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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Jump Starting Your Inner-Novelist To Life!: Publication Date
by JE Thompson

Jump Starting Your Inner-Novelist to Life! is a concise manual that provides inspiration, motivation and practical tools for crafting award-winning novels. ..  
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     Featured "Education/Training" Books!


      PowerPoint for Teachers by Ellen Finkelstein
For all educators, this book shows how to use PowerPoint as a tool for effective education. You'll learn how to create great presentations, design quizzes and games, develop exciting Web-based resources, and more. Companion W..
Buy! Amazon,,,

      PR Basics in a Connected World by Ann Streetman
A good overview of basics in PR for newcomers or a brief refresher for people returning to the job market...
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eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics by David Skocik
"Practical Public Relations for the Small Business: Tools and Tactics for Competitive Advantage," is designed as a go-now, hands-on primer for grabbing earned media in addition to getting the best deal on paid media during ti..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PR Delaware LLC,

      Pray, Practice and Prosper, by Doing Business God's Way by Craig Mc Ilroy
In this inspiring work, Craig describes how God can mold your character to become who and what God has called you to be. He describes how the Holy Spirit helps you create a clear vision that will guide your daily choices. A..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Pray, Practice and Prosper,

      Prepped for Success: What Every Parent Should Know about the College App by Nicki Washington
Should my child take the SAT or ACT? What types of financial aid are available? What is the FAFSA? When should we schedule campus tours? If you are a parent, and don't know or remember the answer to these questions, then this..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Prepped for Success, Prepped for Success,

      Presentational Skills for the Next Generation by Ginger Marks
A to Z presentational skills. Complete with online and offline tips. Learn how to effectively open and close and what to do in between...
Buy! Amazon, Author Ginger Marks, Ginger Marks Writing Place, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Professional Investigative Report Writing, Contracts and Forms by Douglas Crewse
A professional investigative practice requires the investigative agency to produce top-flight investigative reports simply because the investigative report is the final end-product of any investigation. This manual details th..
Buy! Investigative Associates, Inc., Investigative Associates, Inc.,

      Program Building: A Practical Guide for High School Speech and Drama Teachers by Toby Heathcotte
Program Building is a truly practical guide for high school speech and drama teachers that bridges a huge gap in the literature. Nothing comes close to this book and its tested techniques..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Psychobabble: A straight forward plain English guide to the benefits of NLP by Donna Blinston
Psychobabble is a practical text book, written in plain English and broken down into bite size chunks so that all readers can follow and utilize the techniques of Neuro linguistic programming (NLP). After introducing what NLP..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Inspirational Solutions, Inspirational Solutions Series,

      Purpose-Centered Public Speaking by Gary Rodriguez
Purpose-Centered Public Speaking: How to Develop and Deliver Purposeful Talks, Speeches, and Presentations with Less Fear and More Confidence..
Buy! Amazon, LeaderMetrix, Inc.,

      Reading English News on the Internet by David Petersen
A guide to connectors, verbs, expressions, and vocabulary for the ESL student..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, David Petersen Storefront, Lulu,

      REBUILDING on ROCK! by doug booker
A book about INDIVIDUAL and ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP...the stuff that really works. Real leadership, real relationships, teamership and creating an awesome Chain of Command. It is about process vs. just another program thi..
Buy! Barnes &, Booker Training Associates, Booker Training Associates,

      Reel Characters by Randy Daudlin
A quick reference to creating out of kit Feature quality character make-ups...
Buy! Two Gruesome Publishing, Two Gruesome Publishing,

      Reflections From a Business Coach by A. Keith Barton
Coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners is tough work, but rewarding if you can tap into their enthusiasm and knowledge...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Virtual Executive Coach, Kindle Edition,

      Rogue Student by Michael Williams
Learn the secrets of playing the college game. ..
Buy! Mind Like Water,

      Scene Tracker Kit by Martha Alderson
Character, Action, Theme - Your Complete Plot Guide 3pc Kit! Dramatically cut the time it takes to finish your writing project!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, eBay, Blockbuster Plots Scene Tracker Kit,

      School Carnival Guide by JP Corcoran
School Carnival Guide - How to Run a School Carnival for Fun and Profit. This is the most complete guide to running a school carnival fundraiser...
Buy! Amazon, School Carnival Guide, School Carnival Guide,

