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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Off the Wall Contrarian quotes for People in Recovery
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

“Off The Wall Contrarian Quotes for people in recovery” is a book of sayings, aphorisms and quotes for The 12 step movements it is filled with proverbs, sayings and slog..  
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     Featured "Spirituality" Books!


      The Trinity of Lights by Ken Nunoo
The Trinity of Lights, by Ken Nunoo is a book on religion and spirituality. This book is a compilation..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Publish America, The Trinity of Liights,

      The Unfolding of a Rose by Mamie Smith
The Unfolding of a Rose defines the true meaning of life and brings comfort, peace and joy into the hearts of all who read it...
Buy! Amazon, The Unfoldling of a Rose Network, Barnes and Noble, Open Thought,

      The Valley of Silent People by Greg Sarwa
The Valley of Silent People is a fable in the tradition of magic realism of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist (Harper One, 1993). It alludes to the controversial subject of Mary Magdalene from the perspective of an ordinary man, w..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,'s Author Page of Greg M. Sarwa, Kindle Edition,

      The Voices Within Us by Jim Stewart
Stories of Miracles and Angels, 100 True Stories. A book of Hope and Inspiration...
Buy! Amazon, GoalMinds,Inc, Voices A Book Of Hope, The Voices Within Us,

      The Wall Street Zen Golf Club by William Spilman Jr
The Wall Street Zen Golf Club takes place in the upper Adirondack Mountains. There, James T. (“Twin”) Towers stumbles across the remains of an very old golf course. On that land he founds a new course. In autumn of the first ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders,

      The Warrior's Agenda Combat Study Guide by David Humphrey Sr
A How-To Manual For Effective Spiritual Warfare for True Warriors.....
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Bible City, The Warrior's Agenda,

      The Way of Doe: Journal of a Near-Holywoman by Mesa Doe
Spiritual recovery for women with a sense of humor...

      The Way of Wonder: a return to the mystery of ourselves by Jack Haas
This is a book about wonder, about the great enigma of life, of ourselves, and of God. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Iconoclast Press,

      The Wiccan Mystic: Exploring a Magickal Spiritual Path by Ben Gruagach
The Wiccan Mystic takes the foundational ideas of Wicca and explores them in depth. Learn about what constitutes a mystery religion and how Wicca fits the pattern. Discover the living mystical core of Wiccan practice and stre..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, The Wiccan Mystic at, Lulu,

      The Wisdom of Les Miserables: Lessons From the Heart of Jean Valjean by Alfred Garrotto
What can a 21st century seeker learn about life, love and spirituality from a 19th century French novel? Plenty...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Blogspot, Alfred J. Garrotto's Web Home, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      The Wisdom of the Fourth Way: Origins and Applications of A Perennial Teach by Theodore Nottingham
Insights in to the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff known as the Fourth Way, including their application for personal change and their roots in early Christianity...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Theosis Books,

      The Women's Book of Empowerment by Charlene Proctor
Because we have an opportunity to choose our attitude and focus our intentions in the present moment, the world and our own personal lives are a reflection of our thoughts. It is our 360 degree review on how we think. Put sim..
Buy! Amazon, The women's Book of Empowerment, Kindle Edition,

      The World Really is Flat and I am God by Roy Klienwachter
Spirituality outside the box...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, SmashWords, Spiritual New Age Wisdom,

      There is a solution by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This book was written for potential Alcoholics.It Answers the question many Drinkers are asking...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,,

      This Splendid World of Yours by Ram Varma
Without tapping into the inner power of the Self you struggle too hard and achieve little. Why not conduct in an unlimited least effort way? "This Splendid World of Yours" is an interactive, meditation and self-empowerment..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Borders, The Omega Book Store, New Age Book Store,

      This Week I Married John Wayne Bobbitt by Dottie Brewer
Throughout these pages, Brewer shares how she survived growing up in a volatile household, learned to communicate with angels, and came to believe one can achieve almost any goal with the help of the Yellow Pages and dogged t..
Buy! Barnes &, Billion $ Baby Publications,

      Thought Forms by Bob Makransky
A complete course in the theory and practice of magic for advanced students, based upon the astrological symbolism of Mercury's synodic cycle...
Buy! Amazon, Amazon,,

