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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Odin Roark

"Perceptions" is a Limited Edition book of prosetry and photos where prose and verse are interrelated to explore philosophical ideas...  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      Voices Silently Speak by Lena Rai
Lena Rai's poetry runs deep in a world that begins to seep into other's curiosities. Through her poetry, she will begin to paint a picture of only some of her experiences. Each poem portrays a special story of a singular circ..
Buy! Amazon, Maginkwa,

      Von Wyck Songbook Volume 1: 1986 - 1988 by Randall Brooks
A collection of lyrical poems...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Von Wyck Songbook Volume 2: 1988 - 1991 by Randall Brooks
A collection of lyrical poems...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Von Wyck Songbook Volume 3: 1991 - 1997 by Randall Brooks
A collection of lyrics/poems...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Von Wyck Songbook Volume 4: 1998 - 2011 by Randall Brooks
A collection of lyrical poems I wrote for my band, Von Wyck...
Buy! Amazon,

      Voyage of the Heart by Kathy Austin
This is a collection of poetry on a variety of topics. Included is Romantic, Patriotic, Inspirational,(of a Christian Nature), and memorials to loved ones who have gone on before me. It is poetry from the human heart, and t..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Chapter and Verse Cafe,

      Voyages by Maria Cristina Azcona
Voyages by, India, pp. 318 features poets characterized by the iridescent color of imagination and accuracy of observation. They add a new light to what they experience and feel. The poets from Europe and other c..

      Waking Spirit: Prose & Poems the Spirit Sings by Shirley Cheng
Kirkus Discoveries calls it "An inspirational miscellany from one of the braver souls on the planet." ForeWord Magazine CLARION Reviews says, "This book is an amazing read by an amazing person." The spiritual lyrics, haiku of..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buy AUTOGRAPHED copy of Waking Spirit from the Author, Dance with Your Heart! Humor, Hope and Healing from Dr. Shirley Cheng,

      Walk Backwards In Your Mind by Tracy Mellor
Tracy Mellor's first published work of poetry. Hard-hitting, modern and visceral!..
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      WALKING ALONE by Satish Verma
WALKING ALONE ISBN: 978-81-7711-214-6 Paper back INR 500/- US$ 40/- Page 118..
Buy! Satish Verma Blog, Satish Verma Website,

      Walking Among Angels - Edition 2 by Kathryn Seifert
A book of spiritual thoughts and poetry. Topics range from Universal Love and Life Lessons. It is a very personal book about coping with the deaths of my mother and grandmother and estrangement from my father. The beloved ..
Buy! LuLu, College jo, Lulu,

      Walking Before Dawn by Mark Mihalko
Your poetic journey through the unexplained...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Walking Before Dawn,

      Walking In Sappho's Garden by Ayin Adams
Award-winning poet Ayin Adams releases "Walking In Sappho's Garden" Adams is also nominated for a Lammy Award for Lambda Literary Awards...
Buy! Amazon, Wasteland Press, Ayin Adams, Award-Winning Poet,

      Walking in the Mist by Lou Harper
The poems in this book are the reactions of a daughter facing the realization that her mother must be placed in a nursing home...
Buy! Sales,

      Walking Through My Fire by Ayin Adams
Walking Through My Fire showcase Ayin Adams determination with which she walked the long road from early childhood in Brooklyn N.Y. to slowly growing throughout all the passages of life into the mature, whole, strong, positiv..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ayin Adams;Poet/Playwright, filmmaker, Healer,

      Waltz of Love: Poems New and Selected by Bhuwan Thapaliya
Romantic Verses from the Lap of the Himalayas..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,,

      Wandering through this World of Woe by Roderick Gering
Collection of poems exploring the darker half of our human soul. Why is mankind prone to greed which eventually leads to war as things get out of hand?..
Buy! R.D.Gering Bookstore, Kindle Edition,

      Washing The Body by stephen mead
Poetry combined with color artwork..

