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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Poems in times of grief
by Audrey Coatesworth

A book of 82 poems to be read in times of grief, all written by retired psychiatrist Dr Audrey Coatesworth..  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      A Touch of Reality by Lorie Drew
A book of poems conveying the realism of Love, Life, Spirit, and Image...
Buy! Barnes &,

      A Tribute to Mom by Richelle Putnam
Authors and Artists share tributes to their moms..
Buy! Amazon, Paperdoll Publishing,

      A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose and Thoughts for the Mind, Body and Soul by Joseph Spence, Sr.
Trilogy is an exciting experience into the diverse blending of poetry, prose, and thoughts. It raises one's level of consciousness to that of enjoyment and instills a peaceful quality of mind for relaxation...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Trilogy Poetry,

      A Voice in the Night by GeorgeAnne Smith
A Voice in the Night is an easy reading book of poetic thought. It makes dreams and everyday events in your own life spring forth from the pages to let you know that you are not alone in this world with your thoughts on love,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Feeding The Soul,

      A Walk In My Shoes by LaQueisha Malone
Through Valleys and Ridged Mountains, LaQueisha Malone expresses her thoughts and feelings through poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, LaQueisha Malone, Kindle Edition,

      A Walk Through the Heart by Venita Ennis
This book is full of poetry straight from the heart. The subject of the poems are concentrated on love. Whether it be falling in love or falling out of love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, PublishAmerica,

      A Way With Words by Sara Russell
Four poetry books in one, each one is also available on a separate CD e-book. It contains sound and video recitals...
Buy! Kedco's CD listings page,

      A Web of Cries by Pamela Bakker
My first collection, A Web of Cries, is divided into 3 sections, the 1st dealing with an illness I have battled (and survived!) for 4 years, the 2nd is a mish-mash, and the 3rd a story of childhood...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pipers' Ash Ltd,

      A Woman's Song by Diana May Waldman
5.0 out of 5 stars A Woman's Song, July 14, 2009 By Diane Redlin - A Woman's Song is an endearing and empowering 21st century ode to women! Waldman's poetry speaks to many women and on many levels. She reve..
Buy! Amazon,

      A Year in the Life of an Unemployed Poet by Cindy Rickey
Written over the period of one year, this poetry collection follows the author's existential despair and depression, the therapeutic process, and the discovery of inner peace found in the truthfulness and beauty of our natura..
Buy! Barnes &,

      A Yellow Sunshine Night by Chris Vaillancourt
A look at both the world and the individual in society...
Buy! Amazon,

      A'More by Janet Fears
A book all about love!..
Buy! Amazon, Publish America, Ths Simply Pure, Sweet, Uncomplicated Christian Romance Writer,

      Aawara Hawao Ke Khilaph Chupchap by abhigyat .
Hindi Poems on Conteporery Society..
Buy! awara,

      Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno by Brandon Petit
Through both structured verse and narrative prose, Petit speaks with the voice of past lives and forgotten selves, approaching the world of contemporary poetry from a view between dream and memory. Amazon, Barnes &, Preview and purchase here,

      Abiding Hope and Love by Connie Arnold
Inspirational poetry containing poems about hope, love, children, music, the Bible and nature...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold, Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold,

      Above All by GARY FERRIS, JR
Above All was written to capture everyday spiritual emotions and trials of life that a reader could relate too and carry with them a message of hope as well. Those spiritual emotions would include love, faith, prayer, and ins..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Click here to order,

      Above and Below by Phyllis Jean Green
Themes range from poverty to the ephemeral beauty of a sun-dappled pond, settings from post-Katrina New Orleans, a freshman dorm at a Missouri college, a sleet-slick city street that could be anywhere, and a milk train hurtli..
Buy! Pudding House,

      Above The Falling Sky by Michelle Cuen
Inside find a real page turning collection of poetry covering a complexity of issues, topics and material that almost everyone can relate to. Transcend the realms of personal conflict, conflicting and differing moods and emo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Purchase Direct from Publisher, Book Info Site,

