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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon - Volume 6
by Venkataraman Gopalakrishnan

The greatest of all enemies, Lord Drakileon, confronts the battle-weary warriors. Even the Gragodonian emblems cannot defeat him. Mighty heroes fall in the battle-field..  
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     Featured "Fantasy" Books!


      Supernatural Fairy Tales by Dorlana Vann
Fairy Tale Inspired Paranormal Short Stories...
Buy! Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble, DorlanaVann,

      Sword of Honor (Boundary's Fall, 2) by Bret Funk
The Boundary. The greatest feat of magic in the history of Madryn. An impenetrable barrier raised to imprison the Darklord Lorthas and bring an end to the centuries-long MageWar. Now, the Boundary is weaken..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tyrannosaurus Press, Tyrannosaurus Press - Sword of Honor Page,

      Sword of Virtue by Joy Brooks
Kidnapped as a baby, Jared lives the next twenty years unaware of his royal heritage. Eventually, persecution and torment arrive with the knowledge of his identity...
Buy! eTreasures Publishing, eTreasures Publishing,

      Swords of Destiny: Tales of Fate and Endeavor by Bryan Kolar
Between destiny and desire lies the quest of the heroes of Tungala...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, A Fantasy Epic - Swords of Destiny, A Fantasy Epic - Swords of Destiny,

      Taco Del and the Fabled Tree of Destiny by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
The Kingdom of Embarcadero is under siege. King Elvis wants to steal its secrets, mysterious outsiders want to expel its citizens, an ancient and sinister Force threatens to devour their souls. Salvation rests on the slender ..
Buy! Amazon, Book View Cafe, Mystic Fig,

      Taela by Kacie Taylor
A YA fantasy with a strong heroine, mysterious magic, and the threat of war...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, etsy, Taylor Made, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Tale Of The Rock Pieces by Ivan Stoikov
A story about the hard, ancinet times, the times of unequall struggle between the Mountaineers (the only human race that trained wizards) and the horrible Brown faces (the most avid, evil and dreadful human race)..
Buy! StrategicBookGroup,,

      Tales for the Thrifty Barbarian by Frank Creed
Tales is an anthology of high fantasy written by members of Fantasy Writers International. Frank's novella "Lest Ye Be Judged" is the only Biblical Fantasy included in the compilation...
Buy! Amazon, Fantasy Writers International, The Writers Cafe Press, The Writers Cafe Press,

      Tales From Gundarland by Hank Quense
Laughter is like free health insurance: you can't get too much of it. This book will give you enough laughs to boost your health. It's filled with delightful entertainment. Without commercial interruption! Gund..
Buy! Amazon, Smashwords,,

      Tales from the Ether by Amos Cassidy
A collection of short stories - thirteen in total...
Buy! Amazon, Amos Cassidy, Kindle Edition,

      Tales From the Red Lion by Lawrence Santoro
The Red Lion Pub is the most haunted place in Chicago. These are tales -- real and imagined -- set in this wondrous old joint!..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,

      Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin by Joshua Blanc
A fantasy/adventure novel for all ages, about an orphaned elf-girl who befriends a troll. Filled with fantastic creatures, magic, and a touch of humour...
Buy! Joshua Blanc, The Manitou's Lair,

      Tales of the Blood Dragon by K Leistikow
The boy had no memory but he knew one thing he feared- the sea and all the creatures above and below it. Now he found himself aboard the most feared vessel of the sea and liable to be food for the crew of real monsters- aboa..
Buy! Createspace e-store,, kreepykiarabooks,

      Tales of the Winglord Kingdom by Paula Sizemore
A faithful man, an innocent daughter, a devastated mother - all in the hands of a greedy man and a woman from hell. Is forgiveness possible under the blanket of curse and seduction?..
Buy! Amazon, Third World Books, Ave Maria Radio/Online store,

      Tales of Wonder by Donald Sullivan
Eight fantasy tales where the reader will be taken into worlds of adventure, danger, action, and suspense...
Buy! Riverok Books, Amazon, Sullivan's Short Stories, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Talisman of Song by Maria Hooley
When Prince Brannon is banished for a crime he didn't commit, he's forced to acknowledge the true extent of his father's ambition and cruelty. Soon it becomes all too clear what must be done: Brannon must take the throne, but..
Buy! Amazon, Maria Rachel Hooley, Maria Rachel Hooley,

      Tallen by M Sawyer
Tallen's life is turned upsidedown when she almost loses her life and her family is taken from her. She is then called upon to go on a quest, but all shee can think of is revenge...
Buy! Equilibrium Books, M L Sawyer official website, M L Sawyer's official website, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Taming the Goblin by Ben Anderson
"Taming the Goblin" is the second book in The McGunnegal Chronicles series, continuing where "Into a Strange Land" left off. ..
Buy! Amazon, The McGunnegal Chronicles, Kindle Edition,

