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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: A Study Guide...
by Judith Laura

An e-book study guide to the 4 chapters on Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and a more egalitarian visioning,in the print book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Cen..  
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      El Don de Sanidad Divina para el Creyente de Hoy by Rosita Tanza
El Don de Sanidad Divina para el Creyente de Hoy describe el don en sí, explica si el don sigue funcionando en tiempos modernos, qué es este don, cómo funciona, y cuando terminará. Todo cristiano posee el don de sanidad...
Buy! Amazon, El Don de Sanidad Divina para el Creyente de Hoy,

      El Obbi by Miguel Baba Ẹṣù Onàrè
Los secretos de su tirada y los orishas que hablan de acuerdo a las figuras en sus posiciones...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Oraculos de la Santeria, Secretos Yorubas, SANTERIA AL ALCANZE DE SUS MANOS, Lulu,

      El Poder de la Velas, el Cafe y el Tabaco by Miguel Baba Ẹṣù Onàrè
El libro abarca de forma completa tres oráculos adivinatorios que hoy en día se hacen muy populares ya que las personas tienen el gusto de querer conocer o de saber cuál es o cuál será su destino...
Buy! Libros de Esoterismo, Libros de Hechizos, Magia y Poderes, HECHIZOS PODEROSOS, Lulu,

      End Times Answers The Rapture Question by Pastor Jerry Mayers
There is far too much debate over the meaning and scope of the Rapture. This is not God’s intent. Rather, in regards to the Rapture, God wants us to “encourage each other with these words.” Eph 6:11-13 11 Put on the ..
Buy! Amazon, Pastor Mayers Web-Site, Pastor Mayers Store, End Times Answers The Rapture Question,

      End-Time Church Mysteries and Revelations by Donald Corder
Sweeping in revelatory content, prophetic utterance and declarations - this work simply must be read by anyone desiring to move into the cutting edge of the supernatural realms of Christianity...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Donnelley-Alexander Publishing Bookstore, Donnelley-Alexander Publishing Bookstore, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Enemies Of The Cross by Tabitha Robin
For many walk of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the Cross of Christ¿ ------ Philippians 3:18 The Minister of the Gospel has a threefold responsibility: Proclaim truth E..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Enemies of The Cross,

      Escape from the Prison System: Finding the Narrow Door by Pat Kirk
Christian, Seventeen true short stories of God touching the most disenfranchised group in America (prisoners) to change their destinies both here and in eternity. Forty-three percent discount if you send the book to a prison ..
Buy! Escape from the Prison System, Escape from the Prison System: Finding the Narrow Door,

      Essential Bible Wisdom: GOOD NEWS by John, Beloved Disciple, & John, Elder by John Howard Reid
Appropriately, there are four Johns associated with the Fourth Gospel: John, the Baptist; Saint John, the son of Zebedee (one of the 12 apostles); John, "the beloved disciple"; and John, the elder (or presbyter)...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Tower Books, Books-A-Million, Bible Wisdom, Lulu,

      Evidence of God: A Final Resolution of Meaning by Mercury Jones
One Atheist, when asked what he would say to God if when he died he went to Heaven and God asked him why he didn’t believe in Him. The Atheist thought for a moment and without flinching he said he would say to God, “You didn’..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Iuniverse,

      Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: A Study Guide... by Judith Laura
An e-book study guide to the 4 chapters on Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and a more egalitarian visioning,in the print book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century..
Buy! Judith Laura's. Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      F.B.I. (Favor, Blessing, Increase) by Barbara Bryant
FBI is a valuable resource for discovering how to live in the overflow of abundant blessings...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barbara Bryant Ministries,

      Faith for a Dark Saturday by Dr. James Baker
"The darkest hour is just before dawn." An old adage, a true statement. In Faith for a Dark Saturday, the noted theologian and historian James Baker shows how nine men from the Bible prove the point...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Green Hills Press,

      Faith Pleases God by Grace Henderson
Faith and believing is a prerequisite for receiving incredible covenant living and ever-increasing favor in your life...
Buy! GHM Resources, Kingdom Faith Centre/Grace Henderson Ministries,

      Faith Song Devotionals for Women by Ruth Lanham
Faith Song Devotionals for Women is inspired by the scripture, Isaiah 42:10. "Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, you islands, and all who liv..
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Faith Song, Kindle Edition,

