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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Times Tables (Hardcover)
by Brainard Braimah

A times tables book for 5-11 year-olds.The tables are set out in three columns: How we read it, how we write it and what it means. This presentation of the times tables m..  
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     Featured "Education/Training" Books!


      How to Video Record Your Dog's Life Story by Anne Hart
Here's how to video record your dog's life story or make a movie, DVD, or Time Capsule starring your dog included in your intergenerational family...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse, inc., How to Record Your Dog's Life Story,

      How you can become a successful Supervisor by Roger Nelson
Is your boss inept? Does he/she consistently make bad decisions for the Company, or for the employee? Do they treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Do they reward a job well done? Better yet, do they even rec..
Buy! Amazon, Nelson Publishing Company, Booklocker,

      Hurt 'Em Reel Good by Randy Daudlin
A quick reference for out out kit make-up effects...
Buy! Two Gruesome Publishing, Two Gruesome Publishing,

      I Thought I Would Never Make It Through the Fourth Grade by Thomas Crosthwaite
You should read this book if you wish to read an exciting, informative, entertaining and somewhat controversial book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publisher,

      I Want to Teach...Not Raise your Kids! by Lisa Calicchia
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris,

      IDLS: Design, Develop, Validate Instructional Materials by Peter Esseff, Ph.D.
The IDLS materials contain four Modules (Workbooks and Skills Labs): * Task Analysis * Performance Measures * Developing Interactive Instructional Materials * Validation..
Buy! Amazon, ESF, Inc.,

      If It's Broken Don't Fix It (A Candid Look At Our Complacent Education) by Mr. Noriega
as a man of many journeys. When he is not writing, he is teaching inside the classroom...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, amazon, barnes and noble, get a copy IF It's Broken Dont Fix It, Kindle Edition,

      Important Tips You Need To Know to Be Successful in Third Grade by VANESSA WILLIAMS
This booklet is designed to be a guide for parents,new teachers,and students. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Integrating Psychodrama and Systemic Constellation Work: New Directions by Karen Carnabucci
First book to take a look at two major alternative methods for healing, change and growth. It is essential reading for mental health professionals, creative arts therapists, body workers, other health professionals and anyone..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jessica Kingsley Publishers,

      Interactive Teaching Skills by Peter Esseff, Ph.D.
"Interactive Teaching Skills" materials contain three Modules (Workbooks and Skills Labs): 1. Use Interactive Presentation Techniques 2. Use Media Interactively 3. Use Interactive Skills Labs. ITS is a com..
Buy! Amazon, ESF, Inc.,

      IT Auditing: An Adaptive Process by Robert Davis
"IT Auditing: An Adaptive Process" is a 136 page workbook designed to be a self-contained tool for learning IT audit process flexibility, while performing effective IT audits, as well as a companion product for "IT Auditing: ..
Buy! Amazon, The IIA, ISACA, IT Auditing: An Adaptive Process , Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      IT Auditing: The Process by Robert Davis
"IT Auditing: The Process" contains over 450 PowerPoint slides offering a practical method for performing adaptive IT auditing. In addition, the 49-page instructor guide and 28-page workbook are correlated to the PowerPoint ..
Buy! Amazon, The IIA, ISACA, IT Auditing: The Process,

      JUMP START YOUR MIND: Workbook by Melvia Miller
JUMP START YOUR MIND: * Workbook for Creating a Brighter Future* DEPRESSED?... FRUSTRATED?... SICK & TIRED?... NEED MORE INCOME...? Now you can renew your life, change your situation, and improve your ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, READ-ACHIEVE CLUB, Edutainment Bookstore,

      Jumpstart Your Career by Earnest Mercer
This is an empirically-based road map for the upwardly mobile individual who wishes for a real set of guidelines, not a lot of theoretical gobbly-gook...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Earnest Mercer,,

      KIDS DREAM BIG by Bernadine Feagins
Kids Dream Big is a helpful literature story that helps children’s to cope with self esteem, career choices and sensitive family subjects in away that also touch’s your heart. This is an exceptional children’s book! rnadine F..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, KIDS DREAM BIG, KIDS DREAM BIG,,

      Know You Know Your Horse by Eunice Rush
The key to identifying human and horse personality "types" and matchmaking to ensure long-term relationships...
Buy! Amazon, horseandriderbooks, search on Eunice Rush,

      Leadership Training for First Responders by Trennis Killian
This book is for all first responders (law enforcement, fire, or other emergency personnel) who are or want to be supervisors in their agencies. It goes through all facets of good leadership. ..
Buy! Amazon, First Responder Books, T. E. Killian, Kindle Edition,

      Learning For Profit by Daniel Sitter
Learning For Profit teaches simple yet powerful accelerated learning techniques. All earning begins with learing. Learn more so that you can earn more!..
Buy! Amazon, Learning For Profit,

      Learning Logs for Subs by Meggin McIntosh
A Must E-book for the Substitute in Elementary, Intermediate, and High School Settings..
Buy! Pumpernickel Publishing, LLC, Emphasis on Excellence,

      Learning Logs for the Content Area Classroom by Meggin McIntosh
Suitable for the Intermediate Grades Through High School..
Buy! Pumpernickel Publishing, LLC, Emphasis on Excellence,

      Learning to Learn by Shulen Rodrigues
Forgot how to learn?? Claire Odogbo teaches you how to with her new book "Learning to Learn"...

