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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Pieces of Eight
by Jay Dubya

Pieces of Eight is an eclectic collection of eight imaginative novellas/short stories. Themes represented in the work are science fiction, paranormal, psychological drama..  
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     Featured "Literary Fiction" Books!


      Jenna's Dream by J. R. Corbin
JENNA JACKSON is a sultry mystery, but it wasn’t always that way. Her addicted mother, HELEN, doesn’t want her, and DICK, her alcoholic father, is abusing her by the age of seven, ultimately destroying her ability to conceive..
Buy! Amazon, Jim Corbin, Dream Scape Publishing, LLC,

      Jewel's and Lolly's Adventure by Lorna Knox
Two teenagers on an adventure...
Buy! Amazon,

      Joseph's Story by Dr. Niama Williams
A tale of fury mediated by a tale of love through two surviving histories of child abuse. Will their love survive their pasts?..
Buy!, Dr. Ni's Author Spotlight,

      Journey To Surrender by Hazel Mills
Journey To Surrender is a novel about one couple's journey to love...
Buy! Amazon, Hazel Mills Stories,

      JOURNEY TO VIRGINLAND: EPISTLE I (Hardcover Edition) by Armen Melikian
"Demolishes the foundations of Western civilization." -- Publishers Weekly HARDCOVER EDITION..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Author's Website, Journey to Virginland - Official Website,

      Joyride by David Treciak
Do you ever wonder what happens after you die? Josh Turner, who’s dying of terminal cancer, would sure like to know. The problem is that a group of his eccentric friends have turned his hospital room upside down, drawing Jo..
Buy! amazon, Lulu,

      Just going With The Flow, And Other Spiritual Musings by Orest Stocco
Just Going With The Flow is a collection of personal experiences garnered from the river of life...
Buy! Barnes &, Orest Stocco, Lulu, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Just Me Some Stories from a Political Wannabe by Nicky Sarti
My first, and hopefully not my last self published book of short stories and poems. Come take a good look, you'll love it.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Where To Buy!,

      Kahraman - The Bare Feet Belly Dancer by rima jbara
She moved her body lightly and gracefully like a butterfly stroked by wind. On her bare feet and galvanizing figure, she augmented the art of belly dancing and embraced it to stages of poise, away from vulgarity. Known to be ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,,, Kindle Edition,

      Kamal, Book One by Immortal Muse
Told entirely in rhyming verse by a middle-aged poet, Kamal is the story of Kamal, a teenage boy who couldn’t be happier with his life. Kamal loves his family’s beautiful estate in Bel Air. He loves to paint and chase bu..
Buy! Amazon,

      Karam's Kismet by Sohan Koonar
The novel is a 'sweeping' saga of one man's journey through life in an awakening India and the level playing fields of the new world...
Buy! Amazon, Karam's Kismet, Buy Karam's Kismet on for Kindle, Kindle Edition,

      Karamba by O. Oyenekan
A compassionate government employed medical doctor stakes everything in an attempt to save his AIDS patients and donor agencies from the exploitation of a corrupt government administration. But can he?..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Take 2, Foyles, Karamba,

      Karen's Unquenchable Passion For Adventure by Martha Endsley
The adventures of Karen and her dangerous encounters with man and beast...
Buy! Amazon, PublishAmerica, A Yen For Adventure,

      Katka, a novella by Stephen Meier
When three friends organize a scheme to make money selling mail order brides from the Czech Republic, greed and jealousy turn a simple con into a life-changing game with unexpected costs...
Buy! Amazon,

      Keep Watching the Skies! by John Howard Reid
"Keep Watching the Skies" is an anthology of prize-winning prose from one of America’s richest writing competitions, namely the annual Tom Howard Short Story, Essay and Prose Contest, which is open to all writers worldwide. T..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Annual Short Story, Essay and Prose Contest , Lulu,

      Kelland: A Novel by Paul Bens, Jr.
When the Truth Is All That Matters The truth begins with a family evacuated from Saigon during the final days of the Viet Nam War. Or perhaps it begins later, with a devoutly Catholic child with the voice of an angel..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Who is Kelland?,

      Ken's War by Beth Fowler
When teen hormones and culture shock collide...
Buy! Lulu, Ken's War, Lulu,

      Killing Time Between Buses by Basil Warner
A tale of loss, doubt and dislocation; a young actor's narrative of frustration and failure; a young man's story of a life turned around and finding fulfillment......
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books-A-Million,

