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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Life & Times Of An Incorrigible
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

G M (jerry) Roberts has lived a life more full and colorful than most people ever will. He has lived a wild and explorative childhood. The stories herein are sometimes tr..  
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     Featured "Biography" Books!


      Call Me Victoria: Life Poems and Stories from Trial to Triumph by Vicky Jeter
My life from premature birth with Spastic Cerebral Palsy to living a fulfilling life, told in an artful tapestry of poems and stories...
Buy! Call Me Victoria,

      Carry On Pvt Dahlgren by conrad larson
This is a biography of a WW1 runner. The sacrifices and conditions of the war were immense. The story is compelling and educational. The character of the American Midwest soldier is shown for all of us to see how proud we sho..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, xlibris, conrad larson, conradlarson,

      Cell Tales: Recollections of a Correctional Educator by M DuBois Miller
This book covers my first twenty-five years working in correctional education. This eclectic journey is filled with humor, pathos and wonderment. Cell Tales presents a perspective of prison culture seldom experienced...
Buy! Buy Books on the,

      Channeling Elvis: How Television Saved the King of Rock 'n' Roll by Allen Wiener
A fresh look at Elvis Presley's 20-year career through the unique lens of television. Only television captured the King at each crucial moment in his career, from start to finish, and also left us the largest body of Presley..
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Charles G. Leland - The Man & the Myth, 2nd edition by Gary Varner
The second edition of Charles G. Leland - The Man & the Myth is now available...
Buy! Amazon, Bookshop for Folklore & Mythology,, Amazon Kindle Edition, Lulu,

      Chief Cook and Bottlewasher, The Unconquerable Soul Of Wilkie Clark by Charlotte Clark-Frieson
The poignant, powerful life story of Wilkie Clark is lovingly penned by his only child, Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson...
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace eStore,

      Chindit, Special Force, Burma 1944 by Stewart Cochrane
The untold story of the P.B.I! The "Poor Bloody Infantry" In the whole of W.W.II, never was so much asked from allied soldiers, than was asked of "The Chindits" six months of grueling combat behind the Japanese lines. This is..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, The Black Watch (RHR) Chindits,

      Chum Water by Hodge Wood
An eventful true story about a four year recovery from total paralysis that climaxes with return to work as a therapist helping others with spinal cord injury. This is the first book in the series, "Sharks On Wounded Fish."..
Buy! Hodge wood,,

      Clare: Her Light and Her Song by Karen Karper Fredette
The most complete biography of St. Clare of Assisi available in English. Companion of St. Francis and foundress of the female branch of the Franciscans...
Buy! Amazon, Ravens Bread Ministries, Kindle Edition,

      Confessions of a Dope Dealer by Sheldon Norberg
Confessions of a Dope Dealer ... "If the title interests you whatsoever, the book won't disappoint." Fearless 8/99..

      Conscience & Consequence: A Prison Memoir by Clare Hanrahan
Lucid, intensely moving, and highly personal account of author's six-month imprisonment inside Alderson Federal Prison Camp, the oldest and largest federal prison for women..
Buy! Amazon, Malaprops Book Store, Asheville, NC,

      Constant Cravings by Mike Dryden
Constant Cravings is a story of victory in one man's struggle with prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and self-abuse. At the age of 38, Mike Dryden's life changed forever when he was introduced to narcotic pain..
Buy! Barnes &, Eloquent Books, Constant Cravngs,

      Convoking Hell by Tracy LeCates Petry
A rare dual autobiography...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Covered Wagon Women by Beverly Van Horn
These Audio Cassettes are the personal diaries of women crossing America in covered wagons, told of the ingenuity, courage, bravery, loneliness, fear, boredom, excitement and danger they encountered. They were called "overlan..
Buy! Amazon, Beverly's Ltd,

      Covered Wagon Women:Diaries and Letters From The Western Trails, 1851 by Beverly Van Horn
Lucia Williams relates the hellish trip over the Cascades from Ohio to Oregon. Jean Rio Baker is a Mormon from England who travels to Utah...
Buy! Amazon, Living Voices of the Past,

