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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Poetry N' More
by Tom Kitt

This is a non-graphic repeat of the FLUSH! book...  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      Poet's Choice by Free Spirit
A Collection of poems much loved by my fans...
Buy! Amazon,, Flipkart,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Poetas de Fin de Siglo by Silvina Castellano
Ignorancia Insulsa..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, maria cristina azcona,

Buy! Barnes &,

      Poetic Climb by MARILYN GARCIA
Poetic Climb is my realization on things we experience in everyday life, seen through my eyes...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Authorhouse, Poetic Climb,

      Poetic Decree of Diversity by Todd McKinney
Poetic Decree of Diversity is as rich as the name implies itself to be. It is diversity at it's finest . This book was written for those who seek such diversity in this world as this is what makes us all unquie in everyway. I..
Buy! Amazon, createspace, lulu, TC McKinney Official Page, Lulu,

      Poetic Infinity: Passion and Promise by Lacresha Hayes
Poetry about the real issues of life and the answers we often come up with, rather right or wrong...
Buy! Barnes &, Living Waters store, Poetry by Lacresha,

      Poetic Justice by Rose L
Ten international authors (including Rose Limongi & fellow Authorsden author Simon Thurlow) came together, shared ideas, and this book is the result - a journey sure to delight the reader...
Buy! Edventure, Inc., Poetrybox,

      Poetic Language by HARK The Poet
The poetry found in Poetic Language are soothing to the soul, enriching to the mind and interpretations of encouragement for people as they endure the trials of life and love. Being reminded to trust the Creator and no matter..
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sweet Verse Boutique,

      Poetic Love Letters & More by Donnie Jackson
A collection of poems that are sure to grab you in some way. Based on real life situations and you are sure to read something that you can relate to in some way..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris Bookstore, Poetic Love Letters & More,

      Poetic Lyricist by Ms. Iona Gaines
Poetic Lyricist is Ms. Gaines first book of poetry that focuses on love and relationships. Poetic Lyricist is a self published publication but also joined by Affluence Publishing...
Buy! Poetic Lyricist, Iona Gaines Store, Poetic Lyricist, Lulu,

      Poetic Pearls of Wisdom by Maria Jordan
I don't suppose any of us will ever understand 'why'. Tragedies, loss and meanness don't make sense. As far as 'why not', now that, I understand a bit better. Time does heal. Time does help us make the best we can ..
Buy! Amazon, marcoujor's musings, Kindle Edition,

      Poetic Prose Series by Branch Isole
Fourteen books of poetic prose short stories from the Voyeuristic Poet, Branch Isole...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Branch Isole,

      Poetic Thoughts from the Heart of a Woman by Kathryn Carrington
A series of Poetry expressing love, lost, happiness, heartache and pain. This book is all about what's in a woman's mind and heart, often times expressing love for God and man...
Buy! Amazon,

      Poetica by Maria De La Gandara
Poetica is a poetry book written in the Spanish Language, Poetica es un libro de poesia escrito en el idioma espanol. reflejando los sentimientos, experiencias y vida de la autora...
Buy! Amazon, publish america,

      Poetically Shaun: an Epiphany by Shaun Simms
This is an eclectic collection of poetry covering life situations and a wide range of emotions. Also inside you will find Haiku and some of my original quotes...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pink Moon Productions,

      Poetique by Hedwig Gorski
Most favorite all-time performance poems by the original performance poet from the 1980s radio broadcasts by Hedwig Gorski and East of Eden Band. A companion CD Send in the Clown of re-mastered live radio broadcasts...
Buy! Amazon, Poetique, Facebook Poetique,

      Poetry and words to live by by J Humphrey
To Life or Words and Poems to live by was written by JD Humphrey. JD Humphrey is a person that has tried it all. His many vocations led him to write poetry while traveling through life. Here he shares it with you in a fun ..
Buy! Another book by JD Humphrey, To Life,

      Poetry Carnival by Lori Maynard
Over 200 pages of poetry inspired by everything and nothing all at once. A part of everyone exists at the poetry carnival. For, on the midway of life, we are all looking for our exits, our thrills and taking our chances. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Poetry Carnival's book site,