      Thursdays With Death by Scott Knutson
A series of conversations and experiences with the Grim Reaper that lead a man down a humorous, educational, challenging, and ultimately death-altering path toward enlightenment...
Buy! Amazon, Click here to buy!, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Thus Saith Hollywood: Using Movie Dialogue to Stimulate Spiritual Thought by Michael Elliott
Through the comparison of familiar movie quotes and timeless Bible verses, Michael Elliott shows just how often Hollywood's screenwriters "borrow" from the Creator of life. This practice could arguably make God Hollywood's mo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Komeo Press, Komeo Press,

      Time Trials by Gail Evans
" original and altogether unconventional novel, unusual in concept, structure & thought!" "..Gail takes a hard look at the many facets in South African society with humour, honesty and insight." "...essentially ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Gail Evans Web Site.,

      To Africa with a Dream by Olga Marlin
In the late 1950s, Opus Dei sought to begin apostolic work in Africa. A group of young women from various countries moved to Kenya with the aim of starting a school, one open to women of all races and beliefs, the first of it..
Buy! Amazon, To Africa with a Dream, To Africa with a Dream, Boissevain Books,

      To Manifest Abundance: Look Beyond The Law Of Attraction by Lateef Warnick
Before “The Secret.” Before “Abraham-Hicks.” Before “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” Before “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul.” And, yes, even before “Think and Grow Rich” there was Samkhya Yoga and the 24 Cosmic Princi..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, To Manifest Abundance, 1 S.O.U.L. | Spiritual Nexus, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      To The Spiritually Inclined by Thurman Faison
A fresh look at spirituality from perspectives you may not have even thought of...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      To The Spiritually Inclined Large Print by Thurman Faison
For the spiritually inclined who are thoughtfully pursuing their faith...
Buy! Amazon, Kindle Edition,

      Totul din Intreg by Catalin Manea
Totul din Intreg contine mesaje provenite din adevarata realitate, aflata dincolo de aparentele fizice...
Buy! Catalin Manea, Totul din Intreg,

      Touchdown Love by Walter Taylor
Are you satisfied with your relationship with God and those around you? Do you make more sacrifices for a game of sports than you do for a friend? "Touchdown" is an acronym that is used to help you see your spiritual walk in ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Touchdown Love,

      Towards the 144,000 by Claire Power Murphy, HonDL
Timely Essential Guide for "Improving Every Year!"..
Buy! Amazon, Self Rejuvenation Center, Self Rehuvenation Center, Kindle Edition,

      Trailing Jesus by James Campion
Dreams. Nightmares. Religion. Revolution. Divinity. Evil. Temptation. Hope. Murder. Mysticism. Faith. Oppression. Memories. Visions. Passion. History. Lies. Truth. Forgiveness. What happens when a man follo..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Inside Trailing Jesus,

      Training for God's Army by Philip Sacco
This workbook is a companion study guide for 'Awaken the Warrior,' a comprehensive multi discipline study of the Armor-of-God...
Buy! Philip Sacco, Awaken the Warrior,

      Transcendence by Michaela Sefler
Metaphysical Poetry with symbols. Michaela Sefler is an metaphysical poet. Her poetry is esoteric drawing on ancient writings to convey a message of hope and survival, highlighting nature and different aspects of the beau..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, metaphysical poetry,

      Transformation by neeraj sabharwal
A non fiction book based on Neeraj transformation. An inspirational spiritual guide..
Buy! Amazon, Neeraj Sabharwal,

      Transforming Heart and Mind: Learning from the Mystics by Peter Borys, Jr.
In Transforming Heart and Mind, Peter Borys, Jr. draws on mysticism and the insights of modern psychology to create a synthesis for transforming to the true self in Divine unity...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Peter N. Borys, Jr.: Living a New Vision of Mystical Transformation and Spiritual Creativity,

      Trembling at the Threshold by Vicky Semones
Whether we’re walking with friends, dreaming, watching the ocean, dancing, or sitting with a pet, the permeable Mystery breathes around us, in us. We tremble at this threshold each day. By God's grace can we experience it: an..
Buy! Amazon, Xlibris Publishing,

