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Featured Book
Women of Afghanistan in the Post-Taliban Era: How Lives Have
by Rosemarie Skaine

photos, map, glossary, notes, bibliography, index, softcover ..  
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     Featured "Women" Books!


      Pathos In My Pocket, Your Truth Or Mine? by Sherry Bach
Synopsis Amanda, an outspoken atheistic psychologist, discovers her sense of purpose in life with support from her best friend, Trisha, a painter. Will Amanda's absolute truths and atheism be challenged in time to save he..
Buy! Amazon, Sherry Bach's website,

      Photographs and Memories by Barbara Fifield
Angela and Kevin move to Florida to take care of her parents and sister. While there, her mother and sister die and her father has to be placed in a nursing home...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barbara Fifield, Lulu,

      Play It Again, Sam by Maryann Miller
The story of one woman's strength as she rebuilds her life after divorce...
Buy! Amazon, MCM Enterprises,

      Poison Among Us: Exposing reasons why women hurt women by Dr. Deborah Spence
Poison Among Us entertainingly dissects the phenomenon of Woman-on-Woman Abuse and takes its readers deep into the psychological subculture of women through the lives of Beth Johnson and Estelle Deveraux. It suggests why trad..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Deborah Spence,

      Power and Gender by Rosemarie Skaine
Presents a thorough examination of the issue of sexual harassment in the United States...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Aurora Protection Specialists, Boca Raton, Florida, AuthorsDen,

      Power and Wisdom-The New Path for Women by Priscilla Marotta, Ph.D
From Positive Power Lessons such as "Cost-Benefit Analysis" and "Healthy Selfish" to a re-cap of feminist history (and a recommended facelift), Dr. Marotta offers tools contemporary women need to make their professional and p..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Power For The Abandoned Woman (Confronting the Victim Illusion) by CAROLYN GABRIEL
A simple, directive, easy to read handbook for the woman whose world appears to be in shreds. Equally useful for a man!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Prisoner Of My Past by Diana Murdock
One woman's journey and understanding of her memories of childhood abuse...
Buy! Barnes and Noble,

      Questing Marilyn: In Search of My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
Tired of the challenges of your responsibilities? Wish you could run away and discover who you could be without the roles you play? Questing Marilyn is a memoir of a physical and psychological journey through Englan..
Buy! Amazon, Quest Publishing, Quest Publishing,

      Rain Song by Alice Wisler
Will Nicole deal with her fears from the past so that she can enjoy the future?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bethany House,, Alice J. Wisler,

      Reinventing Leona by Lynne Gentry
This pastor's wife has been out of the job market for 30 years. When her husband dies in the pulpit, she has to reinvent herself...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Stage Write, Kindle Edition,

      Road Queens--four women who abandon their lives and take to the highways. by Catherine MacDonald
Have you ever wanted to run away from your life? Has the open road ever tickled your sense of adventure? Meet four women who abandon their lives and take to the highways. In Road Queens, four unforgettable women meet..
Buy! Amazon, Star Publish, supernovel,

      Rosie's Daughters: The First Woman To: Generation Tells Its Story by Kendra Bonnett
Meet Rosie's Daughters in this first collective memoir of an entire generation of women--and what a generation. These women born during WWI, the precursors of the Baby Boom generation, tell their stories and declare their pla..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Rosie's Daughters,

      Sarah's Secret by chava hudson
Sarah's Secret takes you through a journey of love addiction and recovery, but not in a twelve-step program! Sarah is addicted to her dream of having a family, and specifcaly with a man she can never have. As she evolves and ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Save Christian Women's Marriages by Esther Cobblah by Esther Cobblah
discusses how women can save their marriage from divorce...
Buy! Amazon, Facebook Page, Kindle Edition,

      Season of Change by Tumika Patrice Cain
Season of Change is the dynamic story of Avery and Alicia Ayers, a very rich, influential couple leading a double life...
Buy! Amazon, Tumika Patrice Cain,

