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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
What Day Is It? A Family's Journey Through Traumatic Brain
by Rebekah Vandergriff

This is not your usual story of recovery, that presents a crushing blow endured by one more car accident. Becky Dyer a professional model travels from the runway of a fas..  
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Featured Book
It Had To Be Us
by Harry and Elizabeth Lawrence

In this heartfelt romantic memoir, Harry and Elizabeth share their passions and feelings about the poignant events that brought them back together after being divorced an..  
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Featured Book
Igeret Hamassoret
by Avraham Anouchi

Igeret Hamassoret is a memoir written in Hebrew. I grew up in Haifa, Israel...  
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6/21/2015 4:08:00 PM
Photo I haven't been here for a while. - Jacamo Peterson
An awful lot has happened in the past two years. Most of it not good!...
5/23/2015 9:21:00 AM
A new release! - Mary E. Trimble
New book release...
4/8/2015 1:22:00 PM
Presentations Featuring - Rebekah E Vandergriff
I have been bad about keeping track of all the locations that "What Day Is It?" was featured....
3/30/2015 9:04:00 AM
Reader's Favorite review of Conquering Challenges memoir - Elizabeth Blake
Reader's Favorite gives wonderful review of memoir on Amazon....
3/30/2015 9:02:00 AM
Another 5 star review of Conquering Challenges - Elizabeth Blake
Amazon Top Reviewer gives 5 stars to Conquering Challenges...
3/15/2015 8:02:00 AM
Photo Instructions for Ushers © 2015 Joe Vojt - Joe Vojt
In the 1950’s I had the opportunity of being a part time usher, known as the Loew-Poli Theater. There where two on Main Street in Hartford Connecticut...
2/28/2015 6:03:00 PM
Highest sales record for . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang - Micki Peluso
Micki Peluso sold the most books for the last half of 2014 at LspDigital Publishing Co....
2/23/2015 7:41:00 AM
Photo Free Writing © 2015 - Joe Vojt
I wrote the Free Writing story on December 31, 1979. I found this story for a reminder....
1/19/2015 1:24:00 PM
Book Award for Loving Andrew - Romy Wyllie
September 1, 2014: Readers' Favorite Book Award....
1/19/2015 1:20:00 PM
Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome - Romy Wyllie
Loving Andrew is now available as an e-book through Smashwords....
12/29/2014 3:54:00 PM
Challenge Authority: Memoir of a Baby Boomer wins writing award - Tom Garrison
Challenge Authority: Memoir of a Baby Boomer was awarded 2nd place in the Non-Fiction category of the League of Utah Writers Published Book Contest in...
12/10/2014 5:27:00 PM
My life before, during and after Hemlock - Derek J Humphry
Good Life, Good Death, my memoir, is now also on Kindle...
11/5/2014 1:52:00 PM
Bleeding Heart Publications to Publish 'The Job Pirate' - Brandon
Brandon Christopher's new novel 'The Job Pirate' will set sail for publication with Bleeding Heart Publications in February 2015....
10/30/2014 9:46:00 AM
M. Denise Costello reviews Crazy is Normal - Lloyd Lofthouse
Crazy is Normal by Lloyd Lofthouse is a memoir, completely different from The Concubine Saga and Running with the Enemy, two earlier books by Mr. Loft...
10/29/2014 2:46:00 PM
On Tour: Crazy is Normal, a classroom expose - Lloyd Lofthouse
11th review and a guest post at The News in Books...
10/8/2014 9:15:00 AM
Photo I became #1 Amazon International Best Sellin - Shelley Costello
On October 5, 2014, the official launch date, Shelley Costello’s book was quickly moving passing book after book to the #1 spot. Costello said “I knew...
10/6/2014 10:48:00 AM
Kindle Countdown Deal for True-Life Travel Adventure - Nancy J Cohen
Adventures of a hitchhiker on a 12,000 mile journey across the U.S. in 1929...
10/3/2014 9:50:00 AM
“Crazy is Normal” on a Virtual Book Blog Tour - Lloyd Lofthouse
Third Stop on October 3, 2014 . The Wormhole During the tour, “Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé” will be on sale for 0.99ȼ. ...
10/2/2014 7:30:00 AM
“Crazy is Normal” on a Virtual Book Blog Tour - Lloyd Lofthouse
Second Stop on October 2, 2014: Inspire to Read During the tour, “Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé” will be on sale for 0.99ȼ. ...
10/1/2014 2:35:00 PM
“Crazy is Normal” on a Virtual Book Blog Tour - Lloyd Lofthouse
First stop on October 1, 2014: So Many Precious Books So Little Time...
