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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Red Scarf
by Richard Mason

A Christmas story set in 1944 told by a 12 year old paperboy. A nostalgic, humous and touching story of a poor county boy's special Christmas...  
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      Casualties of the (Recession) Depression by Heather Joan Marinos
Word snapshots of real (and sometimes raw) moments experienced by people who have been adversely affected by this long economic downturn - namely, the middle class. By capturing these brief episodes and providing a written b..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author's Website, Heather Joan Marinos,

      Cathedral Street by L Hippler
South Baltimore serves as the backdrop for this gripping story of three brothers leading very different lives but joined forever by the secrets of a painful family past...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse, Cathedral Street, Kindle Edition,

      Charity's Child by Rosalie Warren
Dark deed or virgin birth? When 16-year-old Charity Baker becomes pregnant, she claims that she has never slept with a man, but that God has given her this child...
Buy! Amazon, Rosalie Warren's website, Circaidy Gregory website, Rosalie Warren - author of Charity's Child,

      Charybdis by K.A. Thompson
An engaging novel about one man's perception of himself, and how the truth can change his vision. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Charybdis, iUniverse Bookstore,

      Chelsea's Crossroads by Linda Thompson
Prepare yourself to remember Chelsea all of your life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      Chick Magnet by Mary Martinez
Madison has sworn off men, especially good-looking ones with kids. What is she to do when she runs into a handsome racecar driver and his nephew, whom she thinks is his son?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary Martinez,

      Child Of Polygamy by Kosi Avotri
A captivating story of the ordeals of the youngest daughter of a multi-religious polygamous West African family, broken and stressed by death and illnesses...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Avotribooks,

      Chinese Astrology Plain and Simple by Suzanne White
Chinese Astrological signs made easy to read about.Anecdotes abound about famous people and not-so-famous people and their Chinese signs. Funny and informative...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Suzannewhite's,,

      Choptank Blues and Other Stories by Diane Nelson
A collection of short fiction, flash fiction, narrative poetry, poetry, and essays..
Buy! I Dance with Words, Kindle Edition,

      Circle Dance by Lynne Constantine
Greek American sisters Nicole and Theodora have achieved the perfect balance between the old world rich in Greek tradition and the freedom of life in America - or so they thought. As the dramatic plot unfolds, the two young..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Paperback, Lynne Constantine, Kindle Edition,

      Circumstances by Molly Naulty
The story of how a troubled young man changes the lives of two sisters, and the people they love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CreateSpace, Amazon, Molly Ross Naulty, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Close to the Edge by vic fortezza
Crime and Punishment with sexuality as its core..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Closer to perfect: a novella of a lost love by Justin Fox
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Color of Love by Janie De Coster
Love comes in all colors and so does prejudice. Racism is still alive in today's society, but so is Love. And love conquers all...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, amazon, target, authorsden,

      Conduct in Question by Mary Martin
Lawyer,Harry Jenkins, longs for freedom and love. Trapped under his senior partners thumb and in a dead marriage, he has nearly reached his breaking point. The city is haunted by the spectre of the Florist, a sadistic murdere..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Indigo Chapters, maryemartin,

      Confessions by Renee Allen McCoy
This novel picks right up where The Kiss of Judas leaves off. It takes more twists and surprising turns just as the first. Keep an eye out for the third installment, The Eleventh Hour...
Buy! Amazon, Google Play, Renee Allen McCoy, Kindle Edition,

"CONFRONTED WITH DEATH" A tender story about Beth Stuyvesant, a young school teacher haunted by her past and threatened by her future. Beth endures the pain of dealing with a mother afflicted with ALS, an abusive father,..
Buy! Barnes &, Borders, B J BLOCH-AUTHOR,

      Constant Change by Sam Smith
The second part of the Torbay trilogy, Paths of Error, Constant Change charts the disillusion of Blue, through his various loves, from Western society and into Buddhism. That Buddhism, his version, he brings back to England, ..
Buy! Amazon, oplus, Jacobyte Books,

      Coyote Heart by Paula Margulies
A multi-cultural love story set on the Pala Indian Reservation in San Diego, California...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kirk House Publishers,,