      Cowboy Sweethearts by Judy Goodspeed
Read the true stories of eleven women who married prominent men of the rodeo. Some stayed at home to run ranches, work outside the home, and to raise children. Others went with their husbands on the rodeo circuit. A few were..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cowboy Sweethearts,

      Creeker by Linda DeRosier
Creeker: A Woman's Journey takes the author from the head of the holler to the halls of Harvard..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Linda Scott DeRosier, Linda Scott DeRosier Home,

      Crossing Borders, Ebook by Michael Ferris by Michael Ferris
"Crossing Borders", the ebook(also available as a softcover,) tells the story of living and becoming an adult in a foreign country...
Buy! VBW Publishing, Amazon Kindle, Crossing Borders,

      Dancing on Astaire by COLIN JARMAN
A biographical collection of 2000 quotations about the world's greatest dancer: Fred Astaire...
Buy! Amazon, Blue Eyed Books, Blue Eyed Books,

      Darkness Overturned by Patricia Struntz
Darkness Overturned is my autobiography about my efforts to break free from verbal, emotional and physical abuse, which I endured from early childhood and through several tragic marriages...
Buy! Amazon, Darkness Overturned,

      David Crockett in Congress: The Rise and Fall of the Poor Man's Friend by Allen Wiener
The real "Davy" Crockett, seen through his political career, letters and other primary sources...
Buy! Amazon, David Crockett in Congress, Kindle Edition,

      David Janssen - My Fugitive by Michael Phelps
The only authorized Biography of the Emmy Award winning actor, David Janssen. Most admired for his role as "The Fugitive" (ABC 1963-1967), he had starring roles in "The Green Berets"; "Shoes of the Fisherman"; Warning Shot", ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Michael Phelps,

      Day by Day, The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter by Liz Thompson
Day by Day: The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter presents a marvelous blend of Elizabeth Thompson's experiences and best SNP columns that illustrate how she created her remarkable outlook. Day by Day celebrat..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Harris Communication, Gallaudet University Press Book Page,

      DEA Special Agent: My Life on the Front Line by lewis rice
I spent over 25 years as a DEA working undercover and conducting major drug investigations in New York City, Miami, Kingston, Jamaica and Detroit...
Buy! Amazon,

      Dearest Affie: Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Victoria's Second Son by John Van der Kiste
A biography of Queen Victoria's second son, who was Duke of Edinburgh, Admiral of the Fleet, and later Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. [Note - first published 1984 in hardback; reissued 1995 in paperback, plus a hardback limited e..
Buy! Amazon, Sutton Publishing,

      Dearest Vicky, Darling Fritz: Queen Victoria's eldest daughter and the German Emperor by John Van der Kiste
A biography of 'Vicky', Princess Royal of England, Queen Victoria's eldest child, and 'Fritz', Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia. The great hope of German liberalism, he ascended the throne in March 1888 when..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Sutton Publishing,

      Deliberate Indifference: A Gay Man's Maltreatment by the U.S. Dept of Justi by J Owensby
The spiteful misdeeds of a vengeful police official have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on the life of a young ‘gay’ man whose liberal lifestyle is seen by the detective as a depraved attack on his own ultra-rigid mora..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, A-Argus Better Book Publishers, LLC,

      Desert Wife by Beverly Van Horn
Desert Wife reveals Hilda Faunce's candid style of writing about her life as an Indian trader's wife on the Navajo reservation just before World War I. She faced challenging experiences coming from the Oregon coast to the ble..
Buy! Amazon, Beverly's, Ltd.,

      Diaries of a Transfemale by Lynne Braithwaite
This is a follow on from "From Brigands to "V" Bombers and tells the story in diary format of the transition to "Lynne" (12th May 1989-31st December 2001)..
Buy! Lynne J Braithwaite, LYNNE'S DIARIES,

