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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dream I Can by Susie Gallucci, Illustrated by Amy Sellers
by Amy Sellers

FUN, Interactive Board Book for first readers...  
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     Featured "Children" Books!


      The Christmas Tree That Didn't Get Picked by Lisa Ivey
God has a purpose for everyone. Romans 8:28..
Buy! Barnes and Noble, Publish America, Lisa Lynn Ivey,

      The Christmas Tree That Glowed: And The White Deer by Cheyene Lopez
This book is a cute book about a green Christmas Tress who was all to himself and alone in the tall dark forest and a white deer who ran away. While living in the tall dark forest the deer and tree became as best friends. And..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,

      The City Heroes and Other Stories from the Heart of Africa by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
The City Heroes and other stories from the Heart of Africa by Nigerian writer Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a perfect introduction for young readers to learn about the African experience. Suitable for middle grade readers, the storie..
Buy! Amazon, Open Books, Open Books, Kindle Edition,

      The City Kittens and the Old House Cat by MRS.D.
A great story with a positive message, showing the true meaning of Christmas. Perfect for the family and all animal lovers...
Buy! Amazon, MRS.D'S BOOKS, MRS.D.BOOKS.Collection, MRS.D.BOOKS, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Cloud Horse by Strawberry Shakespeare
Welcome to this collection of three unforgettable and uplifting short stories for children...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Cohasset Basset by Deborah Gillmaster
Wonderful story about a little friendly basset that makes his rounds around town everyday...
Buy! Deborah Gillmaster, Lulu, Deborah Gillmaster, Lulu,

      The Coldest Day In Texas by Peggy Purser Freeman
In 1899, the Texas Panhandle, twelve-year-old Shyanne struggles with both her guilt over the death of her twin sister Shenandoah in a blizzard and her crush on the most popular boy in class. Family struggling to overcome the ..
Buy! Amazon, More information about The Coldest Day In Texas,

      The Composer by Lee Pritchett
In a world where music is the essence of magic, twelve-year-old Albert Coalcrop is pulled from his simple country life into the war against a dark master musician...(for ages 9+)..
Buy! Buy PDF eBook at, Children's author Lee Pritchett's web site., Kindle Edition,

      The Corpse That Wasn't There by Gayle Nastasi
This first title in the Junior Handlers Mystery Series introduces Ree Antonio, her friends Jake and Stacy, and her psychic Saluki hound, Merlin! Read along as Merlin drags the kids through a rollicking mystery, and learn abou..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Cotton Candy Catastrophe at the Texas State Fair by Dotti Enderle
When the cotton candy machine malfunctions, the sugar confection takes over the State Fair of Texas. It's up to Jake to save the day, finding the perfect place to contain it...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dotti Enderle,

      The Crocodile Who Thought She Was a Duck by Norman Childes
When Joan the crocodile asked the birds and bees how to start a family, she didn’t hear the part about laying eggs. Surprised to find herself sitting on a whole bunch of them, she decides it’s happened for all the wrong reaso..
Buy! Pencil Play Pals Shop, Pencil Play Pals Shop,

      The Crow by Edith Tarbescu
This book takes readers back in time to discover the life and history of the Crow Indians--the foods they ate, the weapons they hunted with, and their struggle to preserve their land and the nation...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Edie Tarbescu--Author/Playwright,

      The Crying Princess by Sandie Angel
AVAILABLE NOW FOR YOUR PURCHASE!!! A book for children of all ages... This book measures 6 x 9". Laminated cover to prevent wears and tears, spills, and dirt. Good for children of ages 6 and up.
Buy!, BarnesandNoble, Lulu,

      The Crying Princess by Sandie May Angel-Joyce
***** A book for children of all ages... This book measures 6 x 9". Laminated cover to prevent wears and tears, spills, and dirt. Good for children of ages 6 and up. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, Lulu,

