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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Run, Rasputin Run! (Book 1)
by Jennifer Miller

Young Sasha, a little bear orphaned as a cub, finds new friendships as he struggles to realize his potential. But as he does so, danger awaits in the jaws of an evil wolf..  
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     Featured "Children" Books!


      Riddle at the Rodeo by Claudia McAdam
When someone steals the prize buckle of a junior bull-riding champion, 13-year-old amateur sleuth Kirsten Camarata sets her mind to solving the mystery. She takes part in a rodeo in order to get behind the scenes, and even th..
Buy! Soto Publishing, Claudia Cangilla McAdam,

      Riley's Lost Tooth by Diane Cantrell
Oh no! One of Sunday's very favorite humans, Riley, has lost her tooth! But where did it go? How did she lose it? Why does no one besides Sunday seem to care? It isn t long before the tooth fairy steps in and tries t..
Buy! Amazon, Diane Cantrell, Diane Cantrell,

      Roadrunner George and the Backyard Bunch by Laurie Lorsch
In "Josh and George" you met the fun loving Roadrunner George. In 'Roadrunner George and the Backyard Bunch' join George, Roadrunner Rachel, and the Backyard Bunch for a day of adventure...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Stonkies and Friends, Stonkies and Friends,

      Roaming to Coloane by Angela Lao
About a girl called Jade finding her brother from Macau to Coloane. A touching story for young kids...
Buy! Amazon,

      Robby's Quest for Seed by D.C. Rush
Join Robby and his feathery friends as they travel across America seeking adventure...
Buy! Amazon, Robby's Quest Children's Storybooks, Kindle Edition,

      Robby's Quest Storybook Series by D.C. Rush
The complete Robby's Quest series, under one cover...
Buy! Amazon, D.C. Rush Children's Books, Kindle Edition,

      Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound by D.C. Rush
Robby and his friends fly west to San Diego for some seaside fun...
Buy! Amazon, Robby's Quest Children's Storybooks, Kindle Edition,

      Robby's Quest: Return of the Cat by D.C. Rush
Robby and his friends want to see the world and why not start in Las Vegas where you can see replicas of world famous buildings...
Buy! Amazon, Robby's Quest Children's Storybooks, Kindle Edition,

      Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills by D.C. Rush
Join Robby the Robin and his friends as they travel the coastal route from San Diego to San Francisco on their fourth and final journey...
Buy! Amazon, Robby's Quest Children's Storybooks, Kindle Edition,

      Robert by William Wheeler
Meet Robert from "Robert." "Robert" is a book in the "Robert," "Franklin," & "Drake" series about three friends, and their unique perspectives on their adventures together. The first in a series, these books are set up tell..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Robert, Drake and Franklin, Kindle Edition,

      Rocket to the Moon by Kelli Sullivan
It's a children's book about learning to use your imagination...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Romy's Garden Adventures (Christmas City) by Rob Towner
Christmas kids story..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Christmas City, Kindle Edition,

      Root Bound by Tanya Gough
Emma and her father just moved into town, and something isn't right. There’s a frightening woman down the hall: she bears an uncanny resemblance to a witch, and a small boy seem to be trapped inside her apartment. Stranger st..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Emma & the Elementals Series Blog, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Roscoe And The Secrets Of Snow by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
Author And Poet. Mother And Grandmother. Lover Of Children And Dogs Presents A Children's Fantasy Adventure For All Ages...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, ROSCOE AND THE SECRETS OF SNOW,

      Roscoe's Forest Adventures by teresa kirkpatrick
Roscoe is a curious squirrel that is loved by all. He helps his friends and family. He is thought of as a hero but he doesn't see it that way.He does what comes naturally.Obstacles are encountered and solved. Everyone loves R..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Bookfinder, PublishAmerica,

