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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Once Upon A Time Out West
by Bo Drury

A series of short stories compiled into a book form, most taking place in the late 1800's and early 1900's..  
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     Featured "Historical Fiction" Books!


      Leonora: Tulips in Winter by Regina Pounds
In 1788, a Russian count and a Polish Prince rescue an English damsel in distress...the beginning of a passionate tale that revolves around two headstrong lovers and an ancient intrigue...
Buy! Amazon, Buy Books on the Web,

      Leopardkill - A Cavalry Tale by Jonathan Hopkins
A treacherous spy. A scandalous affair. A friendship, torn apart...
Buy! Cavalry Tales, Kindle Edition,

      Letter from Poitou by Michael Eardley
Life and loves of a young girl marrying into the Audley dynasty in the 1300's..
Buy! Audley Publications,

      Letters For Catherine: A Novel of Charleston during the American Revolution by G. Stokes, Jr.
Book 3 of the Colonial Southeast Series. The most popular book of the series!..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, GeorgiaWriter,

      Leviathan's Master - The Wreck of the World's Largest Sailing Ship by David Quinn
The world’s largest sailing ship is wrecked and seventeen lives are lost. Now, the master is called to account, especially to himself...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, DavidQuinnBooks, DAVID QUINN BOOKS, Kindle Edition,

      Libertas by Alistair Forrest
The story of how a Spanish community handled Caesar's fury in 45BCE..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,, The Book Depository, History's treasures brought to life,

      Lies and Lust in the Tudor Court: The Fifth Wife of Henry VIII by Margaret Doner
Married at eighteen, beheaded at twenty, Katheryn Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, paid a high price for her passionate nature. Although she lived five hundred years ago, Katheryn’s teenage desires – the longi..
Buy! Amazon,

      Lilith Rising, 1969: A Coming of Age Novel” by Roberta Kagan
The year is 1969, a turbulent time in American history. Young people are hitch hiking along legendary Route 66, little do they know that a serial killer lurks on the highway, in search of female victims. ..
Buy! Kindle Edition,

      Lincoln in the Basement by Jerry Cowling
A Union private is ordered to hold Lincoln captive in the White House basement by Secretary of War Stanton who then substitutes a Lincoln look-a-like upstairs so he can run the war through him...
Buy! The Works of Jerry Cowling, Kindle Edition,

      Living on Sisu: The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy by Deborah Frontiera
First Place Winner in historical fiction in the Purple Dragonfly Awards for excellence in children's literature. Feel like you are in the moment nearly 100 years ago with a young girl, daughter of Finnish immigrants. Loo..
Buy! Deborah K. Frontiera, Amazon, Award-winnig Author/Speaker for Children and Adults Deborah K. Frontiera,

      Living the Dream by Barry Coughlin
A pinch of romance, a bit of comedy, a dash of mystery and a dose of history is the recipe for Living the Dream...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barry A. Coughlin, home of , Lulu,

      Lizzie's Legacy by J Robert Whittle
With two popular series to the author's credit, two Canadian bestsellers ("Lizzie: Lethal Innocence" and "Bound by Loyalty"), and readers worldwide claiming his novels as "the best," Robert Whittle brings us another Whittlesq..
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle, Official Website, The Lizzie Series, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lizzie's Secret Angels by J Robert Whittle
Lizzie, now a teenager, faces new challenges and makes new friends. (Book 2 in the "Lizzie Series")..
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle, Official Website, The Lizzie Series, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lizzie: Lethal Innocence by J Robert Whittle
Packed with imagination, colorful dialogue and adventure, young audiences will admire and strive to emulate the irresistible Lizzie. What will this enterprising lass do next? (Book 1 of 4-book "Lizzie Series")..
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle, Official Website, The Lizzie Series, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Long Ago Memories by Judith McDowell
Tia Thornton searches for her roots in MT. Who has haunted her dreams for as long as she can remember?..
Buy! Amazon, World Castle Publishing, Author Judith Ann McDowell, Kindle Edition,

