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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology
by Jay Dubya

Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology is a collection of 21 famous myths that have been given adult spins and presentations...  
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     Featured "Humor" Books!


      I GLAD I SAID IT - BOOK ONE by marco miranda sr
clever collection of articles on current events enhanced by entertaining conversations with prominent members of our society...
Buy! Amazon, gladone,

      I Got Stinky Feet, Volume One Open Air Asylum by Dennis Domrzalski
An insanely funny tale about two pals on a nutty motorcycle trip. An explosion of mad energy...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, I Got Stinky Feet,

      I Got Stinky Feet, Volume Two: Fools, Losers and Idiots by Dennis Domrzalski
Volume two of this epic and insane comic adventure. Kind of like "Mark Twain meets Mad Magazine." Illustrated with 80 pen-and-ink outrageously funny drawings by Dan Florentino...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

      I Love My Job! A Digest of Workplace Wit and Wisdom by Steve Herbelin
A collection of wacky and humorous stories and anecdotes from the job and workplace. You will derive a humorous appreciation of the humanity and potential we all bring to work with us each day...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Riverbank Books,

      I Never Loved Dogs Until I Met My Husband by Sabrina Yeager
This book is a humorous look at sticking your foot in your mouth...with a biblical twist to it...
Buy! Amazon, I Never Loved Dogs Until I Met My Husband, Kindle Edition,

      I Think I'm Having One Of Those Decades by Gordon Kirkland
More short humor essays from the award-winning Canadian humorist Gordon Kirkland..
Buy! Barnes &, Gordon Kirkland,

      I Was A Teenage Mennonite & Other Stories My Father Doesn't Want Me To Tell by Jim Martens
A humorous look back at growing up in the sixties in an urban Canadian/Mennonite family based on Carol Burnett's premise that "Comedy is tragedy plus time!"..
Buy! Red Maple Press, I Was A Teenage Mennonite,

      I Was In Love With A Short Man Once by Kim Dalferes
The Tales of a Crazy Southern Irish Gal...
Buy! Amazon, Friesen Press, Kimberly Dalferes, Author, Kindle Edition,

      I Was In Love With a Short Man Once by Kim Dalferes
The Tales of a Crazy Southern Irish Gal...
Buy! Amazon, Author Website, Publisher, Kimberly Dalferes, Author, Kindle Edition,

      I won't be in today, I've super glued my eyes shut by TODD CHAMBERLAIN
A must read for anyone that is passionate about anything and enjoys a good laugh along the way...
Buy! rantnlaff publications, rantnlaff publications, Lulu,

      I Would Rather Have Root Canal Than Ever Buy a House Again by Joel Samberg
The true-life nightmare suffered by Joel and Bonnie Samberg as they sold one house in New Jersey and tried to buy another in Connecticut...
Buy! I Would Rather Have Root Canal, I Would Rather Have Root Canal, Kindle Edition,

      I'm Just Like Capt. Kirk Because... by Joe King
"Oh Captain! My Captain!" Forgive this gentle mutiny. You will always be The Big Giant Head to me... Actually this irreverent salute is to "The Big Giant Head" in all of us. If you ever had a thing for swivel chairs, a proble..
Buy! Amazon,,, I'm Just Like Captain Kirk Because..., Kindle Edition,

      I'm Right, You're Wrong, Any Questions? by Dorothy Coughlin
As there are two sides to every coin, so is there two sides of life and the situations in which we find ourselves. The two sides of life are stress and humor. If you can look at life through the humorous side, you will never ..
Buy! Barnes &, Mystic Moon Press, Fictionwise,,

      Ice Creme, Squirrels, and Atomic Bombs by Bob Furlin
A series of short stories that are humorous,puzzling,and mystical that reveal the best and worse in the human nature...
Buy! Author House, Book Land,

      Idiots and Children by Diana Estill
Family and observational humor from award-winning author Diana Estill...
Buy! Idiots and Children, Kindle Edition,

      Imagination Unleashed, A Collection of Short Stories by Tim Hibsman
Imagination Unleashed is in both soft cover book and CD-ROM formats...
Buy! Amazon,

