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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Antologia Poética Amante das Leituras 2008
by Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations

A compilation of poems, prose-poems, and short stories, in the Portuguese language, by 18 members of the literary Yahoo Group "Amante das Leituras" - coordinated by Portu..  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books!


      Exegesis A Decade of Poetry by Mekael by Mekael Shane
This collection is an amalgamation of the first decade of my creative journey. It is comprised of what I consider to be the most thought provoking and vocabularly creative poetry that I've written...
Buy! Amazon,

      EXEGESIS OF DESPOTISM by Kuir Garang
Buy! Amazon, BUY THE BOOK, Kindle Edition,

      Experience, Strength and Hope by George Thompson
Spiritual uplift without being "preachy."..
Buy! Barnes &, Borders, authorHouse,,

      Express Yourself 101 Dancing with Words VOLUME 1 by Alberto Monnar
Express Yourself 101 Dancing with Words VOLUME 1 (Hardcover) ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Home of a Family of Writers,

      Expressions by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson
Poet & Inspirational Author, Deborah Simpson has the distinct honor of presenting Expressions, an exclusive collection of poetry from poets around the world...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Expressions VIDEO BOOK Trailer, Lulu,

      Expressions From Wanda by Ruth El
"Expressions From Wanda," is a self-published collection of spiritual and inspirational poems. These poems are God inspired, thought provoking, and food for the soul. In this collection there is a poem just for you...
Buy! Conquering Books, L.L.C., EXPRESSIONS FROM WANDA,

      Expressions In The Heart: A Feel For Poetry Within Poetry by Cheyene Lopez
"A Feel For Poetry Within Poetry Thoughts of poetry written in poems about style."..
Buy! Amazon,,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

      Face 2 Face by Funke Ojo
Collection of poetry by the inspiration of the within and my surroundings...
Buy! Authorhouse, Barnes and Noble, The Writers Club,

      Facets by Richard Marsh
Collection of poems..
Buy! Richard Marsh, Mazgeen Press,

      Facets Phases & Transformation by Virginia Terry
Some Reviews and comments on Facets, Phases and Transformation..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Transformation,

      Facing each day by Audrey Coatesworth
A book with 61 poems about facing teach day as we meet different aspects of life. Available as paperback and eBook..
Buy! Amazon, PLP Publishings(UK), Createspace estore, MY BOOKS, Kindle Edition,

      Facing The Demon of noontide by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Facing the Demon of Noontide is a poetic meditation on the soul in a postmodern setting. This collection of poems by Ian Irvine breaks new poetic ground even as it deals with the hangovers of old millennium life. ..
Buy! Booksurge, Ian Irvine HomePage,

      Faith, Courage, Wisdom, Strength and Hope by Stacey Chillemi
We must view life as if each day is the first day of the rest of our lives. We should keep an outlook in our minds about life, as each day is the opportunity for a new start...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bookstore, To purchase the book click onto this link, Kindle Edition,

      Faith, Family, Fury, and Fanciful Things by Shirley Nichols
An autobiographical collection of poetry from childhood through young adulthood...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Faith, Love & Life by Stanley Alston
Faith, an absolute truth in God that the impossible can be achieved. Love - the ability to forgive, rebuild and appreciate the essence of living. Life - The elements that comprise this world, the known and unknown - its myst..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Click here to buy!,

      Famous Faces by Dr. Niama Williams
Black feminist poetry at its best. Love, race, gender and glimpses of the tripartite oppression unique to the Black woman who writes yet overcomes it all...
Buy!, Dr. Niama L. Williams, Lulu,

      Farofa de Poesias by Yitzhak Ben-Gurion
Farofa de Poesias é um livro fora dos padrões do seu gênero. São poesias e crônicas deliciosas, com muita sensibilidade e bom humor, para fazer você rir e chorar. Uma mistura agradável de sensações e sentimentos. ..
Buy! Amazon, Farofa de Poesias, Kindle Edition,

      feathers in my heart by Margaret Russell
I use the 5,7,5 haiku syllable count to give my ramblings discipline. I often write romantic or mysterious verse in addition to nature writings...
Buy! Barnes &,