      Seeking the Forbidden by Pheather Johnson
Two young women meet in San Francico and look for a life of sophistication. They have resisted advances from cads, curs and cool cats. Now each searches for a more mature relationship. (Love, heartbreak and wisdom follow.)..
Buy! Barnes &, AddAll, Books by Pheather,

      Self-Esteem & Empowerment for Women by Yolanda McIntosh
Twenty-five successful, professional women share their powerful tips for self-confidence, positive attitude, and stress management. Topics include Eliminating Chaos, Increased Self-Esteem, Assertiveness Skills, Living a More ..
Buy! Amazon, McIntosh Mo2vations, Professional Woman Publishing,

      Sensational after 60 - Loving Life All Over Again by Shirley Mitchell
Your career is nearing its end. Your grandchildren are leaving home. Health challenges are affecting some of your closest relationships. It's the aging thing-the dreaded "A" word...
Buy! Aging Outside the Box, Sensational after 60,

      Sensational after 60®-Loving Life All Over Again by Shirley Mitchell
It's like Graduating from High School and entering College - It's where The Grand Adventure starts. It means Celebrating Your Gift of Years and Soaring to New Heights of Excellence. Aging Sunny Side uP! Capturing the Essence ..
Buy! Fabulous after 50®, Sensational after 60®, Sensational after 60®,

      Separation Anxiety by Jenyfer Matthews
Sometimes running away is the first step toward finding yourself. Aurora has spent her entire married life transforming herself from a regular, middle class girl into the perfect society wife. Life seems perfect unti..
Buy! Amazon, Smashwords, Amazon, Jenyfer Matthews,

      Serendipity by Louise Shaffer
A child of theatrical royalty, Carrie Manning is having a hard time getting her own act together. Thirty-seven, aimless, and having just buried a famous mother she never understood, she is desperate to uncover her family’s my..
Buy!, Barnes & Noble, Official Louise Shaffer Website,

      Seven Again: Coming Full Circle by Eva Tremaine
Meet Eva the diva, Chloe the wild child, Whitney the vanilla sister of the group and Sabrina the stability that holds it all together. Mix these four women up and prepare yourself from some straight drama. Follow these women ..
Buy! Amazon, Eva Tremaine,

      Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many by Heather Wardell
You sign up for a dating show, but instead find yourself dumped on an island with HOW many of your exes?..
Buy! Amazon, Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many,

      She by S. Walker
“He didn’t have to hit me, his words hurt enough.” “Three things you need to survive: a job, a roof over your head and an escape fund.” “One Brave Thing A Day made me the woman I am today, it can work for you, too.” <..
Buy! Barnes &, Publish America,

      She of the Rib: Women Unwrapped by Jayne Ferrer
"Reality poetry" for women who are smart, sassy, and seasoned!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CRM Books, Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, Author & Word Woman,

      Sing O' Barren Woman by Lemmonstine Poindexter
A book of encouragement and daily devotional for barren women and those who love them...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Single and Loving It by Andrea Foy
Anthology of stories and advice about single life in the African American community...
Buy! Andrea Foy,

      Sistahs N SistahHood by Toni Odom
Are you a Real Sistah? Find out by reading this title that examines the various bonds with other women that African American women experience in their lives...
Buy! Restore Communications,

      Snow White Gets Her Say by chris wind
A collection of the classic fairy tales retold – what would have happened if Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and others had been strong and critical girls and women living today?..
Buy! Amazon, smashwords, barnesandnoble, chris wind, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Song of Songs the book for daughters by Michael Ben Zehabe
The author wrote this book as a wedding gift for his daughter. Actually, God wrote Song of Songs for His daughter too...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Michael Ben Zehabe, Michael Ben Zehabe,

      Speak Life! by Jennifer Earley
Devotions for Mothers & Daughters A Valuable Resource that will enable mothers to encourage their daughters at every stage of their life: ..
Buy! Aphesis Publishing, Aphesis Publishing, LLC,

      Spicy Spinsters: Stories of Seasoned Bachelorettes by Jewel Hopson
Happily ever after doesn't always include Prince Charming. Spicy Spinsters is a collection of short stories about middle age women who have never had husbands. The characters emerge from various economic, ethnic and moral bac..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica,