      Truth By Testimony by Stanley Alston
The Truth is coming By Testimony Written by Stanley E Alston Once you have read my testimony, you will never be the same. For you shall know the truth and..
Buy! Amazon,

      Truth: A Novel by Jean Victoria Norloch
A divorced, single mother leaves behind all that is familiar in her own personal quest for "truth."..
Buy! Amazon,

      Turning Fear into Power by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
A new Thought classic that was made more powerful by a knowledgeable reader. This is a one of a kind book never offered before...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, healing habits,,

      Twice Born Men- The Salvation Army bringing new life by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
The purpose of this book as written by Harold Begbie is to bring home to men’s minds the fact that Conversion is the only means by which a radically bad person can be changed into a radically good person. Through true account..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Healing-Habits,,

      Ultimate Truth: Book I by Dr. Peter Rogers
ULTIMATE TRUTH is the first volume of the 'TRUTH' series. It is a riveting, thought provoking masterpiece of theories, philosophy and great spiritual insight about our Divine nature and Celestial origins. It delves heavily in..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Website, Website,

      Under The Mango Tree: A Spiritual Way of Living Merry by Tanya Copprue
The economic crisis and world chaos we face today are a direct result of humanity planting the wrong seeds, and sadly we are reaping the bad fruits of those choices. It’s time for a check-up and Under the Mango Tree: A Spirit..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Target Online, Prosperous Soul ,

      Understanding Osho, Spritualism, Meditation and Mystery by Emmanuel Col
My reason for writing this book is to help alleviate some of the hardship and suffering that occurs in the world, and in people's lives. I wish to bring some of these proven techniques to people. Proven techniques that lowe..
Buy! Mobipocket,

      Unity of the Heart: Transforming Consciousness to an Enlightened Humanity by Peter Borys, Jr.
In Unity of the Heart, Peter Borys, Jr. presents a heart-based consciousness and transformation that is a new vision of enlightenment for the twenty-first century...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Unity of the Heart,

      Unlock the Secrets to Success -- Laws that Make the World Go 'Round by Patrick Mumford
Timeless principles explain why things happen the way they do...
Buy! Amazon, Speakers International,

      Urgency. by Jeremy Vaeni
All around the world exist ancient doors meant to be opened right now. You are one of them...
Buy! Amazon, Jay Vay , Kindle Edition, Nook,

      Vilnius Diary by Ruta Sevo
A researcher travels to his family's home country (Lithuania) and discovers what happened when his family fled during the war. Petty strange things happen that he cannot explain...
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Lulu, Bookstore for Ruta Sevo, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, an by Pamela Kinney
Nonfiction ghost book, set in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, and other places in the Historic Triangle. Has ghosts stories, monsters, UFO, history from first colonists to Civil War, and legends too...
Buy! Amazon, Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle at Schiffer Publishing's Website,

      Visits With Angels by Laurie Conrad
The new book 'Visits With Angels and Other Divine Beings' is a treasury of true stories.....
Buy! Amazon, Authorhouse, Figarobooks, Figaro Books & Recordings,

      Voices by Eleanor Manning
Meditations for Caregivers..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Amazon Books,

      Voices - Memories from a Medium's Life by Fiona Roberts
A book to bring comfort, and explanation, to all those who are looking for the truth of Life after Death..
Buy! Amazon, Fiona Roberts, Fiona Roberts, Kindle Edition,

      Waking God Book III: The Second Coming of Humanity by Philip Harris
The Second Coming of Humanity is Book III of the WAKING GOD TRILOGY; Book I is titled The Journey Begins and Book II, The Sacred Rota. The series has been called “epic in scope,” and New York Times bestselling author Piers An..
Buy! Amazon,

      Walking In The Light: Encouragement For The Journey by Lp Johnson
Spiritual Growth. A Collection of Encouraging and Inspiration Writings...
Buy! Amazon, LpJ Enterprises,
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      Walking the Golden Path by Gwen Mangum
Walking the Golden Path is an inner-dimensional guidebook via journeys with Beloved Teacher. A creative adventure in spiritual awareness and unfoldment. Angels, inner earth visits and blessings all found with one's DNA...
Buy! Amazon, AngelWork, Lulu,

