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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Don't Beat Your Children, Or They'll Turn Out Like Me
by Brad Bathgate

"A book of haiku's that brings sunshine to the hood when frowns dominate. Ever seen corner stores in the middle of the block, with poverty performing on the corner? If no..  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      Sun on the Hill by Daffni Percival
Daffni Percival's first collection, mostly inspired by Wales, her adoptive country...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Merilang Press,

      Sunshine After the Rain by sylvia Ash-Barrow
My poems are about love heartbreaks and hope for the future.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Sunshine for the Soul by Robert Blackwell
"Sunshine for the Soul" is a collection of Christian-based poetry and personal reflections. It is the author's first self-published title...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Press, The Blackwell Family Website,

      Sunshine for the Soul Volume II by Robert Blackwell
The sequel to "Sunshine for the Soul" includes 50 more Christian poems...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, R&R Blackwell and Associates, The Blackwell Family Website,

      Sunshine on a wooden floor by Margreet Dietz
A collection of poems...
Buy! Amazon, The Running Author,

      Sweet Inspirations by Maxine King
Sweet Inspirations is a poetry book with poems to inspire you to discover God and yourself in a new way. They are poems from my heart to yours...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Sweet Memories With Sour Facts by Asia Saleem
There are poems as well as quatrains on many topics it this book..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris, Amazon,

      Sweet Moon for Silke by +Steven Curtis Lance
Description: This delightful little book consists of a "Prologue" sonnet, a "Why There Are No Page Numbers in This Book" sonnet, the continuation of the author's incredible series of "Transcendental Sonnets," numbers 633 ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sweet Moon for Silke, Lulu,

      Sweet Reassurances by Peter Paton
Sensational poetry collection, sheer romantic intensity and tenderness portrayed...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Sweet Serenity by debbie Nicholson
Excerpt: "a chance meeting, an act of fate, a attraction occurring, stronger by each beat, of one anothers heart" ..
Buy! Amazon, Sweet Serenity, Sweet Serenity,

      Symphonies Anthology by Tyler Wiseman
Published by
Buy! Amazon, Cyberwit,

      Taj Mahal Review by Patricia Gomes
VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 DECEMBER 2002 Soft Cover ..
Buy! CYBERWIT.NET Publishing,

      Taj Mahal Review June 2006 by Maria Cristina Azcona

      Taj Mahal Review-June 2005 by Maria Cristina Azcona
Description: Beyond all doubt Taj Mahal Review, pp. 480 June 2005 will enable the readers to enter the world of original creative writings by international authors. Here is a rich feast of extraordinary poems and short stori..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Take a Closer Look: A Spirtual Journey into the Soul by Harel Lawrence
Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the soul is a powerful examination of faith, love and spirituality that will open readers eyes to God’s presence in their everyday lives. It challenges readers to walk in truth a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Harel Lawrence, Harel R. Lawrence - Official author website,

      Take A Walk In My Shoes by David Maclellan
Anthology of Poetry..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris Book Order Dpt., Poetry By Maclellan, Xlibris Bookstore,

      Take Everything to Christ In Prayer by Sherry Knight
This is my second book of Poems, of my conversations in Prayer like fashion to the Lord our Savior, done in Poetry about the trials I have gone through in life. From rapes, to losing my son at 10 years old to my ex husband wh..
Buy! Take Everything to Christ in Prayere, Taek everything to Christ in Prayer by Sherry Knight ( Book ) in Poetry, Lulu,

      Talking Drums by Peter Adotey Addo
Selected Poems for calm meditation that disclose the ideals of the soul and personality..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,,

      Tall Tales and Sonnets of the South by Stephen Hedrick
Over 100 pages of rhyming stories, poems and sonnets accompanied by breathtaking photographs of Southern landscapes...
Buy! Amazon, book webiste, Tall Tales and Sonnets of the South,

