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Sept 11, 2001
Young Adult/Teen

Featured Book
The Lost Secret of Fairies: The Crystal Keeper Chronicles Bo
by Tiffany Turner

What would you do if you discovered Fairies? Wanda is thrown into their world realizing only she can save them. Can Wanda, before the Shadow Realm discovers her?..  
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     Featured "Children" Books!


      Manange Your Anger: Curriculum for Children by Rich Pfeiffer MDiv PhD
Manage Your Anger: Curriculum for Children utilizes a skill-streaming psycho-educational approach to teach psychological and social competencies to children ages 6 to 11...
Buy! Amazon, *Growth Central, Growth Central,

      Mandy The Alpha Dog by Paula Shene
Mandy recounts her 'harrowing story' from puppy mill to her forever home. Shadow the Dalmatian,her comic sidekick adds perspective and levity as he listens to her fears and her boasting...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Paul and Paula's Plaza Inc, Mandy The Alpha Dog,

      Manner-Man by Sherrill Cannon
Manner-Man is a Superhero who teaches children how to cope with bullying, and how to show consideration for others...
Buy! Amazon,,, Sherrill S. Cannon's Website and Blog, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Manny The Marmot by Janice Lease
Manny the Marmot is a story about a family that works together. Miguel, their young son, goes off by himself to find a new place to live. He encounters a lot of danger. His parents Manny and Marta are very worried and go to l..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cinnamon Ridge Publishing,

      Maresa's Castle by Mary Rincon
Maresa needs your help to get out of the Castle Closet ,Can you help her?..
Buy! Amazon, createspace, Author Mary Rincon, Kindle Edition,

      Maresa's day birthday by Mary Rincon
Maresa's Day ,Seeing through a childs eyes,Come along and enjoy a Maresa's Day. Maresa's Day, From Brushing her teeth and combing her hair ,Come Learn With Maresa and enjoy a Maresa Day.A beginning of a new series,This book i..
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Author Mary Rincon, Kindle Edition,

      Maresa's Day series #1 by Mary Rincon
Maresa's Day series #1 just released Will be coming to stores and Libraries very soon...
Buy! Author Mary Rincon, Kindle Edition,

      Maria's Mysterious Mission by Claudia McAdam
Far from her native South America, Maria the llama is homesick. When she sets off on a mysterious mission with a heavy pack on her back and a heavier weight on her heart, she forges a new friendship and comes to see her life ..
Buy! Westcliffe Publishers, Claudia Cangilla McAdam,

      Marie and Her friend the Sea Turtle by Nicole Weaver
In this unique and colorful picture book the story of a young girl who finds a sea turtle is told in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and French. Living next to the ocean, Marie walks along the seashore to collect shells. Think..
Buy! Barnes &, Outskirtspress,

      Marigold Little Squirrel in a Cactus Patch by Janice Lease
Marigold is an Antelope Ground Squirrel who has just found out that her mother named her after her favorite flower. She leaves her home under the Cactus Patch and searches the surrounding garden for her flower. She meets seve..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cinnamon Ridge Publishing,

      Martin Meza's story time Three short stories volume 1 by Martin Meza
1st a boy dreams of ice cream mountain and lollypop trees, 2nd a boy wishes he could fly, 3rd a little girl loves her mommy's cookies Check out other Martin Meza’s books ..
Buy!, Martin Meza's Storefront, Lulu,

      Martin Meza’s story time Two short stories Volume 2 by Martin Meza
Two short stories, My Son The Twelve Month Old Mountain Climber, My son the mountain climber, from the day he learn to walk, he learn how to climb. He loves to climb all day. He loves to climb on the bed and on the couch. I L..
Buy!, MartinMeza's storefront,

      Mary Poppit and her magic ring by Eleanor Morgan
Mary Poppit gets a unusual birthday presant...
Buy! Amazon,, Lulu,

      Massimo's Meatballs by Nancy Mure
The tree lined streets of, Brooklyn are the backdrop for this imaginative picture book about a young boy who loves the smell of Sunday. Massimo’s Meatballs is a fun story about a young boy and his Sunday ritual of ..
Buy! Amazon, Synergebooks, Writer Online Books, Kindle Edition,

      Master Stinky Dances by P. G. Shriver
Master Stinky is hungry, but he smells bad. He's a stranger, too! Should the kittens share with a stranger? They don't think so. The kittens soon learn that Master Stinky has a special talent, though, wh..
Buy! Projector Books Publishing, Gean Penny,

      Matt and Spencer in Their Great Adventure by R & B Pratcher
After finding a puppy on the beach two twelve year old boys are drawn into a breath taking adventure...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Matt and Spencer,

