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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dorothy From Kansas Meets the Wizard of X
by Linda Alexander

Sexuality is very misunderstood.What if the tornado dropped Dorothy not into Oz, but onto the shooting set of an X-rated film? Eric Edwards makes sex films. Peri..  
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     Featured "Biography" Books!


      Lipstick.Laptops.Life. by Angela O'Mara
Lipstick. Laptops.Life. The Rise and Fall, And Rise Again Of A Modern Day Business Woman is the true tale of one woman's determination to thrive during the recent global economic disaster...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, lipsticklaptopslife,

      Live Eels and Grand Pianos by Andrew Bradford
“Live Eels and Grand Pianos” is both a family memoir and a significant contribution to the social history of the twentieth century. It tells the story of the author's parents, Charlie and Kathy Bradford...
Buy! Amazon, Andrew Bradford, Andrew Bradford,

      Living Crazy Like Fly by Caryn Day-Suarez
A fast paced roller coaster ride of one girls story of surviving the 1960's - 70's growing up in a violent home in Warsaw, Indiana, an inspirational story!!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ocean Publishing,

      Living The Difference by Joe (J.C.) Knudson
An enlightening story revealed for people of all ages straight or gay!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Living The Difference,

      Living with the Kennedys: The Joan Kennedy Story by Marcia Chellis
Marcia Chellis, friend, confidante, and the Joan Kennedy's administrative assistant during the 1980 campaign, has written the story of this extraordinary woman with candor, compassion and profound insight, detailing the emoti..
Buy! Amazon,

      Lloyd Nolan: An Actor's Life With meaning by Sandra Grabman
Actor Lloyd Nolan's home life was just as interesting as his screen life. Who would have known that his off-screen efforts would improve the lives of many?..
Buy! Amazon,

      Looking Up When Your Circumstances Have You Down by KJ Jacobs
A story of miracles and the sustaining power of Jesus Christ in my life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Looking Up When Your Circumstances Have You Down,

      Lord Silence My Fears by Lorraine Hulse
This book talks about a young woman who learned life's lessons the hard way, but once she let go of the pain that tired her to fear and bondage, it opened a whole nerw avenue for her to experience true love and how her life b..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Loving The Addict by Raven Storm
A Cathartic Saga Of Love, Lust, Obsession and Dominance...
Buy! Amazon, Loving The Addict, Kindle Edition,

      Lucky Joe by Stanley McShane
Joe was a stowaway like myself and a couple years younger when we left Brummagen, England, for the New World. Getting shanghaied on a whaler was NOT in our plans to hunt for gold!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Rose Point Publishing, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lucy A to Z by Michael Karol
Lucille Ball fans (and who out there isn't one?), rejoice! There's a new Third Edition of the only encyclopedia celebrating the life of the world's most popular comedienne: "Lucy A to Z: The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia." Arrang..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lucy: A Tribute to Lucille Ball,

      Lucy in Print by Michael Karol
Michael Karol, the author of Lucy A to Z (The Lucille Ball Encyclopedia), has done it again! Lucy in Print digs deep to give Lucy fans (and who isn't one?) a unique look at Lucille Ball, her TV shows, and her co-stars, as rep..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Books of Michael Karol,

      Luigi PIccardini e il suo tempo by ELVIO CIFERRI
Biography of father Luigi Piccardini (and his time 1812-1893) of Congregazione dell'Oratorio di San Filippo Neri di Città di Castello. He was a great preacher, and a very religious and learned man. He promoted the building of..

      Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret by Tony Jerris
Details the friendship and relationship between Jane Lawrence and Marilyn Monroe from the time Ms. Lawrence began running the official M. Monroe fan club until Ms. Monroe’s untimely death...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret Blog, Kindle Edition,

      Mark And The Mega Buffet by Mary Wilson
This book has been illustrated by professional artist, Bonnie Everett-Hawkes. Please see her beautiful works at
Buy!,, Lulu Free Publishing, Lulu,

      Me an our Kid by Michael Yarwood
Biography of two brothers growing up in postwar liverpool during the early 1950s. A comedy of errors set against a backdrop of poverty. An hilarious story of trouble and mayhem, bigotry and revenge..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Me and My Shadow by ray matthews by ray matthews
the book based upon a 100 mile international footrace forms the basis of the main story where the ups and downs of fatigue and high points are told. Intertwining within the story a recent 100 km race accross the Sahara desert..
Buy! Amazon, Ray Matthews,

      Me, My God, My Country by Arthur Desmarais
Honest soul searching is the theme- a universal quest. And I think that with courage and determination life's great questions from religion to politics to humanity and the supernatural are explored...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Me, Myself & I by Herman Yenwo
May it please my readers: I am Herman X, son of Yibongka, the daughter of Mbuy. I was born in Nkar, Nso, North West Province of the Republic of Cameroon. ..
Buy! Xbooks, AUTHORSDEN, Laugh Till U Cry, Lulu,

      Memoirs of a Serial Hiller by ALAN BUTTERWORTH
A humorous book of over 4 decades of fell walking and hiking with some crazy people...
Buy! Amazon,

      Mike Hynson - Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel by Donna Klaasen Jost
Mike Hynson—Transcendental Memories of a Surf Rebel reads like a who’s who of fifties and sixties culture—Duke Kahanamoku, Hobie Alter, Bruce Brown, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, Timothy Leary, Jimi Hendrix, and is an auth..
Buy!,, Endless Dreams Publishing,

      Military Fly Moms by Linda Maloney
Military Fly Moms is a coffee table style book—a tremendous collection of true stories by seventy women who shared the same two dreams—becoming a military aviator, and being a mom...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Tannenbaum Publishing,

      Mixed Bag by Phillip Rice
Author overcame fear, insecurity and self-doubt, instilled during childhood, to achieve extraordinary success in multiple careers in Public and Private sectors in U.S...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xlibris,

      Mortal Echoes (reality lost) by Ernest Paquin
Mortal Echoes is a term applied when good souls are caught in between beliefs made possible from the similarities. These same similarities are broken down into; Visions of the past or visions of a future not yet lived, echoe..
Buy! Barnes &, Barnes and,, - Mortal echoes,

      Mother beloved, Mamica mia by Albert Russo
Photos, prose and poems relating to my beloved mother Sarah Russo during her long itinerary from her birth in 1920 on the island of Rhodes (Greece), through Southern and Central Africa, Italy and Belgium, where she lived, as ..
Buy! Amazon, Albert Russo, Mother beloved, Mamica mia / Albert Russo,

      Mother Rabbit by Tekla Miller
Alyce Bonura is a single mother who takes a position as the Bunny Mother of the Chicago Playboy Club in 1966 to not only flee from a negative relationship but to pursue a career that guarantees financial freedom and upward mo..
Buy! Amazon,, Tekla Dennison Miller,

      Mother Teresa, Called to Love by Maryanne Raphael
Mother Teresa, Called to Love is an easy to read biography of a modern day saint who proved that one person with enough love, compassion, courage and persistence can change the world. Because she fell in love with God with a..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mother Teresa, Called to Love,

      Moving Forward!: The President Making a Better America and a the World by Chris Kanyane
Featured in the pages of the Reader's Digest as the most compelling book on Barack Obama ever written...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Moving Forward!, Moving Forward! The President Making a Better America and the World, Kindle Edition,

      Mute But Now I Speak by Barbara Wilson
"Mute But Now I Speak", is a powerful read that puts Barbara Jean Wilson's life into words. A must read for anyone who enjoys reading a true story. Especially one that takes you on a person’s journey, as they battle adversity..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mute But Now I Speak,

      My Journey to Peace with PTSD by Lady Cerelli
Coming to terms with childhood incest and military rape by journaling back to the original trauma and coming forward and connecting the dots in my life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Peace with PTSD,

      My Life and Spiritual Journey by Marshall Shearer
From Tragedy to Acceptance, How One Atheist Looked Beyond Doctrines to Integrate Our World’s Religions..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fresh Ink Group,