      Tangled Web by Renee Bagley
Tangled Web is a thought provoking glimpse of life lessons, that are brought on by both happiness and sorrow, love and hate, and other “human conditions” that is ultimately called life. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Amazon, Available at Amazon or other online outlets. ,

      Tanya, Queen of the Greasy Spoon: Whatever Happened to the American Dream? by Gene McCormick
A collection of narrative poetry exploring the experiences of everyday people and their lives...
Buy! Amazon, Tanya, Queen of the Greasy Spoon on Amazon,

      Tapestries of the Heart by Timothy
Seventeen different talented poets come together in this book.130 poems by many different authors of all ages and all styles of poetry!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Emerging Poets, Emerging Poets,

      Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book by D.L. Lang
Poet writes about everything but the kitchen sink...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Createspace, Poetry from the soul to the page, Kindle Edition,

      Teardrop of Coloured Soul by Chris Vaillancourt
various poems..
Buy! Amazon,

      Teardrops & White Doves by Paul White
The difinative collection of poetry from Paul White..
Buy! Amazon, Sneak Peek, Createspace,

      Teardrops From Cloud Nine by Michael Clutton
Teardrops From Cloud Nine showcases nearly four decades of intimate expressions woven into the delicate fabric of a creative tapestry on the wall of one man's life...
Buy! Amazon, Publisher, Smashwords, Teardrops From Cloud Nine,

      Tears of a Broken Soul by Rosa Williams
Tears of a Broken Soul details the struggles of being in an abusive relationship, getting out, and trying to live after it all. It bears the marks of a battered woman strifes...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Createaspace,

      Telegrams from the Psych Ward, and other poems by Marc Awodey
"Marc Awodey writes with mesmerizing intensity. His poems are passionate displays of cadence and rhythm; swirls of drunken, expanding metaphor, all artfully choreographed within an elegant framework of stories. Telegrams from..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Tell Me A Story by Annabel Sheila
A delightful read for children of all ages. This collection of lyrical poetry tells stories that everyone can relate to. They are fun to read aloud and easy to remember. Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, everyone wil..
Buy! Annabel Sheila, Author,

      Ten Thousand Days: Haiku of Love, Loss, and the Human Condition by William Eldridge Jr.
Ten Thousand Days is a collection of haiku spanning the themes of love and loss, and their parallels in nature...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      tender moments in poetry by Richard Swartz
this poetry is of a man who is a christain and you can see how he has grown thou his poetry and work, this poetry is for the whole family to read...
Buy! tender moments in poetry,

      Tendrils of Time by Susan Bailey
A Collection of poetry and photography This is the first collection of poetry by Susan Bailey which has been inspired by nature and her observations of people. ..
Buy! Buy it on, Or from my personal website,

      Texas Tidbits by Vina Lee
Texas Tidbits is an anthology written by authors in the Texas Writers Network...
Buy! Amazon, Academy of Life Coaches,

      That Golden Prairie Whale by Kevin Cahill
An old man balanced between this world and the next has one last tale to tell. He is in charge of his grandkids during a cattle branding. The youngest ones has a mean streak running though him which as far as grandpa is conce..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, That Golden Prairie Whale,

      That Special Woman by Larry Lounsbury
The official release date for the book, That Special Woman, will be approximately two months from the date of printing (Monday, 5/21/2007), on Monday, 7/23/2007..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,,

      The Accidental Poet by Ross Dix-Peek
From a mother’s love to societal hypocrisy, The Accidental Poet: Poems of Ross Dix-Peek is a book of poetry that reflect the author’s world view as a White African, and covers a whole gamut of feelings and emotions. ..
Buy! Amazon,

      The Air In Me by D Johnson
Introducing "The Air In Me" A Collection of Prose and Poetry...
Buy! Amazon, The Air In Me,

      The Alien in Me: Poetry by a person with Asperger's Syndrome by Michal Maoz
This book is my poetic autobiography...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Book's website, The Alien in Me,