      In a Cell Phone Minute by Judy Reiser
A fascinating collection of intriguing stories revealed by cell phone yakkers and eavesdroppers across the globe. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      In a Cell Phone Minute by Judy Reiser
A fascinating collection of intriguing stories revealed by cell phone yakkers and eavesdroppers across the globe...
Buy! Barnes &, iTunes,,

      In a Cell Phone Minute by Judy Reiser
A fascinating collection of intriguing stories revealed by cell phone yakkers and eavesdroppers across the globe...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      In Dog We Trust by Pat Alvarado
The dogtor tells it like it is! More sage advice from the Master of Mutts!..
Buy! Amazon, Piggy Press Books, Lulu,

      In Search of Nectar (A Short Story) by Kirkus MacGowan
A fantastical and humorous tale about Wilburn G. Walsh and a gnome...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      In-Fidelity by Charley Warady
Life can become confusing when you fall in love with your son’s fiancée’s mother…and you look a bit like Woody Allen. So, the question begs: How do two people maintain an illicit affair and still plan an elegant, yet tasteful..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      innocent insights...A Children's Gift of Humor & Love-PaperBack by susie harrison
A wonderful, humorous, compilation of true stories from parents across America of cute comments their little ones have made. A short modern version of 'Kids say the Darndest Things'..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Indy Publishing, Order from Amazon,

      Is your family dysfunctional? by Judy Seaberry
Dysfunctional is such a serious subject I use humor to make the point all families are dysfunctional...
Buy! Amazon,

      It Ain't Just The Size by MG Hardie
Princess is intelligent, opinionated, and she seems to have it all. Lance is a hardworking father. Between work, school, and caring for his daughter he feels that love may never find him. A simple one bedroom apartment is wh..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, MG Hardie,

      It Takes One To Catch One - Confessions of an Alaskan Wildlife Trooper by Steven Knutson
A book about growing old, but never, ever quite growing up...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, None,

      It's a Dog's Life so you might as well enjoy it! Lessons in Assertiveness by Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt, Canine Therapist by Pat Alvarado
Renowned canine therapist, Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt, helps disgruntled canines, some frustrated felines, and a few homo sapiens who seek his advice on how to make do and enjoy life outside the doghouse...
Buy! Amazon, Piggy Press Books, Piggy Press Books,

      It's better to die laughing than to be dead serious by Marvin Maupin
Finally! A Complete, Easy To Follow Humor Manual With More Than 1,000 Ways To Be Funnier Than You Ever Thought Possible!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, It's better to die laughing than to be dead serious, It's better to die laughing than to be dead serious - How to be the life of the party, the podium and everywhere in between.,

      It's Too Late to Leave Early, An Aerospace Fable by William Walling
A satirical spoof of the American aerospace industry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Novels by William Walling, Novels by William Walling, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      James Bond: License To Quote by COLIN JARMAN
The Quotable Double-0 Seven - 1500 Humorous Quotations about James Bond ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Blue Eyed Bookshop, LICENSE TO QUOTE,

      Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking by Mark Sutton
'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking' is a strange, humorous tale about Jeremy Felliwell, a sociopath, loner, pervert, stalker and poet. Jeremy's already chaotic existence deteriorates rapidly with the arrival of Lucinda, a br..
Buy! markcsuttonauthor, Kindle Edition,

      Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker by Mark Sutton
Britain's strangest pervert and stalker is back, weirder, filthier, and sexier than ever before! 'Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker' sees the return of Jeremy Felliwell, who, once again, has recently b..
Buy! Mark C Sutton Author, Kindle Edition,

      Jeremy's Juicy Pair by Mark Sutton
'Jeremy's Juicy Pair' contains the two full-length novels, 'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking', and its sequel, 'Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker'...
Buy! Mark C Sutton Author, Kindle Edition,

      Jeremy's Little Book of Stalker Greetings Card Messages by Mark Sutton
For all of you stalkers living in this modern day and age, it can be difficult finding the time to sit down and compose greetings messages for the object/s of your desire/s. You need worry no more! Veteran stalker (and indeed..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      John Rockman and the Trials of Galactar by the Prince of Galactar by Ron Jockman
A purposely dreadful descent into Science Fiction, as the narcissistic and idiotic author, Ron Jockman, composes the introduction into his legendary* book series. Come read each wishful projection, each sexist description, an..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Jokes, Riddles and Wisdom, the best collection ever. by Roger Kuder
Why do you read a book? -> To be entertained and enlightened. This book maximizes both. In one succinct, very affordable volume you get the best jokes and riddles of all time and the best possible advice on those things th..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jokes and Riddles, Humor and Wisdom by Kuder, Jokes and Riddles, Humor and Wisdom by Kuder.,