      My Life as a Mood Swinger by Clive Wild
My life story as affected by Bipolar Disorder...
Buy! Xlibris,

      My Life at AOL by julia wilkinson
A memoir of an "in-the-trenches" employee at America Online, and an inside look at how the world's largest Internet company was created. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! by Carol Creasey
The story of my son's fight to survive against all the odds...
Buy! Amazon, Carol M Creasey,

      My Mom Inez: Our Alzheimer's Journey by Bob Miller
The story of an only son's determination to protect and care for his mother as he struggles with the signs of her losing her mind to Alzheimer's disease...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, iUniverse Bookstore, My Mom Inez, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      My Side by Lina James
A tale that has everything. Child abuse, poverty, love, romance, hate, betrayal, wife-swopping, even a short preview of a murderer. ..
Buy! Lulu, mysidemystory, Lulu,

      My So Called Life In The Army by Kristoffer Buquet
A daily journal of a soldiers experiences going through Basic Training and Airborne School! Read the everyday experiences of how a civilian was transformed into a soldier. From my last night as a civilian, all the way through..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, IndyPublish,

      My Steve Sax Connection by Alan Waldman
This is the intimate story of a psychologically abused boy who fulfilled his dream of writing his book to Steve Sax, his favorite major league baseball player. By envisioning his favorite player as his big brother, ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Abebooks, My Steve Sax Connection,

      My Year of Living Heterosexually and Other Adventures in Hell by Ronald Donaghe
For the last six months of my time in the United States Air Force, I was openly gay. Even the officers in the laboratory and all my fellow airmen knew I was gay...
Buy! Amazon, Books, Reviews, and Articles,

      New York City Girl by Rose Sottile
This heartwarming story of struggle, pain and finally success offers a roadmap to other suffers of bi-polarism and depression. It is a story of perseverance, hope and courage. New York City Girl walks the reader thr..
Buy! Amazon, New York City Girl,

      Nietzsche - My Sister and I: A Critical Study by Walter Stewart
Fifty-one years after the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche died, My Sister and I appeared on the American market as a book that was reputedly written by him when he was an inmate in the Jena insane asylum. Since the day it app..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      No Ribbons or Medals by Valdemar (Val) Wake
The non-fiction story of one of Australia's first spies and a founder director of the spy agency ASIO...
Buy! Val Wake,

      No Tears For Hero - The Stephen Mitchell Story by Tracy James Jones
Introduction This is the true story of Stephen Eugene Mitchell, who at eleven years of age was seriously hurt in a bicycle/car accident. Young Steve suffered a concussion and was diagnosed as having a fifty-fift..
Buy! Amazon,

      No Time For Tears...A Walk Through Life with Ann Deane Teal by Kellee Stone
One of the most inspirational books of the century. A must read for everyone. An incredible true story!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kellee Stone, Kellee Stone, Kindle Edition,

      No Way to Go but Up by Floyd Yancy
I got a high school diploma from night school and made a promise that my children would never go hungry. I felt a need to document my life for my grandchildren. I wrestled with the thought of dredging my mind to bring back th..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America,

      Northern Crowns: The Kings of Modern Scandinavia by John Van der Kiste
A collective biography-cum-history of the Kings of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and their consorts, from the mid-19th century onwards..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Sutton Publishing,

      Nostalgically Yours, Shirley by Shirley Farley
This is a story of an American family, growing up in the Appalachian area of Southern Ohio in the early 1950's. Most families of this period had it rough. This book relates the anguish of neglect, abandonment and rejection th..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Not All Americans Are Racist by Nicole Weaver
In Not All Americans Are Racist, Nicole Weaver recounts her experiences with racial discrimination and the non-racist white individuals who made it possible for her to attend and finish college. As an immigrant from Port-au-P..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Nurses On Our Own by Karon Gibson RN
Two Chicago Nurses embark on an adventure in Business, Nursing, Movie sets, as private detectives and in the psych and ER. They end up in court against a hospital and one becomes a millionaire and talk show tv host...
Buy! Amazon, Nurses On Our Own, AmericaNurse and Americantvproductions,