      Matt Gets in Trouble! by Jacquelyn Quattro
Matt is in trouble at school. What has Matt done?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Matt's Extra Smart and Amazingly Fast Computer!, Kindle Edition,

      Matt's Extra Smart and Amazingly Fast Computer! by Jacquelyn Quattro
Matt's Extra Smart and Amazingly Fast Computer teaches children not to rely on their computer for every answer, all of the time...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Matt's Extra Smart and Amazingly Fast Computer!,

      Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point by Jodi Auborn
When vacationing at a mysterious Maine lighthouse, ten-year-old Dylan befriends a ghostly lighthouse keeper who must protect Dylan from danger after he learns a very big secret...
Buy! Amazon, Create Space Store, Jodi Auborn Books,

      Maurice the Mole by Carol Miller
Maurice the Mole is the first story in a Can You Guess Series. It includes science, a story and a puzzle ending. Whimsical and educational...
Buy! Barnes &, Bookmasters/Atlas Books, Award-winning author Carol A. Miller,

      Maurice's Big Day by Tanesha Hopson
Maurice struggles with his identity. He has lessons on self worth, because he does not see anyone who looks like he does. His parents and teacher join to help educate Maurice. He later learns he is bi-racial and boy does he t..
Buy! Amazon,

Max and friends are always there to protect Jake from any night terrrors that might visit...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace,

      Max, The Shelter Dog by Nicole Rivera
Max, The Shelter Dog is a children's story about a 2 year old pit bull who is surrendered to a shelter by his owner, and his journey through the shelter system...
Buy! Amazon,,, Max, The Shelter Dog,

      Maxx's Socks by Cindy Krebs
The first book in a series of 10 to 12 books, that is designed to be both fun and educational. About a puppy that has to learn lessons in life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      Maybe It's Magic! by K. Pickett
Pippy’s magic spell creates a tiny magical glass horse – now she plans to use its special powers to get a real horse of her own! ..
Buy! MuseItUp Publishing, K.L. Pickett, Kindle Edition,

      Me by Shirley Johnson
An adorable story teaching children about their body. Feet, hands, legs. A fun tale for all..
Buy! Jesus In Song,

      Me by Amy Powell
Seeing your own reflection in another person's eyes or on the top of a shiny beetle's back is intriguing for adults as well as children. This short, rhyming story-poem explores how these simple reflections can do so much to t..
Buy! Amazon, Shiny Red Ball Publishing ,

      Me Too! Preschool Poetry by CJ Heck
This book is now in Print...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Books, Nook Books, Barking Spiders Poetry for Children, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Me Two by Mary Ryan
Wilf Farkus is having an identity crisis-and this one is wearing his clothes!..
Buy! Amazon,

      Me, Myself, and I: Youth Meditations for Grades Five through Eight by Sandra Humphrey
Collection of 26 Christian youth devotionals which include contemporary stories, Bible verses, prayers, questions to ponder, and much more. Both realistic and inspiring. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kids Can Do It,

      Me, the Bee by Kimberly Goodyear
Hector Bee loves his flowers and collecting nectar for his family! He goes about his business each day until he meets the farmer who tends to his prized flowers. Hector soon discovers that the world doesn't only revolve aroun..
Buy! Me, the Bee, The Sydneykate Press, Lulu,

      Me, the Tree by Kimberly Goodyear
Me, the tree, is a fun beginner-reader book for children,about the seasons of a tree. It's simple sentences, colorful illustrations, and rhyming sequence, make it a favorite to come back to, time and again!..
Buy! Me, the Bee, The Sydneykate Press, Lulu,

      Me, the Tree by Ann Louise Ramsey
With enchanting images of nature and a lyrical storyline, Ann Louise Ramsey's children's picture book Me, the Tree is an inspiring tale about the power of believing in oneself...
Buy! Amazon, Crown Peak Publishing, Me, the Tree,

      Medusa Island by Stuart - - Macfarlane
A fabulously funny fantasy fiction novel for children aged 9 - 12..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author's Site,

      Meep Finds His Way by Bill Volkart
A true story of a little blind duck that finds a home and love...
Buy! Amazon, Mt. Holly Duck Sanctuary,

      Mei Ling Discovers Jack Miner by Jane Buttery
Mei Ling Discovers Jack Miner is a novel for 10-12 year olds about a Chinese immigrant Mei Ling and her discovery of Jack Miner.He established the first wildlife sanctuaryin 1904 and tracked the path of the Canada goose from ..
Buy! Amazon, Truestorybooks, University of Windsor Bookstore,