      The Dandelion Seed by Joseph Anthony
The journey of the dandelion seed is our journey, filled with challenge, wonder and beauty. Its story is a mystery too great to fathom, told so even a child can understand...
Buy! Amazon, JosephPatrickAnthony,

      The Dangerous Pirate Treasure by Hedley Griffin
A children's pirate picture book about electricity safety and accident prevention involving the discovery of an old pirate treasure map...
Buy! Amazon,,

      The Dangerous Road Game by Hedley Griffin
A children's picture book about child road safety ks1, and accident prevention, which also includes the Green Cross Code...
Buy! Amazon, DangerSpot Books, DangerSpot Books Ltd,

      The Deliverers 2: Order of the Crystal Lion by Greg Slomba
In the second book in the Deliverers Series, Eric and Stig are sent on another Assignment to stop a bloody civil war...
Buy! Amazon, The Deliverers Blog, Kindle Edition,

      The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel by Greg Slomba
Twelve year old Eric Scott is called by Stig, a talking owl, to journey to another world to save a fishing village from a band of bloodthirsty pirates. Once there, Eric discovers that delivering the town is but one of the pro..
Buy! Amazon, Create Space, The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel, Kindle Edition,

      The Disappearance Of Livvy by Barbara Chambers
The Disappearance of Livvy addresses important issues and reminds us of the things that truly matter in our lives. It is a story of sorrow and hope, faith and questioning, but most of all it is a story of love and friendship...
Buy! wordwrangler,

      The Downie Del Folk Of Stonehaven. by David Matheson
A Brilliant story about the Downie Del Folk of Stonehaven. First in a series of stories that follows the amazing adventures of the Downie Del,s, before hunmans arrived in town!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Lulu,

      The Downie Del Folk of Stonehaven. The Day Mill 'O' School Blew Away. by David Matheson
The children thought today would be another normal day at school. it certainly was not ! Follow their adventure as the school is 'blown away' to a far of land were there are no schools!..
Buy! Amazon,, www.stonehaven, Lulu,

      The Dragon Who Stole the Holidays by Elaine Masters
When Rusty the Red-Bearded Pirate finds that all the holidays have been cut from the calendars in San Francisco, he sails off to find the dragon who is being blamed. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Dragons of Pan Gu by Kevin White
Light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry, male and female, perhaps even intelligence and imagination...seemingly at odds from the dawn of creation...dragons embodying the endless struggle for control... and finding that, in ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Chimeric Press,,

      The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace by Adam Veile
Seventh-grader Blake Monroe teams up with the ghost of his Wild West ancestor, a rowdy cowboy named Gray, to track down a missing ransom before an evil outlaw can get his hands on it...
Buy! Amazon, The Dreamcatcher Adventures, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Earthball Family - We are the Earth by Judith Green
An intriguing story about how the Earthball family, headed by Mother Nature, endures calamities in trying to protect the environment and save Earth...
Buy! Amazon, Enviro1 Online, WTL International,

      The Earthworm Book by Alicia Previn
Everything you need to know about this unique creature and things even adults didn't know! How earthworms eat garbage and change it into gold, which helps plants grow and provides us with food. Practical method for building a..
Buy! Amazon, Earthworm Friends,

      The Easter Bunny Talks To God by Mary Rincon
The Easter Bunny Talks To God..
Buy! createspace, Author Mary Rincon, Kindle Edition,

      The Easter Spirit Eggs by Colleen Bratley
A children's book about the spirit of Easter...
Buy! Amazon, Bratley Huber Books,

      The Elfree Stories by Anne Muller
'The Elfree Stories' is a series of letters written by Anne to her grand children while ethey were living abroad. ..
Buy! Askif Press,,

      The Enchanted Camel by Sherry Cottingham
A Beautiful childrens magical fantasy book that your children will love to read over and over...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Experience: The Science Spiders Learn Color Science by Kathleen Kain
Fets surprises everyone by creating her own experiments with color...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, The Science Spiders, Book Clearinghouse,