      Diaries of a Transfemale Book 2 by Lynne Braithwaite
Book 2 came about because my e-publisher deemed the original book (almost 800 pages) to be too big for an e-book. So I agreed to split it into two books...
Buy! Lynne J Braithwaite, LYNNE'S DIARIES,

      Dining Out with Mr. Lunch: interviews and profiles of leading writers by murray waldren
A collection of 34 profiles of leading writers such as Tim Winton, Oliver Sacks, Roald Dahl, Fay Weldon, Brian Keenan, Brian Moore, P.D. James, Richard Ford and Kinky Friedman. It is an exploration of people and their creati..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Australian On-Line Bookshop, Ned Kelly booksellers,

      Dionne Fields Reality TV Show. by Dionne Fields
A reality show that honors volunteers of all ages all over the United States...
Buy! Barnes &, lulu, Dionne Fields Reality TV Show., Lulu,

      Divas of the New Millennium by Stacy Deanne
Compilation music book of today's most popular minority female singers...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Stacy-Deanne Official Web Site,

      Dodging My Own Bullets (and Navigating Our Health Care System) by Mark McRude
An Autobiographical Account of Alcohol Addiction and trying to navigate the Health Care Industry. Having Health Insurance DOES NOT automatically equate to Health CARE! Uncle Obama is trying to achieve a first year feathe..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, Dodging-My-Own-Bullets,

      Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X by Linda Alexander
Sexuality is very misunderstood.What if the tornado dropped Dorothy not into Oz, but onto the shooting set of an X-rated film? Eric Edwards makes sex films. Period... Sex-on-command. Sex-for-hire.... So begins the st..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Linda Alexander,

      Dream Chaser by Maqbool Qurashi
Chronicles my thirty yeara struggle to pursue my childhood dream to immigrate to US and own a business...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Maqbool Qurashi, macqurashi,

      Dropped In It by Colin Hall
Memoirs of a WWII veteran...
Buy! Dropped In It, Dropped in It,

      Dunpeckham by Johnny Mack
A story of my life as a gangster on the mean streets of London..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Johnny Mack Author, Amazon, Johny Mack Author,

      Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People by William Close
At a Catholic Mission in Yambuku, an oasis of peace and efficiency in northern Congo's vast jungle forests, Mabalo Lokela, a teacher, receives an anti-malarial shot for a raging fever and headache. Sister Lucie, a Flemish nur..
Buy! Amazon,

      Edward VII's Children by John Van der Kiste
A collective biography of the children of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, who included King George V, and Queen Maud of Norway..
Buy! Amazon, Sutton Publishing,

      Eighteen, No Time To Waste by Margaret Johnson
The true story of the brief life and accidental death of Kathi, a strong-willed vivacious teenager Head cheerleader, home-coming princess, Kathi reached out to everyone. The author is Kathi's mother who writes honestly a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,,

      Eleven Days of Hell by Yvonne Bornstein
My True Story Of Kidnapping, Terror, Torture and Historic FBI and KGB Rescue..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Yvonne Bornstein, Authorhouse, Yvonne Bornstein, Kindle Edition,

      Escape from Paradise by John Harding
A woman’s escape from an arranged marriage in Singapore. She comes from the flamboyant Tiger Balm family; her wealthy husband from Brunei with CIA connections...
Buy! Amazon, Escape from Paradise, Escape from Paradise,

      Eskimo Star: From the Tundra to Tinseltown: The Ray Mala Story by Lael Morgan
To Be Released June 1, 2011. The biography of a traditionally raised Inupiat Eskimo who became the first and only Native American to attain international movie star status, and also pioneered the film industry as a cinematogr..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Epicenter Press,

      F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice by Anita Hackley-Lambert
One of a handful of African Americans to be formally educated in the United States during the 19th century, Murray broke from the confines of racial injustice and worked beside such heroic social reformers as W.E.B. Du Bois, ..
Buy! Amazon, HLE Publishing, BookSurge, Anita Hackley-Lambert,