      Stage Daughter by Sheryl Sorrentino
Razia Schoenberg is a rebellious seventh-grade theater student who is the product of an unfortunate one-night stand. Watch the drama unfold when Raz defies her mom's wishes and locates her long-lost father, a devout Muslim ma..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sheryl Sorrentino, Kindle Edition,

      Stages | Episode One by Katie Paul
If Sophie emerges from the shadows, will she lose everyone and everything?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Stages | Episode One, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Still Going It Alone: Mothering with Faith and Finesse by Michele Howe
In this follow-up to Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom, Michele Howe offers support and guidance for single mothers entering the empty nest years...
Buy! Amazon,

      Surviving In-vitro Fertilization by Karen Daniels
True IVF stories and inspiration from the women who have been there. In-vitro fertilization is not a journey you need to take alone...
Buy! Amazon,

      Survivng Unemployment Devotions To Go by Marietta Taylor
After moving to North Carolina my husband job transfer fell through. We had no support system in Raleigh so we were "alone" in this situation. For the next 2 1/2 years he was either unemployed or underemployed. I had no inten..
Buy! EDM Bookstore, Marietta Taylor,

      Switchcraft by Mary Castillo
Two best friends switch bodies and have to live each others very different lives until the next full moon...
Buy! Amazon, Switchcraft book page,

      Symmetry by Joyce Scarbrough
New Edition! When Jessica Cassady's husband attends a sportswriters' convention and she calls his hotel room in the middle of the night, another woman answers the phone. Lee swears things aren't what they seem, but Jess ..
Buy! Amazon,, The Wild Rose Press, Kindle Edition,

      Table For Three by Recha Peay
Don't judge a book by it's cover, looks can be deceiving. These women are anything but nice. Ladies sometimes in the streets, but always a freak between the sheets. Release date October 6, 2009...Pre-order your copy now for..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Risque Cafe, Recha G. Peay,

      Take Back the Memory by Augustine Sam
Awarded a 5-star seal by Reader's Favorite..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mondadori Store, Amazon, Melange Books, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Ten Powerful Stress Busters for the BAM VP Woman in You by Barbara Mitchell
Winner Gold eLit Book Awards! Stress relief is the mantra for our 21st Century fast-paced lifestyle. Especially when it comes to women's health...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Ten Things I Still Hate About Those Women by Allene Swienckowski
Mean girls grown-up to often become mean women. Mean women inflict as much emotional pain on other women as mean girls...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make Before 40 by Tina Tessina
"One of the best books for women that I have read. It takes desires and dreams and shows you a step-by-step practical way to achieve them. For any woman who wants to do more than talk about changing her life, a road map to ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Tina B. Tessina, PhD,

      The Black Rose Diaries by Wanda McKiver
Join three women in their journey through the last year of their lives. These women unfortunately have fallen victim to the hardships of their environmental and relationship changes. Wanda McKiver takes her time, ..
Buy! Barnes &,, The Black Rose Diaries,

      The Boys' Club by Diane Dignan
The Boys' Club is a novel about a career woman redefining her values and reasserting her self esteem during unexpected challenges in her career and personal life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, First Page Publications, The Boys' Club website,

      The Bridge Club by Patricia Sands
Eight women. Four Decades. One unimaginable weekend. How far would you go to help a good friend? Is there a place where you might draw the line?..
Buy! Amazon, Everyone has a story, Kindle Edition,

      The Bum Magnet by K. Brady
Charisse Tyson seems to have it all—a great job, a dream car, and a McMansion in high-and-mightyville. Everything in her life is just right…except the Mister. Laugh loud and often as Charisse discovers whether her choices in..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, K.L. Brady Writes,

      The Cape Elizabeth Ocean Avenue Society by Arlene Graber
The third book in the Plane Tree Series is a women's fiction novel set in the small town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,, Kindle Edition,

      The Confident Woman; Tapping Into Your Inner Power by Mary Romero
A must-read for women who desire increased self-esteem, confidence, assertive skills and empowerment...
Buy! Amazon, Live Life Coaching with Mary Romero, Live Life Coaching with Mary Romero,

