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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Confessions of a Guardian Angel...
by David Humphrey Sr

A collection of five short stories, Inspirational,Supernatural Thrillers by David M. Humphrey..  
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     Featured "Action/Thriller" Books!


      Beyond Limits by Lami Abayilo
The best of life is ahead of you...
Buy! Barnes &, Beyond Limits, Beyond Limits, Living Your Potential,

      Beyond Nostalgia by Tom Winton
Born with blue in his collar instead of his veins, best-selling author Dean Cassidy chronicles his soul-scarring rise from New York's darkest alleys to a place high atop the literary world. Unlikely and difficult ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon UK, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond the Mask:Origins by Novelist Poe
Just when you thought it was safe to turn down the lights... Origins is the first installment from the highly anticipated Urban/Psychological Thriller novella series “Beyond the Mask” from the master of Urban Psychologica..
Buy! Amazon, Facebook, Kindle Edition,

      Beyond Understanding by richard cederberg
In this fourth and final installment the intrepid crew is taken to the limits of their endurance as they brave a subterranean world filled with dangers and bizarre wonders. When Thurid’s warriors are defeated the crew frees t..
Buy! Amazon,, Christian Story Teller, A Monumental Journey Novels, Nook,

      Big Dog, Little Dog by Mark Stellinga
A detective puts everything he's got into toppling the crime syndicate that he is convinced is responsible for his father's murder. His secretary, meanwhile, is doing everything SHE can to become his wife...
Buy! Barnes &, Mark Stellinga, Eagle Books, Mark Stellinga's Bookstore,

      Big Ninny's Home, The confrontation by Antoine Raphael
This book is a dramatization of "The Haitian Drama". It discribes the anatomy of a love affair between two people motivated by different philosophies of life.There is also a French version entitled, "Le Drame Haitien"...
Buy! Barnes &, Antoine Archange Raphael, Big Ninny's Home, Lulu,

      Bipolar by Koehler by John Koehler
Bipolar by Koehler is the true story of a man who learned to live and thrive with bipolar syndrome...
Buy! Koehler Books, Koehler Books book page,

      Birdie's Nest by Linda LaRoque
A female Texas Ranger is hit on the head and thrown into the Brazos River. She's pulled from it's inky depths by a rancher in 1890 and the fun begins...
Buy! Amazon,, BN.con, Linda LaRoque's Musings, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Birth Pangs: Fidelis by Anthony Horvath
Following decades of foreign occupation, a devastating disease and limited nuclear reduce the United States to anarchy...
Buy! Amazon, Birth Pangs,

      Birth Pangs: Spero by Anthony Horvath
Continuing saga of survival in a post-apocalyptic America only recently freed from foreign oppression...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Direct from Author, Birth Pangs,

      Birthright... Slayer ebook by Michael Meisberger
MM lifts the curtain on a nightmare world that contains danger, excitement, and the possibility of eternal love or death...
Buy! ™,, The Author MM,

      Bittersweet Revenge by Bob Brown
63 Short stories and 7 poems. 345 pages...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bittersweet Revenge,

      Bizarre Justice by Henry Custer
As a sequel to "Concept of Justice", this Suspense/Thriller continues the story of Martin Lovett, whose concept of justice as it applies to himself, is somewhat schizophrenic. We find Martin Lovett reveling in hi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble, Henry Custer, Author,

      Black Antler by Mark De Binder
In this exciting sequel to “Serial Terror”, Chase Benton and his psychic foundation find themselves pitted against a serial killer from the Other Worlds. Sebastian Butler, patriarch of one of the oldest New England families, ..
Buy! Smashwords, Amazon,

      Black Brass by Sherry Williams
"Black Brass" brilliantly captures the intrigue of city politics, as seen through the eyes of Eddie Cantrell and his young administration. Elected in 1978 as the first African American mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, Eddie Cantre..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, blackbrassbook,

      Black Butterfly 2: Eboni Machiavelli by Dante Feenix
The highly anticipated second installment of the original. Delve much deeper into Eboni's case!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Black Coral by Nancy Ferguson
Black Coral is a scuba diving adventure, set in the lush islands of the Caribbean...
Buy! Amazon,

      Black Dragon by Richard Turner
The second Ryan Mitchell Thriller - A deadly race to stop the balance of power in Asia from shifting forever...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,