      Famous Women of Fife by Lillian King
30 mini biographies of women who have made their mark in politics, entertainment, literature the arts and sport..
Buy! windfall books, windfall books,

      Farmsteading in Thailand by Ken Albertsen
True memoir of solo foreigner coming to Thailand with no prior contacts, no handle on the language and little money – then going on to develop a homestead, experimental orchards...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Adventure1 Publishing, Farmsteading in Thailand, Kindle Edition,

      Female Explorers - Women Who Dared by Deborah Watson-Novacek
Join me in an exploration of the lives of eight incredible female explorers! ..
Buy! Amazon, Women Who Dared, Adventurous Lives, Women Who Dared, Kindle Edition,

      Fifty Years At The Bar by Barbara Del Buono
FIFTY YEARS AT THE BAR is the true, interesting and intriguing peek inside the life of a first generation Italian/American lawyer and his solo-practice for over fifty years in the trenches of the legal system of his hometown...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Ellingsworth Press, LLC, ellingsworth press,

      Find a soft spot to land on now in bookstores worldwide by Mike Coatesworth
Rampant abuse and never truly knowing whether I would wake up in hospital or my own bed, here are my thoughts and actions as I fought my way to adulthood and on reaching maturity I thought life would be easy, I was to find to..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie, Mike's literary and family pages,

      Finding Happiness by Boyd London
In his autobiography, Boyd Thomas London tells the story of his life and his reasons for finding happiness no matter what he has faced. He makes known what it was like to be in the U.S. military and how he found contentment d..
Buy! PublishAmerica, Amazon,

      Flight of a Lifetime by Philip Watling
It’s been a long time coming, but Flight of a Lifetime has finally been released! Published by Athena Press it is available on Amazon and can be ordered through Gardners from any UK bookshop or through Ingram Book Distributio..
Buy! Amazon, Flight of a Lifetime on Facebook,

      Flowers and Stone by Jan Sikes
A passionate love story set in the rowdy raucous honky-tonks of Texas in 1970...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Jan Sikes, Writing Truth Creatively, Kindle Edition,

      Flying Above the Glass Ceiling by Nina Anderson
Inspirational stories of success from the first women pilots to fly airline and corporate aircraft...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Safe Goods, Safe Goods Publishing,

      Forty Shades of Conspiracy by Latif Yahia
Book Description Forty Shades of Conspiracy The Sequel To The Black Hole, a True Story of the illusion of Democracy in Europe and how the American CIA are behind Every Door of Power. Latif Yahia was drawn to the Emerald I..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Fran's Story-The 90 Year Journey of a Kansas Farm Girl by Linda Thompson
A heartwarming story of what life was like from 1915 to 2006, as written by a woman who would never have thought of herself as a writer. Born on a Kansas dirt farm, she vividly describes what life was like in the "good old da..
Buy! Amazon, Life Path Solutions, Life Path Solutions,

      Frankie's Story: Accomplishment Personified by Michael Basso
Frankie is an inductee in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a Karate master. He is a special Olypian, a musician, an alter server and much more - BTW, Frankie has Down Syndrome..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Freebirds: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story by Marley Brant
An in-depth look at Southern Rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Freebirds: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story,

      Freebirds: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story by Marley
An in-depth study of the rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Marley Brant,

      Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw (Hardback) by Ron Mullinax
Fritz Von Erich Master of the Iron Claw is the true story about the life and times of Jack Adkission and the famous Von Erich wrestling dynasty. "Not since the Kennedys of Massachusetts has an American family publicly su..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Wheatmark, Inc., Boarders, Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw,

      Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw (Paperback) by Ron Mullinax
Fritz Von Erich Master of the Iron Claw is the true story about the life and times of Jack Adkission and the famous Von Erich wrestling dynasty. "Not since the Kennedys of Massachusetts has an American family publicly su..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Wheatmark, Inc., Boarders, Fritz Von Erich: Master of the Iron Claw,

