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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Canon of Grand Triad (Tai Xuan Jing)
by Alexander Goldstein

This is a new translation of Yang Xiong's oracle composed at the turn of millenniums for diviners in practice rather than idle intellectuals. Relying on the earliest comm..  
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     Featured "Inspirational" Books!


      all folks were created equal by Melvia Miller
Dr. Martin Luther King's famous statement best summarizes what this book encompasses-- "A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..." ======================================= SPE..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Edu-tainment Center, Mothership Publications, TRUE HISTORY MUSEUM,

      All I Want Is ... Everything A Guide to Love, Peace and Happiness by Kim Upstone
All I Want is…Everything is a refreshing, yet practical guide for anyone seeking true peace and harmony in their lives. Her guidance in creating a life enriched and enlightened is a must read for everyone searching for their ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, A New Day A New Vision, All I Want Is ... Everything,

      All Things by June Bare
Sue, an aspiring young violinist is thrust into a nightmare. Her innocence is shattered. The book tells how she deals with it and overcomes the nightmare through her faith in God...
Buy! Amazon, Nestled in the Woods,

      Almost Always Fatal-Surviving Cancer with a Sense of Humor by Kathy Walton
In August of 2004, Chuck was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma, which, according to stats is almost always fatal. Chuck used his humor to take him on the journey of cancer treatment and self discovery. Very quick read!..
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      Almost Persuaded, Now to believe by Joshua McClure
Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe by Joshua A. McClure "In Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe, Joshua A. McClure unveils what the spiritual life really looks like. " ..
Buy! Amazon, Tate Publishing,

      AlphA-Men Against All Odds by Debra Sawyer
AlphA-Men Against All Odds is a collection of prose based upon the views, opinions and perceptions of inner city high school male students and their mentors. AlphA-Men Against All Odds is an open and candid look inside the m..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, DiaShah Press LLC, diashahpress,

      Amani na Mapenzi: Love & Peace by Sharon Moore a'Kihoro - Stenhouse
We cannot have peace without love. Amani na Mapenzi: Love & Peace (The Poetic Writings of a'Kihoro) is a compilation of work targeting young adults, African-Americans, abused women, and just plain folks. Agape love, spiritual..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, a'Kihoro SPIRITUAL CREATIONS, Lulu,

      Amani na Mapenzi: Love & Peace Volume Two by Sharon Moore a'Kihoro - Stenhouse
An extension of the 2007 publication Amani na Mapenzi: Love & Peace..
Buy! Amazon, a'Kihoro SPIRITUAL CREATIONS, Lulu,

      An Alphabet of Affirmations by Maria Jordan
An Alphabet of Affirmations are mantras of hope, peace and encouragement filling your space with positive energy...
Buy! Amazon, marcoujor's musings, Kindle Edition,

      An Art of Living by Sergio Serrano, Ph.D.
A new translation by Sergio E. Serrano of this inspirational book containing sound advice on the art of living by the late historian, biographer, and philosopher, Andre Maurois. Our lives are works of art, expressions of inne..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Barnes & Noble, SpiralPress,

      An Everlasting Hope by Sandra Bouie
Hope is never lost, but has already been found!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, An Everlasting Hope,

      An Orientation to our Life by John Kunnathu
This book is an orientation to human life. Written specifically for young men and women, it will help every reader to make their life meaningful, successful, and easier. Addressing fifteen basic questions about life, this boo..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace,,

      Anatomy Of A Stroke At Fifteen by Nathalie Aubertin
A story of survival and determination. Faced with a future living as a quadreplegic I refused to give up. With the use of a mouth-stick I typed one key at a time until my book was completed some 3 years later...
Buy! Nathalie Aubertin, Nathalie's story - Anatomy of a stroke at fifteen.,

      And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks by Raine
Originally available in hard cover, this book will shortly be available in paper back cover 5" x 7" published by Tate Publishing Ltd..
Buy! Spiritual, Spiritual,