      Poetry Carnival by Edwin Robinette
Witty, humorous, sarcastic and fun!..
Buy! Amazon, Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble,

      Poetry E=Motion by Tyrone Banks
A journey from death to rebirth through Christ retold poetically...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Click here to buy!, Lulu,

      Poetry Emotion by Jill Divine
Poetry that will help to inspire and put you in touch with your own emotions whether you are a lover of poetry or not...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Divinelady, Lulu,

      Poetry for and from the Soul by Patricia Sanders
ebooks are available also..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ebooks/hardcover editions here, Jewels of Awe,

      Poetry For and From the Soul by Patricia Sanders
A collection of poems reflecting the journey towards knowing thyself..
Buy! Amazon,, Jewels of Awe website,

      Poetry For lovers by valerie Moore
Love poetry...
Buy! Amazon,

      Poetry For Suzanne by James Murphy
Poetry written in support of Macmillan cancer support..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Lulu,

      Poetry For The Common Man: Storoems and Poems by Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. by Harry Gilleland
A collection of over 185 storoems and poems on a variety of subjects from everyday life to fantasy that will make the reader laugh, cry, and reflect on the world around us all...
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu Press,, About this Lulu: Harry E. Gillelnad, Jr., Lulu,

      Poetry For The Open Mind by Christine Patterson
Words are powerful to the mind that refuses to be open...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Poetry for The Revolution by Chris Lindsay
Bold hard hitting rant poetry on various themes of truth and justice...
Buy! Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Official Website for Chris Lindsay,

      Poetry for The Romantic Woman by Chris Lindsay
a collection of 40 romance and love poems (20 by each author)..
Buy! Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Official Website for Chris Lindsay,

      Poetry for the Soul by EDWINA REIZER
Book devoted to the idea that each individual experiences some form of eternity and therefore is subconsciously always in search of perfecting itself with the Creator. The connection is your soul...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu,

      Poetry for the World by J Dropp
A short collection of poetry..
Buy! Barnes &, Poetry for the world, Lulu,

      Poetry From A New Beginning by John Dyhouse
An eclectic collection of new poetry from a "new" poet...
Buy! Amazon, Poems and Poetry on Life,

      Poetry from Planet Earth by Ana Monnar
Poetry from Planet Earth provides simple guidelines for writing poems...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Poetry From The Heart by Heather Southworth
This book is about hardships, romance, and courage that occur in life...
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      Poetry From The Soul by Norma Jean Mitchell
Poetry From The Soul Is a book of Poetry based a lot on things that have happen to me in my life and my opinion on other things going on in the world and some of it is just things that came to me mostly in the middl..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Red Lead Press, Borders, Poetry From The Soul,

      Poetry in the Park by Jaxson Phoenix
This book is a compilation of poetry from around the world. Eight poets, each with their own unique style and voice, offer up a sampling of their work for your reading pleasure. Come and join us as we sit beneath the tree of ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Poetry in the Park,

      Poetry N' More by Tom Kitt
This is a non-graphic repeat of the FLUSH! book...
Buy! Eternal Recurrence,

      Poetry of Life by Dana Marie
Poetry for the person living and loving everyday life!Poems written about life that include pain, passion, and rejection. Rhymes that show life through the eyes of a person reaching for the stars and grabbing air. ..
Buy! Barnes &, Createspace,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices From Around the World Volume II by Erin Kelly-Moen
A people’s heart can be found in their poetic words. In history men and women have stood firmly upon their soapboxes and street corners, rallying the deepest beliefs of people to rise up and be heard. The has ..
Buy! Barnes &, Author House, The Poetry Pages,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices From Around the World by Erin Kelly-Moen
A Collection of Voices from Around the World is more than just a poetry compilation. It is a partnership of poets from around the globe brought together by an internet poetry forum. That forum,, has been the h..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Poetry Pages,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World by Leysa Lowery
A collection of poetry from 19 poets...
Buy! 1st Books, Barnes & Noble,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World, Volume 3 by jeanne watson
This edition of works by our eclectic poets is the third volume offering general poetry of topics ranging from the darkness of a soul in torment to the light of joy in a happy heart. You will recognize some names from our ear..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, jeanne rene's poetry,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World, Volume 2 by jeanne watson
In collaboration with 19 other poets from; A collection of works from a wide range of prolific writers who have combined under one banner,, to offer the reader an exquisite blend of poetry and ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World, Volume II by Leysa Lowery
The second volume put together by poets from
Buy! Author House,,