      School Proof Your Child: Assure Your Child A Better Future by Rosemary Patterson
A Balanced Approach To Teaching Your Child Reading...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Novels and Self-Help Books, Kindle Edition,

      Seeds for Fertile Minds: Eight Curriculum Integration Tools written with Betty Joy by Toby Heathcotte
A collection of materials on a variety of subjects. Teachers can skip preparation because this book does it all - materials, exercises, activities...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mardel Books,

      Sekrets of biseness by Oleksandr Starovoytov
Hi dear buyers. Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Info&Order, About,

      Self Defense for Survival: The Road to Empowerment by Leslie Bowman
Women have all sorts of excuses for not learning to defend themselves. With education and awareness, you can increase your self-confidence and learn to prevent and avoid potential violence attacks...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Self Defense Tactics and Techniques Against an Active Shooter by Wayne Standiford
How to react, fight, or escape a madman with a gun. Tactics and actions to stay alive...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Book Report Video , Kindle Edition,

      Seniorwriting: a Brief Guide for Seniors Who Want to Write by Marlys Marshall Styne
This brief writing guide can make writing life stories easy, especially for seniors who do not consider themselves writers...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buy Books on the Web,

      Server Training Manual by D. Lott
It can be very frustrating as an independent restaurant manager to be constantly training your serving staff and, let's face it, you really don't have the time. You don't always have available to you specific training aids su..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Sexy, Savvy And Successful - How to Start A Business by Toni Nelson
How to Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom And Buy More Shoes!..
Buy! Amazon, Women Entrepreneurs, Kindle Edition,

      Sharing The Dark: Encounters With The Abyss by Trish Shields
This is a small collection of poetry aimed at individuals that suffer from depression, clinical or otherwise. Published by Passion Among The Cacti Press, 2005...
Buy! Canadian Poetry Association bookstore, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, trish Shields - Author and Poet,

      Show & Tell Psychodrama: Skills for Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Leaders by Karen Carnabucci
This book offers bite-size chapters about the effectiveness of this action method and shows how psychotherapists, educators, coaches, attorneys, business people and others can benefit in their work...
Buy! CreateSpace, Amazon,

      Simple Steps to Sentence Analysis by Charlene Tess
This is a handbook to guide teachers and students through the eight simple steps of sentence analysis...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Charlene Tess on Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for Elementary School and ESL Students by Charlene Tess
At last, a version of Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for younger students and those whose native language is not English. Students can learn to analyze sentences in 5 easy steps...
Buy!,, Charlene Tess,

      Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for High School by Charlene Tess
A quick and easy method for analyzing the parts of a sentence and learning English grammar. Now available as an eBook in PDF format. All study notes, exercises and tests are reproducible blackline masters that teachers can ta..

      Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for Middle School by Charlene Tess
At last, a middle school version of Simple Steps to Sentence with all new practice exercises, tests, writing connection pages, and answers. Everything you need to teach your students the easy way to analyze sentences. Just pr..
Buy!,, Simple Steps To Sentence Sense,

      Simple Steps to Sentence Sense Packet of New Exercises, by Charlene Tess
Do you teach more than one grade level? If so, you may be ready for some NEW Reproducible Exercises, Tests, and Writing Connection Pages to use with Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for High School by Charlene Tess..
Buy!, Charlene Tess,

      Slavery Segregation Integration Degradation by Arnold Brooks
A Peoples Struggle Against Racial Barriers...
Buy! Skylar Writes Books, A and B book Distributors, Arnold Brooks Author Educator ,

      So You Want to Be a Strategic Leader by Dr. Larry Ross
A practical manual on strategic leadership! Learn what it takes to be a strategic leader...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris, Kindle Edition,

      Solar Electricity Handbook by Michael Boxwell
The Solar Electricity Handbook is a straightforward and practical guide to designing, installing and using solar electric panels. Assuming no previous knowledge of solar electric systems, the book explains how solar..
Buy! Amazon, Solar Electricity Handbook - US, Buy this book - Amazon UK, Solar Book,