      Abstemious Doves by Salome Rowe
Abstemious Doves is a poetic connection that joins philosophy and allegory. It is a profusion of words that are pretty and “always new” inside of an unconventionally unmade thing. The poems are absolutely beautiful, and the p..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ybonie Communications, AuthorHouse, Ybonie Communications,

      Abstract: A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Poetry by Pier Tyler
Author Pier Tyler's Debut Book..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AmericaStarBooks, PierTyler,

      ABUJA NA KPANGBA an Oda puem-Dem by Edwin Oribhabor
Collection of poems in Naija langwej formerly called Nigerian Pidgin...
Buy! Amazon,

      Abundant Comfort and Grace by Connie Arnold
Abundant Comfort and Grace is filled with uplifting, encouraging, inspiring poems that reveal God's presence, hope and grace through all of life's difficulties...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Inspirational Poetry of Connie Arnold,

      Accomplices To Illusion: poems by Roger Taber
A collection of nearly 200 new poems arranged in 7 (loosely) themed sections. It supplements the titles that comprise my 'Love And Human Remains' quartet and was published in May 2007...
Buy! Amazon, A Poet's Blog,

      Acorns of Love and Wisdom, Poems for the Every Day Person by Steve Robertson
"Acorns of love and Wisdom" is a book of poems for the 'every day' person. It is divided into five chapters, Poems for Lovers, Poems of Nature and Love, Poems of Family and Friends, Poems of Drifting Apart, and Poems of Wis..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books A Million, High Pitched Hum Publishing,

      Across the Long Bridge: An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry by John Howard Reid
This anthology contains 120 award-winning and commended entries from both the annual Margaret Reid Prize for Traditional Verse and the annual Tom Howard Poetry Contest for Verse in All Styles and Genres. In addition, it conta..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tower Books, Blackwells, Poetry Contests, Lulu,

      Adrift In the Holy by Lou Davies-James
A Journey Through the Heart..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Adua Mar by Alessandro Baruffi
In trame giovanili di poesie damascate, l'Adua, il fiume limaccioso, come fra irte rocce e verdastri declivi, quasi inerpicandovisi, anela la vastità del mare...
Buy! On Amazon Kindle: Adua Mar, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Affectionately Yours......... by Karen Palumbo
A collection of poetry. Family verse with inspirational flair......
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books A Million, Karen Palumbo,

      African Footprints on my Soul by Frieda Groffy
Selected Poems*..
Buy! Amazon, I didn't choose poetry, poetry chose me,

      After Dinner Mints by Maria Lupinacci
“After Dinner Mints” is a sojourn through addiction, love, death, relativity and everything in-between. Ms. Lupinacci is a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and an Integrated Energy The..
Buy! Foothills Publishing, After Dinner Mints - Foothills Publishing,

      After Midnight by Joyce Oscar
After Midnight takes you on the lyrical journey of looking for love, finding love and losing love...
Buy! Agaphe Publishing Group, LLC, Agaphe Publishing Group, LLC,

      After The Storms( E-Book Version by Cheyene Lopez
This is my newest book of poems all about nature and natural events of living. This book is especially about those storms that hit the east coast hard recently. I dedicate this book to the memory of those injured and those wh..

      After The Storms: The Power Of Nature In Poetry by Cheyene Lopez
This is my newest book of poems all about nature and natural events of living. This book is especially about those storms that hit the east coast hard recently. I dedicate this book to the memory of those injured and those wh..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Aftertaste: A Collection of Poems by Darlene Zagata
Aftertaste is a collection of poems written by a woman attempting to come to terms with the sudden death of her husband. Feeling lost and alone, she seeks solace in her grief. As she tries to stay afloat among the flood of em..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Window of Words,

      Again in Complete Steel by Richard Marsh
42 poems..
Buy! Mazgeen Press, Mazgeen Press,

      Against Odds by Derek Davis
Mostly anthology containing poems, short stories, essays and a long short story...
Buy! Lulu, Derek's Storefront, Lulu,