      Angel on My Shoulder by Arlene Graber
Pringle Taylor lives an uncomplicated life in Brooklyn, New York until she is faced with unemployment, and an engagement she doesn't want. Time is marching on for this thirty-year-old but after a pity-party and a bundle o so..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Arlene Rains Graber, Kindle Edition,

      Angels of Hope by Margo Snyder
Book of Angels for all Seasons. The book contains Angel Prayers which are Orthodox, Christian and Kaddish Prayer. The Angels watch over us in every season. The secret of the Angel's Prayer is Love and love is a ti..
Buy! Barnes &,,,,

      Angels of Peace by Margo Snyder
Book of Prayers: A book to calm the heart and soul. This book contains Angel Pictures and Prayers which are especially comforting to read at night.Angels of Peace Margo Snyder All Rights Reserved Can be viewed..
Buy! Barnes &,,,

      Angels on High by Walter Deecki
This story is about a very special friendship between a thirteen-year-old boy named Jimmie and an elderly man named Samuel Pulaski. Samuel shares stories about his life with all who are willing to listen, but mostly with his ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Angels on High,

      Angels on High (The Challenge) by Walter Deecki
Great Inspirational book that refreshes the spirit and restores your faith in friends and neighbors. It shows that anything is possible with Gods help!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Anna's Prayer by Karl Beckstrand
This vivid picture book tells the true story of 10-year-old Anna, who arrives alone at her U.S. destination—not knowing anyone and unable to speak English. But Anna learns she is never alone. Anna’s Prayer is a delightful tal..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Gozo Picture Books,

      Anointed with Courage by ALEDA MARSHALL
POSSESS YOUR PROMISED LAND! Are we lacking COURAGE and cowering in fear because we have narrowed our scope of faith in and reliance on the power of Almighty God?..
Buy! Amazon, AMAZON BOOKS, Kindle Edition,

      Another Man's Seed by Robert Bobby Mitchell
Robert Mitchell works tirelessly at uniting families. Robert would like to meet children and parents who honestly are seeking guidance in child rearing. His book, Another Man's Seed, offers comfort, education, and inspiration..
Buy! Author's Website, Robert L. Mitchell Official Website,

      Another Second Chance ..God's Story by Troy Lewis
How a stranger's kidney saved my life ...And my brother's too! An inspirational true story that will strengthen your Faith and renew your belief in miracles!..
Buy! Amazon, Another Second Chance, Another Second Chance, Kindle Edition,

      Another Solution (Crowley County Series # 4) by Trennis Killian
Another uplifting Christian novel series from the author of the Sycamore P.D. Series. Crowley County Series Join the people of Crowleyville as they face the challenges of small town life while struggling to ..
Buy! T. E. Killian, T. E. Killian, Kindle Edition,

      Antuan Rene' Simmons- The Mustard Seed by Antuan Simmons
The Mustard Seed, is a great book of inspiration. It has stories of wisdom and a love for life. Know what the Faith of a Mustard Seed is all about...
Buy! Amazon, Southern Poet, Southern Poet, Kindle Edition,

      Are We There Yet? by Susan Corpany
Beverlly's "blended famiily" has gotten to the point where she and her husband feel ready to try to have a child together--someone who will belong to all of them from the beginning. Her young son has a loving relationship wi..
Buy! Amazon, Deseret Book, BYU Bookstore, Hagoth Publishing Company,

      Are You In The Transformation Mode? Jesus Then and Now by Ernie Heavin
Too often, we view Christ's great works THEN as exalted and his power today, NOW, as questionable. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Writings From Heavin, Kindle Edition,

      Are You Speaking Life or Death by ALEDA MARSHALL
Are we SPEAKING BLESSINGS or CURSES? There are many more SPOKEN Words of DEATH rather than the SPOKEN WORD of LIFE being broadcast into the atmosphere today; WASTED WORDS of BABEL! God SPOKE His WORD and created LIFE. God's W..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Books, Kindle Edition,

      Artisan of the Human Spirit-Awakening to Life's Lessons by Tony Anders
A collection of inspirational essays sharing how some of life's most enduring and profound lessons can be placed before us, in an obscure context, yet how we are best positioned to receive them...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tony, Tony Anders Web Site, Lulu,