      Oceans of Courage by Jill McDougall
Andrew Hartley was a young talented sportsman. In a cruel twist of fate, he became a quadriplegic. This story (for 8-12 years olds) tells of Andrew's incredible achievements...
Buy! Era Publications, Era Publications,

      Ode to Mamica mia, Mother beloved by Albert Russo
Photos, poems and the full NOVEL entitled AND THERE WAS DAVID-KANZA based on my parents' lives in Africa and Europe, and eulogy received from family and friends around the world, relating to my beloved mother Sarah Russo...
Buy! Amazon, Albert Russo, Ode to Mamica mia, Mother beloved / Albert Russo,

      ODYSSEY a Journey to Freedom by Pablo Betancourt
A very inspirational and powerful story..
Buy! Amazon, Odyssey-book, Odyssey-book,

      ODYSSEYA -- An Epic Journey from Russia to Australia by Alexander Vassilieff
A breathtaking biography of a gripping and moving Australian immigrant saga set against the backdrop of ancient and modern Russian history. It introduces the reader by briefly touching on Russian history, the Russian Far Eas..
Buy! Amazon, Russian Books online, Dee Longenbaugh The Observatory, ABAA, ODYSSEYA -- An Epic Journey from Russia to Australia,

      Of Shadows And Footprints by Joe Bell, Jr.
The Memoir of a Man Who Spent Fifty Years Battling His Inner Demons..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Smashwords, Of Shadows And Footprints, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Oklahoma Pioneer! by Wesley Hall
Oklahoma Pioneer! is an intimate biography of Horace Greeley Teeman Hall and Mallie Rue Karr, who were married in Indian Territory in 1900 and, in 1907, began sharecropping across the new state of Oklahoma. This is an int..
Buy! Barnes &, Square Books, Ravenwood,

      Olga - A Daughter's Tale by Marie-Thérèse Browne
Olga – A Daughter’s Tale is a story about heritage, identity, and belonging. It’s one family’s experiences of hardship, discrimination and love. Set in Jamaica and London between the years of 1900 and post war England..
Buy! Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Lulu,

      On Our Own by Karon Gibson RN
Nurses, Friends, Police Wives create a new business and adventure...
Buy! Nurses On OUr Own,,

      Once a Grand Duchess: Xenia, sister of Nicholas II by John Van der Kiste
A biography of the sister of the last Tsar of Russia, who escaped during the Revolution to spend the rest of her life in exile in Britain..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Sutton Publishing,

      Once Life Matters: A New Beginning by Marty Angelo
Reveals how God totally transformed Marty Angelo's life from the snarls of drugs, booze, rock/disco music, and prison into a strong witness of His saving grace, mercy, and love...
Buy! Amazon, Once Life Matters: A New Beginning, Marty Angelo Ministries, Kindle Edition,

      One is Me...Across the Street, down the Block, and Everywhere else by W.R. Mertens
A mythical look thorough the eyes of a cynic, child....minister and neighbor speaking up for their individual rights and together as one...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir by Trace Hentz
Award-winning journalist Trace A. DeMeyer has published a memoir "One Small Sacrifice: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects," an exposé on generations of American Indian children adopted by non-Indian families...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, One Small Sacrifice: A Memoir,

      One Soldier's Memories: World War II by Steven Danish
We all know the official version of what happened during the Battle of the Bulge 58 years ago this December and January. The excerpt from One Soldier's Memories by Steven E. Danish describes the personal experiences of his fa..
Buy! Amazon, Read My Book, War-Books,

      Only the Strong Survive with the grace of God by Melodie Shuler, Esq.
Dare To Dream A child from the inner city, who grows up with a poor, single mother dreamed of becoming an attorney. This is my journey to overcome odds and the strength I gained to survive childhood sexual abuse, homeles..
Buy! Dare to Dream,