      Jolly Jack's Castle: An Everyday Bloody Barking Mad! Story of Teaching Folk by Ken Dunn
Jolly Jack’s Castle is a story about education in the Independent sector and was written after I had departed a certain school, still smarting from the crap I’d had to deal with there. To tell you where the school I taught ac..
Buy! Amazon US - Kindle, Amazon UK - Kindle, NCFP, Lulu,

      Journo's Diary by Chris Thomas
Using a combination of comedy, diary entries and sometimes poignant observations on life, Journo's Diary uses the misadventures of a young journalist as a reflection of someone dealing with their insecurities and coping with ..
Buy! Amazon, Journo's Diary,

      Junior by Ray Donley
Junior is Joshua’s journal. It chronicles his three years as a fugitive on the run from law enforcement and vigilantes while he tries to figure out how he­ fits into his father’s plan...
Buy! Amazon, Junior, Audible- AUDIO BOOK, Kindle Edition,

      Jus' Ramblin by Monica Diggs
When you just need a good laugh to take your mind off of the bad, here is a collection of short stories that will do the trick...
Buy! Amazon, Bookshelf Global Publishing, Monica Diggs,

      Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane...Doesn't Mean You Are A Bad Parent by Lisa Barker
At Lisa Barker's house, every day is Mother's Day. But that doesn't mean Lisa is getting cards, flowers, and gifts. What she gets is migraine-flavored shopping trips, toy-cluttered rooms, bad hair, a kidney infectio..
Buy! Jelly Mom, Lulu Publishing, Jelly Mom - Parenting Humor, Lulu,

      Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane...Doesn't Mean You Are A Bad Parent by Lisa Barker
It's time to duck the flying mashed potatoes and get real about parenting and the modern domestic life with Lisa Barker. Laugh, cry, laugh some more, it's all about preserving sanity...
Buy! Amazon, Jelly Mom,

      Just Folks: Earthy Tales of the Prairie Heartland by Jerry Engler
Fiction short stories predominantly humor, irony, with some history, nostalgia and poignancy. Many are in rural settings. Earthy implies close to the earth..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jerry W. Engler,

      Justice Is Blind - And Her Dog Just Peed In MY Cornflakes by Gordon Kirkland
A collection of short humor about trying to survive life as a husband father and dog owner. Winner of the 2000 Stephen Leacock award of Merit For Humour..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Gordon Kirkland: Justice Is Blind - And Her Dog Just Peed In MY Cornflakes,

      Kamauna 2908 by John Gibson
A honeymooning couple find nothing but troublw at an exclusive resort in Hawaii...
Buy! Lulu,

      KILL THE RICH by RickthePoetWarrior
Buy! Barnes &, KILLTHERICH,

      King Isiah, A Frog's Tale by Chuck Buckner
King Isiah, A Frog King, narrates stories that are filled with colorful characters. Tales of Adventure, Suspense, Mystery, Humor, Folklore and Fantasy. King Isiah is set somewhere in the south and is a nostalgic look at life ..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu Press, King Isiah, A Frog's Tale, Lulu,

      Kitchen Addiction! by Lizz Lund
Meet Mina Kitchen, a forty-something single who likes to cook - and cook and cook. In fact, her zest for whipping up trays of canapes is dwarfed only by her weird luck and mountain-lion size tabby cat, Vinnie. That, and her..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Lizz Lund, Lizz Lund,

      Kitty Nirvana: The First Ginger & Shadow Collection by Barry Corbett
96 page collection of comic strips chronicling the adventures of two mismatched cats & their adopted family. Silver Medal Winner, IPPY Awards..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon Kindle, Corbett Features, Kindle Edition,

      Kyunki Dil Hai Hindustani by Dilip Awasthi
This is a collection of 50 satires referring to varied issues. The compilation is in Hindi and has been introduced by famous satirist and bollywood writer Padam Shri K.P. Saxena...
Buy! Amazon, Dilip Awasthi's homepage,