      Poetry Past And Present Or The Ravings Of A Madman by Mac McGovern
My poetry does not focus on one topic, but is a collection o..
Buy! Amazon, Albris, Waldenbooks, Poetry Of Past And Present,

      Poetry Pieces Of Europe, Vol. 1 by Eminor
The First European English Poetry Book competition was launched on 1-st of January 2010. 75 entries have been received from people who write in English without having it as a mother tongue. The selection of winning entries w..
Buy! Poetry Pieces Of Europe,,

      Poetry Plain And Simple by Eric Jennette
A book of poetry about my thoughts, past, future, everything and nothing that I have either felt or dealt with. Things I feel that everyone has and perhaps maybe some can identify with or use it as strength in their own live..
Buy! Amazon, Poetry Plain And Simple, CreateSpace,

      Poetry Pokey by Ana Smith
Collection of poems about frienship, online games, internet life, and life in general...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Poetic Inspirations by Poetress, Lulu,

      Poetry Series by Michael Martin
Poetry Series is a collection of poems that displays a unique perspective and original creativity. The verses are magnificently expressive. The poems in Poetry Series were written intentionally in a easy-to-read format. Poetr..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Poetry Series,

      Poetry Through The Years Volume 1 by Darlene Duncan
These twenty poems were written over many years, each for a particular individual, creature, event, or phase of the author's life...
Buy! Amazon, Poetry Through The Years Volume 1, Darlene Duncan,

      Poets Centre Stage by Bernard Briggs
An anthology of poems from, collected by Michael William Molden of Cauliay Publishing. I have ten poems within the collection; all of which can also be found within 'Love, Cry and Wonder Why' It's a great collection of poems,..
Buy! Amazon,

      Poets of Blood Bleed for a Cause Volume 1 by John WordSlinger
Product Description Horror Poetry, Dark Poetry, Poetry, Short Stories About the Author A group of Poets that write Dark Poetry, and Short Stories, called the Poets of Blood. All poets are listed in the Book. This..
Buy! Amazon, The Poets of Blood,

      Poets' Designs On Parchment Moons by Jon Willey
This is the latest manifestation of two poet's collaborative/writing efforts. The result is rich modern poetry with thematic diversity from romance to philosophical interpretations...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Poison by Joy Ofili
In this provocative and thought-provoking anthology, readers are taken on a compelling journey through time. Featuring 75 original poems, topics include: race, colonization, triumph, freedom, war, pride, and acceptance. "Pois..
Buy! Joy Ofili Enterprises,

      Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age by Lonnie Hicks
This is a large volume of poetry (560 pps) which seeks to capture the spirit and issues ordinary individuals (myself included) struggle with here at the on-set of the Obama Age. Link:
Buy! Hicks Publishing,, Kindle Edition,

      Ponder Awhile by Mohit.K.Misra by Mohit Misra
Fluid, serene and contemplative, this stunning collection of fifty-one poems artfully meanders the streams of consciousness that readers will connect with intellectually and spiritually. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Flipkart, Mobipocket, Ponder Awhile,

      Ponder This by L Mackay
A shocking, bizarre mix of poetry that caters to every human and inhuman emotion...
Buy! Amazon,,,

      Portable Planet by Eric Shaffer
Poems of Okinawa, Japan, Indonesia, and America written on the edge of Asia, during the eight years Shaffer lived on Okinawa...
Buy! Amazon, Leaping Dog Press, Reckless Poetry,

      Portrait of a Sad Man (305 poems) by Georg Mateos
A life travel with 305 poems, from the abused child to the old man waiting for God's final call, with some tears and some laughs, with dreams and nightmares, but not less, with the sincerity of a poet telling you how it was, ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu,

      Portraits Of Passion by Praveen Kumar
English poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..
Buy! Google, Dropbox, Freado, Kindle Edition,