      Kindling by Stephen Livingston
Kindling a collection of short stories by Stephen Livingston..
Buy! Amazon UK, Facebook Author Page, Kindle Edition,

      L'enfant du Soleil by Neil THOMAS
An initiatique voyage of a young man to hiw own roots, to our origin !..
Buy! Amazon, L'enfant du Soleil,

      La Tour Shalom / Shalom Tower Syndrome by Albert Russo
Alexis' complex background catches up with him and appears to be at the root of his existential malaise. He was brought up a Catholic, while his father was an Italian Jew and his mother, a beautiful mulatto woman. He spent mo..
Buy! Fnac,, Albert Russo's homepage,

      Laelia by Ruth-Miriam Garnett
Each of the Cates sisters had felt for a time that her husband should be put away where others could take care of him.... So begins the powerful, empowering journey of three women who decide to get a fresh start on l..
Buy! Barnes &,,

      Lakeview Park: A Short Story Collection by Larry K. and Lorna Collins
Many people enjoy Lakeview Park, and each one has a unique story. Read about some of them...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Lorna & Larry Collins, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Lamentation of a Warrior by Ms.Angeline Bandon-Bibum
Lamentation of a Warrior is a novella about the Rwandan Genocide of 1994...
Buy! Amazon, Angeline Bandon-Bibum, Kindle Edition,

      Last of the Grapefruit Wars by Paul Wartenberg
A collection of stories written from my college days to the turn of the century, covering a range of genres from scifi to coming-of-age to humor...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Laugh - Don't Cry - About Real Estate! by Erica Ferencik
With no sales in a year, Squamskootnocket realtor Ginger Kanadoo will do anything to sell a home!..
Buy! Barnes &, Cracks in the Foundation,

      Le Docteur Rippenblatt et ses charmantes conséquences by Keyvan Sayar
Un pavillon bien ordinaire d'un quartier banal d'une ville classique. Ici vivent les Rippenblatt. Le Docteur, sa femme et son fils. Trois poissons qui font des bulles dans le même bocal mais ne se connaissent pas. Puis un jou..
Buy! Rezolibre, Biliki, Le Docteur Rippenblatt online,

      Le feu sous la soutane by Benjamin Sehene
Un prêtre au coeur du génocide rwandais..
Buy! Amazon, Benjamin Sehene::Rwanda et Littérature,

      Learning Life Again by Jennifer Chambers
Learning Life Again is the journey of two women towards health, success and fulfillment as they help each other heal from traumatic brain injury...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Lee by Tito Perdue
An old man returns to his hometown and, dismayed at late 20th-century decadence, proceeds to punish some of the more egregious exemplars. He has the psychic ability to materialize his late beloved wife, the divine Judy, who ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Thunder's Mouth Press, Borders,

      Leftover Shorts by Amy Neftzger
A diverse collection of three short stories: The Marshmallow War, Peripheral Witches, and Parson's Song...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon,

      Léodine l'Africaine by Albert Russo
see 'The Black Ancestor'..
Buy! Amazon, Léodine l'Africaine, Léodine l'Africaine,

      LeRoi by Mel Mathews
le roi est mort, vive le roi! The most intriguing thing about Malcolm Clay: his battered MG. And now, with a cough of black smoke, even that had quit. A story about blame and fear; come along on the ride as this cavalier gent..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Let The Willows Weep by Sherry Parnell
Love and loss between a mother and daughter across generations..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Sherry Parnell,

      Letters From My Mill by Daffni Percival
I have wanted to translate this book since I fell in love with it at school 60 years ago...
Buy! Amazon, Merilang, Merilang Press,

      Leviathan with a Fish-hook by Susan Russell
When Eileen meets Christopher, a young man with a mental illness living rough in the woods near her home, her quiet life is shaken...
Buy! Amazon,

      Life and Life Only by Dave Moyer
Baseball phenom Dan Mason is drafted out of high school but elects to attend the University of Georgia where he falls in love with the beautiful Anna Jean Simpson. Amid chaos and heartache, Dan searches for the meaning of li..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Dave Moyer Author Website ,

      Life As Prose by Gail Ylitalo
Anthology of 15 short stories, 2 essays, and 60 poems...
Buy! Lulu Press, Writings of Gail Ylitalo, Lulu,