      Faith Without Borders by Jeremy Woods
Faith Without Borders is a look at prayer, missions, and ministry, and it was written to encourage Christians to discover God's Will for their lives...
Buy! Amazon, Book Website,

      Faith Without Nonsense by Brent Clay
A no-nonsense look at faith, full of compelling insights for anyone wishing to learn about the Knowledge of God in concrete and practical terms. Available in Paper Back and also on Kindle for all of you Kindle reade..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon Kindle Store,,,

      Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order by Dr. CK Quarterman
CK Quarterman in his new book, Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters And The New World Order describes his close encounter with a Giant. He says, "What had moments earlier been merely theology and a belief became vividly real..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fallen Angels,

      Fifty Years A Country Pastor (Shepherd) by Pastor Jim Walter
A Biblical view of a local church (A flock of Christ's sheep) and its pastor (one of His sheep called by the Heavenly Shepherd to tend His sheep for Him.)..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will by Pamela Carmichael
Financial Empowerment is about managing your finances based on biblical principles. It identifies some of the challenges we face in nine key areas of our finances and gives God-based solutions on how to solve them and become ..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Five Keys to Abundant Life: Redefining Success in a Stressed Society by Emmanuel Eliason
Life is not measured just based on material things, but rather on pursuing God’s unique plan for one’s existence. Are you experiencing spiritual emptiness? How wide is the distance between you and the abundant life promised ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Five Keys to Abundant Life,

      For Your Good by Cheryl Smith
A book that will encourage anyone going through a trial, to persevere...
Buy! Amazon, Cheryl Cotton Smith Ministries,

      Free Download Black & White Am I Going To Heaven by J Strunk
Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,` will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.(World English)..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Lulu,

      Freedom from the Curse by Chester Gross
Freedom from the curse deals with two cursed which God has removed. The curse of sin nature and the curse of the law...
Buy! Amazon, Freedom from the Curse, Kindle Edition,

      From A Boy To A Godly Man: A Boy's Bible Study of David by Katy Foster
Independent or group Bible Study for tween boys. Softcover. 216 pages. Ages 10-15...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Diggin in the Bible, Katy Foster Bible Studies, Diggin in the Bible,

      From Church To Hell by Abiodun Adeleke
I think the church is sitting on a time bomb going by the statement of Jesus that not all who call Him LORD will go to heaven but unfortunately many of us are not taking Him serious. It is high time we removed the veil and re..
Buy! LULU Marketplace, Cross Road, Lulu,

      From My Soul To Yours by Cedric Myrick Sr
My God has used me as one of his vessels to express my feelings in poems. My poems are my reflections of my inner feelings, thoughts, and expressions, which I may not have shared with that particular individual, but God allow..
Buy! Amazon,, utube/poetry/relationship, create space, Kindle Edition,

      From the Other Side of the Couch: A Biblical Counselors' Guide to Relationa by Judy Lair
My Roadmap to Freedom shows how to walk through the valley of woundedness, liberate your feelings from captivity, wrestle inaccurate beliefs into submission, plant your flag on the mountain of truth, and learn how to live in ..
Buy! Amazon, Judy Lair -- Moving from Fear to Freedom, Kindle Edition,

      Gaining Momentum by Chimrinma Opara
This book discusses from the Christians perspective, what it will take to arrive your own 'promised land',your place in destiny and at record pace too!..
Buy! Barnes &, Gaining Momentum: making acceptable progress in life, Lulu,

      Gazing At Grace:Six Sermons To Show The Savior by Chris Canuel
In a day in which many people are unsure of how to read the Bible, and much of the preaching in our churches revolve around moralism or whatever social issues are dominating the day's headlines, Chris Canuel is convinced that..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      General Shepherd by Christian Nseka
Have you ever wondered what form the Lord of the Second Advent will take? Will he be a general, dressed in armor and brandishing a mighty sword? Will he be a calm, well-respected father figure acting like a shepherd caring fo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Get Behind Me Satan - The Novel by Mike Yousif
Author of the End Times Biblical Christian Novel "Get Behind Me Satan". The story takes place two weeks before the Rapture. Then the book of Revelation comes to life through the eyes of the saints both in Heaven and on Earth...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Froogle, Get Behind Me Satan - The Novel,

      Get On Board and Stay On Board by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi
Get On Board and Stay On Board is a Collection of poems and short articles based on the Bible. The articles point to Jesus as the Mediator between God and man, and stresses the urgency of salvation...
Buy! Amazon, West Bow Press, Amazon,