      Age Of Survival Collection Of Poems by Lonely Poet
Collection Of Poems Written Between 1998 And 2006. These poems try to gather all the feelings in romantic relationships in human life, the presence of love as well as the lack of love and the way love affects every aspect of ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Home Of The LonelyPoet,

      Ageless And Cool by F William Broome
The Introduction is graciously presented by Kate Burnside, noted poet of Dorset, England. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Agent Provocateur by Jennifer Lagier
Collection of gritty, narrative poetry...
Buy! Amazon,, Poetry by Jennifer Lagier,

      Agua Terra, Anthology Three by Trish Shields
This anthology is a special theme issue connecting water and earth, two of the basic elements of life on our planet. The poets represented in this issue reflect a profound reverence for the natural world...
Buy! Ascent Aspirations Publishing, Ascent Aspirations Publishing,

      Airborne Again My September Soul by Jean Ward
A book in the format of Naani Poetry. I would call it Modern Naani. ..
Buy! Jean Elizabeth Ward, Lulu, Lulu,

      Alabama Heart Of Dixie Poems: Where Stars Rise And Fall Upon Alabama by Cheyene Lopez
This is my newest book pf poetry all for my native home state of Alabama the beauty of the land, the kindness of its people and proud history from past to the modern day. I believe in Alabama. Once forgotten Alabama welcomes ..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Albion Equinox by Dean Fraser-Phillips
Albion Equinox is the second-poetry collection written by Dean Fraser-Phillips. Following on from the best seller ”Under a Moonlit Sky”, these poems were written between winter 2013 and summer 2014...
Buy! Amazon,

      Alias The Rose by Laura Porras
First Collection of poetry and prose spanning child hood move in to adult life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Alias The Rose by Laura Parks
A 23 year collection of poetry and prose...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Facebook author page,

      All About Slime by Nicole Brown
Poetry about someone who I had a ten year meaningless,toxic relationship with...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Better World, TextbooksRus, All About Slime ,

      America First: Amber Waves Of Grain by Cheyene Lopez
I now introduce to you my newest book of celebrated poems all about America our country USA to you the public,my fans,the readers and buyers everywhere the world over. I dedicate to you the American public this book. I give t..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,

      America's Change a Poetic View by Arnita Fields
This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God's change for their lives...
Buy! Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      American - Jamaican Anthology of Original Poetry by John WordSlinger
Product Description This is a selected collection of verses from the rich creative storehouses of two poets-- .John E. O' Hara , an American, (pen-name, John E. Wordslinger) and.Oren O., Cousins, a JamaIcan. . About ..
Buy! Amazon, The School of Poetry,

      American Lyricon: A Poet Sings Of America (Ebook) by Joel Young
An award winning collection of poetry spanning peace-time to war-time. These historical poems capture the imagination give pride to anyone who calls themselves 'American.' ..

      American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America (Print) by Joel Young
Poet Joel L. Young Proudly Presents his award winning, "American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America! Introductory offer of $8.99 plus $5.00 S&H or order direct for a signed copy. Order Online @ Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, SynergEbooks, Alibris, Synergebooks,

      Amethyst Palms and Golden Afternoons by Rosemary Tracey
The earliest works of Rosemary Winters Tracey. Her raw and untapped talent is visible in all the poems in this book. A great communal for nature and people...
Buy! Backlit Publishing, Excerpts from Amethyst Palms and Golden Afternoons,

      Amorphous Angelic Selected Poems By Jacqueline Howett by Jacqueline Howett
Amorphous Angelic is now finally available as an eBook at Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. Signed printed copies are $12 direct from the author. Please e-mail the author if you want one. In subject line of e-mail, AA poetry query...
Buy! Amazon,, My website: Novels and Poetry by Jacqueline Howett,