9/26/2014 4:51:00 PM
Please help me to edit my new book! - Joseph W. Montaperto
I am trying to raise$1,000 through GoFundMe to help edit and publicize the sequel to my first book - The Edge of Whiteness! ...
9/26/2014 8:04:00 AM
Photo Fire-The Rest of the Story - Ronald W. Hull
Today I have found out more information that I can share with you. A picture will follow very soon. ...
9/25/2014 11:02:00 AM
Another Close Call - Ronald W. Hull
For those of you that missed my poetry comments every day, I had to attend to several things last week so I could do my usual thing. And then, last ni...
8/29/2014 12:40:00 PM
Photo Snakes in the Hen House! - Linda E Allen
Childhood memories on the farm. ...
8/11/2014 12:11:00 AM
Photo 5 Star Review of Conquering Challenges - Elizabeth Blake
Review of "Conquering Challenges - A Working Mother's Story" by a Top Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon....
8/4/2014 2:59:00 PM
Untitled Autobiography Progress 8/4/14 - Elise R Crawford
progress update...
8/1/2014 10:22:00 AM
Autobiography Progress - Elise R Crawford
Autobiography Progress...
7/23/2014 4:59:00 PM
Interview on Milwaukee Public Radio - Jim Landwehr
Jim Landwehr speaks with WUWM, 89.7 on what inspired Dirty Shirt....
6/28/2014 7:13:00 AM
Radio Podcast Interview - Jeff Rasley
Interview about the Basa Village Foundation and 2 of my books...
6/19/2014 3:24:00 PM
T V interview May, 2014 - nancy rossman
Nice ink ...
5/21/2014 2:41:00 PM
Book Award for Loving Andrew - Romy Wyllie
May 2014. Eric Hoffer Awards - Montaigne Medal Finalists included "Loving Andrew."...
5/21/2014 2:29:00 PM
Photo Book Award for Loving Andrew - Romy Wyllie
May 12,2014. Eric Hoffer Awards for "Loving Andrew."...
5/21/2014 2:12:00 PM
Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome - Romy Wyllie
December 2013. Kirkus Review and IndieReader included "Loving Andrew" among their Best Indie Books of 2013....
2/15/2014 6:20:00 PM
Life Time Interview - Herman Yenwo
2/15/2014 4:06:17 PM Below is a complete excerpt of Megan's blog interview of your favorite author; courtesy of Authors helping other authors....
2/15/2014 12:33:00 AM
Recollections of a Yorkshire village 1914-1930 - Audrey Coatesworth
A small book compiled from the writings of Hubert Moxon Earnshaw by Audrey Coatesworth...
2/4/2014 10:01:00 AM
Photo Book with photography by John Lamkin to be released soon - John P Lamkin
OUR INTERWOVEN LIVES WITH THE ZAPOTEC WEAVERS: An Odyssey of the Heart by Susanna Starr with Photographs by John Lamkin to be released in April 2014...
1/8/2014 7:23:00 AM
Book Signing - Rob S. Feller
Book Signing...
12/25/2013 10:42:00 AM
walking Stan home - Bob Mitchley
It was never a chore walking Stan home after church on Sunday mornings. ...
9/3/2013 11:54:00 AM
Challenged: A Tribute - Steve Grieger
One man's true story of caring for, laughing with and learning from people with special needs....
8/19/2013 6:25:00 PM
Photo Recent book review of Bobby's Trials, by Bobby Wilson - Bobby Wilson released the following book review of one of my four published books....
7/25/2013 3:11:00 PM
He Opens Another Door, By: Deepak Sethi - Nicole Marie Sorkin
Destiny forces an Indian Army Brigadier to quit his promising career after 31 years service. He starts afresh by joining the PhD program at the Univer...
6/27/2013 3:12:00 AM
Book Release - Bob E Sherman
Bob E Sherman's fourth book published by
6/3/2013 1:12:00 PM
Pauline Vilain - Miller H Caldwell
Thinking of Pauline Vilain 1945 - 2013...
4/28/2013 1:40:00 PM
Interview with Kimberly Shursen - Linda Lange
New interview with fellow author Kimberly Shursen emphasizes Linda Lange's background and personal information. ...
4/17/2013 4:20:00 AM
Photo Sailing Uphill - A Memoir Now available - Gerald W Mills
The true account of a middle-aged couple pursuing life aboard an ocean-sailing yacht while savoring blue skies and crystal waters, sparkling beaches, ...
4/15/2013 4:17:00 AM
Navy Veterans Nostalgia - Dorien Grey
Two years in time are captured in a young man's military experience to which everyone who'se served can relate....
4/10/2013 5:24:00 PM
Linda Lange and Incomplete Passes Featured on Jennifer Shea's Blog - Linda Lange
Fellow author Jennifer Shea asks me about the beginnings of "Incomplete Passes."...
3/29/2013 4:04:00 PM
Found Guilty because of Reckless and False Speech - Lloyd Lofthouse
based on real events...
3/19/2013 10:38:00 AM
Book nominations: The Way of the River - Randy Kadish
Books nominated for Reader's Choice Award...