      Cracks in the Foundation by Erica Ferencik
It’s about Ginger Kanadoo, a desperate, washed up, old school realtor who drinks too much white zinfandel and eats too many doughnut holes. She hasn’t had a sale in a year and her only listing is an outhouse w/water views of ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Crystal Clear by Dean Hybl
Crystal Clear offers a glimpse into life in small town America. While residents of the fictional village of Crystal are confronted with challenges of the modern world, they tackle each with a charm reminiscent of a by-gone er..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Crystal Clear,

      Cul de Sac by Edna Bell-Pearson
Cul de Sac is a book about a writer writing a book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Edna Bell-Pearson, Kindle Edition,

      Daddy's Apprentice: Incest, Corruption, and Betrayal-A Survivor's Story by Sandy Wilson
Daddy's Apprentice tells the shocking, horrific, true account of a child's innocence destroyed by incest, criminal corruption, and subjugation. Sandy Wilson immerses you in the horrific, true account of her childhood. You tra..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Daemon by M. King
An English grad student is haunted by the ghost of a glam rock legend in a rip-roaring, space-and-time-bending journey through music, murder, and mayhem...
Buy! Buy direct from publisher, Buy from OmniLit, Author's website,

      Dance of the Lights by Stephen Geez
A touching book of loss, grief,and renewal..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fresh Ink Group,

      Dance of the Misbegotten by Allison Alexander
In the heart of Appalachia......Iona, a young mother on the run.....Sam Langham, a rough-hewn married man......An affair that changes their lives. Years later, in his search for Iona, Sam comes face-to-face with their two dau..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Dancing Backward in Paradise by Vera Jane Cook
Despite mayhem and murder in a small Southern town, a young woman can find paradise in the least likely places...
Buy! Amazon, Vera Jane Cook, Musa Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      Dancing In The Void by Robert Levin
Imagine living in a place where the only daylight is a hallway of recessed bulbs, where clouds gathering are but shadows looming, and the songs of birds, the muffled sounds of voices lurking. Then imagine the nights - the qui..
Buy! Amazon, Robert Edward Levin,

      Dark Side Of The Moon by Tami Parrington
Kia Lambert will do anything to connive her way into a pop star's entourage. Once she finds her way in, she must fight disillusionment, backstage intrigue--and a murder charge--to get back out...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tami Parrington's home page - Dark Side Sample,

      Darkness Descending by Bethann Korsmit
A patriarch's downward spiral into despair that is brought on by bigotry and betrayal, and a family's attempt to save him from descending into darkness...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Deep Waters by Dorene Meyer
In Deep Waters, award-winning novelist, Dorene Meyer takes you on a journey into a First Nations community. This fast-paced contemporary fiction challenges the myth perpetuated by the church that some sins are greater in God’..
Buy! McNally Robinson Booksellers, Dorene Meyer - Author and Teacher,

      Dem Church Folk (softcover) by M McKenney
Bubba Lee had to spend all day at church on Sundays and he would watch those church folk doing any and everything and wondered why they were even at church...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublilshAmerica, Ammazon,

      Desperate House Dad by Scott Tenkman
Desperate House Dad is a hilarious, feel-good story that delves into the day-to-day trials and tribulations of raising children, but all from the unique perspective of a stay-at-home dad...
Buy! Wings ePress,

      Diary of a Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Maliga
Chris Yarborough is a Midwesterner as green as the corn back home in Ohio. This former bookstore employee moves out to Los Angeles to pursue a profitable career in screenwriting...
Buy! Amazon, Official Website of Author Lisa Maliga, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Different Roads by Joyce Scarbrough
New edition coming soon! This is my second novel. Chapter One is available as free download, and Chapter Two is posted in the Short Story section. How many of us have ever wondered what might have been? Diff..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Authors Ink Books,

      Divide by Zero by Sheila Deeth
Sometimes it takes a child to raise a subdivision...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Division by Karen Wyle
New cloning technology gives conjoined twins Gordon and Johnny the chance to live separate lives -- but only one of them wants that chance...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Purchase page on author website, Division's page on Wyle's author website, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Do No Harm by James Snedden
Focuses on three young men graduating from medical school...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Down a Tuscan Alley by Laura Graham
Lorri is searching for a new life. She finds one down a dark alleyway in Tuscany: mishaps, intrigue, passion and a journey of self-discovery await her.....
Buy! Solstice Publishing, Amazon UK, Kindle Edition,