      Give Me Destiny: The Heart Cry of the Real Christian by James Jimason
Are you working a 9 to 5 job and getting a paycheck, but feeling as if God has more for your life? Have you reached your full potential in God? Do you have friends all around you, and money in the bank, but still feel empty? ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Go For It!: Motivating Christians To Do God's Will by Jeremy Woods
Has God been laying something on your heart for you to do? Make sure it is God's Will, not just your desires, and then prepare to do it. Then go for it!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Go For It! Book website, Kindle Edition,

      God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why by Peter Soszek
A book that tries to help people come to believe in the existence of God...
Buy! God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why, eBookAd,

      GOD LIGHT Sunlight Sonlight by Robert Russell
Winner of multiple awards GOD LIGHT identifies fascinating parallels between natural and spiritual light, contrasts the natural and spiritual light of the world, and illustrates applications of natural and spiritual light...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Infinity, BOOKS by Robert Lloyd Russell,

      God with Us by Uriah Fields
God is with us. Into his presence we come, not by leaving behind what are usually called earthly things; or by loving them less, but by living "more intensely in them, and loving more what is really lovable in them; for it is..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Uriah J. Fields,,

      God's Deputy by LUGARD OSAYANDE
Man's Purpose and Faith..
Buy! Barnes &, lulu, Lulu,

This is my story of how I broke free from the bondage of incorrect biblical teaching...
Buy! Amazon, Healing Hope, HEALING HOPE,

      God's Healing Plan by Janice Baca
Janice demonstrates the healing power of God's Word. Without Christ healing cannot occur. Janice is a living testimony to the healing of Christ. "Time doesn't heal all wounds...", Janice says. Healing only comes from..
Buy! Amazon,, Janice F. Baca,

      God's High Holy Days vs. Man's Pagan Holidays by NAKESHA LOWE
Part 2 of Creative Wisdom Series..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, amazon, barnes and noble, Nakesha Lowe, Author of It's All About Me,

      God's Love by Jill St James
An uplifting love story about forgiveness...
Buy! Amazon, God's Love, Jill St. James,

      God`s Little Flock Healed by Stellah Mupanduki
This is a book for healing from the power of the Almighty God. This book has verses that bring healing, hope and peace to terminally ill children lying in hospitals and those at home who have lost all hope for living. It help..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, booksamillion, Barnesandnoble,,

      Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: from Kabbalah to Quantum Physics by Judith Laura
The award-winning Second Enlarged Edition of this highly acclaimed book, contains all material from the original 1997 edition plus additional content, including a Foreword by Rachel Pollack. Judith Laura begins by describing ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Judith EnTrance,

      Grace With Skin On It/Grace With Power by Ernie Heavin
A study on Romans for the 21st century..
Buy! Amazon, The Writings From Heavin,

      Grieving with Mary. by Mary Doyle
In Grieving with Mary, author Mary K. Doyle provides readers with a number of suggestions for finding comfort and healing in devotion to the Mother of God. When traditional prayer forms are challenging due to fatigue, sadness..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mary K. Doyle,

      Growing in the Kingdom of God - Nuggets of Truth Vol. I by Cherie Sheridan
"Growing in the Kingdom of God - Nuggets of Truth is a three volume series of teachings by Cherie Sheridan. Full of rich powerful truths that are life-changing, convicting and liberating. Available in Print and e-book...
Buy! Amazon, On Track Restoration Project,

      Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families by Raine Hill
This is a first of its kind: a full-color (inside and out) workbook of Pagan mythology, fun puzzles and activities designed specifically for children being raised in a Pagan household...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Raine Hill, Author ,

      GUARD YOUR MIND by Kezia Williams
You will learn strategies and gain insight to be victorious in your life with God...
Buy! Kezia Williams Books and Publication Spotlight,

      Happiness? Yes! by Roger Taylor
Three simple steps to achieve that complete happiness and eternal joy that we all are striving so hard to find. In Happiness? Yes! The process is spelled out so that anyone can have the life they have always w..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Roger D Taylor, Lulu,