      Speaking Etiquette by Herman Yenwo
Buy! Lulu, Lulu, Lulu,

      Stepping Stones to Success by Lydia Douglas
Stepping Stones to Success, the first book from author Lydia M. Douglas, outlines effective strategies and goals to help students accomplish their dreams...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Order from the Author,

      Stop Beating the Dead Horse by Julie Casey
To change the preconceived notions of what public school should be...
Buy! Amazon, lulu, Stop Beating the Dead Horse, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Storytime Discoveries: Math by Dotti Enderle
Math should be fun and the stories and activities in this book will guarantee it! Through interesting folktales, poems and original stories students learn about logical thinking, problem solving and various mathematical conce..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dotti Enderle,

      Student Study Skills by Will Clark
A concise study skills book to help students learn how to study and learn...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Study Skills and Learning Games by Irene Taylor
Part of doing well in school is being able to apply good study skills. Learning how to study, take tests and write great reports are all important to a successful school career. In this ebook we'll take a look at ways teacher..
Buy! Barnes and Noble, Apple -iTunes, Study Skills and Learning Games, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Successful Preparation for the Psychiatry Oral Exam by Michael Rayel
Successful Preparation helps the psychiatry oral exam candidates effectively organize the introduction, interview, oral presentation, and video exam phases of the ABPN Part II examination..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Soar Dime Limited, Soar Dime Limited,

      Suicide Awareness for First Reponders by Trennis Killian
Suicide Awareness for First Responders helps you to better understand suicidal people, how to help them, what to do at a scene of suicide threats or completion. Suicide threats and completion among first responders is also co..
Buy! Barnes &, Suicide Awareness for First Responders, T. E. Killian, Kindle Edition,

      Super Grades For Super Students: How To Avoid Failing School by Donald Eaker, Ph.D.
Academic study program. Time management that assists students to graduate with honors...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books-A-Million,,

      Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships by Pam Perry
How to Use the Power of partnerships to market your book, grow your business and brand your ministry..
Buy! Amazon, Synergy Energy Marketing ,

      Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2007 - Third Edition by Paul Buggs
Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2007, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and incorporates ECDL Advanced, ICDL Advanced and ITQ units...
Buy! Amazon, Teach Yourself Guides, Learn New Skills From Home,

      Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2010 - Third Edition by Paul Buggs
Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2010, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and incorporates ECDL Advanced, ICDL Advanced and ITQ units...
Buy! Amazon, Teach Yourself Guides, Learn New Skills From Home,

      Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2013 - Third Edition by Paul Buggs
Teach Yourself Advanced Office 2013, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint and incorporates ECDL Advanced, ICDL Advanced and ITQ units...
Buy! Learn New Skills From Home, Learn New Skills From Home,

      Teaching College in an Age of Accountability by Meggin McIntosh
A how to book for new and seasoned college professors...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon Books,

      Teaching Fishin' by doug booker
A book for understanding the challenge of leadership in our society. For individuals and organizations; a conversation/discussion about the Leadership Dilemma and a story about leaders teaching people to fish!..
Buy! Barnes &, Doug Booker,,

      Teaching Writing to Children Part Two: Expository and Persuasive Writing by Irene Taylor
The genres of expository writing and persuasion are covered in this book...
Buy! Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, Teaching Writing to Children Part Two: Expository and Persuasive Writing, Kindle Edition, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Teaching Writing to Children: Narrative and Descriptive Writing by Irene Taylor
Teaching Writing to Children is really a general course that will give you ways to get your kids writing right away. Specific topics include two of the four basic writing genres: narration (all children love to tell stories!)..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, Teaching Writing to Children: Narrative and Descriptive Writing, Kindle Edition, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The African American Law School Survival Guide by Evangeline Mitchell
The first and only law school survival guide for African Americans who want to make the best of and the most of the law school experience!!!..
Buy! Hope's Promise Publishing, Hope's Promise Publishing,

      The African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide: Things You Really Need to Know Before Applying to Law School by Evangeline Mitchell
The African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide is a very comprehensive and reader-friendly admissions help book written to assist prospective law students navigate the highly competitive and often mysterious law school admi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, hope's promise publishing, For Future Black Law Students,

      The Anatomy of a PC by William Steinman
A step-by-step, photo-illustrated guide to building your own PC...
Buy! Wesoomi Publishing,