      The Awakening by Daniel Gereige
The Awakening is non-fictional which is related to my life experiences and brings to light the most important aspect of life which is found through faith in God and Jesus Christ. The parables of Jesus and the suffering he end..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eloquent Books, The Awakening, Lulu,

      The Awakening by Daniel Gereige
A deeply spiritual compilation of poetry, The Awakening encompasses life’s difficulties and how to deal with them...
Buy! Amazon, Borders, Angus & Robertson, The Awakening,

      The Awakening by Daniel Gereige
The Awakening is non-fictional which is related to my life experiences and brings to light the most important aspect of life which is found through faith in God and Jesus Christ. The parables of Jesus and the suffering he end..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eloquent Books, The Awakening, Lulu,

      The Awakening: Poems from the Heart by Joseph Salva
This is a collection of poems that talks about the beauty and magic of love and life...
Buy! Amazon, The Awakening: Poems from the Heart, Lulu,

      The Basement Trains by Roman Payne
The prose poem begins in 'an ancient garden in the midnight city,' where a nocturnal recollection of the past begins an epic voyage traversing centuries of ideas and continents of profound imagery. "The Basement Trains," Payn..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, fficial Site for Roman Payne's prose poem, ,

      The Beauty of Life by Mary Coe
A collection of poems and songs that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, Lulu,

      The Black Thicket Contaminated With Woman's Crimson by Tali Cohen-Shabtai
Collection poems of Sorrow and lust...
Buy! Gvanim, Steimatzky,

      The Blondes Lay Content by Lisa Zaran
"There are in my mind three elements to writing poetry: craft, honesty, and the eye. Lisa Zaran possess all three. Craft is something you develop while honesty is something you come to terms with. As for the eye either you ha..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu Press, Lulu,

      The Blue-Eyed Monster Dragged Me into Love by Roberto Martinez
"Seducing, honest, and completely revealing." -Melanie Peyton..
Buy! Amazon,

      The Breadth of Love by Justice Jones
Writing The Breadth of Love helped me overcome depression. My words have been called "beautiful and profound"...
Buy! Amazon, Order The Breadth of Love,

      The Bridge Is Gone by manny moreno
Poems of change The Bridge Is Gone, ©2008, 113-page perfectbound (ISBN 1-929184-15-8), by poet Monolin “Manny” Moreno, from the Central Valley town of Livingston, California. Monolin Moreno is of Yaqui descent--his g..
Buy! The Bridge Is Gone, back40publishing,

      The broken soul of angelese the orhid spinx: Enlightenment as a process und by Indana Simonde
a mixture of short stories, poetry and prose along with fables and political commentry..
Buy! Barnes &, Iuniverse, The twisted monarchy, the twisted monarchy,

      The Brubury Tales by Frank Mundo
“The Brubury Tales [by Frank Mundo] is a landmark book, in what is going to be - and already is - an exceptional, distinguished literary career.” Carolyn See, the Friday-morning book reviewer for the Washington Post and bests..
Buy! Amazon,,, The Brubury Tales ,

      The Burning Bush by Tabitha Robin
A Book Filled with Extraordinary Poetry of Love, Faith, Hope, and Heart..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, The Burning Bush,

      The Butler Pennsylvania Poems by Charles Cingolani
A poetic tribute to a hometown...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Butler Pennsylvania Poems,

      The Capitols Of America Speaks Poetry: The American Dream by Cheyene Lopez
This book, is written to show all Americans and the world, what our country stands for. God We Trust and Liberty, to justice for all. The souls and hearts, of the people in each city of America, written in poetic form. It has..
Buy! Amazon,,,,

      The Cat's Ankle by Peter Benson
A collection of observations...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Chapbook of Danny Pogue by Danny Pogue
Self-Published booklet contains 52 poems by KY author Danny Pogue. Note: The online version presents 21 of the poems! ..
Buy! The Chapbook of Danny Pogue,