      An Angel for You - My Life in Poems, Letters and Short Stories by Chris the Abducted Alien
Chris released An Angel for You – My Life in Poems, Letters and Short Stories on as a prelude to her memoirs, Abducted Alien: A True Story of United States Immigration and My Life. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, An Angel for You, Abducted Alien, An Angel for You, Lulu, Nook,

      An Atheist's Alphabetical Approach to death by Sam Smith
A booklet as reward for coming one of 3 runners-up, out of 1,250 entries, in a competition. The poems all deal with the prospect of death. Overall effect is quite invigorating...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, erbacce-press,

      An Earful by Patti Osterloo
This book is packed full of poems about things I see wrong in our world today . It has poems about my kids and things in life I see that are unfair and hurtful to people. I have poems in this book that will make you cry and ..
Buy! Amazon,

      An Outspoken Anthology by Pearlie Harris
In this book you will see the promise of a young William Butler Yeats in Dean Shaban, or a Sonia Sanchez in Yejide Olutosin, Zack Feldberg will jump off the page and entertain you while Lauryn Brown is a quiet storm. You will..
Buy! Amazon, Pearl's Book'em Publisher, Pearl's Book'em Publisher,

      An Unforgettable Journey by Lena Kovadlo
Join me on an unforgettable journey of life filled with love and heartbreak, happiness and sorrow, death, personal struggles.....
Buy! Lulu Paperback,

      Ananya Priya Lavanya by Praveen Kumar
Collection of poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..

      and furthermore... by Katy Walsvik
Mostly humor, I've also chosen some of my personal favorites from my more serious side in this book...
Buy! Amazon,

      And Love Was All He Said: Growing Up Autistic by Michael OReilly
A book of poetry about love, sacrifice, and the every day struggles that we all face on some level...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      And the Beat Goes On.....Includes Poems from a Restored Marriage by Arnita Fields
A Collection of poems written both during and after the restoration of my marriage. This collection also contains poetry to edify and uplift your spirit...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      And Then There Was Me by John Mangini Jr.
A journey of passion, inspiration, and self discovery...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, iuniverse,

      and yet you continue to provoke the night by Shawn Ness
100% authors royalties goes to the Non Profit Charity Take Back The Night. 100 pages for only $6.95...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Journey to 1000,

      Andrena Zawinski Greatest Hits 1991-2001 by Andrena Zawinski
Andrena Zawinski Greatest Hits 1991-2001 is a 31-page chapbbook that is part of the Pudding House invitational and archival series...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pudding House,

      Angel's Dance: A Collection of Uplifting & Inspirational Poetry by Lynn Johnston
Angel's Dance will uplift the spirit with over 40 poems on love, friendship, family, faith and more. Each poem is prefaced with the events or philosophy that inspired each piece...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lynn C. Johnston,

      Angelic Blood by LILLITH ROSE
see back cover for book description...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Angels Of Inspiration...Poetry From THe Heart by Mary Jane Hartman- Holzer
This book has been in progress for five years now, and I got most of my inspiration from my mother. Although her untimely death has led to many beautiful poems, I felt that I wanted to share them with others. There ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary's Corner,

59 poems and sonnets PLUS featured 2 of my drawings..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, another day to live life,,

      Another Ten Thousand Miles by Walt Lamberg
This is a collection of 25 country music song lyrics and lyric poems...
Buy! Amazon, Walt Lamberg's Author's Page, Kindle Edition,

      Antología Grito de Mujer by Women Poets International (Mujeres Poetas International)
Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) anthology gathers the voices of over 240 female poets of over 20 countries, all of them participants of the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival..
Buy! Amazon, Woman Scream Festival, Facebook, Get your Copy HERE,

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Featured Book
Ethereal Erotica
by ellen george

Anthology of types of erotic poetry, compiled by Deborah Simpson, printed by Lulu, ISBN 978-0-557-58542-7..  
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Featured Book
Opening Acts
by Z McClure

The First Edition was limited to 25 copies on Earth...the Second Edition, unlimited, contains 44 extraordinary poetic gems sure to give you a glimpse at the Creator of th..  
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