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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Heretic
by Andrew Feder

Sequel to “When The Angels Have Risen” After questioning his bizarre dreams and unexplained sudden knowledge of ancient Greek, Jerry Fletcher is regressed to his past l..  
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     Featured "Historical Fiction" Books!


      Thwarted Queen by Cynthia Haggard
A family saga about the Yorks, Nevilles and Lancasters, whose family feud started the Wars of the Roses. Told by Lady Cecylee Neville, the Thwarted Queen...
Buy! Amazon, Spun Stories, Kindle Edition,

      Ti Marie by valerie belgrave
In 1796, the Caribbean is rife with war and tension which threaten to cut deep into the peaceful island of Trinidad. When the mixed race beauty, Elena (Ti Marie) meets young, impetuous aristocrat, Barry Wingate, passion flare..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse, valerie belgrave,

      Tim Cratchit's Christmas Carol: Sequel to the Celebrated Dickens Classic by Jim Piecuch
Two decades after the original Dickens tale, Tim Cratchit faces professional challenges and a personal crisis during the Christmas season...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Timber Sale: A British Columbia Literary History. by Rosemary Patterson
In 1906 the vast Douglas Fir Forest of British Columbia was opened for logging. TIMBER SALE tells the history of French Canadian, Sikh, Chinese and Japanese workers who toiled in the industry as well as the story of Alexande..
Buy! Amazon, My Historical, Adventure, and Romance Novels., Kindle Edition,

      Time Is the Oven by Richard Sharp
A post-Civil War romanic odyssey set in turbulent Missouri...
Buy! Amazon, Time is the Oven, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Titanic: Echo of the Dying Confession by Troy Veenstra
"the longest confession of one man's transgressions ever written upon paper."..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Veenstra Publishing, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Titanic: Echo of the Dying Confession by Troy Veenstra
"the longest confession of one man's transgressions ever written upon paper"..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Titanic Echo of the Dying Confession, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      To Defy a Duke by Wendy Soliman
A light-hearted Regency in which a duke finds love in the most unlikely place.....
Buy! Amazon, Wendy Soliman - Author, Kindle Edition,

      To Snare A Wolf by robert nowak
Historical spy fiction in France/Germany..
Buy! Amazon,

      To the Ends of the Earth: The Last Journey of Lewis & Clark by Frances Hunter
History and fiction merge seamlessly in this thrilling historical novel based on one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries. Lewis and Clark's last journey is a classic story of honor, vengeance, and redemption...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Blind Rabbit Press, Frances Hunter Online,

      To Touch The Sky by Margaret Lawrence
Luke McLaughlin arrives in Oklahoma to take part in the Land Run of April 22, 1889. He hopes to start over and again own land, but must battles to survive when someone from his past works to destroy him and his dream Buy! Wings ePress, Wings ePress Bookstore, Wings ePress, Inc,

      To Truckee's Trail by Celia Hayes
The greatest wagon-train adventure... never told..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Booklocker, Celia Hayes Books & More,

      To Walk Those Dusty Roads by A. Ray
This is a companion guidebook to the Life and Times series of books by A.D. Ray. It is intended as an aid to the reader in understanding some of the Hebrew words and terms, place names and locations, and other sundry details..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Allen's Books, Allen's Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Tom Ugly by Helen Vandepeer
The story of a boy who was born to an Australian Aboriginal girl and a white man. Tom who belong-a-nobody..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Too Much Left Unsaid by Lee Collins
TOO MUCH LEFT UNSAID is the story of two ordinary women in midlife living in a small Ohio town, in the turbulent mid-1960s. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, I Used to Think,

      Trail of Broken Chains by David Flint
Trail of Broken Chains is an exciting story that follows the journey of Robert Flint, the 3rd. and Joshua Wells, two adventurous young men, through the ever-changing American landscape in the years immedediately following the..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, David Burton Flint, David Burton Flint Colonial Books,

      Trail of Dreams by Lois Carroll
Pioneers meet the trials and life-threatening dangers of the trail to the Dakota Territory in 1865...
Buy! Amazon, Mysteries & Romances by Lois Carroll,

      Trains to Nowhere by R David Fulcher
Three dramatic stories set during World War II...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Trees Cry For Rain by Dr. Jeri Fink
The past crashes ruthlessly into the present in this gripping novel of betrayal. Rozas, a 15th century Secret Jew is tortured by the Inquisition - and linked, 500 years later, to four strangers in a Manhattan park...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dr. Jeri Fink,

      Troll by Richard Sutton
Troll tells the age-old story of where our fear of the others came from..
Buy! Saille Tales - the writing of Richard Sutton, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Troubled Times by Gay Ingram
Their country is on the brink of Civil War; George Morgan and friends seek to escape harassment. But each must ask himself what price he's willing to pay for freedom...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Piney Woods Books,