      Rosie and The Treasure of The Three Nuns by Dianna Boyd
Rosie is an orphan and being raised by her grandmother. They are off to The Spanish Trail lore. For children of all ages. A historical fiction. In about 6 months..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Rough Drafts: Bumpy Writing is OK by Terri Kelley
Book 3 of the eight in the Writing is a Process series is the story of a young girl who remembers the details of a stormy night to help her create a story. She uses the Brainstorming she learned in a previous lesson to also h..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Terri Kelley Books, Terri Kelley Books, Kindle Edition,

      Rubert the Jumping Duck by Jessica Bernard
Rubert is a sensational plucky little duck who will make you smile brightly as you read each page, this book contains great illustrations which brings to life an adventurous story. Children of all ages will enjoy re..
Buy! Barnes &, Target, Outskirtspress, The Reading Corner,

      Rubert the Jumping Duck Goes on Vacation by Jessica Bernard
Rubet will have to adapt to change as his surroundings demand it. He will have to change his behavior on his family vacation to Jamaica while having fun...
Buy! Barnes &, The Reading Corner, Target, The Reading Corner,

      Rudy and Cirrus of Karma by R. M. Smith
Sometimes, what goes around, comes around...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Clarence-Henry Books,

      Rudy The Roadrunner by Janice Lease
The roadrunner who loved potato chips. Rudy is a bird that lives on the ground. He hatched from an egg under a bush next to a store. He never learned to hunt for his food. People coming to the store feed him junk food. The bu..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cinnamon Ridge Publishing,

      Rufus And The Biggest Diamond In The World by Ken Scott
In Rufus And The Biggest Diamond In The World, Michael Elsmere creates nothing less than a complete fantasy world of children’s literature...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Michael Elsmere homepage,

      Run, Rasputin Run! (Book 1) by Jennifer Miller
Young Sasha, a little bear orphaned as a cub, finds new friendships as he struggles to realize his potential. But as he does so, danger awaits in the jaws of an evil wolf * the much feared * Rasputin. In his time of need, can..
Buy! Jennifer Miller's webpage, Kindle Edition,

      Run, Rasputin Run! (Book 2): Trials & Friendships by Jennifer Miller
Sasha the bear cub returns with his friends to fight a different kind of foe than just Rasputin, the wolf. Can he manage to fight his past?..
Buy! Jennifer Miller's website, Kindle Edition,

      Runaway Ducks by Charles Weinblatt
What happens when two young duck brothers run away from their safe pond to seek excitement in the woods? The danger in the forest proves to be more than the young ducks bargained for. Will they find their way home? ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Smashwords, Runaway Ducks - Smashwords Version, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Runaway Robot by D. Lott
The robot had escaped. But how did it escape and where did it go?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Runt Farm: Beatrice and Blossom by Amanda Lorenzo
A brave, bossy bunny and a squirrel with impeccable flair join the family ranks. Cletus and Tooth, the NAARF lab escapees, engage in vocabulary-building banter as they seek to provide stability and safety for their adopted mu..
Buy! Amazon, Runt Farm Website,

      Runt Farm: Clovis Escapes! by Amanda Lorenzo
When a letter arrives from Cousin Clovis the whole Runt Farm family must spring into action to help her escape from the clutches of NAARF, where she is being held captive...
Buy! Amazon, Runt Farm,

      Runt Farm: Under New Management by Amanda Lorenzo
2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Winner A tough-guy cat and his newbie duck sidekick take over an abandoned farm and are soon joined by two super smart escapee mice...
Buy! Amazon, Runt Farm Website,

      Russells In The Leaves by Leland Waldrip
A Jack Russell Terrier family takes a trip in the woods to Virginia's scenic Rappahannock River...
Buy! Xlibris,,

      Rusty My Playful Cat by Jennifer McFadden
Seth is an eight year old boy who loves playing with his cat Rusty. When Seth breaks his mother's lamp and Rusty is blamed, Seth learns the importance of honesty...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jennifer McFadden,

      Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind by Margot Finke
"RUTHIE" is a rhyming picture book with a sneaky agenda. Available as soft cover, eBook or CD...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Powell's Books, Margot Finke's World of Books for Children ,

