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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Opinionists
by Richard French

This novel puts two periods of America's past side by side -- the 17th century and the mid-20th. Both tell about frustrations that occur in the quest for creativity and f..  
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     Featured "Literary Fiction" Books!


      Arella's Repertoire by Elayne Zalis
Framed as an online text that Arella posts incrementally throughout the month of December 1999, the narrative explores personal and cultural memory...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Arella's Repertoire,

      Around the World in 80 Pages by Sharon Cathcart
Anthology of ten short stories, each taking place in a different locale...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Smashwords, Author's Website, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Artista by the Sea by Karen Devaney
A woman artist trying discovering love, secrets, and her passions for painting...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author/Writer, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      As I Died Laughing by David Lloyd
When Michael creates a virtual character to seduce his wife, he quickly loses control over his creation, slipping into a world where he no longer knows where reality ends and fiction begins. And he begins to wonder if he is w..
Buy! Amazon, As I Died Laughing, Kindle Edition,

      At the Heart of Truth by Rachel Burkum
Jeff Curtis’ life is spinning out of control. Thoughts of abandonment and failure plague his mind as he struggles to keep his job at Twin Oaks horse farm and prove himself worthy of racing. But nothing is ever easy for someon..
Buy! Amazon,

      At The Table Of Want by Larry Kimport
At the Table of Want is a coming-of-age story that is so much more than one young man’s journey into adulthood. Truman’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, and struggles become the reader’s own. We are more than merely..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, At The Table Of Want,

      Auroraview, Alaska by David Cristwell
An adventure story based in the northwest part of Alaska. Follow the bush pilots, fishing guides, hunting guides, and other characters as they partake of the magnificence of the Last Frontier. Witness narrow rescues from a mu..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Auroraview, Alaska,

      Austin Nights by Michael Davidson
Bridget has a fierce desire for survival which makes her a fighter. Michael has a hankering after immortality which makes him a dreamer. And that is the great difference between these two Austin transplants who love each othe..
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Tiny TOE Press, Tiny TOE Press,

      Autobiography of a Worm by Ed Tasca
A mystery story turned upside down, the killer tells you in the opening pages that he has killed, and then recounts his tale, teasing with potential victims, all people who love and befriend him...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Eternalpress, Kindle Edition,

      Autumn Shadows in August by Robert Norris
Modeled roughly on Malcolm Lowry's "Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid," Robert W. Norris's "Autumn Shadows in August" is part homage to Lowry and Hermann Hesse, part mushroom retrospective, and part middle-aged love..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Press, Robert W. Norris, Author of Expatriate and Antiwar Fiction,

      B. Horror and Other Stories by Wendell Mayo
A collection of short stories hat deal with little daily 'horrors' of contemporary life...
Buy! Amazon, Author Wendell Mayo, Kindle Edition,

      Back to Newark by Len Serafino
This is an intriguing story about a man in mid-life who is forced to return to his roots to rediscover himself...
Buy! Amazon,

      Bamboo Ring by D. K. Christi
Melani is born in the arms of love in S. Korea and travels six continents to fill the void of its loss. Abandoned in a German blizzard, stranded in a Baghdad Airport, Melani overcomes challenges that provide the agony and ec..
Buy! Amazon, Black Rose Writing, BordersBooks, Consultant and Author, D. K. Christi,

      Barbecue with the Muses by Wallace Stephens
An adaptation of Virgil's Eclogues into culinary crime fiction...
Buy! Booksurge,

      Beatrice Munson by Lorena Bathey
Lost in the world of suburbia, Marissa Lyons learns her high school nemesis had just bought the house across from her. Will this open all the insecurities from high school? But when Marissa sees Beatrice she finds something s..
Buy! Beatrice Munson, Beatrice Munson, Lorena B Books,

      Beautiful by Wanda McKiver
The tale of two sisters overcoming obstacles found in a negectful household...
Buy! Barnes &, Wanda McKiver, Wanda McKiver,

      Beautiful is Blue by Teri Daws
Buy! Amazon, Waterstones, Whsmith, Beautiful is Blue,

      Beauty Rising by Mark Sasse
A Vietnamese woman and an American man find hope and each other from 12,000 miles away...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Author Central, Kindle Edition,