      The Cult of Light and Lies by lynn hones
One night and one stupid mistake turned the life of suburban housewife and mother Tilley Jenkins into a prison of paranoia and fear. Dancing and drinking on a rare girl’s night out, feeling young and sexy, she flirts with a m..
Buy! Devine Destinies, Amazon Books, Lynn Hones,

      The Daughter of William Rowe by Allison Alexander
In the slums of turn-of-the-century London lives the young daughter of William Rowe. Who is William Rowe? Nobody special, except to his adoring little girl, Hannah. What comes between them is a woman, his new wife, Corrine. W..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Edge and I by Tonya Thomas
Anthology of five short stories by Tonya Thomas...
Buy! Kobo, Sony, The Edge and I - on Backlist Ebooks, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Estrogen Chronicles by Marie Bohland
Lucinda escapes from a trouble marriage with her daughter to work at a small, rural hospital. She must deal with a deadly virus, her ex and man with a gun who wants to end it all...
Buy! Amazon,

      The Floater by Sheryl Sorrentino
N.Y. Times best selling author, Ken Morris (author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, Man in the Middle, Deadly Trade), calls The Floater "the Rocky of legal dramas" and adds, "Protagonist Norma Reyes--hired as an overqualif..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Sheryl Sorrentino's website, Kindle Edition,

      The Food Temptress by Rekaya Gibson
The main character, Ambrosia, uses food to seduce and convert men into the perfect companion...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xpress Yourself Publishing Company, The Food Temptress,

      The Foreign Language of Friends by Nadine Feldman
Four lonely women meet in a foreign language class. Despite their many differences and mutual dislike, they must learn the language of friendship...
Buy! Amazon, Nadine Galinsky Feldman, Author, Kindle Edition,

      The Fragile Thread by Aliske Webb
After burying her husband and raising three children alone, Aggie leaves life in the city for a small town. Shortly thereafter she joins with a colorful group of middle-aged women (the "wombats") and together they fight to sa..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      The Girls from Winnetka by Marcia Chellis
Five girlfriends from the fifties tell how their choices influenced today's young women. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      The Girls from Winnetka by Marcia Chellis
Five friends raised with 50's values tell why and how their lives change decade after decade to the present. In the fifties, they are programmed to please, to be perfect, and to be virgins until marriage. While many others gl..
Buy! Amazon, The Girls from Winnetka,

      The Hero, the Harlot, and the Fish by Michael McGrath
Love, loss, and redemption in the warm waters off Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      The Hungry Mirror by Lisa de Nikolits
A novel about women, eating disorders, food, diet myths, celebrities, body image, magazines and their role in disordered eating, bulimia and anorexia. The book, a compelling work of fiction, also looks at fashion, photog..
Buy! Homepage,

      The Journey by Chariss Walker
A light read -- One woman's escape from an abusive relationship...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Keeper by Robin Mosz
A struggling waitress and a brilliant neurosurgeon... But under his outer perfection lies a terrible secret...
Buy! Amazon, Google, Amazon, The Keeper, Kindle Edition,

      The Makeup Artist's Mandate by Cassandra Ferguson
Learn to be a professional makeup artist with The Makeup Artist's Mandate!..
Buy! Makeup Eutopia Makeup Store, Cassandra Rae Ferguson - Professional Makeup Artist,

      The Makeup Mandate by Cassandra Ferguson
Learn to apply makeup like a pro with The Makeup Mandate: the comprehensive source of information on makeup...
Buy! Makeup Eutopia Makeup Store, Cassandra Rae Ferguson - Professional Makeup Artist,

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Featured Book
I Can't Stop Now - Part 1
by S D

Raw determination and perseverence in the face of every kind of abuse imaginable... but its a picture painted with humor, hope and waves of sensitivity, unfettered loyalt..  
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Featured Book
Power and Gender
by Rosemarie Skaine

Presents a thorough examination of the issue of sexual harassment in the United States...  
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