      Melissa the Magnificent by Lorraine Agnew
Melissa Matthews thinks she found a way to win her school's Talent Show Extravaganza as a magician when she discovers her neighbor is a witch. She soon learns that using magic to win feels a lot like cheating. She has a serio..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Melvin bad, bad kitten by Sannel Larson
Melvin. . . bad, bad kitten is a fun and silly rhyming children's picture book. It's a great book for reading to your babies, preschool, kindergarten, first or second grade class. The story is told in jolly rhyming style supp..
Buy! Amazon, Hub Pages, Melvin bad, bad kitten!,

      Memories of Me by L. Romagnoli
With the help of her Mom, one child gifts her Dad with a glimpse into the year he’s missed. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Memories of Me, Welcome to LM Romagnoli,

      Merchild Land by Sylvia Ramsey
Begin an adventure under the sea with the mermaids and merchildren, and then sail the ocean of the evening sky on the waves of the Milky Way. Merchild Land is a children's whimsical, sleepytime story that explores the magic ..
Buy! Amazon, Merchild Land on Amazon,

      Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - The Ring of Curses by Margaret Blake
This is a children's fantasy for 9 - 15 years, It is set in a strange school where there is adventure, magic and mystery - first edition...
Buy! Amazon,

      Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - The Ring of Curses by Margaret Blake
An adventure/mystery that is a cross between Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five' and JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter'...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Merlin's School,

      Merlin's Voyage by Emmanuelle Buecher-Hall
Emmanuelle studied marine biology in France, then went to do some research on jellyfish in South Africa. There, her life took a new course. After having built a catamaran, she went sailing with her family, crossing the Atlant..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Message for Santa (Raggedy Ann & Andy) by Patricia Hall
Oh, no! Marcella forgot to send her wish list to Santa. The Raggedys come to the rescue! But will they find Santa in time to deliver Marcella's list? Play along with the reusable stickers in this book, and create your own Rag..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Simon & Schuster,

      Mice & Spiders & Webs...Oh My! by Sherrill Cannon
R U a Good Listener? This is a cute introduction to basic computer terms...
Buy! Amazon, Sherrill S. Cannon's Website and Blog, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Mice City by Jeremy Smiley
A very fun but different piece of work. Excellent publication!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mice City, Mice City, Mice City,

      Michael Manley Meets a Mummy by Ken Seamon
Michael and sister Suzie travel to Egypt and hunt for the lost treasure of Pharaoh Seti's ancient Temple. Lushly illustrated with cutting edge computer graphics. ..

      Michael Manley's Magic Milk Machine by Ken Seamon
Michael likes milks so much that he decides to build a milk machine to make it fizzy. He does this with the help of his sister, Suzie, and Nick, a packrat, and a colony of fireflies...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Michael's Mommy Has Breast Cancer by Lisa Torrey
For the children of women with breast cancer, a sensitive story that uplifts, informs, and reassures with sensitivity...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Women's Small Business Centre,

      Mickey Angie Lowe And His Crazy Fantastic Doodle Pen by B.R. Stranges
Middle Grade Fiction with a twist: 28 Chapters. Approximately 21,000 words / 84 Pages...
Buy! Amazon Kindle Store, Kindle Edition,

      Midsummer Legend by Janet Foxley
The cave-dwelling meerling people are threatened by humans. As they struggle to save themselves they are reminded of previous struggles in their history, recorded in their Legend and read every year at the Midsummer Festival...
Buy! Amazon, Troubador, Independent Authors,,

      Midsummer Magic by Marianne Alexander
Not all unicorns are elegant and beautiful to behold. There are the lowly forest unicorns who are sturdy, protective of all the little forest creatures and resourceful when it comes to solving problems...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Miles Smiles by Jill Divine
A colour and read book for age 4 - 6 years that will help to raise a smile on all who read it as they discover how Miles the clown gets his stolen smile back by walking for miles and miles and sharing other people's smiles...
Buy! Barnes &, lulu, Tesco, Divine Lady, Lulu,

      Miller the Green Caterpillar by Darrell House
Children, parents, teachers, librarians and media specialists have all given a big thumbs up to this children's picture book, told in verse. It is a tale of wishes and dreams, goal setting and working to make it all come tru..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Darrell House,

      Millie And Cupcake by mildred potash
A girl and her pet..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, outskirts press, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Millie and Honey - APPLEOPOLIS by J. Means
Millie and Honey are off on another adventure, this time to the planet of Appleopolis, where all the inhabitants have a secret...
Buy! Amazon, Millie and Honey, Millie and Honey,

      Millie and Honey - APPLEOPOLIS - Kindle by J. Means
Millie and Honey are off on another adventure...
Buy! Amazon, Millie and Honey, Millie and Honey, Kindle Edition,