      As Clear as Claire Gets, A Conversation with the Past by Eva Santiago
A true story of a girl, who was orphaned in her childhood and she lost her entire family. She learns about life and love through her faith in God. She overcomes many obstacles as she opens her heart to the healing she recieve..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes&noble, Authorhouse, Eva Santiago's Offical Website ,

      as my soul prospers by Jaye Murphy
the development of a prosperous soul..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jaye Murphy,

      As You Go (Our Love Will Be With You) by Lee Liebner
Inspiration gift book / song-on-CD / scrapbook / journal. Parents or other close family members will want to give this book to a young person as he or she enters the great wide world...
Buy! Amazon, As You Go Books, Ebay, As You Go,

      At Ground Level by Regina Sanford
How do we fly, with no wings? The answer is in this book.....
Buy! Reginas Books, booksamillion,

      At Heaven's Doorway: Mystical Golden Roses for Spiritual Growth by Diane Line
At Heaven's Doorway: Mystical Golden Roses for Spiritual Growth is an inspirational memoir, the story of my spiritual journey and my daughter's spiritual awakening...
Buy! AuthorHouse, At Heaven's Doorway,

      Athletes and Emcees by J Cole
Jahmal Cole at his best! Fresh, hip and inspiring, Athletes & Emcees brings motivation to the heart of the inner city. Entertaining the reader with his true stories, he delivers a much-needed message using his experi..
Buy! Urban Edge Publishing, Urban Edge Publishing,

      Author inspires greatness while challenging conventional notions of success by Joel Bryant
Sense and Significance is a provocative look at contemporary life. The subjects are broad and the sentiment is deep, enough to drown our seeming sorrows...
Buy! Sense and Significance: A Dreamer's Perspective, Joel Bryant, Author/Inspirational Speaker,

      Autism & Alleluias by Kathleen Bolduc
A national report released in October 2009 in the Journal of Pediatrics reveals that one in every 91 children has an autism spectrum disorder. Most everyone knows a family that has been affected. What is the role that faith p..
Buy! Amazon, Kathleen Bolduc, Kathleen Deyer Bolduc - Parenting a Special Child,

      Awake O Sleeper: How I Rediscovered God Through Breast Cancer by Katherine Murphy
AWAKE O SLEEPER: HOW I REDISCOVERED GOD THROUGH CANCER tells the story of the most defining moment of my life, the day I recieved a diagnosis of breast cancer and how that ultimately changed my life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books A Million, Walmart, Katherine Murphy's Website,

      Awakening the Genie Within by Bettye Johnson
A Journey of Discovery of the great potentials in each of us...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Alibris, Secrets of the Magdlene Scrolls,

      Awakening Your Sense of Wonder by Janet Bly
What is your wonder quotient? Are you alert to the splendor in everyday events? What amazes you?..
Buy! Bly Books, Bly Books,

      Away With This Inverted World by Robert Hare
AWAY WITH THIS INVERTED WORLD: timeless idealism must overthrow our painful realism - in spirituality and in society. Noble heroes can all agree with what’s wrong in the world - and what’s right. Throughout history, noble her..
Buy! Barnes &,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Bad Girl Gone Mom by K.C. Lauer
The story opens with the protagonist at 17-1/2 relating her experience with a bad hitchhiking ride that leads her once again to the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous. At 13, she almost died and the experience affected her deeply ..
Buy! Amazon, Bad Girl Gone Mom, Bad Girl Gone Mom,

      Battling for Your Prophetic Destiny by Herman Najoli
You have a great destiny! In his book, The Road to Arrival, Herman J. Najoli described, in insightful detail, the ten empowering principles for actualizing your dreams. In Quest for Light, he zeroed in on the power of divine ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Laughing, Loving, and Learning by Cynthia
According to Deepak Chopra, "Cynthia Brian's advice in Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference will make a big difference in your life, so you can have more fulfillment an..
Buy! Amazon, Be the Star You Are!, Starstyle,