      He Answers From His Throne by Sophia Calloway
In this time of global uncertainty, God has used people and circumstances to bring us higher and closer to His Throne. Through our difficulties it is hard to see what He is doing and even more difficult to hear what He is say..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      He Will Never Leave You by Jaylin Palacio
People will betray us, but God will never leave us or forsake us. He gives us the ability to truly forgive and be set free from the pain of betrayal...
Buy! Amazon, Know Someone Facing the Aftermath of Adultery?, Lulu, Know Someone Facing the Aftermath of Adultery?, Kindle Edition,

      Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours by Melody Ravert
Now available in e-book! In the book, Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours, the author offers insight through scriptures and references to help answer questions regarding life after death...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Heaven or Hell, Amazon e-book, Heaven or Hell,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Hell's Gate Battle For Man's Soul by Don Guthrie
Hell’s Gate is a novel about the struggles man has with demons, and the help he can receive from God if he believes. It is a story of angels and demons and man’s faith...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Hell's Gate, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Help! My Wife Left Me and Filed for Divorce! by Pastor Mark Grubbs
This book is about God's call to men in their marriage and family! It is about men loving their wife the way God intended them to. It is scriptural based with God's word through out it and also has study questions at the end ..
Buy! Lulu publishing,

      HEROES: Great Characters of the Bible by Steaven Snow
AVAILABLE NOW!, HEROES: GREAT CHARACTERS OF THE BIBLE is a series of forty-five Bible based lessons that can be adapted to any age level or any size study group. It focuses on such topics as: * Service * Salvation Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Steaven Snow's Official Book Website,

      Hidden Voices: Biblical Women and Our Christian Heritage by Heidi Bright, M. Div.
Hidden Voices offers a fresh, inspiring look at the stories of women in the Bible, how Jesus treated women, and the difficult passages concerning the role of women...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Hidden Voices Biblical Women and Our Christian Heritage, Hidden Voices: Biblical Women and Our Christian Heritage,

      Holy Order Restored by Eliyahu ben David
Holy Order Restored focuses on the original ordering of creation and the rebellion of the antediluvian world. Relationship of the genders is highlighted...
Buy! Amazon, Eliyahu ben David, Holy Order Restored, Holy Order Restored - Lessons from the pre-flood world.,

      Holy Qur'an: An Intimate Portrait by John Herlihy
The journey of a sacred revelation from a cave in Makkah down through the centuries until the modern era when the book still serves to enlighten billions of people and guides them through the journey of their own lives...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Hope in the House of Bread by Terry Michaels
A verse-by-verse journey through the greatest love story ever told - The Book of Ruth...
Buy! Faithwriters, Terry Michaels,

      House Church Manual by William Tenny-Brittian
A leader in the House Church movement, William Tenny-Brittian offers this step-by-step guide for starting, growing, and multiplying a House Church and a House Church Network. If you're a potential House Church leader, this bo..
Buy! Amazon, House Church Network Association,

      How Often Would I Have Gathered You (2nd ed.) by Val Greenwood
This award-winning collection of more than 200 stories from the Old Testament for adults and young adults was named one of the "Top Ten Reads" for 2007 by Carolyn Howard-Johnson on "My" The stories, told in modern ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publishers Direct Bookstore, Latter-day Light Books, New View Old Testament,

      How Sovereign is Your God? by Debbie Blough
If God is really in control of all things then how should that affect daily life? Why do we worry?..
Buy! Amazon, Tate Publishing,

      How To Make The Devil Obey You!!! by Gillis Triplett
Is there an unseen spiritual realm that includes a devil, demons and angels? Is there is a heaven and hell? Why do some people’s prayers go unanswered and others seem to move the hand of God at will? These are just some of th..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bereans Christian Bookstore, Called To Conquer Bookstore, Gillis Triplett - Pastor & Teacher,

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Religion Books
  1. Islam Attacks the Whore
  2. Grace With Skin On It/Grace With Power
  3. Secrets of the Seven Churches
  4. Dorothy Day, A Passion for peace
  5. Holy Qur'an: An Intimate Portrait
  6. The Seven Spirits
  7. Clothed in Virtue
  8. Like A Flood
  9. Who is the Antichrist
  10. Suddenly Free, Purpose of Joy

Featured Book
Decoding the Language of God
by George Cunningham

book analyses the evidence uesd by scientist Francis Collins to support his Christian faith and concudes that scoence and religion cannot both be true and are incompatibl..  
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Featured Book
The Holy Bible: True or False?
by John Rayburn

An unbiased view of religious belief and faith, with discussions of whether some content may be inventions of theological ideas based on wide interpretations...  
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