      Ryan's Bike by Heather Payer-Smith
Ryan's Bike is an inspiring story for kids with physical disabilities and their families...
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace e-Store, Books by Heather Payer-Smith, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      S.N.O.T by Nichol Williams
Jebediah Humphries, at the age of fourteen, is undoubtedly the clumsiest, most accident-prone and very worst Wizard in the world, and has certainly acquired a reputation as such at his wizarding summer camp. However, his skil..
Buy! Amazon, whsmith, countrybookshop,

      Saddle Up by Judy Goodspeed
At six years old, Callie can barely reach the stirrups much less saddle her horse, Tuffy. When her father is too busy shoeing a horse one afternoon to help her, Callie must devise a way to change Tuffy's saddle all by he..
Buy! Amazon, Saddle Up,

      Safe for Life by Katherine Reynolds
Dylan and Red Tabby are driven from their home by dangerous criminals. The Happy Days Circus animals must embark on an epic journey if they're to keep their freedom. Will they make it? Winner, children's category, London Book..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, dylanandredtabby, Brendon Books, Dylan and Red Tabby.., Kindle Edition,

      Sage Learns to Share by Gayle Irwin
Sage is a blind dog that has a difficult time accepting a new dog that comes to live at her house...
Buy! Amazon, Publish America, Sage Story,

      Sailor Sam and the Two Sicknesses by Angela Cater
Humorous children's picture book about the adventures of a sea-faring tabby cat...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tabby Cat Press, Tabby Cat Press,

      Sal and Sally by Jay Miller
Sure to become a permanent addition to personal libraries, "Sal and Sally" is an engaging tale, both enlightening and entertaining...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, AuthorHouse, All God's Critters,

      Sal and Sally by Jay Miller
ISBN 9781935028130 This is my childrens book # 2 of my All God's Critters series..
Buy! Barnes &, Author House Book Store, All God;'s Critters,

      Salt and the Sea Venture by Melissa Gill
A hurricane, blue meanies, and an island of devils all try to stand between Salt and the newly founded colony of Jamestown, VA. Can a small, white cat overcome these challenges and help lay the foundation of a new nation? Buy! Barnes &, Melissa L. Gill, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Salty Seas & His Heroic Friends by Lynda Deniger
This Louisiana shrimp boat and his colorful pals become heroes after rescuing Capt. Charley from the shark when he is knocked overboard in a fierce storm...
Buy! Salty Seas and Friends, Salty Seas and Friends,

      Sam & The Jungle Band by DJ Corchin
A children's adventure about a musical monkey learning the value of inclusion!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Website, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Sam And The Dragon by Eric B. Thomasma
You'll never see your furnace the same way again...
Buy! Amazon, Book Page,

      Sam Loses Her Mother, but She Gains Her Mother's Heart by Shawna McGriff
Princess Pink helps Sam understand the grieving process of losing someone we love...
Buy! Amazon, Princess Pink Books,

      Sammy the Cloud by Shirley Johnson
This is book one of a series telling the story of a delightful cloud named Sammy. Join him in his adventures as he fights a tornadoe, meets a rain cloud and more...
Buy! Jesus In Song Productions,

      Sammy, Pepe And Mumbo-jumbo by Catherine Mervyn
-We all have gifts from Our Creator, the greatest of these are Faith and Honesty...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Sammy, the Runaway Mastiff by Vince Stead
Sammy is a big giant friendly dog that breaks out of his kennel and takes a wild journey across the country and meets lots of interesting characters along the way!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sammy the Runaway Mastiff,

      Samson's New Family by Nita Couch
Poor Samson follows a shining light. It is elusive and he is lost, hungry, tired, and cold. He soon realizes he needs to learn certain skills to keep himself alive. He can no longer rely on his mother and father. He finally f..
Buy! Amazon, Two Sister Publications, LLC, Two Sisters Publications, Kindle Edition,

      Sandie's Happy Tear by Sandie Angel
A good book to read to children, teach them to be happy all the time.....
Buy! Sandie Angel's Book World,