      From a Shotgun Shack by Richard Mason
Rags to riches story..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      From Brigands to V Bombers by Lynne Braithwaite
Covers the period from birth on the 1st July 1934 to the end of RAF career in 1989. LJB enlisted as a "Boy Entrant" (Airframe mechanic) in September 1949 and retired as a Flight Sergeant (Aircraft Fitter Airframe) on the ..
Buy! Lynne J Braithwaite, LYNNE'S DIARIES,

      From Coal Dust to Gold Dust: The Journey of a Miner's Son by Ken Wood
From Coal Dust to Gold Dust: The Journey of a Miner's Son is a story about finding your place in the world. ..
Buy! Banyan Management Services, Kenwoodspeaking,

      From Salford to Tucson and Back Again, The Globetrotting Memoirs of a Manch by Robert Carter
As a supporter of Manchester United, Robert Carter has seen it all. He has witnessed the highs, the lows, the false dawns; and more recently, the unprecedented success of his beloved team. He has watched the DVD’s, read the a..
Buy! Amazon, From Salford To Tucson and Back Again, Lulu,

      From Scorned to Survival by JOSETTE MILES
A story of the life of an abused child who learns how to connect with a higher being in order to survive the life that she had grown to resent...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      From the Cage to the Palace by Inspire Hope
This book displays how God is still Healing and delivering!..
Buy! Amazon,

      From the Family Tree: and Sundry Tales by Cassandra Foster
Mini biographies of Foster family members..
Buy! Amazon,

      From the Rill to the Ocean: My Journey to Freedom by Imre Kalanyos
Author Imre Kalanyos shares his Story of escaping from Hungary, his native country, to seek freedom and equality in America...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      From Thunder to Breakfast (Hube Yates stories) by Gene Garrison
Hube Yates was an eleven-year-old pioneer in 1914 when he and his large family moved by covered wagon from Oklahoma to Arizona. He became an athlete, Phoenix firefighter, hunting guide, practical jokster, horseman, dude wran..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris Corporation, Xlibris – Phone 888-795-4274, Kindle Edition,

      Fudhail, An Extraordinary Boy From Batavia by Linda Purnamasari
This is the first time for me to publish my novel at western atsmophere...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Funny How Things Work Out by Christopher Pownall
"Funny How Things Work Out" is my autobiography. I have led an interesting and colourful life and I have made lots of revelations in the book that might shock some people. However, if you like a good laugh, go ahead and r..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Gaining a sense of self is now available as an e-book Kindle. 445 p. by Karen Wilson
A gritty and gently humourous journey through years of hunger, poverty,self-doubt ad deprivation...
Buy! Amazon, Dennis Jones & Associates,,, Kindle Edition,

      Gang Ranch the Real Story by Judy Alsager
A true account of the trials of a Canadian family who became owners of the largest cattle ranch in the country - skillfully told by one of the actual owners of her not-to-be-equalled experiences on the ranch...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

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Biography Books
  1. Hanging by a Thread
  2. I Am Mister Ed ... Allan 'Rocky' Lane Reve
  3. From a Shotgun Shack
  4. The Inspiring Life of Eudora Welty
  5. Henry Hudson, Doomed Navigator and Explore
  6. The Life & Times Of An Incorrigible
  7. Arctic Naturalist, The Life of J. Dewey So
  8. Jailhouse Doc: A Doctor in the County Jail
  9. Lets Forefoot da Sonovabitch; True Stories
  10. Helen Holt, Memoir of a Servant Leader

Featured Book
The Life & Times Of An Incorrigible
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

G M (jerry) Roberts has lived a life more full and colorful than most people ever will. He has lived a wild and explorative childhood. The stories herein are sometimes tr..  
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Featured Book
The Life & Times Of An Incorrigible (Hard Cover)
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

Jerry Roberts has lived a life more full and colorful than most people ever will. He has lived a wild and explorative childhood. The stories herein are sometimes tragic, ..  
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