      The Art of Piano Fingering - Traditional, Advanced, and Innovative by Rami Bar-Niv
The book is devoted to piano fingering and technique. Contains photos, diagrams, music-score examples, explanations, advice, exercises...
Buy! Amazon, CreateSpace, CreateSpace, Piano fingering book,

      The Best Answers for the Worst Kid Problems by Ruth Wells
Whether you choose the paperback book or ebook format, this series is packed with ready-to-use, immediate answers for the worst youth problems-- problems like apathy, poor motivation, serious misconduct, non-compliance, and m..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Youth Change Classroom Management Resources, Classroom Management Site, Teacher Classroom Management Books and Workshops,

      The Business of Private Investigations by Douglas Crewse
This book was written for investigators just starting as well as experienced investigators wanting to jumpstart their business. This book is filled with proven techniques to run your business. How to develop the cases, the cl..
Buy! Investigative Associates, Inc., Investigative Associates, Inc.,

      The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles by Jared Kelner
The Chamberlain Negotiation Principles: A Tale of Five Must Know Negotiation Tenets and the Insight Behind the Principles to Help You Succeed...
Buy! Jared Kelner, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Church and the Single Mom by Jennifer Maggio
Of the 17 million single parents in the United States alone, only 33% or less actually attend church regularly. Author Jennifer Maggio is on a mission to change all that, as she runs one of the nation's largest single parent..
Buy! The Church and the Single Mom on Amazon, Official Site of Jennifer Barnes Maggio,

      The Classical Speller by Gail McGaffigan
Traditional spelling curriculum for grades 1 - 8, plus teacher editions..
Buy! Amazon, Yesterday's Stories for Today's Reader, Kindle Edition,

      The Classroom Teacher's Trouble-Shooting Handbook : Practical Solutions to Problems With Students, Adults, and Procedures by Jerome Yanoff
Presents classroom problems about students, colleagues, parents, administrators and procedures with advice on solving them in a win-win method. Also tells what to avoid doing. Special sections on fighting and suicidal beh..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Arthur Coyle Press,

      The Education Jungle: How To Motivate, Educate and Graduate by Will Clark
Education for our children will never be improved, or really effective, while national education policies maintain its tight grip on our education system. Their education programs and plans are only useless hype to improve ed..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      The Fiction Writer's Bible by Samuel Stone
The Fiction Writer’s Bible is an exciting new approach to writing fiction employing established attributes of humanity . It is designed to increase your perception and insight as a writer. It will open new avenues for you ..
Buy! Amazon,

      THE FIELDS SCHOOL: An African American School Without Failures in Alabama by Uriah Fields
History / Sociology / African American Studies A Case Study of a School in Rural Alabama which served a Community of African American Children from 1933-1949...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author House, Uriah J. Fields,,

      The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward--Winner 3 Awards by Carolyn HowardJohnson
Your editing starts with the first query letter or proposal you send out. The things no one told you in high school or college can keep your manuscript or submission from being read...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, How To Do It Frugally (For Both Readers and Writers!),

      The Giver, an Integrated Language Arts Unit by Meggin McIntosh
An integrated unit for the Newbery Award-Winning novel The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, this e-book is designed to bring out the creativity of students. Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D., uses a teaching/learning model for thinking and..
Buy! Pumpernickel Publishing, LLC, Emphasis on Excellence,

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Education/Training Books
  1. Jump Starting Your Inner-Novelist To Life!
  2. French-EnglishPictureDictionaryforSchool
  3. Domestic Building Surveys
  4. Geotechnics for Track Engineers
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  6. PR Basics in a Connected World
  7. Travelers in Grammar Part Two
  8. Physics of Immortality ...Ancient knowledg
  9. How to Improve Genius to High IQ Toddlers
  10. Venturing into Digital Storytelling - A Gr

Featured Book
Simple Steps to Sentence Sense for Middle School
by Charlene Tess

At last, a middle school version of Simple Steps to Sentence with all new practice exercises, tests, writing connection pages, and answers. Everything you need to teach y..  
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Featured Book
Geotechnics for Track Engineers
by Dave Brooks

A comprehensive guide to geotechnical engineering for railway track engineers...  
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