      Walking the Trail, One Man's Journey Along the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Jerry Ellis
Author Jerry Ellis was the first person in modern history to walk the 900 mile route of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. This inspiring book chronicles his two month journey, which changed his life and influenced the masses. Now ..
Buy! Barnes &, Kindle Edition,

      Was Jesus an Elf? by Kathleen Cook
Was Jesus an Elf? is a thought-provoking and fanciful tale of Jesus, the Bible, Elves, and the origins of Christianity. It asks the question in innocence and wonder, as a child would ask, and serves to spark further curiosity..
Buy! Amazon, Amazon: Was Jesus an Elf,

      We are God's messengers of Hope by Leroy Locklear
This book talks about key areas in our christian walk that are important in order to reach people for Jesus Christ...
Buy! Amazon, Createspace,

      We Are Here: The Voice of The New Perspective by Ron and Denny Reynolds
What would you do if you began receiving communications from an Inner Voice? Ron and Denny Reynolds share their experience, plus the enlightening revelations they received, and offer suggestions on how to access your own Inn..
Buy! Amazon, Trafford Publishing, The New Perspective,

      We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams by Laurie Conrad
"We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams" is now available on Amazon, both the paperback and Kindle edition!..
Buy! Amazon, Figaro Books and Recordings, Kindle Edition,

      We only live once by Martin Gauthier
Explores the world of consciousness under a spiritual banner and presents meditations and exercises to unleash our inner power...
Buy! Amazon,,, Seek Publications, Kindle Edition,

      Wealth Chants - Chanting Your Way To An Abundant Lifestyle by Dr. Elon Bomani
This book contains the spiritual secrets that many wealthy people have used to develop a wealth conscious and reach wealth dreams beyond their imagination. ..
Buy! Amazon, Wealth Chants, The Dynamic Diva,

      Wells of Wisdom by Noreen Jameson
This book is excerpted from my personal Book of Wisdom, kept and updated over the past forty-plus years, a culmination of knowledge and Wisdom...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Brea' Maven ~ Author, Lulu,

      What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality: Inspiring Lessons From Wild & by Diana Guerrero
Embark on an animal adventure in this armchair safari through the animal kingdom!Discover what sparked the grassroots movement sweeping the UK, USA, Canada, and India...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Ark Animals, Skylight Paths Publishing, Ark Animals,

      What Happens When Your Loved One Dies: A Study Of The Spiritual Realm by Jerome Staten
After the death of a loved one has occurred, every individual has their own unique way of dealing with the heart-wrenching grief. This eBook serves as a guidance to help you fully understand exactly what happens after the spi..
Buy! Amazon,, Flawless For Men & Women, Kindle Edition,

      What If by Jake Wade, PhD
An insightful rendering of Ezekiel's visions in the Bible to our current national situation...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,

      What Would I Say Today If I Were To Die Tomorrow? by Orest Stocco
This novel memoir is a work of autobiographical fiction. My spiritual quest was reas, but I have woven the text of my spiritual journey into an imaginary story...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Orest Stocco,

      What Would Jesus REALLY Do? Christ's Teachings, Good vs Evil & The Kingdom. by Lateef Warnick
This is one of the leading works that help to lay that foundation but more importantly goes further to show how man must incorporate Jesus’ teachings in his personal life for spiritual growth, development and the realization ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, What Would Jesus REALLY Do?, 1 S.O.U.L. | Spiritual Network, Kindle Edition, Nook,

      What's It All About Nesheba? - Book Collection Series Hardcover by Nesheba K
Essential Spirit Enterprises - Inspirations will share words of inspiration to help get you through the day. Reflection from within our journeys inspire you from within, thereby spreading infectiously to inspire oth..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Barnes and Noble,, ESpiritE - Inspirations,

      What's It All About Nesheba? - Book Collection Series Paperback by Nesheba K
Essential Spirit Enterprises - Inspirations will share words of inspiration and encouragement to help get you through the day.,,..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, ESpiritE - Inspirations,

      What's It All About Nesheba? - Ever Evolving by Nesheba K
Essential Spirit Enterprises - Inspirations will share words of inspiration and encouragement to help get you through the day. ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, ESpiritE - Inspirations,