      Washing The Color Of Water Golden by Trish Shields
The fallout of hurricanes Katrina and Rita have left most of us shaking with a new awareness about devastation, poverty, and how fleeting life can be...

      Water and Stone: A Story in Poetry From Japan by Emily Lupita Plum
This beautiful, hard cover poetry book is written in both English and Japanese, and tells a story in poetry from Japan. It also features Emily's full-color Lupita painting on the cover as well as Zen line drawings throughout...
Buy!, Emily Lupita Plum Homepage,

      Waving at Trains by Judith Arnopp
A charming collection detailing a 1960's childhood and considering the human desire to be remembered after death...
Buy! Lapwing Poetry, Judith Arnopp-historical novelist,

      Wayward Souls-A Renaissance by Carol Zuber
Wayward Souls-A Renaissance, has a very Bohemian, enchanting style, that the "Gypsy" Author, Carol L. Zuber portrays in this wonderful book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Wayward Souls,

      We Are More Than Our Wounds" by stephen mead
Poetry and art exploring spiritual struggle in contemporary society...
Buy! Amazon,,

      We Belong to Each Other by Marrily R. Kuzonyei
Synopsis My poems resemble the pages of my life which portray my emotional revolution from anguish to bliss. This is presented through various forms of imagery and lyrics combined with themes of transformation of the..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, Barnes and Noble, Books by Marrily R. Kuzonyei,

      We Surrender: A Collection of Inspirational Poems and Lyrical Verse by Akosua Ali.Sabree
Who knew that memories of a spiritual retreat and a long bumpy roll down the mountainside blended with a college student's new awareness would result in such a touching and heartwarming literary adventure. That adventure com..
Buy! Amazon, UjimaPressRC,

      We Whisper, and Other Poems by Cedric Jones
Poet Cedric L. Jones delivers his second collection...
Buy! Amazon,, Cedric Jones, The Official Site of Cedric Jones,

      Weapon of Choice by jeffery martin
This book deals with subject matter that can impact a wide array of backgrounds. It is poetry which can be funny, sad, romantic, hurt, happy, political but mostly it is human...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Weapon of Choice, Weapon of Choice,

      Weightless by stephen mead
Poetry combining black & white artwork..

      Weird Tales - Otherworld Poetry by Gary Vasey
Weird Tales is the second book published by Dr. G. Michael Vasey and it is a collection of poems or simply ‘words on paper.’..
Buy! Amazon, Asteroths Domain,

      Welcome To My World, Part One by Levi's Lace
This is a collection of my poetry and songs I have written and released. "Welcome To My World, Part Two, May You Find Peace in the Morn" was scheduled to be released in january but is available now...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pamala Thomas, Pamala Thomas, Author Levi's Lace,

      Welcome To My World, Part Two, May You Find Peace in the Morn by Levi's Lace
Part Two is a continuation of my collection. This is a larger book, but does not include entries found in Part One...
Buy! Amazon, Author Levi's Lace,

      What My Heart Holds by Marilyn McNeal
What My Heart Holds is about my ups and downs. The times when I smile. My tears and frowns. It’s about a woman’s perception and a woman’s affection. The bond that I have with my family and friends is forever. There’s a lifeti..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      What the Heart Feels by Philip Nork
The poetry of a teenager of the 1970's..
Buy! Amazon, The Books of Philip Nork,

      What's on the Menu? All of Me! Literary Entrees Prepared By Walee by Walee Walee
Hello, my name is Walee, and I will be your host this evening. I see that you have noticed the Wonderful World of Walee Special. It is discriminately offered to our most valued clients. What is it? Quite frankly, it is ME...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      What's Under the Bed? by John Bushore
Fantasy poems for children by MonkeyJohn..
Buy! The Genre Mall, John Bushore's web site,

      When Divas Laugh; The Diva Squad Poetry Collective by LindaJoy Burke
Chezia Thomspon Cager Editor..
Buy! Amazon, Black Classic Press,