      Black Eagle Force by Buck Stienke
Marine & Air Force Pilot team to create BLACK EAGLE FORCE. BLACK EAGLE FORCE - Eye of the Storm High-Tech Special Ops Force Defends American Shores in New Military Action Thriller novel...
Buy! Black Eagle Force, Black Eagle Force,

      Black Gold Death in th Sun by Charles Osbourne
Mastermind Masood has designed a plot that holds eight oil-producing countries to ransom. It is so outrageously simple, yet has the efect of ensuring protection for himself and his lifelong friend Ali..
Buy! Amazon,,

      Black Jack by Jean Holloway
In Black Jack, Detective Shevaughn Robinson’s latest case awakens a complicated relationship…Will Shevaughn’s attempts to move forward inadvertently lead death to her front door yet again?..
Buy! Amazon, Deck of Cardz,

      Black Jaguar, Green Jade by Sylvia Andrews
A mystery set in the jungles of Belize introducing Maya, a high school student living in Tucson, who realizes her hopes of joining an archaeoloical dig and her wildest dreams of fantasy and adventure...
Buy! Amazon,

      Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel by Jay Dubya
Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel is adult literature for anyone who likes 1950s' teen culture. BL&BD has been given a 5 Star Rating by and by Midwest Review..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel, Jay Dubya Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel by John Weissner
A story about conflict between two '50s Pennsylvania greaser gangs, the Diablos and the Kamikazes. The Diablos are organized to protect its members from the racist and ruthless Kamikazes. Pranks soon escalate into life threat..
Buy! Black Leather and Blue Denim, Black Leather and Blue denim, A '50s Novel,

      Black Mamba White Settler by Ken Tilbury
Based on actual events and facts, the story tells the life and adventures of a man caught up in the changing face of Africa. It is a story of conflict, aggression, friendship and love...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ken Tilbury, Books bu Ken Tilbury, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Black October (hard cover) by Ralph Cates
BLACK OCTOBER is a fast-paced thriller that reveals how dependency on oil from the Middle East has caused the Western world to compromise its historical culture, democracy, and tradition. That dependency led to reciprocal agr..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Website,

      Black Swan by christina moore
Corporate veteran Margaret Noonan flees her job and her comfortable marriage to pursue freedom and a bond to her past on the coast of Maine. As cook aboard the schooner, Black Swan, she prepares meals for a sour crew and disa..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Black Swan,

      Black Tide by Michael Hamilton
The second book in the Documenter Series, following Deep Truth. Black Tide involves a Criminal Investigation by the United States, EPA into the cause of what the Government refers to as Black Tide which is affectin..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Blackface: A Novel by Q.B. Wells
Coming of age novel...
Buy! Barnes &, Art Official Media LLC,

      Blackhawk by Gary Hanzak
Political thriller. Irish terrorists plot to kill U.S. President Glenelly lead by the infamous Blackhawk...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Blade and Bone (The Hybreeds, Book One) by J.H. Myn
BLADE AND BONE is an intense YA dystopian thriller filled with pounding action, wrenching decisions, searing romance and electrifying consequences...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, J H Myn, Kindle Edition,

      Blade Man by Edison McDaniels
What if you were driving a desolate North Dakota highway in a hundred year storm, and the only other car on the road was…wrong?..
Buy! Amazon, Surgeonwriter, Kindle Edition,

      Blast Radius by Mike O'Donnell
Dane Hall Labs discover a genetic technique to deliver selective medical treatment. Trident, a group of nationalist fanatics, steal the file to use for their own aims. Their thief is mugged and the file goes missing. "God, Da..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Blatherskites: The Frazer/Gibson Murders by D. Chadwick
Blatherskites is based on the murders of two Kansas cattlemen in 1890...
Buy! Barnes &, Blatherskites: The Frazer/Gibson Murders,

      Bled Out by Glenn Parkhurst
Young Ken Arthur must stop a deadly plague but while he searches for the spawn of Hell he must run from a world after his magical blood..
Buy! Laugh At Horror, Laugh At Horror,

      Blind Influence by Linda Riesenberg Fisler
It's kind of like Jason Bourne meets the Good Wife in the West Wing...
Buy! Amazon, Blind Influence, Kindle Edition,

