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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Awakening the Genie Within
by Bettye Johnson

A Journey of Discovery of the great potentials in each of us...  
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     Featured "Inspirational" Books!


      I’ve Got To Make It To Heaven For Going Through Hell (Part 1) by Tony Ward
Inspirational book about a young man who struggles with life, and overcomes adversity through faith in God...
Buy! Barnes &,, amazon, Tony Ward ,

      IBDS: The World's Movers and Shapers by Tel Asiado
The World's Movers and Shapers is the first in the Inspired Birthday Diary Series, an all-in-one diary,calendar, and a source of inspiration...
Buy! Amazon, The Inspired Pen,

      If Lois Was Here by LaVerne Adekunle
"If Lois Was Here" is the second edition of the original holiday version...
Buy! Amazon, If Lois Was Here,

      If Walls Could Talk by Dorothy Coughlin
This is a book about an old documented haunted house that sits on the banks of the Connecticut River in the little town of Hinsdale, New Hampshire. This house was built in 1824 and still stands today. This is about the hist..
Buy! Barnes &, Mobipocket, Fictionwise,,

      Image of a sad man in a broken mirror by Georg Mateos
About pain, tears and other miscellaneous, the price of a prayer, friends, family and other enemies and what is the price that children pay; with a compilation of events saddled with a final twist...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Click here to buy!, Lulu,

      Imagine Living Healthier: Mind, Body, and Soul by Bridgette Collins
An informative, yet entertaining self-help novel that will change your life...
Buy! Check out the Imagine Living Healthier book trailer video, Amazon,

      Immortal Yearnings by Annamaria Hemingway
A journey into the vivid realm of archetypes and symbols that reveal a primordial affirmation of death and rebirth...
Buy! Amazon,, Paths of Promise: Retracing and Ancient Wisdom, Kindle Edition,

      IMPRINTS: Stories That Solicit a Response by Stephanie Sawyer
The overwhelming and frightening situation at hand may actually be a profound opportunity...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Walden Books, Publish America, Publish America,

      In Due Season (Revelations from God) by Patricia Grant
A book that shares the word of God and gives the key to living a life of joy and peace in the presence of God...
Buy! Amazon,

      In God We Betrayed: Soft Cover by Pete Grasso
Churches: Last Bastion of Moral Influence Within America? How to retrieve foundations that are shaken to the core by amoral standards ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Xulon Press, In God We Betrayed,

      In It For Life by Alfred Flatten
Life is a journey with many twists and turns along the way. This book is all about the journey we call the Christian walk...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      In Memory of Nancy by Tanisha Herrin
Inspirational poetry in memory of my mother Nancy. Proceeds will go toward foundation that will be set up in her name...
Buy! Lulu Press,, Lulu,

      In Need of a Joshua Man by Teresa Patterson
Christian fiction novel..
Buy! Amazon,

      In the Arms of Angels by Joan Anderson
A collection of 40 true stories of people who have received miracles...
Buy! Amazon, Where Angels Walk, Kindle Edition,

      In The Beginning by Ricky LaVaughn
Inspirational Bible Study ont he Book of Genesis...
Buy! Amazon, In The Beginning, - In The Beginning,

      In the Face of Evil by Belle Ami
In the Face of Evil is the extraordinary true story of a young girl’s coming of age during the decimation of the Holocaust. A Jewish teen survives the German invasion, the devastation of her family, and Nazi concen..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, In the Face of Evil, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      In the Lord's Eyes: Mama's Pearls by Charlotte Johnson
Mama’s Pearls is the sixth book in author Charlotte Johnson’s series of motivational text. This book is a very poignant chronicle of the faith, wit, and the down home charm of Ms. Johnson’s mother, Evelyn Russell. Loyal fans ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Book Clearing House, Reaching Byond,

      In the Presence of My Enemies by Renee Allen McCoy
Kara Bentley, the child prodigy from a small southern town, has grown into a talented and beautiful young woman living in New York City. With hopes of attending Juilliard to become a world class pianist, Kara is on the fast t..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Google Play, Renee Allen McCoy, Kindle Edition,

      In the Right Place A Gallery of Treasured Moments by Violet Carr Moore
Much has been written about understanding one's calling and using acquired talents to fulfill one's purpose in life. In the Right Place, a series of short stories of true events in the life of the author, emphasizes that time..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Carr Twins & Co., Carr Twins & Co.,