      Learning to Write: Writing for Teachers and Students by Irene Taylor
This book is a how-to guide for kids who want to become better writers, for teachers looking for ideas for their classrooms, and for parents who want to help their children become better writers at home. In it you will learn ..
Buy! Barnes and Noble, Learning to Write: Writing for Teachers and Students, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lessons From The Street Volume II by John Wills
A collection of articles by the author regarding police training and officer survival...
Buy! John M. Wills, Author, Kindle Edition,

      Let Them Have Books: A Formula for Universal Reading Proficiency by Gaby Chapman
Find out why many kids don't like to read, why they should, and how to structure an education that guides all children to be avid, enthusiastic readers..
Buy! Amazon, Let Them Have Books,

      Let's Talk Relationships by Vanessa Rogers
Resource book containing session plans and ideas for teachers, youth workers and social care professionals looking to deliver interesting, engaging and effective lessons / sessions with young people about sex and relationship..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Vanessa Rogers,

      Life after High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt by Olive Peart
How does your personality trait influence your career choice? What can you do to change? Do you need to change? ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Opeart, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Lifeskills For Good Health Habits Skills Workbook by Robert Skarlinski
Lifeskills For Good Health Habits Skills Workbook offers 13 skill worksheets ready for duplication...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Basic Educational Materials, Publishers,

      Literature Alive! by Cay Gibson
Out of Print..
Buy! Amazon,

      Little Receivables BIG CASH FLOW by Jill Vincent
Examples will help management and their associates focus and practice basic guidelines to a successful and profitable path in business and throughout their personal life. Students studying finance, business, marketing a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, BarnesandNoble, Tate Publishing, Little Receivables BIG CASH FLOW,

      Lord, What Do I Do With Sammy? by Jonnie Wright
Do student behavior problems intrude on the dynamics of your curriculum? With the Holy Spirit as your guide and Galatians 5:22–23 as your compass, you, the Christian teacher, can influence the performance and character of you..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jonnie Wright, Jonnie Wright--Inspirational Bible Studies,

      MAGICK FOR THE NEW WITCH & WICCAN - New Seekers of the Mysteries by Lady Avalon
MAGICK FOR THE NEW WICCAN & WITCH - Seekers on the Path of the Wise by High Priestess Lady Raven Avalon and co-written by members of the Coven With so many newcomers or New Seekers looking into the Craft of the Wise, Witchcra..
Buy! Amazon, Magick For the New Witch & Wiccan,

      Make New Year Resolutions and KEEP THEM USING NLP! by Donna Blinston
What is a New Year resolution?! To me a New Year resolution is a Goal I wish to make, motivated by the coming of a New Year and the end of an old. Almost giving me permission to let go of the past and motivate me to look towa..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Inspirational Solutions, Inspirational Solutions Series,

      Manual de Santeria Lukumi OCHA LERI by David Camara
Un recurso indispensable para el Olocha. Contiene todos los cantos ceremoniales y todos los suyeres de los rituales de Ocha Lukumi...
Buy! Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto, Munanso Kimbisa Ntoto, Lulu,

      Mastering Information Technology by Dennis Adonis
This is an information technology textbook for university first year students...
Buy! Amazon,,, Dennis Adonis - official blog,

      Mathematical Encounters for the Inquisitive Mind by Paul Emekwulu
Mathematical Encounters for the Inquisitive Mind is a unique collection of articles written by the author over the years under different circumstances and each has some dose of mathematical insights for the inquisitive ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris Corp., Mathematical Encounters for the Inquisitive Mind,

      Maxi - Mind by Darrell Gudmundson
This book explains the mechanisms of creative thinking, and shows how anyone can be more creative. How to use creativity in your work and personal life...
Buy! Go For Whole Storefront, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Medi-Cross by John McLeod
100 Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles for Pre-Med, Medical, and Nursing Students, EMTs, Massage Therapists and Other Health Care Professionals and Crossword Lovers..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Medi-Cross Puzzles,

      Medi-Cross II by John McLeod
50 Advanced Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzles..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Memori dan Pembelajaran Efektif by Yovan Putra
Buku ini menyajikan salah satu potensi dari pikiran manusia yaitu ingatan. Berbagai mekanisme mengenai pengembangan dan aplikasinya dibahas tuntas pada buku perdana ini...
Buy! Amazon, PRIMASTUDY's official web site ,