      Santa's Birthday Gift by Sherrill Cannon
Santa’s Birthday Gift includes Santa in the Christmas story. After reading a story of the nativity, my grandchild asked “But where’s Santa?”..
Buy! Amazon,, Sherrill S Cannon's Website and Blog, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,

      Santa's SUV by Jim Joyce
JUST RELEASED! Great for stockin' stuffers everywhere, or birthday presents. ..
Buy!, Jim Joyce Direct, Jim Joyce's Web Site, Lulu,

      Sara & Grandmother Rose by Violet Ramos
Sara & Grandmother Rose is a controversial story about a little girl who lives on the street with her Grandmother. It is a gentle story and yet it stirs the imagination and emotions of the reader. It has no beginning or end..
Buy! Amazon,

      Sarafina The Angel of Love by Kendra Berni
A poem about Sarafina made into a picture book...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Authors Website, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Sarah and the Golden Earring by Diana Clark
Sarah and the Golden Earring is a children's story full of colorful illustrations...
Buy! Amazon, Sarah and the Golden Earring, The Stone Ones,

      Sarah Laughs by Jacqueline Jules
A poetic retelling of the bible story of Sarah, Abraham's wife...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Sarah Turns the World Upside Down by Jessica Bernard
Sarah was riding in her car and she saw a woman who seemed homeless. Upon seeing the woman, Sarah felt sad and thought to herself: If that was me, I would want someone to help me. So Sarah asked her driver to stop the car. Sa..
Buy! Amazon, Jessalas Corner Bookstore,

      Sarah's First Day by Michael Rothschild
Sarah's First Day tells the story of a young child facing her first day in childcare...
Buy! Barnes &,,

      Sarah-Jane's ABC About Mammals by Wynn Schiller
Illustrations and limericks make this a fun way to learn about 26 mammals as well as the colors of the rainbow...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Sarah-Jane's Animal Misnomers by Wynn Schiller
This book has illustration, fun rhymes, facts and photos for fourteen animals...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Sarah-Jane's Opposites by Wynn Schiller
Sarah-Jane's Opposites is a fully illustrated concept and resource book and contains 70 pairs of opposites. Ten pairs of opposites are illustrated as part of Sarah-Jane's day...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Sardoodledom: A Spelling Bee Tale by Krishna Dalal
Through humorous word play, four spelling bee participants entertain and educate...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, One Word Publishing,

      Satellite Detectives by Mark Stellinga
Two fifth graders precariously solve a crime without their parents knowledge...
Buy! Barnes &, Mark Stellinga, Eagle Books, Mark Stelling's Bookstore,

      Saving Bluestone Belle by Strawberry Shakespeare
A ten year old goes up against bumbling horse thieves in this award-winning, comic-adventure novel for kids ages 9-12. A great readaloud for the whole family...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Saving Sleepy Walter by Morgan Fitzsimons
saving sleepy walter is an illustrated childrens book with the fitztown fairies characters..
Buy! Amazon, amazon,

      SCARY STORY by Christy Davis
Buy! Barnes &, SCARY STORY,

      Schizophrenia Coloring Book by Richard Carlson Jr
Schizophrenia Coloring Book is a fun book for children of all ages about a schizophrenic man, Richard Carlson Jr., who wrote the book...
Buy! Amazon, Schizophrenia Coloring Book,

      School Day Adventure (Raggedy Ann & Andy) by Patricia Hall
Raggedy Ann and Andy are thrilled to learn they'll be spending the day with Marcella at her school. But when the dolls take a ride through the hallways with their new friend Mac the truck, they get lost. Will the dolls be abl..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Simon & Schuster,

      Scribble Scrabble Writing Journal for Kids by Beatrice Young
The Scribble Scrabble Writing Journal for Kids uses simple questions and prompts called story-starters to motivate children to write! It comes in print and ebook formats...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace (print), Clickbank (e-book), E'tosha Publications,

      Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue! by James Beverly
Now your child can “Laugh and Learn” again with Seamus as the gentle sheepdog guides them through more of the many challenges of growing up. The new Seamus the Sheltie to the Rescue is the third book in the National award-win..
Buy! Barnes &, Seamus the Sheltie, Seamus the Sheltie,

      Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery Print by Christine Verstraete
Sam, her BFF, Lita, and a mischievous Dachshund named Petey, face an angry housekeeper, a dog-hating gardener, and an ancient family curse as they search for a missing miniature replica of Van Gogh's "Starry Night."..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Secret 'Till We're Grown by Betty Schuler
The boys on Greenwillow Lane have an out-of-this world camping experience. Alex, Max, and their cul-de-sac buddies decide to keep their late night adventure a secret until they're grown...
Buy! Barnes &, Betty Jo's Welcome to my Writing Corner, DiskUs,

      Secret Tricks: The Science Spiders Experiment With Air Pressure by Kathleen Kain
Mom fools Namila's class with her air pressure experiments...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, The Science Spiders, Book Clearing House,

      Secrets of a Christmas Box by Steven Hornby
In the secret world of the Christmas 'Tree-Dwellers', Larry, a glass snowman, wakes up from the long sleep in the Christmas box, to find his brother missing from the tree. With friends, he escapes into the house to search for..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Secrets of a Christmas Box,

      Secrets of Lost Arrow by Dotti Enderle
Something's glowing in Lightfoot Creek. Spring break has arrived at last, and Juniper's headed to her grandmother's house in Lost Arrow for a visit. This year she's bringing along her friends Anne and Gena, the two o..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fortune Tellers Club,

      Seeley and the Grantuff by Linda Bond
Retishella's younger sister Seeley is in trouble. The family make a long journey and are thrown into a mystery. Front cover illustration by Nic Porter...
Buy! Amazon, Retishella,

      SeeMee Says! by Karla Yazzolino
A huggable bunny, who is asking for comfort!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Powells City of Books, Karla Yazz Writes,

      Selfish and the Blue Box by Margaret Johnson
Selfish and the Blue Box, the first in a series of children's stories about a pudgy yellow cat named Selfish. Selfish wakes up to find himself in the center of moving day, he is forced to face his hated blue box. H..
Buy! Publish America,

      Sending You Sammy by Sarah Butland
The first installment of a wonderful series meant to solve the increasing issue of obesity. With one book at a time I know this series will not only be one of the favourites on the shelf but a bed time story that will make dr..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sending You Sammy, Adventures Of Sammy,

      Seven Spirals: A Chakra Sutra for Kids by Deena Haiber
Children's Picture Storybook and guide to the chakras...
Buy! Amazon, Mushroom Hollow,

      Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti
Four best friends learn to use their differences to complement each other without any judgments and worked together to sewing a beautiful friendship by creating an awesome pink sleepover...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Tintinatie, Tintinatie,

      Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti
It’s a joyful story of five girls who work together to get ready for a fashion show.They learn to “sew a friendship”..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Tintinatie, Tintinatie,

      Sewing a Friendship 2 by Natalie Tinti
The five best of friends gather around to build a deeper connection of friendship. When one of the girls gets depressed, they scatter together to help their best friend feel better by sharing stories that are full of colorful..
Buy! Tintinatie, Tintinatie,

      Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep by kathy stemke
Through Ms. Stemke’s expert rhyme and consonant blends storytelling, Zachary learns what family is all about and what it truly takes to be a good big brother. Teacher supplement included. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Guardian Angel Publishing, Sh Sh Sh Let the Baby Sleep,

      Shade by Diane Phelps
A story about a very smart raven..
Buy! Amazon,

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  6. How To Stretch A Puddle
  8. Free Today! Harley Hippo & the Crane Game,
  9. The Painted King Roosters
  10. Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack are Alive!

Featured Book
Pegasus -- A Dragon's Tale
by Gina LoBiondo

For hundreds of years tales of dragons have been told and cherished. What child hasn't wished to have his or her own dragon or to fight the great fire-breathers? <..  
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Featured Book
Sarah-Jane's Animal Misnomers
by Wynn Schiller

This book has illustration, fun rhymes, facts and photos for fourteen animals...  
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