      Inadequate, Unprepared But Ready by Theresa Dear
Inspirational book for such a time as this. This is a great book. It will help you discover your potential, find your purpose and greet the unborn parts of yourself that no one has seen but God knows...
Buy! Lowill Publishing Ink,,

      Inner Pilgrimage: Ten Days to a Mindful Me by Raji Lukkoor
"Inner Engineering: Ten Days to a Mindful Me" is a profound human experience, a modern-day response to the primeval human quest for truth and meaning in life. By engaging in the author’s spiritual journey, readers learn a..
Buy! Printsasia The Online Bookstore,,

      Inspirational by Cleo Stevenson
Scriptures & Quotes..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cleo Stevenson, Cleo Stevenson, The Multi-Trillionaire Club,

      Inspirational Haiku for a Recessed Economy by Eric Knapp
A book of haiku To help you forget the loss Of all your savings..
Buy! Amazon, Official Eric D Knapp Website,

      Inspirational Images by Lloyd Ewart
This book of Wilderness and Wildlife photography inspires with images of nature...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      Inspirational Poems From The Heart Of A Cop by William Heffner
This book contains 29 poems supported by 32 illustrations and scripture verses from the Holy Word of God. These poems were birthed out of a decision to not compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter what the cost. Buy! Amazon,

      Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Challenging Times by Marquita Herald
Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Challenging Times contains hundreds of carefully selected quotes and sayings that illustrate life lessons on the value of developing greater resilience in life...
Buy! Amazon, IGG - Tips, Tools & Tantalizing Ideas, Kindle Edition,

      Inspirations from Ireland:Hounds and Leprechauns by Jim Bell
A series of daily readings much like Chicken Soup for the Soul. They have been based upon my positive and motivating experiences in Ireland...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica,

      Inspirations of Hope Unlimited - Volume I by D Brown
Inspirations of Hope Unlimited - Volume I is a collectional of inspirational devotionals and poetic exhortations that will be uplifting to everyone. Testimonial short stores will encourage you to have hope in the Lord Jesus ..
Buy! Cush City Online, Inspirations of Hope Global Ministries,

      Inspirations of Love by Margo Snyder
We can dance to the music of the Angels; the Angels will lift us up on wings of love. The Angel prayers calm the soul and we are united in heart with peace and love...
Buy! Barnes &,,,

      Inspire Me by Marcus Brown
This book was written to inspire people to reach beyond their personal break..
Buy! Barnes &,

      Inspired by Rosalyn Smith
(61 pages) Available in Paperback Book and Download ..
Buy! Lulu, Lulu, Lulu,

      Inspired To Succeed by Stacia Pierce
If you've had enough of average and want to empower your dreams, this book is for you!..
Buy! Inspired to Succeed,

      Into Each Life by Shelia Lipsey
Prodigal Runsome and Teary Fullalove have been the best friends since the age of seven. Together they experience the ins and outs of life. Can friendship be the glue that binds when trouble, tragedy and tribulations threaten ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Shelia E. Lipsey,

      Isaiah's Story:My Baby's Fight for Life by Dreama Tran
Isaiah was born on March 15, 2007 weighing only 2lbs 10oz. What starts as only minor problems quickly escalates into a life threatening situation. Having already survived five surgeries before his first birthday, will he be ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Isaiah's story:My baby's Fight for Life,

      Islands in My Dreams by Jeff Rasley
Personal essays about island adventures..
Buy! Amazon, Midsummer Books, Amazon Buy page, Kindle Edition,

      It Made a Difference to That One by Richard Bauman
The things we do, big or small, can have long lasting effects on the lives of others. This book contains more than 40 stories about how the actions of one person have made a difference in the lives of others...
Buy! Amazon, Richard Bauman, CreateSpace,

      It's Simply...GOLDEN: 75 Years of Inspiration by Cali Gilbert
This 80-page book contains original photography and inspirational phrases celebrating the 75th birthday of San Francisco's beloved Golden Gate Bridge...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cali Collection Estore, The Cali Collection,

      It's Simply...Sausalito: An Inspirational Journey by Cali Gilbert
82-page full colour book contains original photography and inspirational phrases highlighting the city of Sausalito, CA...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CALI COLLECTION eStore,

      It's Simply...SF: Our City By The Bay by Cali Gilbert
80-page book containing original photography and inspirational phrases celebrating the city of San Francisco, CA...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Cali Gilbert Author, Kindle Edition,

      It's Your Time! by Macaiah Tillman
Inspirational stories shared by a group of authors overcoming struggles to experience triumph. Available at
Buy! Amazon, It's Your Time!,