      Long Horizon by S Monkress
Saga of a young frontier woman who strong-arms the reluctant collaboration of her brothers and builds an oil empire...
Buy!, B&,, Lulu,

      Looking for Jamie by Angela Rigley
A boy is found bedraggled and alone, having lost his memory. Will he find out who he is?..
Buy! Amazon, nunkynoo, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Looking for the Summer by Robert Norris
A Vietnam War conscientious objector's adventures and search for identity on the road from Paris to Calcutta in 1977...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Lulu Press, Robert W. Norris, expatriate author, Robert W. Norris, Expatriate Author, Lulu,

      Loop the Loop by Dan Spencer
Daredevil aeroplane fliers, the burgeoning Hollywood film industry, and an innocent time in America - captured in a high-flying new novel...
Buy! Lulu, Loop the Loop by Dan Spencer,

      Lord Eaglebeak by Regina Pounds
Betrothed for the sake of convenience, Richard Darby thinks he has one year to win Lady Hetty's heart. She thinks she has one year to discourage him -- and lays a wager upon it...
Buy! Amazon,

      Lost River by Paxton Riddle
True story of one Indian woman's struggle to keep peace. An epic novel of the Modoc War of 1873...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Louis by Derek Haines
Louis. The story of a life that should not be forgotten...
Buy! Amazon, Derek Haines, Kindle Edition,

      Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War by Scott Rezer
Can a soldier's letters renew his widow's love for him after his death?..
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Love In A Dangerous Season by Gloria Gay
First she enraged him...then she stole his heart.....
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Love Your Enemy by Carol LaCroix
In tahe wara between North and South when two young people should be enemies, they find their relationship growing...
Buy! Amazon,

      Loving Lynn Celia: A Novel of the French and Indian War in the South. by G. Stokes, Jr.
Book 2 of the Colonial Southeast Series. In this prequel to A Lesser Form of Patriotism, author and historical researcher G.G. Stokes, Jr. brings the turbulent years of the French and Indian War to life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, GeorgiaWriter,

      Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley by Sharon Lathan
Volume Two in the Darcy Saga series. Beyond Pride and Prejudice... Beyond I Do.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sharon Lathan, Novelist,

      Loyalty's Haven by J Robert Whittle
The final book in the Victoria Chronicles Trilogy won a Gold IPPY (Independant Publisher Award) in June 2007!..
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle, Official Website, Victoria Chronicles, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Loyalty's Reward by J Robert Whittle
Second book in the family friendly "Victoria Chronicles Trilogy" set during 1916-1917. Nancy and Dan's lives are changed forever due to the effects of prohibition and WW1...
Buy! Amazon, J. Robert Whittle Official Website, The Victoria Chronicles by J. Robert Whittle, Kindle Edition, Nook,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lucena (Spanish/ Novel) by Mois Benarroch
Novela en castellano. En venta en!!! Lucena es un viaje interior hacia el porqué del exilio y es un camino moderno salpicado de diálogos, poemas, relatos y varias tramas argumentales, todo bajo la solemne s..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, lelivro, IBERLIBRO, Lea partes de la novela, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Lucinda's Mountain by Adda Davis
Lucinda Harmon struggles to break away from the sheltering bonds of family and the mountain traditions to which McDowell County still clung during the 1950s. Her goal was a bigger and broader world through the realm of educat..
Buy! Amazon, Golden Harvest Crations,

      Luzon by Richard Barnes
America has broken Japan’s “Purple” code, and a captured US Navy officer knows the secret. Someone has to make sure the Japanese don’t get it from him, even if he has to kill him...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books by Richard Whitten Barnes, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Lynette by Sue Kramer
The CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation has a less than pristine past. Now she's the prime suspect in her husband's murder!..
Buy! Amazon, Sue W. Kramer,

      MacGregor's Curse by Julie Palella
MacGregor's Curse takes place in the 13th century Scottish Highlands. An adventure of courage beyond measure and a love that is beyond time...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Julie Palella, Julie Palella,