      Taminy by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
One hundred years after she was called to the sea to become one with her God, Taminy is called to assume her next task--to retake human form and become the very voice of God on Earth...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Tamyth: The Rise of Gnurlbane by S Gloria
A fantasy novel which departs the conventions of the genre in an unexpected way...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Taneika; Daughter of the Wolf by R Casteel
Found as baby in a wolfs den, Taneika is adopted by an Indian family. Her ability to control the wild wolves saves her step-father’s sheep, but brands her an outcast within her village. In college she moves next door to ..
Buy! Amazon, Ellora's Cave,

      Teen Angel by James Hartley
A Ghost Story..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAnerica, Teen Angel - a ghost story,

      Tegeena: Warrior Priestess by T Winslow
The story of Tegeena, mother of the human race, who lived 12,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age. She rode a saber-toothed tiger named Cheeu, and had a way with mammoths...
Buy! Tegeena: Warrior Priestess,

      Temptation of Asphodel by Celina Summers
Temptation of Asphodel, the third novel in Celina Summers' bestselling Asphodel Cycle fantasy series will be released on November 28,2008...
Buy! Amazon, Aspen Mountain Press, Shoot The Muse,

      Terror Twins - A Short Story (Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector) by Lyle Tanner
The Terror Twins were finally caught and Gabe was ready to face them. He thought he could handle these two...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      That Frigid Fargin Witch - Legend of Vanx Malic Book IV by M. R. Mathias
The hoar witch and her forest full of malformed creatures await Vanx and his curious group of companions as they try to save the fairy folk and their magical Heart Tree from the powerful old crone and her evil...
Buy! Amazon, M. R. Mathgias Homepage, Kindle Edition,

      The Wolf's Torment by S Cardin
In this spine-tingling novel, the crown prince of Moldavia must fight demons that haunt his family and his country when a werewolf bites his best friend...
Buy! The Wolf's Torment, SG Cardin Online,

      The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins: Green Mourning by Joseph DeMarco
BOOK II (ACTUALLY, CHRONOLOGICALLY SPEAKING, BOOK I) Warning: Philosophical Content-Explicit Ideas-May offend those easily offended. The legend of the Hassan El Sabbah is not as famous as his garden. Sabbah was an entrepreneu..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      The Abyssal Night by Courtney Privett
When the king of Ganebra falls under his sixteen-year-old son's hands, the continent of Malora begins its journey into turmoil and darkness...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Accursed Realm: the Blood Gem by Kevin Morrison
In this dark fantasy novel humans battle with or against various nightmarish creatures. After an epic battle in the past a vampire clan has narrowed its search for the blood gem. Presently, a slayer and bounty hunter will j..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Accursed Realm,

      The Adventure Tournament (The Adventurers #1) by Nicholas Andrews
When it comes to idiot adventurers, Remy takes the cake... and the icing... and the whole plate. But can he overcome all odds and take the grand prize?..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Personalized Copies, Nicholas Andrews Facebook Page, Kindle Edition,

      The Adventures of Cindy and Tolly (The Spaceman) by Babs Halton
Tolly the cat is bored. Cindy, the Old English Sheepdog agrees to go on a summer outing. The picnic in the countryside turns out to be their best adventure yet. Tolly will never be bored again...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Zeus Publications eBook Store,

      The Adventures of Guy by Norm Cowie
Somebody stole Seth's brain, not that he was using it anyway. But now his brother Guy and college roommates Knob and Thurman must take on sinister forces using only their wits, knowledge of beer and an Amazon Warrior, whose b..
Buy! Amazon, Norm Cowie,

      The Adventures Through Time: Captain Flynn, Jake and the World of Wizards by David Hennessey
A young boy falls down a hole and lands on a pirate ship. He then is given a map which transports him into another world, a world of wizards...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, lulu, peters principle,, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      The Afterlife of Trisha Bumwood by Francis DiPietro
Malcolm Lam, gentle convenience store owner, a.k.a. Jesus, has fallen in love with Trisha Bumwood, mother of one and a first-time afterlifer. What is the afterlife? It's not what you might think.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      The Amazing Life of George Fred Fiddlington by Mardi Orlando
When George Fred Fiddlington became rich he was quite surprised. When he became even richer he was even more surprised. At the age of fifteen George invented a small device called the 'George Fred Fiddlington Weather Force Fi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Ancient One by Sheri McGathy
When Talwyn followed her people, the Golden, from the mist, she found herself reborn into a wondrous world of greens and blues and light and warmth. When she heard the spirits within the trees call out to her, she f..
Buy! Fictionwise, Double Dragon, The Ancient One (audio version), Lulu,