      Ladyfingers by Delorys Tyson
Ladyfingers is the sequel to the best selling novel Gingersnaps. With the help of Lifestyle Makeover Guru Madame Arthuretta Bozell, several Americans attempt to escape their unsavory pasts to begin life anew on the French Riv..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, My Works,

      Laugh Your Shorts Off-Short stories to mk u giggle by award winning writers by Margie Culbertson
Almost 70 family-friendly short stories, featuring authors from 8 countries, professional to freelance, and every walk of life...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Laughing through Life by Connie Wilson
"Laughing through Life" is the book of funny essays and observations that critics have called "Erma-Bombeck-meets-David-Sedaris," with hilarious results. Some political anecdotes that will appeal primarily to critics of "W."..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Leo ... My Life with the Lion (The Kid in the Hat Collection, Volume 3) by Joe Bell, Jr.
A friendship that has spanned 40+ years...
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon, Smashwords, Leo … My Life with the Lion (The Kid in the Hat Collection, Volume 3) , Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Leonard's Pantload of Quizzes by Leonard Stegmann
At last, forty of Leonard's most popular quizzes have been jammed into one book, just for you!..
Buy! Amazon, Leonard Stegmann's Amazon Author Page, Kindle Edition,

      Leonard's Pantload of Quizzes Strikes Again! by Leonard Stegmann
Do you like nice, boring quizzes about only the safest and least offensive of subjects? Well, then perhaps this book isn't for you...
Buy! Amazon, Leonard Stegmann's Amazon Author Page, Kindle Edition,

      Lie Back and Think of England by Anthony (Tony) Sharp
This is my third published book which is a late "period piece" set in England at a time when the population was predominantly white. Fred Pike's horrendous dream heralds a future which is more pertinent to the situation toda..
Buy! Amazon, Author House, Books With A Laugh,

      Life As I Know It by Shaun Kolich
I tell of my life in a rather entertaining fashion. I show you the characters and some of the scenarios that greatly impacted my life and belief system while keeping the reader indulged into the story. A book that you will fi..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Life Happens (My Story) by Donna Chandler
Stories that will make you laugh out loud and heart-felt poetry will keep you reading from the first page to the last...

      Life In The Dweeb Lane - Memoirs of Time Spent On The Dork Side by D. Kelly
Life In The Dweeb Lane is a collection of short, comical stories about my life (with a slight "stretch" now and then)...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu, Life In The Dweeb Lane, Lulu,

      LIfe is a Bowl of Toilets and I Clean Them by Ginger Simpson
Coming in 3-4 weeks from Publish America. It's a short "bathroom" book aptly named...
Buy! Publish America, Author, Ginger Simpson,

      Life On Santa Claus Lane by Darrell Bain
Here is a collection of wild and zany, hilariously funny stories about a couple who live on Santa Claus Lane and --what else?--own a Christmas tree farm. The misadventures and escapades Darrell gets himself and his wife into..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Santa Claus Lane, The Lighthouse Press,

      Life Together: The Way Life Should Be by Dan Tabor
The precarious Joe Nichols is John Bapts High Schools’ most outrageously witty and cocky underclassman. He is a juvenile prankster alongside fellow neighborhood cronies Jake Kahler (Bangor Maine’s most infamous bully and vand..
Buy! Lulu, Lulu,

      Like Dizzy Gillespie's Cheeks by scott smith
"Like Dizzy Gillespie's Cheeks" is a humorous look into the life of Sam Greene, a Chicago jazz pianist, stuck playing dingy bars, museum benefits and Nordstrom’s half-yearly sales...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse, Like Dizzy Gillespie's Cheeks,

      Little Kids Who Did Big Things...What Has YOUR Kid Done Today? by Kenneth Malcom
A compilation of people who found success at an early age...
Buy! Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Smashwords,

      Living with Murphy by Lionel Mussell
Everyone has heard of Murphy and his 'Law' - Lionel reckons he's lived with him all his life!..
Buy! Caravanning and RVing in Australia,

      Louise's Caveat Kitchen by patricia gray
The Kitchen is where it all happens. Life is mangled and sorted out with all its caveats in 108 short poems in seven different "cabinets". Blush, savor, spit out or compost accordingly...
Buy! Barnes &, Louises Caveat Kitchen,,