      Mackenzie's Cross by Sarah Barthel
Mackenzie’s life has always been one of duty. However, in a land where even the Brotherhood of the Knights are becoming power hungry mongers, how can a young kitchen maid maintain her morals when tempted with all she’s never ..
Buy! Topaz Publishing,

      Magdalena's Song by Pat Mestern
The time period is 1947. The location is a fictional village in Grey County, Ontario. The story resonates with readers of all ages due to the depth of the characters, the storyline and the time frame - ten days in the autumn ..
Buy! Amazon,

      Magdalenes by Channing Hayden
Can a beautiful young woman’s native wit and uncommon intelligence conquer an overpowering and deep-seated guilt that is destroying her life? That is the central question of Magdalenes, an historical mainstream novel with str..
Buy! Amazon, Channing Hayden's Fiction Home Page, iUniverse,

      Magic By Moonlight by D. L. Cocchio by D. Cocchio
The long-awaited sequel to Be Careful What You Wish For, by D. L. Cocchio is ready to be released - Book 2 of The Amulet Series, entitled Magic By Moonlight...
Buy! Magic Moon Press/ Amazon/ CreateSpace, Magic By Moonlight - Soon to be Released!,

      Mahan Mountain by Laveral Rogers
Wes and Lane Mahan return from the Civil War to find their family and ranch destroyed and their younger sister missing. Bent on bringing frontier justice to those responsible, the brothers along with a family friend,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Powell's Books, Wal-mart Books, Mahan Mountain, By, Laveral Rogers,

      Majestic Lunacy - A Soldier's Journal by D. Kelly
Eight men. All enemies. But, they've been thrown together my circumstance and hunted by other, more dangerous enemies. Learning to rely on each other is hard but it's either that or die...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Life In The Dweeb Lane,

      Manak-na's Story, 75,000 BC by Bonnye Matthews
Manak-na's Story, 75,000 BC is book two of the Winds of Change series on the peopling of the Americas...
Buy! Amazon, Books by Bonnye,

      Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple by Gloria Waldron Hukle
Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple is the well researched story of the Holland born Waldron Family who lived during the mid-1600s near the corner of what is today Wall Street and Broadway...
Buy! Barnes &, New Beginnings by Katcas, Authorhouse, Gloria Waldron Hukle,

      Marble Halls by Penni Smith (Weston)
In Victorian England, two sisters love the same man. Buy through and now available at
Buy! Amazon,,, Penni Lynn Smith (Weston),

      Marble Halls Book II by Penni Smith (Weston)
The saga of the Forsythes and the Maxwell-Abbotts continue with this sequel to Marble Halls...
Buy! Lulu Enterprises, Penni Lynn Smith (Weston),

      Marius' Mules by Simon Turney
Based upon Julius Caesar's war diary and seen from the perspective of one of his officers, Marius' Mules is a tale of warfare and campaigning, of politics and betrayal. Sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes humourous, thi..
Buy! Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones, Marius' Mules,

      Mark of the Sire by Larriane Wills
When legends come to life, evil men pay...
Buy! Amazon, MuseItUp publishing, Larriane/Larion, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Marooned by Jennifer Miller
"Marooned" is the 1860's saga of Justin Radcliff, a young American, who is beaten and thrown overboard by his evil twin brother, Edward. Kolya, a handsome Black man and new leader of the transplanted Zulu tribe there..
Buy! Infinity Publishing, Jennifer Miller, Kindle Edition,

      Mary Magdalene Disciple of Christ by Judith Sutherland, Ph.D.
In a style reminiscent of earlier literary writers, Dr. Sutherland protrays the astonishing life of Mary of Magdala. The petulant and beautiful 18-year-old, seeking the meaning of her dream, encounters the mysterious and mys..
Buy! Amazon, Additive Creations, Inc, Writer's Heartbeat,

      May 1812 by M.M. Bennetts
In the war against Napoleon, there are no easy victories...
Buy! Amazon, The Book Depository,