      Life is But a Dream: On the Lake by Cheryl Shireman
Facing an empty nest and the possible demise of her marriage, Grace Adams goes to a secluded lake cabin to redefine her life. A story of one woman finding purpose in her life and discovering the power of love...
Buy! Amazon, Cheryl Shireman,

      Life Of A Gangstress( a novella) by Author MiAmor
full of gun play and love...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Like She Knows Single by Ashan Hampton
She’s young, successful and tired of being single. Overwhelmed by feelings of fear and failure, she is in the throes of an almost thirty, pre-midlife crisis...
Buy! Barnes &,,

      Like Totally Cool by Walt Lamberg
This is a single short story that takes place in the 1960s, about a group of college students who go to hear one of their favorite jazz bands...
Buy! Amazon, Walt Lamberg's Author's Page, Kindle Edition,

      Lily by maggie power
Jonathan Hopgate's opportunistic marriage to a sick woman has disastrous consequences...
Buy! Amazon, maggie power,

      Listen... Volume 1: death by S.I.R. Pierre
A series of murders, a rape, an interview, a break up, a homeless philosopher and the search for a public bathroom. How could all these things be connected? Enter the world of Listen... and discover...
Buy! Amazon, Create Space e-store,

      Littleton Town, A Love Letter in Disgiuse by Edward McGregor
Littleton Town, A Love Letter in Disguise, is a fiction work about a young woman and a young man who grow up in a cluster of small towns that create for them a set of nostalgic, romantic memories as they go through a series o..
Buy! Publish America, Simply Written Books,

      Live to Imagine by David Repsher
Award-winning stories from Scribes Valley Publishing's last writing contest...
Buy! Scribes Valley Publishing Comany, Scribes Valley Publishing,

      LIVES, a Portfolio (now on Amazon Kindle) by Barry Eysman
Quirky stories talked, not written, as bizarre and crafty as it happened between my voice and the keyboard...
Buy! Amazon, Common Good Books, abe books paperbackshop-US, Barry Eysman storefront,

      LIVING IN AN AWAKENED WORLD by Patricia Allen
Buy! Amazon,

      Lndscape with Figures by Joseph Cowley
LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES is the story of a family struggling to survive on a dairy farm in upstate New York during the Great Depression and how, despite their defects of character, love enables them to endure and ultimately pre..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Joseph Cowley,

      London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted by Jay Dubya
London: Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted satirizes 18 popular Jack London novellas with adult content and language and the work is author Jay Dubya's 37th published hardcover/paperback book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Jay Dubya Books, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Looking For A City by Timothy Hooker
A modern deconstructed retelling of the Prodigal Son story...
Buy! Xlibris, Sushi Tuesday,

      Loose Pearls and Other Stories by D.C. Troicuk
A collection of short stories, "gems from a practiced and gifted writer whose insights and imaginings are ... beautiful and mysterious."..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CBU Press, D.C.Troicuk,

      Love Always by Katherine Duke
Lucy's mother left home when she was six and never returned. Lucy finds a piece of family jewelry and goes looking for her mother...
Buy! Amazon,

      Love Builds a Nest in Our Park by Richard French
21 brief prose sketches about people in a large urban park dealing with issues in romantic relationships...
Buy! booklaunch, rfrenchnovelist, Kindle Edition,

      Love Is God's Ultimate Message by Bradley Fowler
An excellent book written to encourage and invoke the need to rekindle one's faith in God...
Buy!, Positive Living Books To Read,

      Love Me for Who I Am by Sonya Visor
Her sins traveled well beyond the sheets.....
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Love On Lockdown by Sammie Ward
Love On Lockdown tells the story of Monet Rogers who boyfriend finds himself on the wrong side of the law and serving. Things couldn't get worse-until she falls for his cell mate...
Buy! Lady Leo Publishing,, Lady Leo Publishing,

      Love's Troubadours - Karma: Book One by Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke
Love's Troubadours - Karma: Book One tells the story of Karma Francois, a thirty-something Oakland-born BoHo B.A.P. (Bohemian Black American Princess) with Louisiana roots and urban debutante flair. She confronts the effects ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Loyal To The Game by Khalilah jordan
Hello how you doing? My name is Khalilah Jordan and I just self published my first book "Loyal To The Game" Check it out its hot. It's an urban street book about Shytayjah Johnson AKA Tayjah who is from the streets of New Yor..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Magical Riddles Book One Shaking Palace by Raju Vashishta
4 Kids are chosen by a King to solve riddles and fix the Shaking Palace. For more info go to the Biography...
Buy! Amazon,