      Beauty's Price by David Rory O'Neill
We follow Regan from Surviving Beauty into adulthood...
Buy! AmazonKindle, Createspace, Writers Blog, Kindle Edition,

      Bedtime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter by Barbara Worton
Bedtime Stories is a collection of tales pulled from the stacks of journals Worton penned to write herself to sleep. This delicious book with a clarity of spirit is also a how to write yourself to sleep. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Great Little Books, LLC, Great Little Books, LLC,

      Before Another Sunset by Jason Zandri
Friends uncover true feelings and a kind drifter’s travels bring him closer to the town...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Before the Storm by Diane Chamberlain
It’s often difficult for me to characterize my books, and Before the Storm is no exception. It’s part suspense, part mystery, and one hundred percent family drama. It’s about how far family members will go to protect one anot..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Diane,

      Believable Lies by Neil Crabtree
Short Stories by Neil Crabtree. The stories run a cycle from hippie stoner days through midlife and into anear-future where seniors are offered rewards for Early Termination...
Buy! Amazon, Neil's eBooks,, Amazon Kindle Store,

      Belonging by Bill Pieper
A tale of Califonia's modern gold country and the continuing need to build and maintain community in an ever more globalized world...
Buy! Amazon, Google Ebookstore, BP Booksite,

      Bench by Nick Choo
Various characters are unknowingly connected by a common denominator: An old, weatherbeaten bench in the middle of an empty field...
Buy! Amazon, Kobo (e-Book), iUniverse,

      Best of Every Day Fiction - 2008 by E Irwin
Anthology - Best of Every Day Fiction - 2008..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Every Day Fiction, Every Day Fiction,

      Best of Friends by Sherry Brantley
Details the friendship that five women have cultivated over the years, chronicling how the women collectively face the personal issues each must deal with individually. It begins when the lead character, Elizabeth is summon..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, publishing, Pie For the Heart,

      Between Clouds and the Sea by Frank Ryan
19-year-old Mylie O'Farrel is interested in music, girls and wild nights out on the town in London. Then Harry, an elderly ex-army officer, is brought into the psychiatric unit where Mylie works, purportedly for ha..
Buy! Amazon, FPR-Books Ltd, Swift Publishers,

      Beyond Innocence by Sunny Serafino
Take a prim, proper young woman in Boston in 1950, add a measure of self-reliance and courage——then hustle her off to New York City in a fit of rebellion and what do you get? You get Dorothea Fitz-Simmons, young, naive and he..
Buy! Amazon,

      Billy and the Empress by Michael Yarwood
Story of a ten year old boy Billy Watson and his tabby cat Toby. The Empress, a white hosiptal ship. Set in liverpool 1942...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Bitácoras de Soledad by Hector Domingo
Un hombre con un sueño frustrado sacará a relucir sus habilidades bajo las circunstancias más inesperadas. Una anciana sin recuerdos, pero con la imaginación suficiente para construir cientos de historias y un cuadernillo con..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu, Amazon, Héctor Domingo, Lulu,

      Bits & Pieces of Me by Rebecca Buckley
My second collection of short stories...
Buy! R. J. Buckley Publishing,

      Bits and Pieces from a Writer's Soul by CJ Heck
This book is now in both, print and ebook!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle, Nook, Barking Spiders Poetry for Children, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Bitter Instinct by Robert Walker
When Philadelphia yuppie-cafe culture begins a new trend in poetry readings that involve a lot of skin, a killer who absolutely loves his victims begins taking lives literally with a poisoned pen, and Dr. Jessica Coran, FBI M..
Buy! Amazon,, Penguin Putnam,

      Black Butterfly 4: TEMPER! by Dante Feenix
Eboni's life finally takes it's toll on her son as he too spins out of control...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dante Feenix, Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Black Greek Coffee by konstantina sozou-kyrkou
23 short stories describing events from people's lives in rural 20th century Greece...
Buy! Amazon, Matador site,

      Black Rose by ROBERT WOMACK
Welcome to the world of Black Rose and all the killing that flashes throughout her victims...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Black Rose, Kindle Edition,