      Be Your Best! A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life by Jeff Thibodeau
Be Your Best! A Roadmap to Living a Healthy, Balanced and Fulfilling Life is a personal growth book aimed at helping people navigate everyday life challenges...
Buy! Amazon, Jeff Thibodeau, Jeff Thibodeau,

      Beauty Forever Reigns by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson
A rare combination of poetry and inspiration carefully woven into 11 chapters of contemplation such as love, hope, fate, loneliness to passion, spirituality...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Powell's Bookstore, Ancient Quill,

      Beckoned by the King by Jeannie Pallett
Beckoned by the King is an expression of the heart of Father God inspiring, strengthening and encouraging believers to move deeper into His presence in spite of life's obstacles. A Bible study based on Psalm 119, the trut..
Buy! Amazon, psalm119greaterthangold, Psalm 119 Greater than Gold,

      Beginning of Life- Heartfelt Poetry by Chanetta McNeal
"Beginning of Life-Heartfelt Poetry" is a book of poems and spoken word. This book will enlighten the people who choose to believe in the impossible even though they have experienced extreme hardship in their lives. The etern..
Buy! Amazon, Conquering Books, Amazon,

      Beirut: God's Boot Camp by Thomas Iannucci
This a true account of a US Embassy Marine in Beirut, Lebanon, during one of its most hostile times: 1987,88. Through fear and uncertainty, it is a journey from self reliance to Christ reliance...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Breath of Life Christian Ministries,

      Bella Maura, Book 1, Beautiful Justice Series by Dawn Dyson
Christian Fiction, Romance/Suspense. Release date October 5, 2010. Published by Creation House...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dawn Dyson,

      Betrayal in a Nutshell by lili dauphin
With understanding, compassion and humor, Lili Dauphin shows us how we can stand strong in the face of betrayal...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, islandlili,

      Beware the Winds of Doctrine by Henry Miranda
A Christian should be grounded and rooted in the word of God, if not, he is prone to be dispersed or destroyed by the winds of doctrine..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Beyond Poverty Line by Samuel Ehikhamen
The bestselling life transforming book ever writen...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Smashwords, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond The Veil: A Meditation In Psalms by M.H. Wesley
Discover God's divine plan for your life through the pages of Psalms. Grow in your walk with him and discover who God designed you to be...
Buy! Amazon, M.H. Wesley,

      Big Bucks and the Boogerman by Patricia Backora
Tex the Longhorn steer narrates a bunch of funny stories and articles which aim to steer folks away from low-down televangelist banditos who are only out to make a quick buck. The meanest sidewinders will even threaten people..
Buy! I-Proclaim, Big Bucks and the Boogerman,

      Birth Your Book by Liz Alexander
So you've wanted to write a book for months or years and still haven't written a word? Or you started your book but never got round to finishing it? This is the book you need! It will help you shine a light on the mental bloc..
Buy! Amazon, The Book Doula, Kindle Edition,

      Bitter Water by Sherri Smith
They say you can't go home again, but this time they are wrong! Author Sherri Smith leads the reader gently through Bitter Water. As an insecure teenager, Mara Conley flees from a life of misery, lonliness, and abuse on the..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tate Publishing, Tate Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      Black Beans 'N Rice by Dena Tyson
Escaping an abusive relationship and finding real love for the very first time...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buy Books On the Web, Literary Works of Dena Tyson,

      Black Body Radiation and the Ultaviolet Catastrophe by Jeff Brown
It's a philosophical, theological, science fiction / fantasy, comedy, satire, essay. Or The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy meets Harry Potter meets Gulliver's Travels meets Groucho Marx meets Ghandi? Wow!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Black History & Me by Dionne Fields
Black History, todays american woman of color trying to make a difference. ..
Buy! Barnes &, Black History & Me, Black History & Me, Lulu,