      Downsized by Robert Fitton
A successful corporate animal gets downsized and returns to his roots...
Buy! The Fitton Chronicles,

      Drawing Breath by Laurie Boris
A teen artist develops a complicated friendship with her teacher, a painter with cystic fibrosis...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Dreamspell Goddess by Joyce Scarbrough
Collection of short stories that all feature strong women as protagonists. We are woman, hear us roar!..
Buy! Amazon, L&L Dreamspell,

      Dreamspell Revenge by Joyce Scarbrough
Short story anthology from L&L Dreamspell..
Buy! Amazon, Fictionwise, L&L Dreamspell,

      Dreamtown by Genie Davis
A deadly confrontation with a jealous mobster sends jazz musician Jake Romero on the road, where he finds the love of his life in restless young waitress Anne Ryan...
Buy! Amazon, Dreamtown,

      Echoes by William Darke
Two hundred years after a Celtic Goddess becomes trapped inside the world's first photograph, the creature haunts the photographer's descendent in order to force him to free her...
Buy! Darke Arch Audio, Wings ePress, Inc., William E. Darke's Official Website,

      Echoes (Audio Version) by William Darke
In 1810, the Morrigu, a creature from Celtic mythology, was trapped inside the world's first photograph. Two hundred years later, the creature begins haunting Christopher Northway, the photographer's descendant because he has..
Buy! Amazon, Darke Arch Audio, Darke Arch Audio,

      Echoes From Heaven by Tammy Thompson
The final book in the series, Betty Jean and the entire Cole family find a bond that few families find in a lifetime. Surrounded by the mountains, the dream stays alive for Lizzy, Betty Jean, Ma, Pa and the rest. Somehow, h..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author Tammy D. Thompson,

      Echoes of Ellen by b oswald
ECHOES OF ELLEN (122,697 words): Hidden under his late wife Ellen’s bed, Bill Lewis finds four boxes of stories she wrote during their marriage that he knew nothing about; stories that reminded him of people they knew, places..
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Eloise by Lorraine Agnew
Did you ever wonder what your cat (or dog, for that matter) is thinking? In Eloise, a neighborhood stray gets to examine the lives of those living on a small dead-end street in Cherry Hill, NJ...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Emergence Of Hope by Jeff Neugroschel
New Jersey Teenager Searches For World Trade Center Survivor!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Wal-Mart,

      Ending UP by Ellen Dye
Wanda Jo Ashton is starting over at 40. That is if she survives the cross country trip, family feuds, computer phobias and homebrewing explosions along the way...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Eros' Revenge — The Brave New World of American Sex by Boye De Mente
A psychotherapist who uses sex surrogates to treat patients; a brilliant, uninhibited woman, and a lascivious sporting goods salesman liberate sex in America and change the course of history!..
Buy! Phoenix Books/Publishers,

      Ethnic Windows & The Outside Within by Francis DiPietro
In the novel Ethnic Windows, a young man must overcome social discrimination to honor the memory of his lost love. In The Outside Within, a powerful businessman struggles to understand why his younger brother is tryi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Everlasting by Stacy Deanne
A modern-day Romeo and Juliet love story centering around two Latino, Bronx teens and gang violence...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Stacy-Deanne Official Web site,

      Facing Reality (The Dream Series) by Carol Marlene Smith
This is Book two of the Dream Series. Marlee's life continues...
Buy! Facing Reality, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Fallow's Field by Dennis McKay
Set in the farmlands of mid-America in the late nineteenth century, Fallow's Field tells the story of a man whose work is his only solace as he buries his emotions amidst the growing blades of golden wheat until a beautiful w..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dennis McKay,

      Farley Brothers Drugs & Sundries by Kathryn North
A short story collection. Some stories have been written for this collection and some have appeared in small magazines...
Buy! Hard Shell Word Factory, Kathryn Awe w/a Kathryn North,