      Love nor Lack of Love by Garret Baker
A book about a man who has become reclusive following the end of a relationship. It takes his best friend falling in love for him to overcome it. Sounds awful I know, but what can you do...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Pale Blue Books,

      Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language by Burton Wolfe
Lucifer's Dictionary presents, with nasty satire, the true meanings of words as butchered by Americans of all kinds...
Buy! The Mind Opening Books, The Mind Opening Books,

      Mags and the AARP Gang by Nancy Lynn Jarvis
A group of octogenarians turn to crime to save their homes. Humor and friendship fill the pages in a feel-good read...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Making Light of Being Heavy by Kandy Siahaya
Making Light of Being Heavy is just what the title says - a comical view from a fat chick’s perspective on being fat in today’s society...
Buy! Amazon, Making Light of Being Heavy ,

      Mali to Mexico and Points In Between by Darlene Jones
It's amazing where the dreams of your childhood will take you. It's even more amazing the places you'll go and the experiences you'll have that you never could have dreamed of. From my childhood farm to Mali … from the Canadi..
Buy! Amazon, Em and Yves, Em and Yves, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Mama Peavy says, Women, It's OK to Marry an Ugly Man by Mary Butler
Mama Peavy delivers a message to the single women population about dating and marrying an ugly man...
Buy! Amazon,, Green Olive Tree, Mama Peavy,

      Mama Was A Redneck Princess, Daddy Was A Wild Billy Goat by La Belle Rouge Poetess Of The Heart
Buy! Amazon, CreatSpace, Click Here To View And Buy, ,

      Man's Unofficial Guide to the Use of His Garage by Thomas Neviaser
This book is a humorous and informative guide to arranging a garage so as to transform it into a “Man's Castle”...
Buy! Amazon, Word Association Publishers, Man's Unofficial Guide to the Use of His Garage,

      Mango Mood by Sharmila Kamat by Sharmila Kamat
The story of Goa, India's beach paradise told tongue-in-cheek. Using gentle satire, it covers men, matters and headliners in the part of India that once spoke with a Portuguese accent.
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Simply books, Blog: ,

      Manhattan Madness by A.R. Alan
Matilda Anastasia (Mat) Carvel is a struggling artist who shares a roach-infested Manhattan apartment with two wacky sisters, a couple of gay cross-dressers, a rich bag lady, and two-meatball mooching mutts. Seems like everyo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Aralan books,,

      Mary's Mail, The Menopause Period by Susan Bailey
My New Novel..

      Masking and Madness: Mardi Gras in New Orleans by Cynthia McCaffety
A luminous portrait of the celebration that defines America's most profanely spiritual city. A picture book and witty history devoted to the costumes of Carnival...
Buy! Barnes &, Vissi d'Arte Books,

      Mason Bricklin by Mark Brown
Mason Bricklin has met Edna Roe, the girl of his dreams. He has six weeks to win her heart. Can he overcome the advances of his worst enemy, Collier, or the gossip of his best friend, Darnell? Join the fun as Mason's secre..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica,, Read Stories Based on Childhood Memories,

      Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology by Jay Dubya
Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology is a collection of 21 famous myths that have been given adult spins and presentations...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Mayan Calendar Girls by Linton Robinson
A sexy romp through Maya country and the end of time. These calendar girls are beautiful, tough, resourceful, ripe for change...and world-class cheesecake...
Buy! Amazon, Mayan Calendar Girls Website,

      Maybelle's Cure For What Ails You by Jerelyn Craden
21 Best Of Maybelle's Fireside Stories, "Witty, wacky, wise."..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Ebook, Kindle bookstore, Kindle Edition,

      Me an our Kid 'part deux' by Michael Yarwood
The continuing story of the two Liverpool brothers growing up in postwar Liverpool...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

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  8. Fairy Tales With A Freudian Flair
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  10. Jeremy's Little Book of Stalker Greetings

Featured Book
Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part
by Jay Dubya

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is adult literature that satirizes ten famous William Shakespeare plays...  
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Featured Book
Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life
by Diana Estill

From holiday hazards to riffs on road trips and the decline in our nation's GNP ("Gross Needless Products"), humorist Diana Estill sets loose her alter ego Deedee to shar..  
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