      True Colours by Alaric Bond
The Third Book in the Fighting Sail Series..
Buy! Amazon, Author's Website,

      Trunk Tales by Nan Turner
A collection of stories and happenings that were called to mind by memorabilla found in an old trunk left unopened for over fifty years. They tell the story of a family in photographs, receipts for crops, tax bills and the or..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Truth is the Soul of the Sun by Maria Pita
A Biographical Novel of the Female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut-Maatkare. ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle Store,, Truth is the Soul of the Sun Home Page,

      Tutankhamen Speaks by Cheryl Carpinello
What if it was possible to speak with those who have been dead for thousands of years? What if one of these conversations solved the greatest mystery of all time? Would you believe?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Carpinello's Writing Pages, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Tutankhamun - Speak my Name by Anthony Holmes
The story of the most famous boy king of Egyptian history from his birth to his untimely death and his experiences in the afterlife...
Buy! Amazon, trafford publishing,

      TUTUOBA: Salem's Black Shango Slave Queen by Prince Justice
TUTUOBA is the fascinating story of a young woman and her reincarnation, having to survive similar desperate struggles against rich powerful enemies. Violently uprooted from Africa, persecuted in Jamaica where she inspir..
Buy! Lushena books,

      Twist of Fate by Gay Ingram
Kidnapped by Indians, then rescued as an adult, Audelia Simms must learn how to live in the white world all over again..
Buy! Amazon, Piney Woods Books,

      Two Brothers, Two Wars, One Valley by David Flint
Two Brothers, Two Wars, One Valley is the latest novel from David Burton Flint, author of the Life and Times of Robert Flint the Pioneer,Trail of Briken Chains. It tells the story of two courageous brothers, who bound by loya..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, David Burton Flint Colonial Books,

      Two Brothers: One North, One South by David Jones
The incredible, true story of the Prentiss brothers of Baltimore, fighting on opposite sides for four years in a cruel war, then finally re-united...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Two Brothers: One North, One South,

      Two Brothers: One North, One South Audio Book by David Jones
The Unabridged Audio Book Version..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author's Website, Two Brothers: One North, One South,

      Two Murders Reaped by Cynthia Haggard
TWO MURDERS REAPED is the fourth in a series of four books about Cecylee Neville (1415-1495), mother of Richard III and Edward IV, Queen by Right and Abbess. To those of you who enjoyed Anne Easter Smith’s historical novel ab..
Buy! Amazon, Spun Stories, Kindle Edition,

      Tychicus: The Roman Courier by Donald Corley
Set in the 1st Century of the Common Era, this historical fiction tells about a Roman Courier who participates in the preservation and distribution of letters that later became a part of the Christian New Testament. This fict..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Donald Corley,

      Unbound by Brijit Reed
An anthropologist is able to traverse space and time when her suicide attempt triggers her ability to see the witch persecutions firsthand during the time of King James in Scotland...
Buy! Curator of the Writer's Muse, Kindle Edition,

      Uncle of God-The Voyages of Joseph of Arimathea by M. Rosson
Have you ever wondered what happened to Jesus from age 12 to age 30? Go back to the beginning and follow the spiritual journey of Joseph of Arimathea who became the Uncle of GOD!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Under The Eagle by simon scarrow
A pacy page-turner set in the Roman legions on the eve of the invasion of Britain. If you liked Gladiator you'll love this!..
Buy! Cato's Forum,

      Undertaker's Wind by Jan Needle by Charles White
Jan Needle's fourth Sea Officer William Bentley naval adventure finds the young lieutenant in the Bahamas.With the Biter sunk beneath the Caribbean waves, along with Captain "Slack Dickie" Kaye's corrupted dream of riches, Wi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Broadsides Press ,

      Unforgivable by Sharon Robards
Unforgivable is the story of a teenage girl and a young nun caught up in the great religious and social upheaval brought on by Vatican II, and a thriving adoption industry driven by society’s fierce disapproval of unmarried m..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Unheard, Unseen... by Daniel Little
Unheard, Unseen... by Daniel Little is a riveting adventure thriller involving the Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Corner Brook and US Navy SEALs in a dangerous covert operation that could save the world from future nuclear anni..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Unheard, Unseen...,

      Valley of the Eagle by Barbara Hartmann King
The second novel of the Coloured Sands Trilogy. Frontier adventure, fast paced with fiery love and a host of unusual characters...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Valley of the Eagle, Coloured Sands Trilogy , Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Varangian by Stuart Yates
Serving as member of the Varangian Guard, Harald Hardrada, last and greatest of Vikings, battles for his life in a world of intrigue, corruption and murder...
Buy! Amazon, Author's web site, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Vengeance Is Sacred by Peter Healy
“Vengeance Is Sacred” falls into the genres of historical fiction, suspense/thriller, and paranormal romance. It is a tale told through the eyes of an Italian immigrant in the early 1900’s and blends history, love, and the co..
Buy! Amazon, Vengeance Is Sacred, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage by Katherine Pym
1660 London is a time of transition between the Commonwealth and the Restoration. It causes uncertainty with the rules of marriage. Viola is a victim of this confusion...
Buy! Amazon, wings-press, fictionwise, Wings ePress, Inc.,

