poetry written and produced between the years 2007 and 2010...
Buy! Amazon,

      No Cops or Couples...and Other Examples of Tennis Without a Net by Robert Chewstroke
Buy! Amazon, amazon,

      No Guarantees - Adjust & Continue by Paul Richmond
Poems, prose, short stories, humor, and political commentary all have their place in this work...
Buy! Human Error Publishing, Lulu,

      No Love Lost by Shaun Phree
Love is the thread to our existence. No Love Lost is a poetic tale of love. It explores the emotional depths of our heart's experience through poetry...
Buy! Lulu, Lulu,

      No War No More by diana Ludwig
These are poems, essays, artwork and photos for the cause of peace...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Greenwood Blue Lotus Press book No War No More, Lulu,

      Not Stopping For Death by stephen mead
Poems combined with artwork of vivid color..

      Notebook of Punishment by Derya Onder
it is my first poetry book.....
Buy! Barnes &, Notebook of Punishment, Derya Onder,

      Notes from The Shadow Self by Carolyn Wolfe
This is my second collection of poetry, including both previously published and unpublished poems. These poems attempt to illuminate the darker side, or the Shadow side of our experiences. These are the experiences that help..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Now You've Seen Me Naked, A Collection of Poetry and Prose by Renee Crooks
A truly freeing experience, Now You've Seen Me Naked", is a gift of self love. Enticing in both subject matter and expression, this book of poetry covers subjects including self reflection, relationships and love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Renee A. Crooks, Renee Crooks Online,

      Obhiyatree Tin, Gantabya Ek by Moheen Reeyad
Obhiyatree Tin, Gantabya Ek ("Three Explorers for a Destination"), is a 2010 poetry collection, written by Moheen Reeyad, Ahsan Abdullah and Shahniwaz Foysoll. The book was first published from Bivas by Ramshonkar Devnath at ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Observations of a Dead Man by Steffan Piper
Second volume of collected poetic works that touches upon the urban blight of consumerism and rising social inequities...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Observations of Heart and Mind by Graham Ducker
‘What J. Graham Ducker does so well is: he observes and then comments from his emotional experience (heart) and from his intellect (mind)’. Ruth E. Walker, A Founding Editor of LICHEN Arts & Letters ..
Buy! Graham Ducker, Richard Grove, Graham Ducker, Author & Poet,

      Ode To The Cunt by Cupideros
A PG and PG-13 romantic read on Love...
Buy! Ode To The Cunt, Ode To The Cunt,, Lulu,

      Of Life and Love by William Lowenkamp
A book of contemporary poems written in the 1970's and first published in 1983, now in its second printing...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Of Mom and Me [NOOK Book] by Theresa Koch
Also shared are writings of her mother that takes you back to a different day in time and the challenges Durkalec had to encounter during the World War II era. ..
Buy! Barnes &, SSYNERGEBOOKS ePublishing House and Bookstore , Barnes and Noble, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Of Silent Freedom by Chuck Swaim
Chuck Swaim's first published book of poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Chuck's Spotlight Site On Lulu,

      Offerings for the Green Man by Kathleen Guler
A striking collection of poetry, short prose and illustrations by today's Celtic voices. Edited by Kathleen Cunningham Guler...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bardsong Press Celtic Books,

      Oh, the trouble I could cause. by R Hanna
A wonderful book of poems. Various styles and quite meaningful. Looking for something new and different? Try this book out for good reads...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, R.M. Hanna,

      Oklahoma Poetry by Lou Harper

      Old Clory, USA: From USA To World by Cheyene Lopez
Its simple I wanted a different title that is catching to the very heart of the public. So I chose "Old Glory USA" which I think to be of fitting to our nations flag, stars and stripes with our every star placed upon it in he..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      On the Battlefields Of Love: poems by Roger Taber
Poems on a variety of themes reflecting contemporary society...
Buy! Amazon, A Poet's Blog,

      On Trains by Linda LeBlanc
Literary,accessible lyrics and narratives with universal appeal..
Buy! Amazon, On Trains, On Trains, Poetry World,

      Once upon a Rhyme by Koyel Mitra
Nowadays free verse is reigning supreme in the world of poetry. Modern poets face difficulties with meter and rhyme. My book will repudiate that idea...
Buy! Amazon,,,