      The Children of YesterYear by Jenny Philbert
In the fast lane...a journey into you remember yesteryear?? Rekindle childhood memories & friendships!..
Buy! A.J. Rose Publishing,

      The Conclusion of My Confusion by Chantel Philogene
Sometimes in life we often lose sight of ourselves. We get caught up in so many things that we truly forget what and who we really are. Have you ever loved someone so deeply you felt that your life was meaningless without tha..
Buy!, Lulu,

      The Consciousness Conspiracy: Poems and Written Experiments by Joseph VanBuren
If Socrates, Jim Morison, and Edgar Allen Poe could meet with each other in the Twilight Zone, their conversations might sound something like the words in this book...
Buy! Amazon, 3rd I Publications, Lulu,

      The Corporate Kid:Rainbow After the Storm by Nicole Montez
The poems of Nicole Lanier Montez are mingled with artwork and open space, with encouragement for the reader to share poems and interact with the book content. The Corporate Kid: Rainbow After the Storm seeks to create a chor..
Buy! Barnes &,, Open Closet Productions,

      The Crab Syndrome by Antuan Simmons
Great book of poetry.Hits all levels...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 2, the collected poems by Albert Russo
PEDESTAL MAGAZINE: It is one of that rarest of books, one which seems to contain a hearty cross-section of the writer’s output over the past several years,its themes are just as ambitious as its size; in the book’s m..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris, Amazon, The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 2, the collected poems,

      The Cry of a Gloomy Pond and other poems by Priyanka Bhowmick
Poems on life and it's journey from the right to the roughest paths, sprinkled with personal delights and experiences...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle store- US, Amazon Kindle store- UK, Website,

      The Darkside of Eden by Christina Sng
Speculative poet Christina Sng brings together the best of her work in 2001 and early 2002 in an exciting first collection...
Buy! Amazon, Project Pulp,

      The Difference Now by Cherie Burbach
The Difference Now speaks of the struggle for self-acceptance and the ability to let go of the past. Ultimately,it is about learning to make one's Town definitions instead of fitting into someone else's idea of what's accepta..
Buy! Amazon, The Difference Now,

      The Distance Within by Rachna Vohra
My first book, The Distance Within is a collection of moving poetry written through tumultuous, yet inspiring, years. This book encompasses love, family, friendship, passion, pain, understanding, and growth, and is for those ..
Buy! Rachna Vohra, The Distance Within,

      The Dragon's Tongue (Tiny Tales) by Donato DiCristino
The Dragon's Tongue (Tiny Tales) is the fourth book of creative nonfiction by American author Donato DiCristino...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Donato Divided, Author Central, My Kindle Store, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      The Earth is a Floating Sphere: A Care-Free Collection of Poems and Stories by Casey Harmon
Discover the book that made it to the Best Seller's list in FOUR different categories within hours of its release!..
Buy! Amazon, Official Author Website, Kindle Edition,

      The Emosewa Woman by Vernon Davis Jr.
This wonderful and eclectic collection of poetry, by the author of the best-selling volume "Love,Is,The Beautiful Black Woman", further illustrates this author's love and admiration for the woman of color. Simply open and exp..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Safe Haven Publishing Company, Amazon, The Emosewa Woman, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Evolution beingjohnsweet by John Sweet
You hold in your hands the creation of John Sweet, hefty isn’t it? John’s talent spans many realms reaching towards enlightenment, slipping into the reality of substance abuse and crawling out, losing and finding love; for th..
Buy! Amazon, InnerCircle Publishing, InnerCircle Publishing,

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Featured Book
Of Life and Love
by William Lowenkamp

Reprint in ebook format of contemporary poetry written in the 1980's as seen and felt by the author. Poetry that explores the past, present and future, analyzing present..  
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Featured Book
Under Amber Skies
by Jill Eisnaugle

Under Amber Skies, written by author and poet Jill Eisnaugle, is a wonderful collection of rhyming poetry guaranteed to please every reader. In this, her second book, she..  
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