      Post 1863 America The Beautiful by Thomasena Martin-Johnson
Anthology of poems dealing with A Man and His Soul, Dreams Unfulfilled, Images in Technicolor and Heart Songs. They speak of will steeped to persevere through adversity. The expressions use imagery, insight, power and will t..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Pray the Rain Never Ends by Joel Andre
Dark poetry in the vein of Poe...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Website, Lulu,

      Prayer Poems for Mother (A Great Gift for Mother) by John Domino
What can you give mother that will last forever? A prayer poem book that says, "I love you!" This is the ultimate gift for mother or grandmother. It's much better than any card you can buy! Very inspirational and heartwarming..
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace eStore: CreateSpace eStore: ,

      Prayers Poems Songs by Mike Cesar
A collection of Christian Poetry..
Buy! Amazon, Buy on Amazon, Buy on Createspace, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Prayers That Break Evil Forces by Mary Rincon
Prayers For Your Daily Life..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, authorsden,

      Precious Nuggets: Poems to Encourage the Heart by Michele Smith
Poetry compilation..
Buy! Royal Word Publications, Royal Word Publications,

      Presence by Scott Wiggerman
Presence is Scott Wiggerman's second volume of poetry, the long-awaited follow-up to Vegetables and Other Relationships. In Presence, according to Cyrus Cassells, "Wiggerman uses an intransigent stain as an emblem of buoyant..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pecan Grove Press,

      Prey of Innocence by Irene Booker
This book explores the innocence of love untouched, a virgin with no knowledge of love, misguided desires, a prey to attraction and the pureness of love given early in life as maturity grows old...
Buy! Irene Booker,

      Primitive Mood by David Moolten
Prize winning volume of poetry by the American physician poet, David Moolten..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Website of the poet, David Moolten, Website of the Poet David Moolten,

      Prism Butterfly Odes by Mervyn Seivwright
This collection of poetry concentrates on Odes whether in strict or loose format. The subjects either glorify things we would or would not give thought to. Taking the good and bad in balance is embracing life. It is a way to ..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Amazon, Mervyn Seivwright Amazon Author Page,

      Priya Chaitra Tapasvini by Praveen Kumar
Kannada poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..
Buy! Google, Dropbox, Freado, Kindle Edition,

      Priya Geethegalu by Praveen Kumar
Anthology of Kannada love poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..
Buy! Google, Dropbox, Freado, Kindle Edition,

      Prolific Poetry by Esham Giles
Truth and Inspiration...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Proofalist #1 by Samuel Proof
Poetry, Illustration, Prose and a Comic strip - as seen featured on the Youtube front page, yahoo video and Make magazine..
Buy! SamProof Official Site, Shopit.Com, SamProof Site,

      Prose & Poetry from the Heart: A Walk of Faith by James Hannah
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Prosetry at Work by Odin Roark
This book represents a thirty-day period of my poetry journal. Each poem addresses the dominant thoughts occupying my mind during the early morning hours of a given day...
Buy! Amazon,

      PROTEST- תִּגָּר by Tali Cohen-Shabtai
Book of poems With direct and personal statements About Israel and the society, as well as other complexities in the beingness...
Buy! Booknet, Steimatzky,

      Provocative Poetry and Prose: Portraits of Black Love by Sardonyx Jade
Provocative Poetry and Prose: Portraits of Black Love ISBN 0971459436 (ISBN 13: 978-0-9714594-3-4) © 2003, features black and white photography, romantic poetry, love stories and a commentary about relationships in the black ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sardonyx Jade Publishing,

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Poetry Books
  1. Words: Poetic Settings of Mendelssohn's So
  2. The Nature of Life
  3. Carrboro Poetica
  4. Poems in times of grief
  5. Sublime Planet, A Chapbook Celebrating the
  6. Pacific Crimson - Forget Me Not
  7. Selected Poems: Alaska & Northwest
  8. Grace: poetry of affection and seduction
  9. Facing each day
  10. 108 Bhakti Kisses

Featured Book
Beginning To End
by James Moore

Heavenly veins and apple pine Often said to be God's wine Remember what he said it is divine Pristine dreams and cloride streams..  
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Featured Book
This Garden Called Life
by J. Joy Matthews Alford - Sistah Joy

Chapbook of inspirational poetry and photography by Sistah Joy..  
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