      One Man's Journey by James Taylor
One Man’s Journey is sensitive, touching poetry with haunting expressions found in “Sunset Image Pass Me By” and “Cobblestone Echoes” which convey the challenge of loneliness. Other pieces delight in life, such as “Cath..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Rose Heart Publishing, One Man's Journey,

      One Out of Darkness: Poems of a DC Brother by Stan Stewart
Author Stan Stewart uses One Out Of Darkness: Poems of a DC Brother to give hope, to inspire, and to share his impressions and perspectives about growing up in the inner city...
Buy! Amazon, Stan Stewart, Actor, Motivational Speaker, Poet,

      Only Here by Joe Salerno
The poetry of Joe Salerno, well-known New Jersey poet...
Buy! Amazon, Only Here,

      Open Mic Jacksonville by Caryn Day-Suarez
45 poets from Northeast Florida came together in December 2002 to combine their talents to raise money for literacy...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ocean Publishing,

      Open Window by Jo-Etta Gravett
Open Window, is a collection of experiences, from my life, set in poetry...
Buy! Amazon, PublishAmerica,,

      Opening The Sheila Dennis Reader by Dr. Niama Williams
Homelessness, doctoral-level intellect, starvation, mind games, pride, torture--all come to the fore as a middle-aged Ph.D. confronts homelessness in Philadelphia. Will she overcome the trials that beset her or will her fait..
Buy!, Dr. Ni's Author Spotlight,

      Opera Bufa by Adam Fieled
Opera Bufa was released in print by Otoliths in 2007...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu,

      Original Poetry Anthology by John WordSlinger
Product Description We are happy to introduce Original Poetry Anthology in its first edition. Enjoy Original Poetry's collection of some of the best poems found on our website. All of the poems inside are unique and origi..
Buy! Amazon, Poetry,

      Orisha Songs For Celina by Roi Kwabena
"ORISHA SONGS FOR CELINA" is a unique collection of new poetry by this acclaimed Caribbean poet...
Buy! kwabena's storefront,

      Our Lives In Print by William Gregory
My second available..from
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Art & Inspiration by William Gregory aka Starfire,

      Out of Australia by David Delaney
A compilation of 100 of my poems consisting of Australian bush poetry, free verse, traditional rhyme & sonnets...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Out of Reach - A Poet in Permafrost by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi
55 pages of free verse poetry..
Buy!, A Free Verse, A Free Verse, Lulu,

      Out of Reach - A Poet in Permafrost by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi
46 pages of free verse poetry..
Buy!, A Free Verse, A Free Verse, Lulu,

      Out of the Shadows by Margaret Marr
Collection of quotes, artwork, and over six hundred poems from forty-six incredibly talented Shadow Poets from all over the world. Contains one chapter of Margaret Marr's poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Out of the Shadows - A Shadow Poetry Collection Vol. 1 by Marie Summers
Out of the darkness there came poetry.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, SP Shopping, Buy Books On The,

      Outside Consciousness by Matthew Haynes
Travel through a space where the mind meets new and old concept. It is grim in harsh reality and peaceful within a docile fantasy. All imagined thoughts as well as justified dreams are found here. Many unexplained phenomena c..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Lulu,

      Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball and other poems by Richard Marsh
34 poems. This is an ebook edition of Facets, with the addition of "Tomorrow"...
Buy! Amazon, Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball and other poems, Kindle Edition,

      Overwhelming Treasures( Poems on love, life and Nigeria) by Chiemeka Ekeghe
A rhythmically rhyming book that preaches love, motivates to success called OVERWHELMING TREASURES( POEMS ON LOVE,LIFE AND NIGERIA ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Pacific Crimson - Forget Me Not by Edward Patterson
Poetry memorializing the events and people of the Pacific War...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

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Featured Book
Mind's Eye - the imagery of remembered scenes E-Book
by Wendy Laing

Poetic images of childhood, pets, and 'things' remembered and life in general...  
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Featured Book
Metaphorically Speaking Mostly
by Sharon Lockwood

Metaphorically Speaking Mostly is a book full of metaphoric poetry. Because poetry is an expression of our inner self, many will take away something different in the mean..  
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