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Sept 11, 2001
Young Adult/Teen

Featured Book
The Game Of Life-- Florence Scovil Schinn
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

The Golden addition of "The Game of Life" Includes Original material not included in other editions...  
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Featured Book
21-Seconds To Wealth
by Neeta Blair

A comprehensive game played over a period of 21 days, arranging the contents of your consciousness with ideas and wealth concepts to create the financial experiences you ..  
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Featured Book
Innocence Interrupted, a sexual molestation survival and pre
by Chidi Asika-Enahoro

INNOCENCE INTERRUPTED is a sexual molestation survival & prevention guide that is an integrated guidebook to sexual molestation, with survival tips from the victims' pers..  
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12/2/2006 8:27:00 PM
BCTV NEWS interview - Jordan A Ninkovich
Author Jordan Ninkovich is interviewed while speaking to youth at a Secondary school...
12/2/2006 8:23:00 PM
Urban Rush Talk Show Interview - Jordan A Ninkovich
Author Jordan Ninkovich interview on the TV Talk Show Urban Rush...
11/29/2006 1:02:00 PM
The Radically Simplified Series Comming Soon! - Michael Sammaritano
The Radically Simplified™ series of how-to books. Thus far, it consists of three titles with many more to come. This series reduces everyday complex s...
11/28/2006 12:41:00 AM
Affirmations for All Ages - Jacqi S
Affirmation cards for all ages beginning with children of five years to adults. Inspiring uplifting messages for everyone to be used as often as y...
11/25/2006 1:20:00 AM
My story is going to be in the.... - Rebekah Rosie Lang
I am soo excited! ...
11/19/2006 12:19:00 PM
Patricia L. Fry, Author, Writer & Mentor Interviewed - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of interviews Patricia L. Fry author of The Right Way To Write, Publish And Sell Your Book: You...
11/19/2006 12:15:00 PM
Review: The Right Way To Write, Publish And Sell Your Book - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman,Publisher& Editor of reviews Patricia L. Fry's The Right Way To Write, Publish And Sell Your Book: Your Guide to Succes...
11/1/2006 8:07:00 AM
Are You Ready to Develop your 6th Sense?" - Jane Bernard
Oct 31, 2006 KCTE-AM *.wav *.zip Nov 8, 2006 WNTN-AM *.wav *.zip Nov 26, 2006 Issues Today Radio Network *.wav *.zip Dec 8, 2006 Cable...
10/20/2006 9:37:00 AM
News In Local Newspapers About Hurricane Preparedness Article - Danny R. Von Kanel
News of Von Kanel's hurricane preparedness article appears in Era Leader and Bogalusa Daily News...
10/17/2006 8:49:00 AM
Susan James Primary BLOG and BIO - Susan James
Susan's New BLOGS And FREE Stuff Links!...
10/10/2006 1:59:00 PM
Calling all writers for our Anthology - Blue Heart
Functional Survivors From Dysfunctional Families is the name of the anthology we are editing for. Please mail us your manuscript....
9/27/2006 11:01:00 AM
Menopause Questions? - Beverly Mahone
I will be interviewing a gynecologist for the next episode of Whatever!......
9/26/2006 10:43:00 AM
Beware of - Beverly Mahone
I opened up my email this morning and almost had a heart attack!!!...
9/18/2006 11:10:00 AM
Photo Cyberstalking And The Law - Adelle Bradford
Cyberstalking and the Law - Internet Resources Of Public Interest...
9/4/2006 8:03:00 PM
Photo Alan Rothman Business of Success.Understand Russian women a Russian bride g - Donald Stevens
Sunday september 4 2006 Donald Stevens author of Understand Russian Women was interviewed Talk radio Business of Success Host Alan Rothman,topic The c...
9/1/2006 9:45:00 AM
Hurricane Preparedness Article Accepted by Mature Living - Danny R. Von Kanel
Von Kanel's article, "Till the Storm Passes By" helps seniors prepare for storms. ...
8/14/2006 11:51:00 AM
Photo How to Succeed With the Rat Pack Lifestyle now available - James Musler
Popularity of Self-help Books and Las Vegas Combine in New Book: How to Succeed With the Rat Pack Lifestyle....
7/28/2006 12:58:00 PM
Photo Up and Down - Marguerite T Lemoine
R E V I S E D In response to Lew Duffy's poem, ...
7/27/2006 2:34:00 AM
Fantastic review received! - Samantha Scott
'Let Your Spirit Into Your Life' by Spiritual Life Coach and Medium, Samantha, receives fantastic review....
7/21/2006 9:51:00 PM
Long Story Short Writing School - Cheryl Wright
Cheryl Wright joins list of prestigious instructors at Long Story Short Writing School...
6/26/2006 9:55:00 AM
Author featured in Stratton Outlook Monthly Newspaper - Samantha Scott
Local paper praises Authors success....
6/26/2006 9:52:00 AM
Samantha in the Daily Express - Samantha Scott
Samantha and daughter to be in feature article in the Daily Express....