      What's It All About Nesheba? - Pressing On by Nesheba K
Essential Spirit Enterprises - Inspirations will share words of inspiration and encouragement to help get you through the day...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, ESpiritE - Inspirations,

      What's It All About Nesheba? - Purpose of the Journey by Nesheba K
Essential Spirit Enterprises - Inspirations will share words of inspiration and encouragement to help get you through the day... ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, ESpiritE - Inspirations,

      When the Holy Spirit Reveals by Gregg Huestis
When the Holy Spirit Reveals When The Holy Spirit Reveals, endeavors to thoroughly examine twelve controversial themes in Christianity, such as the power of our words, visualization, tithing, unity with the Body of Christ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Blessed To Be A Blessing Ministries, Blessed To Be A Blessing Ministries,

      When You Know You're a Believer by Tony Jauregui
Whether you're a long-time believer, a new believer, a non-believer, or even a skeptic, there is something special in this book just for you...
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Books by Tony Jauregui,

      Whisperings From Far West by D. Shurtleff
A history of the signifcant Mormon settlement of Far West presented in historical vignettes and spirit packed poetry...
Buy! Amazon, Creat Space, Far West Journal,

      Whispers of Inspiration by Andrew Minase
An eclectic work of modern poetry and heartfelt vignettes that touches the soul of those who are in spiritual relationships. Andrew Minase is one of the contributors, with his work of poetry, "Everyday is a Grand Ope..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Whispers of Inspiration,

      Whispers... I Know... by Noreen Jameson
Whispers... I Know... (2012) Third in a series that began with "Petals of the R.O.S.E.", followed by "Wells of Wisdom", this book is, in part, a Validation of KNOWING...when one Knows without knowing how or why one Knows...
Buy! Amazon, Brea' Maven ~ Author, Lulu,

      White Lies Dark Truth by Mony Singh
Selected for 'Honorable Mention" list at the 2008 New York Book Festival: Rated: 5 Stars at
Buy! White Lies dark Truth, Vedic Wisdom, White Lies Dark Truth,

      White On White (In Russian Language!) -Белым по белому by Michael Batiukov
The collection "White On White" (published by, November, 2006) is in Russian Language and combines blank verses, literary notes, and essays of Michael Batiukov, including verses of "Windows of the Soul", "To My ..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &,,,

      WHO ARE JESUS DICIPLES TODAY? by Nicholas Carlson
Buy! Leif Wilhelmsen, True Democracy Ltd - Christian site, Lulu,

      Who Are We? Is there rebirth? How do we reappear? Do we have a choice in de by Laj Utreja
"Who Are We?" is a rare account of one human being following his inner voice to undertake a journey unknown all along. Anchored with unquestionable faith he proceeds unimpeded by reason as assertive thoughts draw him to a des..
Buy! Amazon, Barnes &, Institute of Spiritual Healing,

      Who Will Wipe My Tears Away? by EARLINA Gilford-Weaver
Buy! Amazon, Shekinah Glory Drama Outreach,

      Wholeness in Living: Kindling the Inner Light by Mayte Picco-Kline
This is a contemplative book that focuses on the power of each person to find his or her own answers and invites the reader to develop a personal approach in living, celebrating life and the joy that can be experienced when a..
Buy! Barnes &, Wholeness in Living - Mayte's Book,

      WHY BOTHER? The Riddle of the Good Samaritan by Orest Stocco
The mystery of Christ's secret teaching revealed .....
Buy! Amazon, Lulu, Amazon, Orest Stocco, Lulu, Kindle Edition,

      Why Do You Weep: Weep Not For Yourselves by Cheyene Lopez
This book is nothing but the truth and only the whole truth. In plain definition God has given me these words to bring unto you from his will, of the Holy Spirit sent unto me. God wanted me to write this for the many of you w..
Buy! Amazon,,,, Kindle Edition,
eFormats: epub, Sony, Palm, PDF, RTF, Text

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Featured Book
by Henry Miranda

What do you know about tomorrow? How can you be so sure about your life? It is nothing more than mist that appears for only a little while before it disappears...  
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Featured Book
the book that bino wrote and the bibles that they wrote
by Bino Pires

…a summary of spiritual principles which I believe were Jesus' true teachings. It is in part one that I address the concepts of reincarnation, discernment, freewill, good..  
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