      Melaynie's Masquerade by Victoria Giraud
16th century adventurer Melaynie Morgan, disguised as a Captain's Boy, sails off to the Caribbean with Francis Drake to plunder Spanish treasure. Disease, death, danger and romance await her. She returns to England secretly p..
Buy! Barnes &, Author House, Victoria Giraud - Editor/Author,

      Melinda and the Wild West: A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho by Linda Clarke
"Melinda and the Wild West" was a Semi-finalist for the Reader Views “Reviewers Choice Award 2007.” This novel is the first of five in a family saga...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publisher Direct Bookstore, The Official Website of Linda Weaver Clarke,

      Melinda Heads West by robyn corum
A young girl headed west to pick up a family deed finds trouble on the way. Good thing she meets up with two men who can help. Which will win her affection?..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Kobo, Kindle Edition,

      Melting Iron by Ann Cory
Feel the heat as two bodies forge as one ..
Buy! Amazon, Ann Cory's Aphrodisiacs for the Mind,

      Memoirs of a Drugged-Up, Sex-Crazed Yippie by Steve Otto
Tales from the 1970s counter-culture: Drugs, sex, politics and rock and roll ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Powell's Books, Country Bookshop, UK, Steve Otto's Books,

      Memphis In Our Hearts by Jackie Griffey
Memphis In Our Hearts begins with a puzzling murder and takes place in the chaos after the war between the states and the onset of the yellow fever epidemic. Times change, but people come in the same varied bouquet they alway..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Memphis in our Hearts by Jackie Griffey
To the aftermant of the War Between the States; Reconstruction; the yellow fever epidemic; and a society deaf to women; Jamai Allen must add a friend accused of murder...
Buy! Amazon,,

      Merdeka by Lachlan Gunn
Malaya 1957. A country gains freedom, but deep in the jungle fighting continues...........
Buy! Amazon,,, Merdeka, Kindle Edition,

      Meridon by Philippa Gregory
The end of the Wideacre saga..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,

      Mewassin: The Good Land by Lillian Ross
Two men come to Canada in the mid 1800's. One was a Scot who joined the Fur Trade heading West and one a French sixteen-year-old who stowed away aboard a ship and followed a missionary across the ocean...
Buy! Amazon, Grassroots Publishing,

      Mexico City the Golden Years by Dennis Fitter
The 1940’s is known as Mexico’s Golden Age, but it wasn’t a decade of good times and prosperity shared equally by all Mexicans, as one young and ambitious newcomer to the capital city so brutally found out...
Buy!, Mexico City the Golden Years, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Midnight Omen Deja vu (Paperback First Edition) by Marti
An exciting Historical Fiction novel set in the 18th Century Caribbean (PIRATES! MAGIC and MUTINY!)..
Buy! Amazon, Borders Books, PublishAmerica, LLLC, Official Website of Marti Melville,

      Miles Knight: The Avenger by Lance Knight
Miles Knight, the author's 5th GGrandfather, sets out to avenge the deaths and imprisonment of his friends. Meets with General George Washington in New Jersey...
Buy! Amazon, Authors Den, Kindle Edition,

      Miriam's Room by Dianne Sagan
Christian fiction tale of Miriam who lives in Jerusalem, raising her son, John Mark. How will the Galilean touch her life?..
Buy! Amazon, Dianne G. Sagan - Author and Speaker, Kindle Edition,

      MiSDirection by Richard Stevens
MiSDirection takes you back to the dark days of WWII as Germany looks set to conquer all Europe and invade Britain. Reinhard Heydrich, Head of Germany's SD, their top security service, is a master of deception and intrigue an..
Buy! Amazon Kindle, Richard G Stevens author, Kindle Edition,

      Miss Bingley's Revenge by Wendy Soliman
Caroline Bingley goes to Pemberley, intent upon mischief...
Buy! Amazon, Wendy Soliman, Kindle Edition,

      Miss Darcy's Passion by Wendy Soliman
Georgiana Darcy falls in love...
Buy! /wendy, Kindle Edition,