6/11/2006 8:40:00 PM
Menker To Hold Book Signing At Emmaus Store - Mel Menker
Mike Saturday and local author Mel Menker have slated a public book signing for Rev. Menker's book "M.E.S.H.: How to Have Mental, Emotional, Spiritual...
6/3/2006 3:15:00 AM
Book Offers Ways to Change One's Life - Mel Menker
Local author Mel Menker's new book offers suggestions for a healthier mind and higher self-esteem....
5/22/2006 7:26:00 AM
Oak Park Pastor Authors Book On Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health - Mel Menker
"Pastor Menker's book will quickly resonate with audiences," commeneted Miranda Prather, executive director of PublishAmerica. "It is an eloquent wor...
5/15/2006 1:32:00 PM
Review: Review: Divine Wisdom at Work: - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman, Editor of reviews Review: Divine Wisdom at Work:™ 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs...
4/29/2006 2:35:00 PM
Blind, Disabled Child Prodigy Co-Writes Book with Jack Canfield, et al - Shirley Cheng
Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled author and poet of three books by age twenty, has co-authored a self-improvement book with several best...
3/24/2006 8:09:00 AM
Publishing Questions Website now Available - Carol Kluz
This is a website specifically designed for writers....
3/12/2006 10:17:00 AM
Two Articles Published - John Richard Lindermuth
More on genealogy...
1/15/2006 5:59:00 AM
Sexy Love Affirmations is now available in paperback - Linda Kaye
Sexy Love Affirmations is a fun, unique and sexy affirmation book written like a a cookbook with hundreds of recipes guaranteed to keep you smiling f...
12/14/2005 10:29:00 AM
Review of Roger Ellerton’s Live Your Dreams Let Realty Catch Up - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman reviews Roger Ellerton's Live Your Dreams Let Realty Catch Up. Norm also interviews the author....
11/17/2005 4:02:00 AM
Apologies - Sam Smith
If I so infrequently update this site it's because I have a tortuously slow PC and for these last 2 years I have been exceptionally busy...
11/16/2005 9:32:00 AM
Second Printing of Saying Goodbye Your Way - John F Llewellyn
In response to demand for Saying Goodbye Your Way by John F. Llewellyn, Tropico Press has announced that is has ordered a second printing of the book....
11/9/2005 7:20:00 PM
Photo How to Succeed with the Rat Pack Lifestyle - James Musler
My book: "How to Succeed with the Rat Pack Lifestyle" is nearing completion and here are a few sample paragraphs:...
11/4/2005 8:16:00 AM
Inspirational Speaker-Author Neuman to be President of Toastmasters Club - Herman I Neuman
Herman Neuman to lead the Magic Valley chapter of Toastmaters International....
9/1/2005 7:41:00 AM
Author Donates "YEAH BUTS BOOK" To People In Substance Abuse Recovery - Rebecca K. Drnjevic
"Yeah Buts The Little Book Of Big Excuses" Impacts Many! ...
5/15/2005 1:23:00 PM
The Bible Of The Self Publishing Manuals - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman, Editor of,reviews: Dan Poynter's, The Self-Publishing Manual: How To Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book....
5/12/2005 10:05:00 AM
Article published - John Richard Lindermuth
Lady Luck might be on your family tree....
3/26/2005 5:19:00 PM
Author Publishes New Book on Loss and Grief - Vanessa A Johnson
Vanessa Alexander Johnson self-publishes her first book, When Death Comes a Knockin', a self-help, inspirational book about loss and grief. ...
2/17/2005 12:46:00 PM
Bestseller List - G A Donais
Amazon UK Bestseller...
2/3/2005 9:00:00 AM
99th Senior Showcase - Linda C Beattie Inlow
Author Dr. Linda Beattie Inlow will be interviewed on the 99th broadcast of Comcast's MCTV Senior Showcase. The segment will be aired 16 times on cha...
1/17/2005 4:11:00 PM
You Can Revive Your Dreams! - Carol H. Hope
"You can revive your dreams" is a Web Conference that is Sponsored by Michael & Carol Hope of the Prosperity Center, North Miami Beach, Florida....
11/30/2004 9:03:00 AM
Photo Memory book launched - Miller H Caldwell
A delightful concoction of self-help for those suffering from dementia and regular memory lapses....
11/5/2004 4:17:00 PM
101 Writing Info - Roxanne Smolen
Practical Tips and Creative Advice About Writing...
9/21/2004 11:17:00 AM
Are You Contemplating Self-Publishing Your Book? - Norm Goldman
For those of you who are contemplating self-publishing, well known author and journalist, Arlene Uslander, has written an excellent article on the sub...
9/20/2004 3:56:00 AM
Photo SELF HELP MEMORY BOOK Launched - Miller H Caldwell
Fading memory? Here's a vital book to improve your memory set within the parameters of the author's medical biography and given a solid set of hilario...