      Jade's Courting Danger Book 2 A Newly Weds Series by Margo Hansen
Book 2 in "A Newly Weds Series" continues with the next generation of brides to settle the Minnesota wilderness...
Buy! Barnes &, Margo Hansen, author,

      Jared's Path by Barbara Schuck
Uplifting and informative for dealing with challenges with a positive attitude...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Jars of Clay by Alfred Flatten
We are all like clay in the hands of the potter...
Buy! Amazon,

      Jazzed Inspirations by Jasmine Romaine
Traveling from various adventures across the nation, Jasmine Romaine has compiled a myriad of entries derived from personal experiences, infused with motivational excerpts that will empower readers to be filled with faith and..
Buy! Amazon,

      Je Le Sens by Darryl Jenkins
Je Le Sens: Poemes Qui Inspirent ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Je Le Sens, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Jesus, Jonas, & Janus: The Leadership Triumvirate by Marlene Caroselli
Jesus, Janus, & Jonas: The Leadership Triumvirate shares three critical elements for aspiring and self-improving leaders. Based on qualities shown by three historical figures, readers will learn how principles, nature, and op..
Buy! Barnes &, Amazon,

      Jew In Jail by Gary Goldstein
My book, "Jew in Jail," is about the nearly six years I spent in various New York State prisons for robbery, based on my past addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, and details all of the trails and tribulations I experie..
Buy! Amazon, Jew in Jail, Jew in Jail, Kindle Edition,

      Jim's Retiring Collection by Miller Caldwell
Cartoon, Bible text ..modern commentary and Jim's story. The same format for all 9 chapters..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, google,

      Joining the Dance of Life by Cindy Tuttle
This is an up beat book which suggests how to live a full and joyful life...
Buy! Amazon, Cindy Tuttle,

      Journey to a Place Called THERE by Kelly Morgan
A navigation guide for creating and maintaining a balanced life by focusing on four primary areas of life: Relationships, Health, Spirituality and Finances..
Buy! Amazon, Coach Kelly Speaks, Coach Kelly Speaks, Kindle Edition,

      Journey to Fulfillment by Theresa Franklin
Journey to Fulfillment is not the usual 'woe is me' memoir. I tend to see humor where others don't and I purposely filled it with humor. This books examines the painful events in my life and what I learned from each one. I..
Buy! Amazon, Journey to Fulfillment, Life's Journey,

      Journey to God by Candice Martin
An inspirational book of poems..
Buy! Barnes &, Word Clay, Journey to GOD,

      Journey to Omwana by JoHannah Reardon
Julia has always longed to make her life count. She can hardly believe that she has ended up as an administrative assistant for an insurance agency. But when Jake walks into her insurance office, her life takes a drastic turn..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Kindle Edition,

      Joy Comes In the Mourning by Thomas Parsons
A collection of poems and stories about how God turns the sad events of our lives into joy...
Buy! Amazon, The Master's Place, The Master's Place,

      joyce in the Belly of the Big Truck Audio Book by joyce cascio
"joyce in the Belly of the Big Truck" (Audio 5CD Set) 5 Hours and 33 Minutes Honestly told, this true story is now available as an Audio Book read by the author joyce cascio. The realistic sound effect..
Buy! Joyce Cascio, author joyce cascio,

      Just Run The Race by Beverly Crockett Ph.D
From distress to doctor. From tribulations to teacher. This is the race that Beverly Crockett has run thus far. In her first book, Just Run The Race, Crockett reflects on her personal experiences and reveals the lessons th..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CreateSpace, Lulu, An Anointed Touch for LL, Lulu,

      Justice Quinn Book Two of Beautiful Justice Series by Dawn Dyson
Justice has nothing if not the end. Justice has no one if not everyone. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Karina by Rosemary Locock
The powerful story of a Dorset Teenagers fight with cancer as told by her mum, her family and freinds and those touched by her life...
Buy! Abe Books,

      KARMA by rochelle moore by rochelle moore
"Karma is a little gem of spiritual inspiration" - amazon quote "Rochelle Moore's Karma can not only change your life it can and will give you great depth of spirituality" -
Buy! Amazon,

      Kasey: From a Butterfly to An Angel by Rebecca Didier
On the evening of March 3, 2001, Rebecca Didier's life was changed in the most profound way. As so it was with her 22 year-old daughter, Kasey. On that night, an automobile accident left Kasey a quadriplegic. Little did Rebec..
Buy! Kasey Joy Kidder Memorial Site, Candalyse Publishing, Kasey Joy Kidder,