      Misteri Kehidupan by E P
Buy! Barnes &,

      Moccasin Trace by Hawk MacKinney
The love story...the beginning of the Ingram bloodline. It was about the land...a blood tide of war is sweeping across the South, a tide that might be impossible to stand before...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes & Noble, Hawk MacKinney,

      Monsters of the Midway: The Worst Team in College Football? by Jeff Rasley
A small town Hoosier boy enrolls in the University of Chicago in 1968. Amidst student demonstrations against the Viet Nam War and the military-industrial complex the University of Chicago resurrects its football program, whi..
Buy! Amazon,, Amazon Author Page, Kindle Edition,

      Mortal Shortcomings by Author Darkstar
An exciting page-turner about two noble families in Ancient Rome and their slaves, filled with romance and suspense...
Buy! Amazon, Saga Books,

      Mothers and Daughters by Gwen Madoc
1910 When Lucy and Eva discover they are the illegitimate daughters of a bigamist their safe protected lives are turned upside down. They face disgrace and poverty...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Mozart's Wife by Juliet Waldron
The life of Constanze Mozart, who lived the adventure of marriage to the world's first musical Superstar...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Juliet Waldron, Amazon, julietwaldron, Kindle Edition,

      Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One by Sharon Lathan
Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Volume One of the Darcy Saga. Moderate adult themes, not erotica...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sharon Lathan, Novelist,

      Murder of an American Nazi by Tim Fleming
Ex-Nazi Walter Dornberger, who should have been tried and hanged for war crimes at Nuremberg, is evacuated to the US by the CIA after WWII. He is placed at Bell Helicopter in Dallas where he works closely with Micahel Paine,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Eloquent Books,

      My Adventures as Brother Rat by Lenora Good
My Adventures as Brother Rat by Lin Yao, Queen Dowager, Land of Five Dragons is an epic tale from Ancient China’s Warring States period of a young girl, Lin Yao, who desires above all to become a Healer, but must become the w..
Buy! Sam's Dot Publishing, Sam's Dot Publishing, Genremall,

      My Brother the Enemy by Rupert Colley
Fear on the streets. Death on every corner. But the real enemy is the brother at his side...
Buy! Amazon, Rupert Colley, Kindle Edition,

      My Brother's Battle--A Novel by Meredith Allard
My Brother's Battle is a coming of age story set during the years of the American Civil War. It is a story of hate, love, war, and hope...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, Xlibris,

      My Dearest Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan
Volume 3 in the Darcy Saga series. "I love you my Elizabeth. You are my soul, my blood and bone, my very life."..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Sharon Lathan, Novelist,

      My Life Untold by S.S. Gee Buro
My Life Untold is the story of Magda Kline, a young woman who lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the Civil War. When her parents hire a new farm hand, Lars Sutler, Magda falls in love, but must let go of him when he jo..
Buy! Kindle Edition, Nook, Apple iBooks,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      My Mozart by Juliet Waldron
Mozart was her teacher, her mentor, her friend and her rescuerMozart was her teacher, her mentor, her rescuer--and, finally, fatally, her lover... ..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon, Juliet Waldron, Kindle Edition,

      My Ominous Adventures At True Blue Farm, The Secret Behind The Mirror by Diane Dunwell-Hoffman
My Ominous Adventures At True Blue Farm, The Secret Behind The Mirror is a nostalgic historical fiction with a paranormal twist. The heroine stumbles on a secret that reaches beyond the limits of memory and traditional time l..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

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Featured Book
Of Such Is The Kingdom Part III, A Novel of the early Church
by James Becher

This is the sequel to the previous edition and to "Parts I & II, A Novel of the Christ and the Roman Empire." It employs those characters who were still alive at the end ..  
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Featured Book
The Better Angels
by Robert Mills

Two serendipitous teenagers acquire a military surplus jeep and begin pilfering gasoline from an aircraft carrier at the Norfolk Naval Base; the ship departs while the ar..  
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