      Feelings From Deep Within by Irene Booker
This book deals with love, heartache, pain and new beginnings. Within this book, you will find the strength to heal, renew your faith in love, forgive and to move on. Love is that next emotion seeking to be reborn...
Buy! Irene Booker,

      Feelings Of Love And Loss by Bella Russell
A book of love poems written to touch the hearts of readers...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Amazon,, Lulu,

      Fields of Grain by J. R. Corbin
When I wrote the verses, I called them poems, but that's not quite true. I have decided that they are stories that rhyme. If you are a 'Baby Boomer' you will recognize yourself or somebody that you know. I divided the book in..
Buy! Amazon, Dream Scape Publishing,

      Fiery Fantasies by Trish - The Trickster
Thirty-four poems and five short stories make up this sizzling collection...
Buy! Pam Publishing, The Shoppe,

      Fin de Milenio by Silvina Castellano
Ignorancia Insulsa, La Diosa Venus..
Buy! Amazon, Centro de Autores Argentinos, Página Familiar,

      Fin de Siglo by Silvina Castellano
La Diosa Venus, Ignorancia Insulsa, Incognoscible.-..

      Finding the Way Home by fabiola sully
a group of poems I have written from high school until 2008. My book is people who have lost their way and dealt with obstacles in their life. And have the scars to prove it. It's also for young girls and women of all ages...
Buy! Barnes &, Finding the Way Home,

      Fire and Rain - Selected Poems 1993-2007 Vol. 2 by RD Armstrong
Poetry from 2000 to 2007, this second volume completes the "best of" sequence by small/underground press poet and publisher RD Armstrong...
Buy! Lummox Press, Create Space, Lummox Press,

      Fire and Rain Selected Poems 1993-2007 Vol. 1 by RD Armstrong
It's poetry, folks. It's about life and death and all that goes on in between...
Buy! Lummox Press, Create Space, Lummox Press,

      Fire in the Orrchard by Gary Margolis
Book of poems nominated for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize...
Buy! Amazon,

      Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz by Tammy Whisman
An illustration of lyrical expression that caresses the soul...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz,

      Firestorm: Reflections on Spiritual Awakening by JV Love
Book of poetry, images, and prose about Spiritual awakening, Truth, and longing for God...
Buy! Amazon,,

      First Person Plural: poems by Roger Taber
Volume 2 in a planned quartet. 150+ poems in five (loosely) themed sections for easy reading; includes a gay section. ISBN 0-9539833-1-5 Only on sale in the UK or over the Internet from the author. ..
Buy! Amazon, A Poet's Blog: Roger N. Taber shares his thoughts & poems,

      First Step by Sourav Rc
A Collection Of Poetries written by Sourav Rc...
Buy! First Step By Sourav Rc, A Collection of Sourav Rc Poetries,

      Flames of a Rose by Lorna Knox
Flames of a Rose is a compilation of poems...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam
"This collection deserved to be published. A marriage of Old World charm and Modern Day romance, its well-composed verses are a prime example of thought-provoking verse from a poet of insight and genius." - Anna Mar..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Google Books, Google Play, CreateSpace , Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Fledgling Darlings by Ava Stewart
Ava Leigh Stewart's "Fledgling Darlings" is a compilation of fifty poems, each accompanied by custom graphic designs, culminating in an all-encompassing artistic journey exemplifying the soulful depths of the human ex..
Buy! Fledgling Darlings,,

      Flights of Fancy Volume 1 by Dawn Huffaker
A collection of poems that show my unique outlook and style...
Buy! Amazon,

      Flights of Fancy-Vol. 1 e-book for Kindle by Dawn Huffaker
This is the e-book edition...
Buy! Amazon, Flights of Fancy-V1 Kindle Version, Amazon Kindle Store,

      Floetic Whispers by The Ailawishes
A collection of Erotica Poetry and thoughts from the heart...
Buy! Xlibris, Floetic Whispers,

      Flower of Poison by Rosa Arlotto
Poetry in prose of summer and love, nature and exchange of thought by intermediary of book...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, indigo,