      The Angel's Gospel by Anthony Young
The Angelic Gospel of William Dejor is a story of love, loss and the ultimate new life. William Dejor a bitter young man angry with God is given an opportunity never given to any other human since the beginning of time. He is..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Angel's Gospel, The Angel's Gospel, The Angel's Gospel, Lulu,

      The Angel's Gospel by Anthony Young
The Angelic Gospel of William Dejor is a story of love, loss and the ultimate new life. William Dejor a bitter young man angry with God is given an opportunity never given to any other human since the beginning of time. He is..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Angel's Gospel, The Angel's Gospel, The Angel's Gospel, Lulu,

      The Angels and Demons of Hamlin by Gary Ludwig
Publisher: Basket Road Press. Author: Gary Ludwig. 2008. 236 pp. FIRST EDITION. Soft Cover - 5.5" X 8.5" - ISBN# 9780981509921. Hard Cover - 6" X 9" - ISBN# 9780981509938...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      The Art of Veiling: Awareness by Tantz Aerine
Themya never wanted to be a Sorceress, and neither did her father, but the balance left her with no choice. Her magical Gift thrusts her in the midst of danger before anyone manages to realise it. Suddenly, everyone..
Buy! MindPower Publishing,, The Art of Veiling Official Website,

      The Augur's Voice by Kerry Orchard
Sarah Tims has made a decision to end the pain of her life only to find herself crossed to a place where facing her own pain is her only way home. Sarah struggles with coming to terms with her predicament.... Is she in hell? ..
Buy! New Concepts Publishing, Book Isle, New Concepts Publishing,

      The Aurora Affair by Carolyn Haley
A skeptic is confronted by supernatural powers, and must harness them through her love affairs to influence the world—for better if she does it right, or for worse if she fails...
Buy! Amazon, Carolyn Haley's Books: New ways to see the world, Kindle Edition,

      The Aurora Affair (e-book) by Carolyn Haley
A skeptic is confronted by supernatural powers, and must harness them through her love affairs to influence the world—for better if she does it right, or for worse if she fails...
Buy! Amazon, Carolyn Haley’s Books: New ways to see the world, Kindle Edition,

      The Awakening of the One by Donald Drake
Ian has learned to control his sword and is preparing for the final confrontation with the Dark Lord...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Balance of Power: The Zone War, Book 2 by Terry Cloutier
Racing against time, Edward must reclaim what is rightfully his before the balance of power shifts and he and The Zone cease to exist forever...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Chapters, thezonewar,

      The Ballad of the Bard Book One by Peter Jessop
These are the strange and unusual tales of a wandering bard through a fantastical kingdom...
Buy! Apple Books, Barnes and Noble,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Basket of Seeds by Chris Six Group
In a magic forest and its adjoining dream world, a teen shape-shifter, a tiny space alien, a baby bird, and a dreamy cat enjoy adventure, mystery, romance, and frequent naps...
Buy! Amazon, The Chris Six Group, Kindle Edition,

      The Bazaar by Jennifer Ponce
Devany Miller gets caught up in the middle of another world's war when she tries to stop a group of outcast witches from stealing humans to use as fodder for their magic...
Buy! Amazon, Jen Ponce Urban Fantasy Author, Jen Ponce Urban Fantasy Author, Kindle Edition,

      The Beginning (The Two Moons of Rehnor, Books 1 - 3) by J. Naomi Ay
The Two Moons of Rehnor series Books 1 - 3 in one big volume!..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Bell Wishers by Emmett Saunders III
Two children on a shared family vacation find a magic bell, a marvelous traveling cloak and danger on a mysterious island...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Alibris,

      The Birth of Heroes (Ancient Warriors Book 2) by Carlos Advincola Jr.
The day for them to finally accept their destiny has arrived...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes and Noble,

      The Birth of Spring by Sheri McGathy
The Birth of Spring An Enchanted Storyteller Tale When the Winter King stays the wheel, refusing to allow the season to turn, the Summer Queen has no choice but to declare war. Yet, there is one wit..
Buy! Double Dragon, The Birth of Spring, Lulu,

      The Black Conspiracy by Ken Magee
Ancient magic has infected the Internet… is this the end for civilisation?..
Buy! Amazon, The Black Conspiracy on Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Black Fairy & The Dragonfly by Paul Day
A little fairy is rejected by her own kind, but finds new friendships and adventure in the dragonfly kingdom...
Buy! Amazon, Author Paul G Day, Kindle Edition,