      Blind Instinct by Robert Walker
When New Scotland Yard Detective Richard Sharpe is faced with a horrific string of murders involving death by 'Christ on the Cross' crucifixions in the shadow of the East End of London where the name Jack the Ripper still ech..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Penguin Putnam, Inc.,

      Blind Love by jessica flaska
AnnMarie closes her heart and mind to love until one day she is given another chance...
Buy! createspace, amazon,

      Blink by Samuel Stone
Blink examines the life of a cop from his early adolescent years thought his career in Law Enforcement...
Buy! Amazon, Xlibris, Samuel E. Stone, Best Selling Mystery Author,

      Bliss (Hardcover) by Bill Clem
Bliss tells the chilling story of a pharmaceutical CEO who may be orchestrating the deaths of his employees, bringing new meaning to the term “side effects.”..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Official Wesite of Bill Clem,

      Blood Betrayal by Robyn Porter
Detective Samantha "Sam" Stone is part of a special crime unit that investigates clashes between the races. In a world where humans and paranormals exist, there are bound to be problems...
Buy! RG Porter, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Blood Diamonds Conspiracy by YVONNE CROWE
The number of deaths attributed to "conflict" or "blood diamonds" diamond mining is in the millions. Slave labor has always been used to mine those diamonds, the working conditions left the workers dead and maimed. Whole indi..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, YVONNE CROWE WRITER, Kindle Edition,

      Blood Harvest Moon by Kelly Abell
Spine Tingling Paranormal Romance..
Buy! Barnes &, Smashwords, Kelly Abell Books,

      Blood Herring by Douglas Eby
Adventure novel featuring an around-the-world odyssey, featuring deception and high stakes Wall Street dealing, as well as friendship and love. Blood Herring examines the state of humanity though the eyes of the protagonist w..
Buy! Amazon, Blood Herring,

      Blood in the Ground by Robert Blumenstein
Blood in the Ground is the third book of the Ascension Trilogy. Peyton Costello has delivered Opossum to the authorities to serve justice for the murders of Peyton’s parents. While he awaits the final day for his sentence to ..
Buy!, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Blood Line by John
New espionage thriller redefines rogue—the Granger Spy Novel series introduces a loving family with lethal issues caught in the crosshairs of global arms dealers...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Blood Money by Dennis Griffin
A young woman is released from a New York State prison, determined to get revenge against the man she believes is responsible for her mother's murder. The question is: can she stay alive long enough to do it?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author House,

      Blood on His Hands by Mark Sadler
A racy thriller that will lead you on a journey to rural Georgia as detective Ian Walker stalks escaped wife killer Mike Renton to a bloody conclusion on the Appalachian Trail..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Mark P Sadler - Author,

      Blood Red A Vampires Love Story by J.C. Brinson-Untiet
This is the story of a spunky Irish lass named Kathleen Ruth O'Brien. As a mere girl of thirteen, she meets the lovely High Queen Cornell and her handsome son, Prince Alexander. When their eyes meet, their souls touch. Upon l..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Blood Relationships by Philip Oldfield
Blood Relationships is dedicated in part to two people, Claire Yohanus and Tom Abimelech, who stumbled across the truth. This is their story...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Blood Scourge by G Dedrick Robinson
An attempt to save American lives inadvertently releases a weaponized virus a thousand times worse than Ebola through a series of unintended consequences...
Buy! Amazon, Smashwords,,

      Blood Spoor in the Dark by Paul Zunckel
Fact fused with Fiction takes you into the dark world of the Leopard Men. They rule by fear and spread terror in the forests of the Congo...
Buy! Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Blood Touch II: Desires Unleashed by Cinsearae Santiago
Devastated by the death of Dantalion, Alexandra throws herself into self-exile while making several futile attempts at suicide, until interesting yet suspicious new characters enter her life. As they try to help her cope with..
Buy! Amazon, BLOOD TOUCH--Welcome to the Gratista Vampire Clan,

      Blood Touch--Welcome to the Gratista Vampire Clan by Cinsearae Santiago
Imagine the horror of witnessing one of your family members behead another member of your family, then frame you for the murder. Narrowly escaping a death-for-a-death punishment by your Elders, you are banished from your home..
Buy! Amazon, BLOOD TOUCH--Welcome to the Gratista Vampire Clan,

      Bloodlines by Drew D'Amato
A suspenseful tale of a vampire war, that delves into the history of vampires, and Vlad the Impaler...
Buy! amazon, drew d'amato, Kindle Edition,