      When My Heart Beats by Sabreen Wolf
In vivid imagination and eloquent words, Sabreen paints images of her life through poetry for all to enjoy. She has received exceptional reviews from fellow poets as well as several poetry publishers including: The League of ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books A Million,, MyBestPoetry,

      When Nature Sings: Nature That Sweeps by Cheyene Lopez
It is no secret God made life and nature. This particular book of poetry is the second book I have written about nature and seasons. My first book is titled Best Seasons which is published with enjoy writ..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,

      When the Stars Go Dark by Jim McGarrah
award-winning collection of contemporary narrative poems...
Buy! Main Street Rag, Main Street Rag/ Bookstore,

      When the Stars Shine Down, the Magic Opens Up by Jade Chandra
A variety of poems focused mainly around love and family...
Buy! Amazon,

      When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say by Estefania Crespo
A Reader's Favorite award recipient; When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say is a collection of poems encompassing feelings and emotions...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Kindle Edition,

      When Your Words Are Just Not Enough - thoughts from a young black woman by Joyelle Evans
My first book, titled "When Your Words Are Just Not Enough - thoughts from a young black woman" a collection of spoken word poetry from the perspective of one but meant for all. Relationships turned sour, lifes changes and ch..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Target, BooksaMillion, Lulu Storefront, Lulu,

      Where All Angels Have Fallen by Lena Måndotter
a series of poems about a journey to the sacred mountain Kailash in Transhimalya in Tibet. Photography by Christer Strömholm..
Buy! Lena Måndotter, Lena Måndotter,

      Where Dreams Are Created by Mary Metcalf
A compilation of all my new poems and the introduction of a poem by my granddaughter, Adrienne...
Buy! Mary's Library, The World of Mary Etta's Poetry, Lulu,

      Where the Butterflies Go by Heather Grace Stewart Where the Butterflies Go is Grace Stewart's first complete collection. "Whirlwind poetry that never hesitates: we need poetry like this." Sally Evans, poet and Editor, Poetry Scotl..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Amazon, Where the Butterflies Go , Lulu,

      Where We Grew Up by Jennifer Lagier
A collection of poetry that describes a woman's emotional and political coming of age. ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Whisper's From the Heart by Carla Cox
Contemporary Poetry, written from the heart...
Buy! Whisper's From The Heart, Lulu,

      Whispered Words by Kristy Tallman
Written under the pen name Rainey Moon..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Official Website of Author Kristy Tallman aka Rainey Moon,

      Whispering Spirit, Shouting Soul by M. Jeanette Mays
"Whispering Spirit Shouting Soul", by M.Jeanette Mays, is a must read for the poetry and prose enthusiast!! ..
Buy! Barnes &, Supreme Desire Ebooks Shop, Supreme Desire Ebooks, Lulu,

      Whispers in the Wake by Jeff Mason
A collection of over 30 poems and a few short stories, romance, tributes, sonnets, acrostics...
Buy! CreateSpace (Paperback version), Amazon (e-book version), Amazon e-book Whispers in the Wake, Kindle Edition,

      Whispers of Love by Thomas Watson
God's love flows about us as whispers upon our soul and invites our hearts speak whispers of love to each other..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tate Publishing,

      Whispers Of The Heart by J. Allen Wilson
WHISPERS OF THE HEART is artist and author J. Allen Wilson's second book of poetry.It can be autographed and shipped within 48 hours of order...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, By The Book, Voice Of Truth, By The Book,

      Who Do You Love? (Clean Cut ): Love Story In Poetry (Paperback) by Nicole Brown
Poetry about an individual I never intented to love...
Buy! Amazon,

      Who Do You Love? Love Story in Poetry by Nicole Brown
Poetry all someone who I never intended to love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books A Million, Better World Books, Who Do You Love? Love Story in Poetry,