      The Bladetongue Saga by H.G. Potter
Work in progress-This is a heroic epic from the lost ages of the Intermundane Eras, when the eldritch threat of Nystol still held. Translated from the original Oruscan Greek into comparable meter...
Buy! Lulu,

      The Book of Eli by Sam Moffie
Eli Canaan has died and gone to Heaven... or has he? Only God, Jesus and a host of zany characters can tell him the truth...
Buy! Amazon, The Book of Eli,

      The Boy Who Knew Things by Martyn Croft
A tale of mystery and imagination set in 1970's East Anglia where nothing is what it seems. Ed is six years old and he knows things he's not supposed to know. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PREVIEW!, Lulu,

      The Boy Who Knew Things (hardcover) by Martyn Croft
A tale of mystery and imagination set in 1970's East Anglia where nothing is what it seems. Ed is a six-year-old boy who knows things he's not supposed to know..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu, Lulu,

      The Boy Who Walked A Way by Nancy Janes
In 2162, a young boy named Jal Valyhn begins an epic journey to find a safe haven in a world thrown into the turmoil and widespread devastation of war...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Word Press, Amazon Author page, Kindle Edition,

      The Brazen Serpent Chronicles--Talon of Light by R. Baird
For years Vandria had hidden herself and her son from the past, but the scry basin revealed they had been found. When an ancient evil returns to the world and abducts Vandria to drain her spiritual essence, can her son Widse..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Brazen Serpent Chronicles,

      The Brekleby Press by deborah thomas
You're not just reporters ... But members of the guatdianship and the words. It doesn't matter if it is the world changing events or the everyday...
Buy! Barnes &, word'n the corner stoop,

      The Burning by Fred Wiehe
The quaint, coastal town of Serenity Bay is no longer a serene getaway as it once was; it's now Hell on earth, and its people are spontaneously combusting...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Barnes & Noble, Fred Wiehe,

      The Burning Sky (Halcyon #1) by Joseph Lewis
Taziri Ohana is an elite airship pilot, though the long hours away from home have taken a toll on her family and she longs for a simpler life. When the Northern Air Corps is wiped out in a catastrophic fire, only Taziri survi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Burning Sky on the author's blog,

      The Cabin by Smoky Trudeau
A time-travel historical fantasy...
Buy! Amazon, Vanilla Heart Publishing, Smoky Trudeau's Official Author's Website,

      The Call - A Journey of Discovery by J.S. Deaton
Kate Arnold longs for an ordinary life that includes college and sports, but discovers she has an extraordinary destiny as she embarks on a journey with two warriors from another world and realizes the battle they face is the..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Caskian Scandal by Stan Carter
Horny goblin girls..
Buy! My blog, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      The Cat in the Cradle by Jay Bell
Can a boy and his cat really save the world?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Cat in the Cradle official site,

      The Cats' Lair by C Foertmeyer
What the Bible didn't tell you... The Earth's most carefully guarded secret.....
Buy! Barnes &, The Fiction Works of C.H. Foertmeyer, The Cats' Lair,

      The Catswold Portal by Shirley Murphy
In this fantasy about the shape sifting Catswolders, a young woman, transformed into a calico cat, discovers the power to change between her two forms...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Chalice of Life by Karen Webb
Thalas: a world on the brink of civil war... The Carotian Union: a nascent confederation of planets at the edge of destruction... Eliander: a prince lost millennia ago to the flow of normal space-time. On..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Chalice of Life,

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Fantasy Books
  1. Paragon Dracus - The Legend of Vanx Malic
  2. Trigon Daze: (The Legend of Vanx Malic Boo
  3. Blood and Royalty - Dragoneer Saga Book Si
  4. The Ballad of the Bard Book One
  5. Heartstone: The Time Walker
  6. The Emerald Rider (Dragoneer Saga Book IV)
  7. Dragon Isle - Legend of Vanx Malic Book II
  8. The Mythical Emblems of Gragodon - Volume
  9. Saint Elm's Deep - Legend of Vanx Malic Bo
  10. Heartstone: Sentinels of Far Sun

Featured Book
Through the Wildwood - Legend of Vanx Malic Book I
by M. R. Mathias

A half-zythian bard gets caught up in an affair with the Duchess of Highlake. The Duke wants him dead and our hero is forced to flee through a forest that no one has eve..  
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Featured Book
Choices Meant for Gods
by Sandy Lender

Choices Meant for Gods is a tale of prophecy twisting out of control in the captivating realm of Onweald--where even the gods have to turn to an unlikely fugitive for hel..  
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