      MAHEL by Neil THOMAS
Between the desire of a wisdom and a quest of his own identity.....
Buy! Amazon, MAHEL,

      Maiden Run by Joan Cannon
Three siblings deal in different ways with threats to the family land. A story about connections: to family, to the land, to the past...
Buy! Amazon, Write Words Inc., Joan L. Cannon, Novelist,

      Manisses by Steven Porter
A heartwarming story inspired by the real-life history and legends of Block Island, RI...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Marilyn and Me by Shanta Everington
Debut novel by Shanta Everington..
Buy! Amazon, Cinnamon Press,

      Marisa by P Cowlam
Marisa, published by CentreHouse Press Bruce is head of a financial consultancy firm founded by his father in the 1970s. We first find him as a young man, learning the business. At the same time, what has b..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, CentreHouse Press, CentreHouse Press,

      Marlo's Violin by David Cook
When Pete Holloway, drug dealer/limo driver meets Paris, sparks fly. Pete is caught in a love triangle between Paris and Cindy, a Super Model client. In between the streets and work, Pete meets Marlo Little and this is when P..
Buy! Amazon, Infinity Publishing, Amazon, Off Da Curb Books,LLC,

      Marriages are Made in India by Lakshmi Sharma
A literary tourism of India. Stroies that are humorous, sad, post-colonial and romantic...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, Lakshmi Raj Sharma, Kindle Edition,

      Marvellous Hairy by Mark Rayner
-a novel in five fractals - by Mark A. Rayner So hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune, but if you're a surrealistic artiste with an addiction to Freudian mythology and guilt-..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, From the Publisher, Marvellous Hairy,

      Master of the Universe by webname Archullus
Short stories: a city trader, non-paternity events, dark matter galaxies and a deal to clean up the planet. Plus heroic fantasy... what could go wrong?..
Buy! Master of the Universe, Kindle Edition,

      Me and Mr. C by Chance Montana
Spanning from 1985-2018, this book traces the significant moments of development for its narrator. In a first person narrative voice, this book shifts with intensity from stream-of-consciousness to flashback to peaceful refle..
Buy! Barnes &, My online storefront, Lulu,

      Medieval Bedazzle by Tecoa Washington, B.Sc., M.A.
Medieval Bedazzle is Tecoa's perfect love story, complete with action, adventure, mystery, religion, angels and demons...spells and prayers... and a forever triumphant academic quest for the truth behind the death and life of..
Buy! Amazon, Traci Jones, The Official Website of Author Tecoa T. Washington,

      Medieval Bedazzle Audiobook by Tecoa Washington, B.Sc., M.A.
The audiobook is slightly different from the novel. The novel contains a full reference section and is a more intense read than the audiobook. The audiobook is fun in the fact it contains a new main character not found in t..
Buy! Traci Jones,

      Meditation on Space-Time by Leonard Seet
Physicist-Monk Rejects Salvation to Cast Preacher into Hell..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Meditation on Space-Time, a Novel, Kindle Edition,

      Megan's Way by Melissa Foster
One woman's journey, her daughter's will to survive, and a circle of friends shrouded in secrets...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Melissa Foster,

      Memories From The Mind of Scherezade by Mary DeCarlo
Memories From The Mind of Scherezade is a collection of thirty-seven of my short erotic stories. Peak into thoughts torn from the mind of Scherezade. Read about the memories that arouse and titillate. Experience the..
Buy! Renaissance E Books--Sizzler Catalog, Renaissance E Books,

      Memories of a Fogotten Past by Anne Lebrecht
Abandoned by her parents and placed in a Catholic boarding school at age five, Janet Selmann must confront cruelty, rejection, and hostility. Unanswered questions and confusion about her past are a constant anxiety. Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Anne Lebrecht, Anne Lebrecht Author,

      Memories of Beautiful People by alex canton-dutari
The author is inspired by the images of his early-life friends...
Buy! Amazon, Alex Canton-Dutari, Author Fan-Page, Kindle Edition,
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Featured Book
Sam's Place
by Bob Mustin

A collection of connected short stories set in and around a rural Alabama pool hall...  
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone CRUX
by Jansen Estrup

Climax of the Starlight On Stone saga in which the peace-bride must decide between forgiveness or vengeance...  
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