      BloodLust: The Beginning by Starr Sanders
Excerpt from BloodLust: The Beginning, the first novel in a trilogy..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Buy Books On the Web, Target,

      Blue Angel (London Crime Drama) by June Winton
Donna, a vulnerable young woman, is targeted by a mysterious man who suddenly appears in her life...
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Blue Collar Eulogies by Michael Meyerhofer
Acclaimed second book from a nationally recognized poet!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Blue Coyote Motel by Dianne Harman
Blue Coyote Motel is a suspense thriller about six travelers who stop at a motel and become unknowingly addicted to a "feel-good" drug by a mad scientist. He has been fired from a prestigious drug manufacturer for giving his..
Buy! Amazon, Dianne Harman, Kindle Edition,

      Blue Fire by Huda Orfali
Blue Fire is comprised of two parts; short stories and poetry. Almost invariably, the pivotal thematic concern of the short stories is the precariousness of the human condition balanced by the resilience of the human spirit t..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, www,,

      Blue Heat by John Bray
An undercover DEA agent succumbs to an internal integrity sting. Is acquitted but relegated to the status of confidential informant...
Buy! BeWrite Books, Books-a-Million, Word Press, Kindle Edition,

      Blue Moon by Pol McShane
A suicide note written by a man who's a werewolf, on the night of a blue moon...
Buy! Amazon,

      Blue Planet Mission by Rhal Zahi
"This is not a message to convince the skeptical, but a wake-up call for the sleeping.”..
Buy! Amazon, Scubbly, Kindle Edition,

      Blue Vistas, The Wyoming Territory by Stanford Moore
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      BLUEBEARD. Brave Warrior; Brutal Psychopath by valerie ogden
The biography deals with a war hero who turned into a serial killer after he left the military...
Buy! Amazon,, Kindle Edition,

      Bluegrass by Sissy Marlyn
This is my ninth novel. It is the conclusion of the "B" Kentucky Series of Women's Fiction Novels..
Buy! Barnes &, Sissy Marlyn,

      Blueprints: A Way of Life by Rashun Jones
Blueprints: A Way of Life A Step by Step Approach to developing Human Relations Skills...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Nushape Publication, Nushape Publication,

      Blur (Night Roamers) by Kristen Middleton
Seventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked. When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cab..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Bob by anthony pellizzeri
bob was no one special, he drifted along unaware of his surrounding, till fate and happenstance intervenes..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Bodola: Loves Chips and Pop by Christopher Chaplin
Bodola is crafted by an experienced parent with the intention of optimizing the reading experience and enabling its audience to obtain a fuller comprehension of A.D.H.D and associated theories of the mind, which will in turn ..
Buy! Amazon,, MasterpieceFactory Inc., forum, Lulu,

      body Language dad by Liam Leddy
My first sixties based Glasgow crime novel. Twists turns authentic gangland fiction Dad..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Body in the Salt Marsh Boatyard by John Prophet
Casey Miller and Lexie Wentworth are targeted for death in this mystery thriller involving murder, kidnaping, and illegal adoption...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Body Parts by Kit Crumb
A dark industry exposed-the black market sale of human body parts fronted by a XXX film company..
Buy! Barnes &, Kit Crumb,

      Bogota Backscatter by Frank Stephenson
Many of the same characters as appear in "An Unlikely Journey," but the scene is the violent nation of Colombia shortly after the devastating earthquake of January 1999..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Bolt Action by Victoria roder
With a Ruger Blackhawk .357 under her pillow, a Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker rifle in her broom closet, and a Saturday Night Special in her road-hog cookie jar, Detective Leslie Bolt’s sarcastic attitude and inability to..
Buy! Champagne Books,

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Action/Thriller Books
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  2. Adoption
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  4. Poet’s Choice Vol 4 A Bouquet of Roses
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  7. The Mexican Swimmer - Book Noir
  8. Waking Dreams; The Subtle Reality
  9. Swords of David, by Louis J. Feinstein & N
  10. The Mexican Swimmer's Final Dive

Featured Book
Running with the Enemy
by Lloyd Lofthouse

Ethan Card loves a woman who fights for the enemy...  
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Featured Book
The Dragonfly Door
by Margaret Millmore

a suspense filled modern day time travel thriller..  
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