      Millie and Honey - CATATONIA by J. Means
Join Millie, Honey and THE GANG as they explore Catatonia (a planet of felines) in an exciting day of fun and discovery. The adventure begins.....
Buy! Amazon, Millie and Honey, Kindle Edition,

      Millie and Honey - CATATONIA -Kindle by J. Means
Millie promised her dog Honey and her litters - Salazar, Jasmine, Burt and Blinky a day of fun and picnic at the lake. She kept her word, and they set out trekking at the edge of the forest. As they were getting near the lake..
Buy! Amazon, Millie and Honey, Millie and Honey, Kindle Edition,

      Milly's Magic Quilt 1 The Naughty Princesses by Natasha Murray
An illustrated magical adventure children's story for 5-7 year olds. ..
Buy! Amazon, Authors, Readers, Good Books and Book Promotion, Kindle Edition,

      Milton is More Powerful than his Tummy Ache: Photographic Edition by Michael Basso
Milton used to live in a big city. After he moved to the country he would have stomach aches on a regular basis.This is a story about how Milton learned to overcome his tummy aches by overcoming his fears and changing his thi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Milton is More Powerful than his Tummy Ache: Pocket Workbook by Michael Basso
Milton used to live in a big city. After he moved to the country he would have stomach aches on a regular basis.This is a story about how Milton learned to overcome his tummy aches by overcoming his fears and changing his thi..
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      Milton is More Powerful Than His Tummy Ache: Workbook Edition by Michael Basso
Milton used to live in a big city. After he moved to the country he would have stomach aches on a regular basis.This is a story about how Milton learned to overcome his tummy aches by overcoming his fears and changing his thi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Milton's Dilemma by Patricia Gatto
The tale of a lonely boy's magical journey to friendship and self-acceptance...
Buy! Amazon, Joyful Productions,

      Minnie and Melvira by eLbe Pub
A story about discovering true friendship . . . ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Catalog,

      Miracle Max...Missing in Maryland! by Lisa O'Connell
"Miracle Max...Missing in Maryland" is a children's fiction chapter book, which also contains maps and facts about the state of Maryland...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Website of Children's Author Lisa B. C. O'Connell,,

      Miracle Maxx: a true story... by DeAnn Melton
A true story for children about a horse and the music which helped him beat the odds...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, DeAnn Melton,

      Miracle Maxx: un cuento verdadero... by DeAnn Melton
un cuento verdadero...sobre un caballo y la música que le ayudó a sobrevivir...
Buy!, DeAnn Melton,

      Mirror Image by K Denman
What is there beneath the surface of an image?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Chapters Indigo,

      Mirror, Mirror by Dotti Enderle
When Gena sees an unknown girl reflected in her mirror, she and the other Fortune Tellers Club members are determined to discover the girl's identity and somehow recover Gena's reflection...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fortune Tellers Club,

      Miss Amy's Hurray for Rhyme it's Story Time by Amy Sellers
12 Contemporary Rhyming stories for ALL children of ALL ages. HUGE 14" Picture Book with World-Class Illustrations...
Buy! Amy Sellers, Amy Sellers .COM,

      Miss Bumples Lands on Earth by JENNIFER SHEEHAN
Whoops, this story should have been the first printed story about Miss Bumples from Mars. Miss Bumples meets and needs help from animals on earth in this endearing story about courage...
Buy! bumples,

      Miss Bumples Moves To Bumpleville by JENNIFER SHEEHAN
BUZZ, CRASH, BANG. WHAT'S THAT NOISE? Why do Miss Bumples and her friends have to move? Miss Bumples from Mars has a special language, can you read it? Miss Bumples must find a new home for herself and her friends...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bumples,

      Miss Cealy Shares a Secret by Lorraine Agnew
Melissa Matthews knows her neighbor, Miss Cealy, is a witch. She is anxious for the woman to share her secret with her parents and her brother, Dillon. But Miss Cealy is afraid they will be angry at her for keeping the se..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Miss Mockingbird and the Proud Peacock by Deborah Anderson
This story teaches the value of humility with masterful illustrations, delightful characters, rhyme, music and sound effects...
Buy! Apple iTunes Bookstore, Apple iBooks,

      Miss Sara Sit-a-Spell's Garden by Carolyn Davis
Miss Sara learns that if she wants beautiful flowers in her garden it will take a little work...
Buy! Carolyn Findlay Davis, Carolyn Findlay Davis Books,

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Featured Book
Four Little Witches
by TJ Perkins

Magical learning about the elements. For ages 0-6. Hard back picture book, high quality...  
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Featured Book
The Girl who had everything
by Audrey Coatesworth

This is a short story about a girl who had everything but is restless and, basically, unhappy. A poor girl who has apparently nothing, teaches her and her parents by exam..  
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