      The Extremely Very Scrambled Up World of Little Doogs by Fiona Cummings
All Little Doogs wants is a place he can settle down in. The problem is that he and the rest of The Schnoops are always on the move. Schnoss has promised that this time things will be different but his foray into the world of..
Buy! Matador, The Schnoops,

      The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci -- Best seller by Ed Tasca
The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci, written by Ed Tasca and based on annotations in da Vinci's notebooks...
Buy! Barnes &,

      The Fairy Children by Morgan Fitzsimons
Fitztown Hidden Gate Tale book 1 full color illustrations..
Buy! Amazon, creatspace,

      The Fairy Tale Alphabet by Gail McGaffigan
Charming ABC book with a vintage fairy tale illustration for each letter. "Artistically stunning!"..
Buy! Amazon, Yesterday's Stories for Today's Rader,

      The Fat Stock Stampede at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo by Dotti Enderle
At the annual Houston Livestock Show, Jake unwittingly frees the animals from their pens-now it's up to him to corral the wild stampede back up again. From the cows playing volleyball with the cowboys to the pigs on paddleboa..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dotti Enderle,

      The Fearful Fairy by Sheri Hood
Dixie is a fairy and afraid to fly. It does not help that all the other fairies in Dixie's garden have four wings and she has only two. A sweet story about courage and triumph and overcoming one's perceived limitations...
Buy! Amazon, The Fearful Fairy website,

      The Fearless Three and the Pirate's Gold by Rachel Funk
First in a new series of children's books...
Buy!, Rachel Funk's Storefront, Lulu,

      The Fearless Three and the Time Machine Part 2 by Rachel Funk
A group of young children use their imaginations to travel through time and have fabulous adventures!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Rachel Funk's Storefront, Lulu,

      The Fearless Three and the Time Machine part one... by Rachel Funk
The second in a series of Children's stories aimed for young readers. Focuses on adventure, imagination and working together...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Rachel Funk's Storefront, Lulu,

      The Fighters of Justice Saves their Mother and Learns to Never Give Up by Meleik Delaney
In The Fighters of Justice Saves their Mother and "Learns to Never Give Up" Supreme Being and Symbol Boom-Boom overcome a lot of to save their mother and learns to never give up...
Buy! Office Website,

      The Firefly Legacy Book I - Secrets of the Four by Liz Yardley
Book I - Secrets of the Four ISBN 978-0-9807631-0-2 The first book in a growing series (Book 5 released Feb 2011) telling the exciting adventures of four girls, celebrating the long-standing history of friendship...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Firefly Legacy,

      The Flag Keeper by Stacy Juba
The Flag Keeper is a patriotic children's picture book. Elizabeth may be a little bear, but she treats the American flag with big respect. After Dad leaves for a trip, Elizabeth pledges to raise the flag all by herself and cr..
Buy! Amazon, The Flag Keeper e-store, The Flag Keeper Home Page,

      The Fluff Gang by Rosemary Peel
Stories in verse about a group of fluffy,furry friends...
Buy! Amazon, Rosemary J Peel, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Flute Player and the Lazy One by Gail Radley
Farhad works hard weaving carpets with his parents, while Bahram does whatever he pleases. One day the king hears Farhad making beautiful music on his flute. What happens when the flute player is summoned to the castle to e..
Buy! Amazon,

      The Flyer is Born by steve keeping
An amazing secret shared only by Chubbly and his very best friend granddad Curly, a retired Royal Air Force pilot. Over the following months, Chubbly and Granddad Curly design, plan and construct 'The Flyer' inside Chubbl..
Buy! Waterstones, Amazon, Chubbly the aviator,

      The Forbidden Forest: Tales of the Tree People by Lori Mazzola
Book #2..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tales of the Tree People,

      The Forest Keepers by Carl Gordon
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,,,

      The Forest Of Creation by F Shaw
The Forest Of Creation is a story about three young girls that suddenly find themselves on a magical adventure...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Authorhouse, Borders, The Forest of Creation,