      Blight by Noel McCready
'Blight' is about the Doherty family's experiences during the potato famine in the Skibbereen area 1845 - 1847. The novel has its roots in Anna's childhood and adolescence...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Blinded Love 2: Kim's Struggle by Lena Banks
After going through a very difficult situation, Kim is left fighting for her life...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Blinded Love: Kim's Story by Lena Banks
A story of two young lady's journey down a dark path that they call love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Blood of My Brother II: The Face Off by Zoe Woods
What will Roc do when he finds out the true identity of Solo? Will the blood shed come from his own brother Lil Mac? Will Roc and Solo take their beef to an explosive height on the street? Find out as Zoe and Yusuf bring the ..
Buy! Amazon, YNZ Productions, Man Up Publications, Man Up Publications | YNZ Productions,

      Blue Sky Orphan by David Rory O'Neill
Emma was an abused child, she escaped into the blue to fly as pilot. Her dreams return to haunt her and she flirts with danger in the sky and with sexual adventure. Can she escape her nightmares?..
Buy! AmazonKindle, Createspace, Writers Blog, Kindle Edition,

      Body Parts: The Anatomy of Love by Richard Bardsley
"Love's mysteries in souls do grow, yet the body is his book..."..
Buy! Amazon,, Waterstones, Richard Bardsley,

      Bound by Hatred by Shelley Walden
The trials and tribualtions of domestic violence...
Buy! Amazon, Publish America, Shelley Walden's Bound by Hatred & Art,

      Boundaries of Exile / Conditions of Hope by Albert Russo
BOUNDARIES OF EXILE/ Conditions of Hope by Albert Russo and Martin Tucker   A primer on exile through stories, poems, and essays   A personal and passionate search for definitions of identity from two writ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Boundaries of Exile / Conditions of Hope,

      BRAKENSTROOM by Jacob Singer
Stories about people I knew and stories I heard...
Buy! Amazon, Google, BRAKENSTROOM,

      Breathing Free by Sharon Williams
Have you ever wanted to go to another level? Another place? This collection of stories will take you on journeys you never thought possible -- until now. These 'fantasy' stories, invite you to come, see and discover new life!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, AuthorHouse,

      Brief Lives by Richard French
An almost-forgotten 19th century entertainer who performed magic tricks, wrote highly original songs, and got into grave trouble provides the subject for a play in the 1950's and later an opera. ..
Buy! booklaunch, rfrenchnovelist, Kindle Edition,

      Brushstrokes of a Gadfly by E Bucchianeri
Creative and impetuous, Katherine Walsingham has simple but grand plans after she receives her Masters degree in art--to defiantly strive for the highest ideals in her work contrary to modernist trends, and, like many artists..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly ~Official Page,

      Bullying ... Period. by Joe Bell, Jr.
BULLYING … surely, you’ve witnessed this before. Perhaps, you didn’t know the person that it happened to … or maybe it was a friend … or a relative … or just maybe, it happened to you...
Buy! Joe Bell Publishing, Joe Bell Publishing, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Butta Cutz by Arlene Brathwaite
From the author who brought you her explosive first novel Youngin and its sequel Ol’ Timer. BRATHWAITE PUBLISHING presents Butta Cutz the third and newest novel from the fresh innovative mind of Arlene Brathwaite. These books..
Buy! Amazon, Arlene Brathwaite, Brathwaite Publishing, Arlene Brathwaite,

      Butterfly Tears by Zoë Roy
Butterfly Tears is a collection of short fiction set in different parts of China, Canada and the United States...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      California Transit by Diane Lefer
Short stories set in Southern California, a place of dislocation, where law does not mean justice...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Can't Let Go by Michele Waters
Can't Let Go is a Romantic Suspence novel...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Can't Let Go, Kindle Edition,

      Canary (a short story) by Michael Crane
A man refuses to tell on another co-worker who is stealing at his job, and ends up paying the price...
Buy! Smashwords,

      Candle in the Rain, a Novel by andy ray
two young men and a young woman find each other in the chaos of a changing culture of the 1960s. if you lived through the 60s, it's all here!..
Buy! Amazon, andy ray,, page one,

      Caramelle: Eternal Hope by Stephanie Bell
The final installment of the Caramelle trilogy..
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace, Stephanie Renee Bell Books and Music Facebook page,

      Caramelle: Metamorphosis by Stephanie Bell
The Caramelle saga continues in the second installment..
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace, Stephanie Renee Bell Facebook page,