2/16/2013 8:47:00 PM
2012 Readers' Favorite Finalist - Terry Lee Rambo
I am so pleased to have my book receive a five star rating and finish as a finalist in the 2012 contest. If you would like a free book review visit th...
2/8/2013 10:10:00 AM
The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness now Available on kindle! - Natalie J Champagne
The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness now Available on kindle...
1/26/2013 3:11:00 AM
Compelling True Story - Beau to Beau Books
A Harem Boy's Saga - I: Initiation - Book 1 of a 5 book saga is a memoir like no other....
1/22/2013 8:45:00 PM
The Next Big Thing - Micki Peluso
This is a group hosting interview blog...
1/22/2013 7:00:00 PM
Summer Called Angel Blog Tour on the BookCast - Sola Olu
Feature and Author Interview on the BookCast...
1/4/2013 12:09:00 PM
Summer Called Angel - Book Trailer - Sola Olu
Book trailer for the Summer Called Angel....
1/3/2013 2:36:00 PM
Crying at the moon - George Wilder Jr.
Announcing the ebook, Crying at the Moon, a memoir....
12/27/2012 9:09:00 AM
Up the Down Escalator: Dodged the Bullet Again - Ronald W. Hull
Recent hospital stay for pneumonia....
12/22/2012 12:40:00 PM
New ebooks - George Wilder Jr.
New ebooks for January 2013...
11/22/2012 8:37:00 AM
Second Place in Oregon Writers Colony Contest - Donelle M. Knudsen
I placed Second in Oregon Writers Colony 2012 contest in the nonfiction category. ...
11/14/2012 5:13:00 PM
Whiskey In The River - Jenny Socks
Jenny Socks in Southern Writers Magazine Suite T ...
11/11/2012 5:40:00 PM
Give a special gift! - Micki Peluso
What to give for a great Christmas gift!!...
11/9/2012 3:30:00 AM
Photo NEW SHORT STORY: This is the Story of The Hurricane - David S Grant
One New Yorker's tale of Hurricane Sandy....
11/3/2012 6:20:00 PM
Living Between The Tracks is available in book store. - Kay F Durden
Copies of my book "Living Between The Tracks" are available at The Booksellers at Laurelwood in Memphis Tennessee. ...
10/31/2012 7:21:00 PM
Photo Pan Am Princess now on iTunes - Fumiko Takahashi
'Princess' just hit iTunes....
10/25/2012 7:55:00 AM
Free Kindle Book - Confessions of a Cougar - MORGAN ST. JAMES
Sometimes it takes a cheating boyfriend and a fabulous trip to England to awaken the "cougar" spirit within. Part romance, part humor, hot guys and a ...
10/19/2012 9:48:00 AM
Review: The Way of the River: My Journey of Fishing, Forgiveness and ... - Randy Kadish
This review appeared in Big Al's Books and Pals Blogspot....
10/15/2012 8:00:00 PM
Template for profiling home towns - DeWitt Henry
If you teach memoir, please consider using my free chapbook, VISIONS OF A WAYNE CHILDHOOD (collecting 21 sketches from my series on Radnor Patch) as a...
10/11/2012 3:28:00 PM
Untitled Complete Autobiograhy - Backcover Draft - Elise R Crawford
Draft for Complete Memoir Back Cover...
10/11/2012 5:44:00 AM
Photo 13,000 Views! - Bob Stockton
Check the Authors Den link below for a short YouTube book video:...
9/21/2012 2:45:00 AM
Free book at Amazon - Jenny Socks
Whiskey In The River is FREE at Amazon today!...
9/20/2012 2:29:00 PM
Free book at Amazon - Jenny Socks
Please download your free copy of Whiskey In The River today....
9/20/2012 4:54:00 AM
Free book at Amazon! - Jenny Socks
Check out Whiskey In The River at Amazon. Free today!...
9/8/2012 4:59:00 AM
Author Holly Robinson high praise for BLACK RASPBERRIES - Jeanine Collins Malarsky
Holly Robinson is an award-winning journalist whose work appears regularly in national venues such as Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Huffing...
9/6/2012 5:45:00 AM
Two good reviews in two days - Linda Lange
Emily Lewis (Mrs. Mommy Booknerd) interviewed Linda Lange and gave Incomplete Passes a positive review. Sammy Coville (Sammy the Bookworm) also praise...
8/28/2012 10:43:00 AM
New book launched! - Mary E. Trimble
My latest work is a memoir, Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps....
8/16/2012 9:12:00 AM
Incomplete Passes Coming to Artstreet Green Bay - Linda Lange
Book signing at a downtown arts festival....
8/7/2012 10:41:00 PM
Published New Book - Kay F Durden
I recently published my memoir, which includes short stories, poetry and prose....
8/2/2012 6:20:00 AM
Photo Memoir about Embracing Life while Awaiting Death Wins Multiple Awards - Linda Campanella
Linda Campanella’s poignant new book, When All That's Left of Me Is Love: A Daughter’s Story of Letting Go, was named a 2012 Nautilus Silver Award wi...