      Fluidity of Creation: Poetry of Love, Loss, and the Occult by Dena Moore
From the heights of spiritual ecstasy to the praises of erotic love, Fluidity of Creation uses the past, present, and future to explore the many facets of life...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Booksamillion, Dena's Poetry: Poetry of Love, Loss, & the Occult,

      Flurry of Acacia by Derya Onder
This book ise my second poetry book.....
Buy! Barnes &, Flurry of Acacia, Flurry of Acacia,

      FLUSH! by Tom Kitt
Flush! takes you on a poetic journey that touches many areas of human experience. But, in spite of the diversity the poems have a common resonance or theme that is ancient and ageless. Each poem is enhanced with a picture and..
Buy! Eternal Recurrence,

      Follow the Wolf Moon by S. Donovan Mullaney
With lyrical understatement and often self-deprecating humor, the author pierces the shadow of the human heart with these poems, retrieving unexpected yet everyday insights...
Buy! Amazon, MJS Publishing Group, Bestsellers Cafe, 24 High St, Medford, MA, Follow the Wolf Moon by S. Donovan Mullaney,

      For an Hour, We Lived from Flowers (Hard-Cover) by Owi Nandi
Inspired by poets from around the world, Owi Nandi creates a beautiful mixture of poems for all ages. For An Hour, We Lived From Flowers highlights the uniqueness of God’s creatures in nature. Full of human emotion, Nandi’s..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Awarded Lyrics and Poems about Friendship, Love and Nature written by Owi Nandi,

      For an Hour, We Lived from Flowers (Paperback) by Owi Nandi
The incomparable beauty of friendship, nature and faith comes to brilliant life in Owi Nandi’s For An Hour, We Lived From Flowers. His lyrical poetry expresses the uniqueness of all God’s creatures in nature, showcasing a st..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Awarded Lyrics and Poems about Friendship, Love and Nature written by Owi Nandi,

      For Changing Times by Pauline Drummie
A compilation of 17 poems inspired by life in the year 2006...
Buy! Click here to buy!,, Lulu,

      For The Love Of Black Men: Poems on Change, Life, Truth, and Trust by Ayin Adams
A provocative raw book of poetry that looks at the black man in today’s society. Written with haunting images of America’s shameful history of the slayings of unarmed black men. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,,

      For Those Who Have Given Up On Love by Brian Harris
A volume of poetry dedicated to love an relationships; written from an African-American Christian prospective...
Buy! Amazon,

      For You: A Collection of Love Poems by keri brye
Page by page of passion. This book covers every level of romance...
Buy! RoseDog Books, Keri Brye,

      Forever From Now: Selected Poems by Jamie Collins
Forever From Now: Selected Poems is my eighth book, it is the second to be published by PublishAmerica. It was released in March 2011. Forever From Now: Selected Poems contains poems from my first three chapbooks, From the De..
Buy! Forever From Now: Selected Poems, Jamie Collins Poetry,

      Forever In Your Eyes by Sylvia Beverly
A potpourri of poems of love, appreciations and tributes, dedicated to Dr. Maya Angelou...
Buy! Authorsbookshop, Karibu Books,

      Forwarded through by Ted Bossis
Passages from passion - concern & joy - Warm intentions - Open minded -..
Buy! Click here to buy!, LULU.COM, Lulu,

      Fountain of Trevi Love Poems by Ankin Timourian
Petit book - collection of love, tenderness, sensuality and passion expressed with vivid imagination flown from the heart and inspired by real, spiritual encounters. The book is full of beautiful color pictures reflecting the..
Buy! Barnes &, Click here to buy for $7.95 free shipping, Fountain of Trevi Love Poems,

      Four-Leaf Clovers by Debbie Wilson
Buy! Barnes &, Lulu,

      Fragments from Being by J.A. Terry
A short story and poetry collective Coming 2009 from Pandora's Boox Available worldwide wherever books are sold.....
Buy! Amazon,, Jill Terry, Author - Poet - Wordsmith Extraordinaire,