      Fighting for Dear Life by David Gibbs, III
David Gibbs took a leap of faith in September 2003when Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri Schiavo's parents, asked him to become the lead attorney in their frantic fight to save their daughter's life. Taking the case pro bono, Gib..
Buy! Amazon,, Fighting for Dear Life,

      Final Paradox now available by Mary Martin
You can order Final Paradox at bookstore...
Buy! Barnes &, www.maryemartin,

      Finding Grace by Mary Saracino
Finding Grace earned the 1999 Colorado Authors' League Award for Adult Mainstream/Literary Fiction. This novel is the sequel to Saracino's 1994 Minnesota Book Award nominated first novel, No Matter What...
Buy! Amazon,

      Finding Hope by Linda Rettstatt
We’ve all had one of those days when we’ve been tempted to give in to frustration and compose an ‘I quit’ letter—a letter we never intend to submit. Janet DeMarco is having one of those days. In the chaos of demanding phone c..
Buy! Amazon, Wings ePress, Linda Rettstatt,

      Flashback by Gordon Mann
A story of love and infidelity spanning two centuries...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iuniverse,,

      Flood: A Saga by b oswald
FLOOD (109,930 words): Rain, usually the farmer’s friend, becomes the enemy of the Conklin family farm, a farm that began as a homestead on the western Iowa prairie, grew into one of the largest and wealthiest farms in Humbol..
Buy! Amazon, b f oswald, Kindle Edition,

      Follow Your Heart by Lori Paris
Sara Martin is a bright young woman just graduating from college and looking toward the future. Sara and her Aunt have carefully reconstructed their world after a gruesome homicide cut short the lives of her parents when Sara..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Foolish Is The Heart by Michael Embry
The story about a middle-aged man opening his life to many possibilities in his search for self-fulfillment...
Buy! Barnes &, Wings ePress, Wings ePress,

      For Better For Worse by Jane Beck
Those four words slipped so easily off the tongue but Liz, like most brides, never gave the 'worse' a second thought...
Buy! Amazon, Google,

      For Better or Worse by Mark Lichterman
Through seven years as two familiar young people become an adult man and woman, a husband and wife and, eventually, responsible parents...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mark Lichterman,, Kindle Edition,

      For Crying Out Loud by C P Whitaker
For Crying Out Loud centers around a one damn thing after another, conflicted modern day relationship. Humorous, poignant and unpredictable, the reader laughs, cries and rides the emotional roller coaster with the two main ch..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, iUniverse Publishing,

      For The Love Of God Book Two: The Alex and Marissa Saga by C P Whitaker
Live, love, laugh and learn - the cornerstones of Whitaker's social conscience fiction remain rock solid in the second installment of Alex and Marissa's relationship rollercoaster ride...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,,

      Foredestined by Amy Zajac
A story about destruction of the earth and the pockets of survivors who are part of the long term recovery...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Forever by Timmothy McCann
Forever is Timmothy McCann's third book. It brings back that unforgettable couple from Until--Drew Staley and Betty Robinson. "The novel examines the first year of an American Marriage and examines the question, when we s..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Authors Site,

      Forever Autumn by Gale Thorstone
A pagan shape shifter, V has the life any woman would want… until an unknown nemesis takes it all away and she falls into a dark brutal place seeking bloody vengeance...
Buy! Amazon,

      Fossil Rocks by Barbara Olexer
Take a former country star, add a beautiful mining magnate, stir into a tiny town known for its fossil beds and stand back. It's an explosive mixture!..
Buy! Amazon, JoyousPub,

      Freddie by Cherise Wyneken
Brief Overview: “Freddie” In a world steeped in hate and acts of revenge, “Freddie” offers readers a timely story of reconciliation. The multicultural novel involves a mystery, a romance, and a spiritual struggle...
Buy! Amazon, Authors Den,

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Featured Book
Lyin' Like a Dog
by Richard Mason

Lyin' Like a Dog is the sequel to The Red Scarf...  
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Featured Book
Stone of Heaven
by Lucille

Sequel to Journey from Shanghai. Rafaella and Mai-yeen emigrate to America. This is the Place! for them. At last they come to rest. But a nasty surprise awaits them...  
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