      Violet Victorious by Kathleen Mulroy
Contentedly settled in the silver-mining town of Wallace, Idaho, in 1902, attractive, bright Violet Murphy has a successful business, good friends and a strong Christian faith. All she lacks is a wonderful man in her life. W..
Buy! Lulu, Smaswords, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Violet's Manor, Bonds of Kinship by Lisa Noel
Violet’s Manor, Bonds of Kinship gives the reader a brief glimpse into the lives of Freedmen in the American south...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Red Hill Publishing, Red Hill Publishing,

      Virgin Earth by Philippa Gregory
The continuing story of the Tradescant royal gardeners..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Virtuous Dove by Linda Daly
"Virtuous Dove" captures a sedate traditional look on life as it was in Victoria England. Felicity Phelps, a sweet, demure, and virtuous daughter of the South, will risk everything to preserve all that is wrong...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Become acquainted with Linda Daly,

      Voice of the Vanquished: The Story of the Slave Marina and Hernan Cortes by Helen Gordon
Sold into slavery by a wicked stepfather, Marina wins the admiration of her master, conquistador Hernan Cortes, and rises to become the most powerful woman in 16th century Mexico...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Anacade Publishing Co., Helen Heightsman Gordon,

      Voices from the Past by Peter Orchard
Historical short story collection...
Buy! Peter Alan Orchard, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Voyage to America, 1766 by Jim Herman
Devastated by warfare for centuries and hammered by alternating seasons of drought and torrential rains, the Hesse valley motherland, all of central Europe and the Isles of the British Empire were exhausted. The land would p..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Resurrected Memories,

      Vrolok by Nolene Dougan
Vrolok, the Slovakian word for Vampire may classify this book as horror fiction or paranormal but the content is historical fiction. Vrolok takes readers on a journey into the past as we meet Isabella, the beautiful..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Easons, Vrolok, Vrolok,

      Vultures in the Wind by Peter Rimmer
Vultures in the Wind - Moving, Beautiful, Provocative ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Wai-nani: High Chiefess of Hawai`i-Her Epic Journey by Linda Ballou
Wai-nani is a reflection of controversial Ka’ahumanu, the favorite wife of Kamehameha the Great. Her story begins prior to European contact and ends a year before the arrival of the missionaries and their corrupting influence..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Linda Ballou,, Kindle Edition,

      Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley
If Molly Hatfield’s purple attire doesn’t blind you, her dazzling smile will. She doesn’t just sing to the cattle, she puts on a whole show. If only she wasn’t so stubborn about her brother’s care. Or so distrustful of a ce..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Margaret Brownley,

      Wakan Man by Fredrick Boling
Wakan Man is a novel about Scottish twin brothers; one a Presbyterian missionary, the other a surgeon, who immigrate to America. In 1866, they enter the land of the Lakota where each brother must fight for his sanity--it wil..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Bighorn Publishing,

      Wakan Man by Fredrick Boling
This is an accounting of how twin brothers emigrate from Scotland and become involved in Red Cloud's war in 1866...
Buy! Fredrick Boling -- Writing Western, Kindle Edition,

      Wall of Color by Jeanette Cooper
Stunning Rosemarie Delrio should have wanted for nothing; yet, judged as a misfit and an outcast by the society from whom she carves acceptance, she is the epitome of loneness and need. Neither white, nor Negro, but a mixture..
Buy! Barnes &, PublishAmerica,, Free e-books, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Passion, Drama, Adventure,

      Walls of Jericho by Jonathan Hopkins
Two unlikely friends: one impending disaster. In an age when cannon and musket decide the fate of nations, can horsemen still triumph?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Book Depository, Waterstones, Cavalry Tales, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      War Written Words by kg cummings
Letters between a soldier and his wife back home during the Vietnam War...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, kgcummings,

      Warrior of the Dusk by Tom Nelson
Marauding King Ullerick kidnaps Andre's betrothed, Juliette. While in pursuit, Andre meets Alfred, an old knight who entertains Andre and his men with stories of his colorful life as a warrior...
Buy! Amazon, The official site of books by Tom Nelson, Kindle Edition,

      Watch The Hour by John Lindermuth
Love,lust and skullduggery in the anthracite coal region...
Buy! Whiskey Creek Press,

      Watermark by Vanitha Sankaran
Watermark is a work of historical fiction, set in southern France during the heresy of the Good Men in the 1300s. The protagonist of the novel is an albino mute, Auda, whose desire to write and tell stories is both her salva..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, BooksAMillion, IndieBound, Vanitha Sankaran,