      Fragments Of A Whole by Charlotte Luxhoej
A collection of poems...
Buy! Create Space,

      Freedom: Poetry From A Life by Y. Washington
The collected poetry of Y.I. Washington..
Buy! Amazon, Y.I. Washington,

      Fringe and Frivolity by Ame Ai
Fringe and Frivolity is about the fringes of society and the fringes of the mind. Everyone belongs to some sort of fringe group; they are called niche groups. It means that you belong to a group that is not mainstream, not no..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, PublishAmerica, Ame Ai,

      Frisson of Spirit by J Blackwood
A collection of poems depicting spiritual growth from the search for meaning through the suffering of confession and reconciliation, to the glorious unfolding of self-revelation and purpose...
Buy! Barnes and Noble, Publisher's Website, Official Website of J. J. Blackwood,

      From Darkness to Light (ebook) by Audrey Coatesworth
From Darkness to Light is a collection of poems by Dr Audrey Coatesworth. They have a common theme, suffering illness, pain...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace, Amazon ebooks, Kindle Edition,

      From Darkness to Light by Dr Audrey Coatesworth by Audrey Coatesworth
The poems in 'From Darkness to Light' by Dr Audrey Coatesworth have a commoon theme of suffering and pain. However,most of the poems move the reader along a path of hope...
Buy! Amazon, PLP Publishings, Createspace, Dr Audrey Coatesworth - PLP Publishings(UK), Kindle Edition,

      From Me To You by Teresita Vyce
People must look only at things that make them happy when feeling lonely. No one is alone as we are all connected in space. God is always watching. Have Faith to have Hope and Love. Move on. Be an advancing human being...
Buy! Amazon, From Me To You, From Me To You,

      From Midnight Until Dawn by P. Caiden
Gothic and horror poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, Kindle Edition,

      From One Touch (love poems) by Rodney O'Neil Jones
An emotionally intense collection of love poems laced in the themes of romance, lust, passion, and truth...
Buy! J.L.R. Media & Publishing, Author's Official Website ,

      From Out Of The Pit I Cried... by Mary Duhart
Poetry from the heart of a mother who found herself in a pit..crying out to God she writes. From the Pit to Praise this is her story...
Buy! LuLu's. com, Poetry With Passion,

      From Poverty 2 Publicity by J.Will Da Invincible
Life is about achieving your dream and conquering your challenges!..
Buy! Barnes &,

      From the Ashes of my Pain: Poetry From the Heart of a Survivor by Victoria Spencer-Keene
Poetry written in the aftermath of assault and in the stages of healing. This book is a vivid picture of the suffering of those facing violent crime...
Buy! Amazon, Create Space, Kindle Edition,

      From the Attic by Albert Tukker
22 poems from the attic of Al Tukker..
Buy! Lulu, The Official Website of Albert Samuel Tukker, Lulu,

      From the Heart of an Artist Quiet Storm by Gwendolyn Thomas Gath
Perhaps "..Quiet Storm" will help rekindle old flames buried and long forgotten or express the love so deeply locked inside of your soul longing to be released. Regardless of where you may be found in love this beau..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, From the Heart of an Artist Quiet Storm,

      From The Mind of Mentalllll by Mr. Shannon Clements
Imagine sitting in front of a cozy fire sipping on your favorite drink. The sound of your favorite instrumental softly playing in the background. The feeling of your plush carpet or bearskin rug against your skin feels so sof..
Buy! Amazon,

      From the Mind's Eye of a Poet by Christine Patterson
This poetry book has been update as of 2012..
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      From The Sea Of Myths by stephen mead
Poetry w/artwork of vivid colors..
Buy!, www.minotaurpress,

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Featured Book
Harmony and contrast (poems)
by Antoine Raphael

It's a compilation of various poems expressing exciting topics...  
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Featured Book
Taste of Hanshan (Cold Mountain)
by Alexander Goldstein

Han Shan and Shi De are two inseparable characters in the history of Chan Buddhism, forming one of the most favourite subjects of Oriental fine arts: Shi De is often pict..  
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