      Who Will Cry for The Soldiers? by Paul Mc Cann
Some of my poetry dedicated to the soldiers and civilians who have paid a high cost for conflict in their daily lives. ..
Buy! Brian Riggir, War Veterans Poetry,

      whoever wherever you are by Arjay Alkire
Author & songwriter Arjay Alkire's daughter adopted out at birth, whoever wherever you are wahooranch being built for you..
Buy! Barnes &,

      WHOLE: Poems for the Journey to Sacred Wholeness by Dawn Richerson
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Books by Dawn, Kindle Edition,

      Why Do Photographers Committ Suicide by Mary McCray
A book about explorers and frontiers...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary McCray, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Why I Keep U A Secret by Lamont Carey by Lamont Carey
This is my release into the wills of a woman and our ups and downs in love...
Buy! Amazon, Lamontspov, Lamont Carey, Lamontspov, Lulu,

      Why Only Words by Chad Howell
Why Only Words marks my third collection of poetry. My first published collection of poetry created ‘Changes In Me’ which then was followed up by ‘My Words And Thoughts’. With ‘Why Only Words’ it tests the boundaries of po..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Chad Howell, Publish America,

      Wind by Iliana Tersy-Tuzo
Latina Poet from South Florida. Poems about love, career, growth, and family..
Buy! Barnes &,,, Lulu,

      Windmills Beyond La Mancha by F William Broome
For AuthorsDen Members and Readers - Autographed Copy, $15, Free Postage. Call 706-864-1562 or mail check for $15 to: F. William Broome 147 Elbert Gaddis Rd. Dahlonega, GA 30533 ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Window Sill Wisdom--Life in Balance by GeorgeAnne Smith
In Window Sill Wisdom: Life in Balance, GeorgeAnne Smith imparts her unique outlook on life. She has a profound wish to share her wisdom through poetry. Through thoughtful observation of life around her, the author has penned..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Feeding The Soul,

      Window to Heaven by Maria Cristina Azcona
Visit my Peace Paradise..
Buy! Amazon,,, Publisher:,

      Windows: A Book of Poems by Mary Meagher
Poems about nature and spirituality. Contains my own watercolor paintings and photographs...
Buy! MJM Press, Poems of Nature and Spirituality,

      Wingbeats II: Exercises & Practice in Poetry by Scott Wiggerman
This is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the original WINGBEATS, an exciting collection from teaching poets—58 poets, 59 exercises...
Buy! Amazon, Dos Gatos Press,

      Wish Upon A Star: A Falling Star To Wish Upon by Cheyene Lopez
This my newest book Wish Upon A Star as a wish book. I want you to close your eyes a moment of day,seconds or perhaps even moments to imagine a giant falling star of the night sky out of nowhere that streaks across the vast s..
Buy! Amazon,,,,

      With Love by Ruby Harmon
love poems, stunning photography, collages (by Walter Gray Lamb)...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Poetic Moves Publishing,

      Within Three Lines by jeanne watson
A collection of Haiku, Senryu, and other short forms of verse written by members of the Poetry community...
Buy! Amazon, osCommerce, jeanne rene poetry,

      Woman Dawning: Poems of Spiritual Reawakening by leahsandra powell
Through poetry, Woman Dawning tells the tale of one woman's path back to the Goddess...
Buy! Createspace Estore, Leahsandra Powell,

      Women at the Well by Olivia Diamond
In first person, forty-three Old and New Testament women re-tell Biblical stories from their unique perspectives. In the pivotal poem of the collection, the Samarian woman recalls her meeting with Jesus at the well years late..
Buy! Amazon, Mountain of Dreams,

      Women's Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences That Shape Women by Patricia Oplinger
The universal emotions and experiences of women contained in this anthology embrace a wide range of basic human relationships and reflect the environments in which women daily function...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,

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Featured Book
Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras
by Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations

Featuring selected works by 18 poets, this first edition of "Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras" (Reading Lover's Poetic Anthology) offers a vibrant example of the cre..  
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Featured Book
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

A chapbook of poetry that will strike chords--both major and minor--with women of all ages...  
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