7/30/2012 4:07:00 AM
Free book at Amazon promotion! - Jenny Socks
Grab Whiskey In The River FREE during the two-day promotional at Amazon. Also, free for prime members....
6/17/2012 6:38:00 AM
Writing From the Heart - Donelle M. Knudsen
I am the guest blogger on Nicole Galloway-Miller's blog, Reading, My Thoughts on Writing....
6/16/2012 3:06:00 AM
My book is going to be published!!! - Armineh Helen Ohanian
I have signed a contract for my "The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall" with Lazy Day Publishers. My book will come out in September....
5/23/2012 9:20:00 AM
A Reader Comments - Bob Stockton
John A. Brown of Massachussetts recently finished Listening To Ghosts. Here is his comment:...
5/21/2012 12:03:00 PM
Photo Incomplete Passes wins award - Linda Lange
Incomplete Passes was named a Finalist in the Memoirs (Other) category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards....
5/20/2012 6:46:00 PM
Book on sale - Destiny Allison
A celebratory sale! Shaping Destiny (ebook version) is priced at only $2.99 until June 3....
5/16/2012 2:41:00 PM
Author Interview with Geoff W Hampton - Nicole Marie Sorkin
This is a true story which took place in Austin, Texas during the eighties and early nineties. He considered himself as an average man that ended up l...
5/16/2012 2:38:00 PM
The Real American Gigolo, By: Geoff W Hampton - Nicole Marie Sorkin
This is a true story which took place in Austin, Texas during the eighties and early nineties. He considered himself as an average man that ended up l...
5/14/2012 7:23:00 AM
Interviews and Reviews for Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts - Sylvia L Ramsey
Interview in Verge Magazine, May issue....
4/26/2012 5:29:00 PM
Photo AIDS: Partner Pushes To Remember Those Lost - Philip D. Hughes-Luing
The "Windy City Times", Chicago's LGBT community newspaper, interviews me about my e-book "From Particles and Disputations -- Writings for Jeff"...
4/22/2012 7:21:00 PM
Best Sellers List - Destiny Allison
Climbing the ranks...
4/9/2012 9:34:00 AM
Traveling a Rocky Road with Love, Faith and Guts - Sylvia L Ramsey
New Review!...
3/27/2012 1:56:00 PM
Give Away Opportunity - Destiny Allison
Get a free copy of Shaping Destiny on Kindle!...
3/20/2012 10:37:00 AM
Between 10 and 5 With Dad/Keeping The 5th Commandment by Alan D. Busch - Alan D Busch
Alan D. Busch's second book Between 10 and 5 With Dad will be published in 4-6 weeks by Cybernet Publications. Alan's website is presen...
3/4/2012 5:23:00 AM
1/30/2012 4:15:00 PM
Book Review of my memoir, Through the Tunnel of Love - Donelle M. Knudsen
My memoir, Through the Tunnel of Love, A Mother's and Daughter's Journey with Anorexia received an excellent review recently. Read more . . ....
1/1/2012 10:53:00 AM
Now on Amazon Kindle $2.99- Uncharted Waters - Theodore Carl Soderberg
Uncharted Waters is about a ship that slammed into an underwater seamount 9 miles off the coast of Oman during Operation Desert Shield & Desert Storm,...
11/17/2011 5:39:00 AM
Writers Digest Honorable mention - Theodore Carl Soderberg
Honorable mention for Uncharted waters in the TV/ Movie Category...
11/3/2011 7:58:00 AM
The Third Sunrise: a Memoir of Madness Pre-order - natalie champagne
The Third Sunrise: a Memoir of Madness Pre-order...
10/12/2011 1:30:00 PM
Photo Writing a second book is hard work. OCD and depression acting up all week. - Rajah Khetarpal
Recently, my OCD and depression have been hindering my ability to focus and write more for my second book....
10/12/2011 1:25:00 PM
Gaining a Sense of Self - Karen Laura-lee-Lee Wilson
My book is now available as a Kindle eBook edition and can be downloaded now through
9/6/2011 6:32:00 AM
Another great review! - Theodore Carl Soderberg
The Summer of '72 from haight Ashbury to Alaska...

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The King, McQueen and the Love Machine
by Paul Kyriazi

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Featured Book
Garden of Hope; Autobiography of a Marriage
by Maryanne Raphael

Garden of hope is a frank, endeering memoir of two star-struck lovers who travel the world and Jim Crow America as a black-white couple in the 1960's...  
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My Casino Caper by Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes
by Paul Kyriazi

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Give Me Back My Credit! (audio version)
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