      Onwards and Upwards by Christopher Pownall
This book is a sequel to my memoirs, which is guarenteed to make you laugh and cringe, when you read about more of my experiences and revelations...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Our Real Dad, Our Hero by Carma Chan
True story of a war orphan's illegal immigration to America, how he met the love of his life and rescued her from destitution after her husband abandoned her with six children, and together they achieved the American Dream. T..
Buy! Our Real Dad, Our Hero (An Original Screenplay), Kindle Edition,

      Outlaws: The Illustrated History of the James-Younger Gang by Marley Brant
Outlaws draws upon verified accounts to tell a fascinating story of the most famous band of outlaws in American history. Marley deftly steps through the accumulated legends of the James-Younger Gang to weave a factual and fa..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Outlaws,

      Outlaws: The Illustrated History of the James-Younger Gang by Marley
The lives of outlaws Cole, Jim, Bob and John Younger and Frank and Jesse James are presented through over 200 photographs...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Marley Brant,

      OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Pete Mitchell
Autobiography of Pete Mitchell, Guitarist Singer/Songwriter. Born in Liverpool and raised in Battersea, London...
Buy! Amazon, AMAZON, W.H. SMITH, BOOK, Kindle Edition,

      Pacified Zone by Gary Suffern
This is an autobiographical event written by an officer in the 19th Combat Engineer Battalion from October 1968 to October 1969. The 19th had the highest combat related deaths of any engineer unit serving in Viet Nam during ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Pacified Zone,

      Paint - A Boy Soldier's Journey by Simon Hutt
The amazing true story of a boy soldier's journey through the hopes and horrors of war and its aftermath...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Panic-Press, simon hutt, Lulu,

      Paramedic to the Prince by Patrick notestine
American Paramedic's account of his ten years working inside a country seldom seen by the outside world..
Buy! Amazon, amazon books, paramedic to the prince,

      Passage by Sandy Powers by Sandy Powers
Set against the backdrop of Lorain, a steeltown in northeastern Ohio, "Passage" is a riveting true narrative of the mid-2oth Century that is a window to the 21st Century...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sandy Powers,

      Pat Buttram, the Rocking Chair Humorist by Sandra Grabman
The life story of Pat Buttram, known best as Gene Autry's sidekick, Mr. Haney on "Green Acres," and a very recognizable voice in many Disney animated movies...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Patchwork & Ornament: A Woman's Journey of Life, Love, and Art by Nadine Feldman
Artist's memoir of growing up in the Great Depression and using art and culture to find a way out of poverty. Includes four-color photographs of art and travels...
Buy! Amazon, BCH Fulfillment, Gal In Sky Publishing Company,

      Penholder by William Bruce III
True Story..
Buy! Amazon, Official Website,

      Perfectly Amanda,Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty: To Dodge & Beyond by BeckeyBurgoyne by Linda Radke
Perfectly Amanda, Gunsmoke's Miss Kitty: To Dodge and Beyond is the biography of Amanda Blake, who portrayed Kitty Russell on television's Gunsmoke for nearly 20 years, as told by Beckey Burgoyne, an Illinois elementary schoo..
Buy! Five Star Publications, Perfectly Amanda ,

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Biography Books
  1. Hanging by a Thread
  2. C.I.A. Brat
  3. Mother beloved, Mamica mia
  4. Not All Americans Are Racist
  5. Ode to Mamica mia, Mother beloved
  6. I Am Mister Ed ... Allan 'Rocky' Lane Reve
  7. Lets Forefoot da Sonovabitch; True Stories
  8. Take The Lead
  9. Global Voices of Social Media
  10. Jailhouse Doc: A Doctor in the County Jail

Featured Book
The story never told
by Linda Grover

This is a biography about an abusive childhood, which led me to want to become a foster parent, so that I would be able to help other abused children...  
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Featured Book
Reluctant Witness: Robert Taylor, Hollywood, & Communism
by Linda Alexander

Glamour. Intrigue. The Golden Era of Hollywood. They just don't make movies like they used to!..  
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