      Caramelle: There's No Place Like Home by Stephanie Bell
The beginning of the Caramelle saga..
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace, Stephanie Renee Bell Books And Music Facebook page,

      Cassandra's Revenge by Ger Agrey-Thatcher
"Inventive, lyrical and inspired, Cassandra’s Revenge is a wild romp through the classics to the myths of today." ~ Marilyn Power Scott, Editor ..
Buy! Amazon, The Books of Ger Agrey-Thatcher,

      Cat Came Back and Other Stories by Doug Downie
As stated on web page, the stories in this collection are mostly short short stories (2-5 pages) along with a 90 page novella. All the writing was done in the 1980's while the author lived in the US. The writing ranges from t..
Buy! Fables Books, use cat#15950,

      Catch Her in the Rye, Selected Short Stories Vol. One by Wodke Hawkinson
A collection of short stories in various genres...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Catching the Barramundi by Rebecca Burns
A collection of 12 short stories; the characters in each experience moments of crisis and change...
Buy! Amazon, Odyssey Books, Rebecca Burns Writer, Kindle Edition,

      Caught Up by Jacob Burrage
A story that will help you realize that men aren't the only ones who can be dogs...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Celts and Kings by Mel Hathorn
Celts and Kings: The story behind the mystifying disappearance of the Celtic Earls in 1607. The story of a lost love and Celtic Spirituality. The story of a forbidden love going back 400 years. The story ste..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Centaur of the North by Wendell Mayo
This is a collection of nine stories and winner of the Premio Aztlan...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Centaur of the North,

      Charlie No Face by David Seaburn
Charlie No Face is a coming-of-age story about an 11 year old boy, Jackie, and the unlikely friendship he forges with local disfigured hermit, Charlie No Face, a friendship that transform them both...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, www.davidbseaburn.comJackie,

      Charlie's House by EN Heim
Charlie's House is about a group of crazy people living in a house once owned by Charlie Chaplin. And in the tradition of slapstick, the antics continue. Funny, sad, and a slice of life as Chaplin once said, “Life is a traged..
Buy! Amazon,

      Chasing Stardust by Laurel-Rain Snow
A touching and poignant tale of an unwed mother's journey to create a satisfying life and find true love...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Cherry Blossom by Richard Diedrichs
A new teacher commits to all of his students but risks all for only one...
Buy! Amazon, Fiction of Richard Diedrichs, 8087694313, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Cheryl's Song by Kenneth Bossard
Cheryl Fields learns that the secret world of Greek sororities and fraternities is a mystical, wonderful and sometimes deadly place. Her world is shaken when a new pledge to her boyfriend Mike's fraternity leads Cheryl to the..
Buy! Amazon, CherylsSong, Cheryl's Song, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Chimney Bluffs by David Seaburn
When their four-year-old son, Danny, dies suddenly, Mitch and Kate’s grief overwhelms them. Conflicted about going on with their lives, Mitch and Kate decide to leap from a cliff at Chimney Bluffs. When the couple is found by..
Buy! Amazon, David B. Seaburn,

      Chinese Whisperings: The Red Book by Jodi Cleghorn
In a small North American university town ten lives are intersecting... Miranda is reaping what she has sown. Mitchell understands there is no resisting fate. Clint dreams of pursuing a violent destiny. Eliza..
Buy! Chinese Whisperings official site, Chinese Whisperings,

      Christmas Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens
Christmas Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens contains A Christmas Carol and every other ghost story Dickens ever wrote for Christmas in one volume...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Christmas Ghost Stories,

      Churchboys and Other Sinners by Preston Allen
A collection of stories--winner of the Sonja H. Stone Prize in Fiction..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Ing and Bling Book Review,

      Circles of Stone by Alfred Garrotto
Discovery of a terrible secret related to her adoption shatters Natalia McCrory's world...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, A. J. Garrotto's Home Page, Kindle Edition,

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Featured Book
The Site
by Claudio Herrera

 The Site is a touching book which gets across, through an apparent simple story, the complexity of the human soul, its fears of freedom and lack of commitment to life. A..  
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Featured Book
Restless Waves
by Miller Caldwell

May I offer you a Round the World Cruise of a lifetime for the price of a novel? Not only do the seas roll on but two romances,a death at sea, uncovered past lives, h..  
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