      The Foxy Armadillos by Terry Verduin
Armadillo parents move their family into an abandoned fox’s den on a small farm only to find themselves the target of the farmers—and the fox—until their children come up with a clever solution...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Frank Frankie: The newspaper that helps people by Ingrid Jonach
The Frank Frankie is about a nine-year-old schoolgirl who starts her own newspaper. But a newspaper needs news, so soon Frankie is spying on her neighbours and revealing family secrets in print! For ages seven and up...
Buy! Pan Macmillan, Paperchain Bookstore,

      The Friend Ship Friendesha by Joe Scott
Joe Scott is a major developer and contractor in the Merrimack River Valley Massachusetts, and also an acclaimed author...
Buy! Amazon, The Friend Ship Friendesha, The Friend Ship Friendesha, Kindle Edition,

      The Galloping Horses of Willowbrook by Jean Flahive
Coming late May!! The Galloping Horses of Willwbrook--a children's whimsical telling a true tale about a little boy and an 1894 carousel...
Buy! Amazon, Goose River Press,

      THE GARDEN OF SECRET WISHES by M. Teresa Clayton
WHAT IS THE MAGIC WORD? A four year old who had been born with Pleuropulmonary Cancer and survived tells us what that word is while her grandmother, the author M TERESA CLAYTON puts it to verse and JOHN SAGE of London England..

      The Gathering of the Winds by Louann Carroll
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of something greater than yourself?..
Buy!, Click here to buy!, Lulu,

      The Ghoist at Old Oak Way by Laurie Cameron
Eliza Hamilton sees people that others don't, finds strange messages and clues, but the most exciting part is the hidden room she discovers in the back of the bookshop.It is an exciting and mysterious adventure young readers ..
Buy! Amazon, Acorn Mysteries,

      The Ghost of Shady Lane by Dotti Enderle
Creepy, run down, and possibly haunted, "The Boogerman House" becomes the object of Anne's fascination as she researches this historic landmark for a school assignment. Reports of eerie piano music and a ghostly "Gray Lady" h..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fortune Tellers Club,

      The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane by Roberta Hoffer
A ten-year-old boy meets a Great-grandfather he never knew existed only to find he lives in a haunted estate. Strange happenings lead him to believe in ghosts...
Buy! Amazon, Dragonfly Publishing, Berta's Book Nook, Kindle Edition,

      The Gift of Laughter by Theresa Koch
Soon to be a true Christmas classic for many generations to come...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buynow,

      The Gigantic Little Hero by Matt Whitlock
Have you ever felt that you just couldn’t do something? The task was too hard or the shelf was too high? The Gigantic Little Hero tells the story of an ant who felt that way. He didn’t believe that he could do the job—he was ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,,

      The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights by David Ufer
A giraffe is sent to the village doctor to cure his fear of heights. Along the way, he meets two new friends, each with their own fears. A life threatening event forces the three to face their fears and defeat their foe...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights,

      The Girl and the Mirror by Alberto Monnar
Britney would see her mother moving her mouth, but the advice went in one ear, and out the other. Until one day when her world was turned inside out...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Home of the Monnar Family,

      The Girl who had everything by Audrey Coatesworth
This is a short story about a girl who had everything but is restless and, basically, unhappy. A poor girl who has apparently nothing, teaches her and her parents by example that material possessions do not buy happiness...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, PLP Publishings, Dr Audrey Coatesworth - PLP Publishings, Kindle Edition,

      The Girl who wore her shoes on the wrong feet by Julienne Holmes
A children's story that will have everyone's inner child coming out...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Girl who wore her shoes on the wrong feet,

      The Girl With A Thousand Socks by Sharyn Riggs
Anastacia Olivia Ardent, faces many pressures, including the confession of a secret... Will the truth be revealed when she meets the school's bully? Find out in, "The Girl With A Thousand Socks."..
Buy! Amazon,,