      Mentoring and Coaching: A Lifeline for Teachers in a Multicultural Setting by Denise Gudwin
Filled with real-life vignette, this book focuses on mentoring teachers in a variety of school settings. Developing effective mentoring relationships through sensitivity to cultural and age differences is a focus...
Buy! Amazon, Denise Gudwin Consulting,

      Mind Map Game I created with more than 60 skills for learning by Arnold Jack
Mind Map Game is the Revolution way in learning with fun tested with hundred of students and succeed 90% memorize information..
Buy! Barnes &, Mind map game I created with more than 60 skills for leatning, Nook,

      Motivation for Non-Fiction Writers by nate hendley
This book explains how to start up or step up a freelance writing career...
Buy!, my site,, Lulu,

      My First Year in the Classroom by Barri Bumgarner
Fifty teachers share the trials, tribulations, and triumphs they’ve experienced during their first year on the job...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Adams Media, Barri L. Bumgarner, Adams Media,

      No Canadian Experience, Eh? A Career Survival Guide for New Immigrants by Daisy Wright
No Canadian Experience, Eh? is a handy career guide for every professional thinking of moving to Canada or those who have already arrived and need guidance. It not only gives the inside scoop of what it takes to navigate one..
Buy! Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Career/Life Skills, No Canadian Experience, Eh?,

      On Building Better Student by Joseph Caulfield
The Critical Success Factors for Learning..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, On Building Better Students, On Building Better Students, On Building Better Students,

      Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide by Saurabh Gupta
Oracle 11g Advanced PL/SQL 1Z0-146 Certification preparatory book..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, PacktPub publishers website, Kindle Edition,

      Other-Wise and School-Wise: A Parent Guidebook by Carol Josel
Concerns abound about how best to raise academically successful children to become independent, likeable, and productive adults. This book effectively addresses these matters, offering expert advice, activities, and lessons ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, School Wise Books, School-Wise Books,

      Parenting in Public: 6 Essential Elements for Parenting a Public School Stu by Karen Cotton, M.A.
Ms. Cotton is an avid reader, budding photographer, blogger and author...
Buy! Amazon, amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Passing Strategies by Michael Rayel
Passing Strategies combines fact and humor, personal vignettes and the experiences of others to demonstrate practical techniques for successful oral exam preparation...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Soar Dime Limited, Soar Dime Limited,

      Persuasion: Messages, Receivers, and Contexts by William Rogers
It's easy to succeed when everything is going right for you. But, when the going gets tough you need to become more persuasive. That's when you should turn to the experts for help! This state-of-the-art book summariz..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, Writers Readers and Beyond,

      PhoneGap Build: Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications in the Cloud by Bintu Harwani
PhoneGap is a standards-based, open-source development framework for building fast, easy, cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for iPhone/iPad, Android, Phone 7, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry and more. Once ..
Buy! Amazon,,, Kindle Edition,

      Photography Redefined by Gaurav Sharma
I am my own master. I may not be perfect, but I am a limited edition!!..
Buy! Lulu, Amazon, Gaurav Sharma's Books and Publications Spotlight, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Photography Redefined (eBook) by Gaurav Sharma
I am my own master. I may not be perfect, but I am a limited edition!!..
Buy! LULU, Amazon, Gaurav Sharma's Books and Publications Spotlight, Lulu,

      Physics of Immortality ...Ancient knowledge for a world in crisis by Tom Kitt
The spectrum of gravity explained!..
Buy! Onepositive,

      Plot Your Way to Publication by Brenda Hill
A step-by-step method for building a successful storyline. This 8.5" x 11" workbook guides you from basic story idea to a solid storyline. Designed for the busy lifestyle, it's simple enough to read in one sitting, yet powerf..
Buy! Brenda Hill, Brenda Hill ,

      Poems Inspired by History by Jill Vincent
Illustrating selected scenes of history to bring a greater potential for closure and healing...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jill Dill Vincent, Google, Jill Dill Vincent, Nook,

      PowerPoint for Teachers by Ellen Finkelstein
For all educators, this book shows how to use PowerPoint as a tool for effective education. You'll learn how to create great presentations, design quizzes and games, develop exciting Web-based resources, and more. Companion W..
Buy! Amazon,,,

      PR Basics in a Connected World by Ann Streetman
A good overview of basics in PR for newcomers or a brief refresher for people returning to the job market...
Buy!, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

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Education/Training Books
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  2. SMART is the New RICH ...Strategies
  3. Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensi
  4. Hear Me Out
  5. How The Internet Came About
  6. Travelers in Grammar Part Two
  7. PR Basics in a Connected World
  8. Geotechnics for Track Engineers
  9. Venturing into Digital Storytelling - A Gr
  10. Physics of Immortality ...Ancient knowledg

Featured Book
The Trial Seminar
by Richard Orey

For professional court reporters who want to dramatically upgrade their technical knowledge, skill and expertise. ..  
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Featured Book
Domestic Building Surveys
by Andrew Williams

This is a practical guide showing how to undertake a domestic building survey. The text describes the practical aspects of surveying with a full description of the author..  
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