      Black is Beautiful...And That's The Truth! by Debra Sawyer
Author, JUDI JONES', "BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL...and That's The Truth!" Is the latest work published by Debra D. Sawyer's publishing house, DiaShah Press, LLC. TO ORDER BOOKS, CONTACT: JUDI JONES: SUAVEGIRL@OPTONLINE.NET O..
Buy! Barnes &,

      Blessed Assurance by CLEVETTE HARRIS
A few of my stories added with some Psalms to bless our Savior all the day long...
Buy! Amazon, Kingdom Publishing, Queen Clevette Harris, Queen Clevette Harris,

      Blessings of Purpose by Alicia Jones
The true cost of success isn’t just financial–it can be spiritual. What price would you be willing to pay? ..
Buy! Amazon, Alicia Hill Jones, Destiny 11 Publications, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Body of Knowledge by Bryce Anderson
He's the most intelligent man I ever met. His friendship meant everything to me. So logically he had to die. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu,

      Born With His DNA by CoCo Banken
Biography written in first person narrative...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Brain-dead, No Chance of Recovery by Sheila Bell
"With no regrets and oodles of lessons learned, this is the story of a man with a prognosis of “brain-dead, no chance of recovery” who overcame all odds. Spurred along by an author whose loved one had a stroke, my family and..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author Website for Brain-dead, No Chance of Recovery,

      Breaking Forth: Using the Light to Dispel the Darkness by Jodi-Ann Walker
Breaking Forth: Using the Light to Dispel the Darkness teaches you how to use the power within you to overcome self-imposed limitations and societal barriers...
Buy! (printed version), (digital version), Inspirtational Insights on How to Overcome Mental Barriers and Limitations, Lulu,

      Breathe Again by Lavinia Masters
This book is dedicated to all the survivors of sexual assault, whether of the past, present, the young, old, man or woman, boy or girl, who spend their lives holding their breaths, not able to breathe because they are seeking..
Buy! Amazon, Masters Authority, Masters Authority ,

      Bright Blessings by Suzie Palmer
Themes explore life, human nature, our inherent oneness, and true selves.....
Buy! Amazon, Suzie Palmer,

      bright shadows by khayam ali
Bright shadows is a collection of inspirational poem with a realistic view of peace, love and harmony...
Buy! Amazon,

      Brown Paper Bag, a Novel by Venus Mason Theus
From sin, abuse and abandonment to repentance, recovery and redemption ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim by Simhananda
This book is a stunning photographic journey that unveils the changing face of Buddhism throughout the ages. Each photograph that composes this remarkable work of art, is accompanied by a profound thought, translated in three..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications,

      Building a Noble World by Shiv Jhawar
Shiv R. Jhawar, founder of Noble World Foundation, promotes peace, harmony, and well-being in the world with the release of his book, Building a Noble World. Insightful, inspiring, and educational, the book offers practical s..
Buy! Amazon, Noble World Foundation,

      Building Sunday School by the Owner's Design by Danny Von Kanel
100 Tools for Successful Kingdom Growth by Building your Sunday school...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CSS Publishing, Framework Ministries,

      Building Your Life by the Owner's Design by Danny Von Kanel
We can build our lives one frame at a time that will take us through the five spiritual growth stages and lead to a life that has meaning, impacts our world, and brings glory to God...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, 4RV Publishing, Danny Von Kanel, 4RV Publishing,

      Bullies Exposed, Stop the Madness by Ton'e Brown
Share Bullies stories and ways to recognize the bully and ways to overcome the affect of a bullies wrath...
Buy! Ton'e Brown, Ton'e Brown Book Page,

      But He Was So Nice: How to Spot Mr. Wrong a Mile Away by E J
Both fiction and non-fiction in the same book, But He Was So Nice is about relationships and domestic violence...
Buy! Turnaround Publishing, Turnaround Publishing,

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Featured Book
Perils & Promises, Life on Mission
by Frances Seymour

Tossed out of one's comfort zone and to the end of the land. You'll enjoy the humourous prose used to descibe life in the down east area of Atlantic, North Carolina--..  
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Featured Book
Awakening the Genie Within
by Bettye Johnson

A Journey of Discovery of the great potentials in each of us...  
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