      The Golden Pathway by Donna McDine
Raised in a hostile environment where abuse occurs daily, David attempts to break the mold and befriends the slave, Jenkins, owned by his Pa...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Donna McDine, award-winning children's author, Donna McDine, Award-winning children's author, Kindle Edition,

      The Goopy Ghost at Christmas by Terry Verduin
In this sequel to The Goopy Ghost, Santa and his elves have a haunting by none other than the goopiest ghost ever...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Goopy Ghost of Halloween by Terry Verduin
This illustrated children's rhyming book tells what happens to the pumpkin's innards after carving...
Buy! Amazon,,

      The Grand Tree by Lyn Marsh
The Grand Tree enchants and captivates readers, both girls and boys. It is the first of three volumes of The Crystal Rainbow Series.The Grand Tree takes 7-12 year old readers on a life changing Mystical Adventure. This unpa..
Buy! Amazon, TheGrandTree.Com,

      The Great Eagle Spirit by Hal Granum
A Young Alaskan boy is caught in a severe storm in the Bering Sea and is rescued by his ancestors. He learns the value of ancestry to his life today...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Hal Granum,

      The Great Honeybee Heist by Harry McLaughlin
What happens when two rebellious honeybees, a sly schemer named Buzbee and a bumbling science whiz named Cinch decide they are tired of working for ‘the man’ and hatch an elaborate plot to steal a fortune in honey from the be..
Buy! Zaptoons, Zaptoons Books,

      The Great Monkey Adventure by Erin Rabon
What happens when a hungry monkey sets out to find his favorite snack? A whimsical, entertaining adventure, that's what! Swing through the trees with the ever-zany Blue Monkey as he finds that finding what he is loo..
Buy! Amazon, Blue Monkey Publishing,

      The Great Scarab Scam by Valerie Storey
Eleven-year-old Lydia Hartley has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of her archaeologist father. When he is called to Egypt to help track down the culprits responsible for the so-called "scarab scam," Lydia gets t..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Great Snowball Escapade by JD Holiday
Wil Brooks can't get along with her cousin, Bud Dunphry. He is mean and doesn’t like playing with girls! Wil is tired of him giving her his “you’re going to got it” face. After the two of them have to stay in their rooms, W..
Buy! E-book at Nook/B&N for $2.99, Amazon, Book Garden Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      The Hair-Raising Kite Flight by Hedley Griffin
A humourous children's picture book about the dangers of electricity pylons and flying a kite with pictures of a cartoon cat, dog, parrot and a hair-brained rabbit...
Buy! Amazon,,

      The Happy Homemaker by Tabatha Jean

      The Harey Bike Ride by Hedley Griffin
Bike safety book for children..
Buy! Amazon, The Harey Bike Ride,

      The Haunted House of Riddles by Vanessa Lee
children's picture book..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      The Heebie Jebbies by Carol Dolson
This is a great story to read aloud. Children love rhymes! You will love the charming pictures. A really cute story that is perfect for dads and granddads to read to children...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Carol Dolson,

      The Helium Egg by Eleanor Hutton
"The Helium Egg" stimulates the imagination of children and shows the benefits of working together, even though the animals are all very different...
Buy! Amazon, Nora's Book Nook, The Helium Books,

      The Helium Table by Eleanor Hutton
"The Helium Table" stimulates children's imagination and shows the benefits of working together even though the animals are very different from one another...
Buy! The Helium Books, Nora's Book Nook,

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Featured Book
by Hank LeGrand

Paddle Tail is the first story, in the exciting series of stories, about the adorable little beaver born without a tail, but Paddle Tail--the main character--learns, and ..  
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Featured Book
Sarah-Jane's Opposites
by Wynn Schiller

Sarah-Jane's Opposites is a fully illustrated concept and resource book and contains 70 pairs of opposites. Ten pairs of opposites are illustrated as part of Sarah-Jane's..  
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