      We Never Said I Love You by Margaret Tanner
A short novel set in World War 2 London. Cost only 99cents..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Smashwords, Margaret Tanner's Author Page, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      We the People by Pamela Ackerson
Murder, Forbidden Love, and Indian Massacre all play a role in We the People, Pamela Ackerson's second novel of her time-travel trilogy. Available as a paperback or ebook..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Home of the Braves,

      Weatherbury Farm by Patricia Dolling-Mann
At the end of Far From the Madding Crowd, which is perhaps Thomas Hardy’s most popular novel, Gabriel Oak and Bathsheba Everdene are newly-married. Now, at Weatherbury Farm, time has moved on and with three grown up ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Thomas Hardy - The Dorset Lovers site, Xlibris Bookstore,

      Weatherbury Farm Sequel to Far from the Madding Crowd by Patricia Dolling-Mann
A Sequel To Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd - Third edition..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Webster Fields Bk 1 Princess Ces'alena by Mercedes Keyes
Taken from her island home - where her father reigned as King, disobedience caused Princess Ceś alena her freedom. Kept seperate from the other slaves along with a small group of young women, considered, "fancies" her ne..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Lulu Bookstore, Webster Fields Introduction Page, Lulu,

      Webster Fields Bk 2 Gold Raven by Mercedes Keyes
Gold Raven is book two in the Webster Fields Trilogy; which began with Princess Ces'alena and now, the epic saga continues. Centered around the daughter of Maynard Ramsey Webster by his Negro slave, Princess Ces'alena. The jo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Lulu Bookstore, Webster Fields Introduction Page, Lulu,

      Webster Fields Bk 3 Family Reunion by Mercedes Keyes
Book three wraps it up with all family members striving to find one another and most importantly, the one person that would bind them all - Princess Ceś alena. As all efforts finally bring them closer to a family united,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Lulu Bookstore, Webster Fields Introduction Page, Lulu,

      Well Worth the Wait by kg cummings
the awaited conclusion of the Wind Whispers War series..
Buy! Amazon, kgcummings,

      West Across the Board by Andrew Jalbert
From the 1930s in the colorful Florida Keys to the present day, this historical novel tells the story of friendship, separation, and reconciliation between two men...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      What She Knew by T L Burns
Marilyn is saved and it's a race against time to see if 'What She Knew' could save JFK from assassination...
Buy! Amazon,

      What Women Know: Smitten (Epiphany) by wesley greayer
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      When Duty Calls by Faith DeVeaux
A woman decides to reunite her estranged family with the letters from her husband written while he fought in Vietnam that she secretly saved...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      When The Ugly Comes by Carmen Eichman
A provocative African American physician makes a dramatic decision to work in a small, rural Alabama town, where he will draw the atttention of the town's councilman and KKK member, become entrapped by the councilman's seduct..
Buy! Amazon, Xlibris, Bella Fairre,

      WHEN WE WERE GODS by Colin Falconer
The story of one of history's most intriguing women, from the moment she ascended to the throne to her death in 30 AD...

      When Women Were Warriors Book I: The Warrior's Path by Catherine Wilson
Set in the British Isles during the Bronze Age, a time when matrilineal societies predominated and female warriors were not uncommon, When Women Were Warriors tells the story of Tamras, a young woman of the warrior class who ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Shield Maiden Press, Catherine M Wilson website, When Women Were Warriors, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      When Women Were Warriors Book II: A Journey of the Heart by Catherine Wilson
Tamras has achieved her first goal, to be apprenticed to a warrior, but her choice of mentor causes trouble...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      When Women Were Warriors Book III: A Hero's Tale by Catherine Wilson
Tamras must use all she has learned to avert disaster for herself and her people...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Where the Shamrocks Grow by Cathy Mansell
Set in 1917 against the backdrop of the Irish civil war, young Jo Kingsley is transported from her turbulent childhood of domestic servitude...
Buy! Amazon, Cathy Mansell, Kindle Edition,

      Whispers Across Time by J Robert Whittle
Ghostly visitations, a time-travelling romance and a genealogical mystery give a Seattle reporter from 1916 a new slant on life and the authors a Gold IPPY Award...
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle, Official Website, Joyce Sandilands, Offical Website, Whispers Across Time, a novel by J. Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

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Featured Book
Of Such Is The Kingdom Part III, A Novel of the early Church
by James Becher

This is the sequel to the previous edition and to "Parts I & II, A Novel of the Christ and the Roman Empire." It employs those characters who were still alive at the end ..  
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Featured Book
September Dawn
by C Schutter

“I didn’t choose love, it chose me.” Emily Hudson, on September 11, 1857. Based on one of America’s most horrific, historical events, this is the story of an improbab..  
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