      Keeping Misery Company by Michelle Larks
Keeping Misery Company is the tale of a religous family experiencing spiritual warfare...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Target Online, Michelle's Home Page,

      Keeping the Faith Anthology by Arnita Fields
What if God doesn’t answer in the way you want? What if trouble comes when you least expect it?..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Keys to Living Joyfully by Sheri Hoff
This book is an inspirational book on experiencing joy, peace, passion, and energy in daily life. It is designed to demonstrate the powerful roles of thoughts, action, and faith. The book is a merging of inspirational author,..
Buy! Amazon, Life Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff, Keys to Living Joyfully, Keys to Living Joyfully,

      Killer Cargo by Dana Mentink
When pilot Maria de Silva finds illegal cargo in her plane, she's flying for her life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dana Mentink's Website and Blog,

      Kingdom of God by Alfred Flatten
No one can "see" or "enter" the Kingdom of God, unless he is born again!..
Buy! Amazon,

      Knowing The Struggle Is Over by K.M. Johnson
Knowing the struggle is over entails real-life applications in addition to practical messages. Whatever your situation or circumstance as you conquer this spiritual journey together with the author, you will find your pathway..
Buy! Barnes &,

      L. I. F. E. Love Is For Everyone by Kenneth Anderson
L.I.F.E. Love Is For Everyone is about Life, Love, and God and the relationship between the three. It is an explanation of how life works when you incorporate love and God in it...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      La Vida Victoriosa en Dios by Samantha Paz-Mañón
Vivimos buscando la manera de alcanzar la paz en nuestra vida, y no comprendemos porque suceden tantas cosas a nuestro alrededor. Jesucristo dijo que en el mundo tendríamos aflicciones pero que si confíabamos en El venceríamo..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Viviendo en la Verdad,

      Land of the Homeless Brave by ALEDA MARSHALL
A superb dedication to the faithful, steadfast service of our amazing military heroes who gave so much, and some who gave all, of what they had to give." "Illustrates how God can use our service to others to change the li..
Buy! Amazon, AMAZON BOOKS, Kindle Edition,

      Latch Key Kids by Sandra Hartsell
This is a book about memories that we all have of things we liked to do growing up...
Buy! Amazon, Latch Key Kids,,

      Legacy of a Mother by Maria Jordan
Legacy of a Mother is a treasured collection of wisdom, inspiration and gratitude for family. These expressions of love, humor and warmth make this book a gift from the heart...
Buy! Amazon, marcoujor's musings, Kindle Edition,

      Lessons Learned On My Way Home by Gloria Lewis-Vaughn
"Lessons Learned on My Way Home" is the story of Gloria Lewis Vaughn. "Lessons" allows the reader to visit some of the rooms of Gloria's life; to experience through her story the joys of childhood once again, to cheer, ..
Buy! Amazon, iuniverse,

      Let Go and Live in the Now by Guy Finley
Find out what "Letting Go" and "Living in the Now" are really all about!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Life of Learning Foundation, Life of Learning Foundation,

      LET IT BE by Irene
When you LET it Be move on and share stories anything is possible...
Buy! Amazon, LET IT BE, LET it be, Kindle Edition,

      Let the Holy Spirit Embrace You with Poems of Inspiration by Kimberly Jackson
Escape under the wings of the Holy Spirit as He embraces you with powerful messages of encouragement and spiritual guidance via poetry and songs...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kimberly Jackson Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Let Your Innate Sing: The Key to Finding the Life of Your Dreams by Dr. William Kriva
This is the compelling story of a successful engineer who, after 12 years of misery at his job, found the courage to give up his comfortable existence to pursue the life of his dreams. Dr. Kriva shares with you Buy! Barnes &, Outskirts Press, Let Your Innate Sing ,

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Inspirational Books
  1. Majikal
  2. The Purple Dish
  3. Life goes out of style
  4. Building Your Life by the Owner's Design
  5. One Year of Daily Prayers
  6. The Road Goes Ever On - A Christian Journe
  7. I'm Feeling It
  8. Messages of Hope and Inspiration
  9. Falling Down is Part of Life, Getting Back
  10. Je Le Sens

Featured Book
One Year of Daily Prayers
by Victoria Burks

One Year of Daily Prayers is a book created to inspire the believer's faith in the promises of God...  
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Featured Book
The Significance of A Dream
by Frances Seymour

The Significance of A Dream is An Inspirational Book of Poetry & Short Stories. The inspirational prose in this book will warm your heart...  
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