8/25/2004 5:20:00 AM
Do You Fear Flying - Norm Goldman
Norm Goldman, Editor of reviews and interviews a pilot-author....
8/23/2004 2:00:00 PM
Final Exit - Derek Humphry
Amazon sales rankings on 2 August 2004 Final Exit = 2,025 Good Euthanasia Guide = 4,360 Jean's Way = 1,465,849...
7/30/2004 8:44:00 AM
Ama, Louisiana Writer Published in Book About Faith - Vanessa A Johnson
Living By Faith Anthology by Obadiah Press ready to be released August 1, 2004. The collection of essays contained in the book are true accounts of fa...
7/28/2004 11:42:00 AM
There's Always Hope - Stacey Chillemi
Written By Stacey Chillemi ...
7/28/2004 11:35:00 AM
Coping with your Epilepsy Disorder - Stacey Chillemi
It's hard sometimes to understand how God can use a disorder, such as, epilepsy in our lives to bring about something good... but he can. It's hard...
7/27/2004 8:45:00 AM
Epilepsy and Pregnancy - THE FACTS - Stacey Chillemi
What Every Women Should Know...
7/26/2004 7:56:00 AM
Epilepsy and Pregnancy - Stacey Chillemi
I am currently in the process of publishing a book on Epilepsy and Pregnancy. Dr. Blanca Vasques is the co-author....
3/5/2004 5:21:00 PM
Story Feature in Recovery Today - Stephanie S. Sawyer
"This One Woman" by Stephanie S. Sawyer is featured in recovery journal....
10/18/2003 7:01:00 AM
Grief Article Accepted - Brenda H Greene
Brenda H. Greene's article "Grief in the Classroom" has been accepted by Bereavement,a support magazine for the National Compassionage Friends Organiz...
9/1/2003 8:15:00 AM
Photo Take Control Of Your Life - Don L Price
Imagine you "Conquering The Learning Curve" to WIN MORE in life with LESS EFFORT. You can take advantage of my new series of Auto-Mind "HIG...
8/10/2003 7:14:00 PM
Photo Marketing Bliss for Published Author’s” has been accepted for publishing - Joe Vojt
My contribution “Marketing Bliss for Published Author’s” has been accepted for publishing in PublishAmerica’s, The Published Author's Guide to Promot...
8/7/2003 6:57:00 PM
Author Web Site Updated! - Vanessa A Johnson
New Web Site by Author Vanessa A. Johnson to display the works of the author as well as internet resources dealing with loss and the Grief process and...
7/7/2003 8:42:00 AM
New! Accompanying CDROM/ebook "Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy" - Shirley Anne Knapp
New! Accompanying CDROM/ebook “Developing Your Intuition to Sustain Joy” A class designed by Shirley Knapp for the book, Sustaining Joy....
6/8/2003 4:20:00 PM
A Message From Pain - Bobbi Sims
A Message from Pain is a small book charging people to shift their attention from their pain to paying attention to the source of their pain and what ...
6/5/2003 10:39:00 AM
Not Just A Touch-Released - G A Donais
Profession Release from London...
6/2/2003 5:29:00 AM
Instant Article Creator is NOW Here! - Kristi Sayles
Instant Article Creator Software is a fun, easy to understand program that guides you through the process of creating professional articles! ...
4/26/2003 3:54:00 AM
Photo NEW eBook Just Released - Linda M DePaz
Volume 2 of a 4 eBook series was released in April. "Choose to Be CLUTTER-FREE: In Your Business" is a 16-page book full of tips and tricks to starti...
3/4/2003 12:26:00 PM
Take a Teleclass on Life Empowerment Topics - Michelle L Casto
I offer 8 different workbooks and teleclasses on life empowerment topics in the areas of romantic love, career development, and stress management....
12/31/2002 4:24:00 PM
Linda DePaz: Published in Balance Magazine - Linda M DePaz
"How to Save Time in Your Morning Beauty Routine" in PRINT!...
9/9/2002 3:38:00 AM
Photo Bullet-Proof Your Manuscript: Re-dream Your Dream - Jozef Imrich
‘You rarely hear writers talk about the editing process. But editing is everything. The writing itself is no big deal. The editing, and even more than...
9/6/2002 2:38:00 PM
Set Your Own Price for EBooks - Lori Enos
Set your own price on some great ebooks...
8/1/2002 9:51:00 AM
Break Through to Debt Free Living! - Carol H. Hope
This ia an exciting new workbook that provides practical instruction and break through concepts that will help people who are serious about making the...
5/28/2002 8:19:00 PM
Free Report With Purchase of The Portable Coach - Lori Enos
Learn how to "live off the employment grid" with a free report from the author of The Portable Coach....
4/9/2002 10:42:00 AM
The Online Worker Newsletter .. - Greg Davis
[News Release, April 2002]: The following newsletter is currently available free: The Online Worker, Exploring the online work-at-home jungle. $97 va...
4/9/2002 10:38:00 AM
Truth About Online Work Special Report .. - Greg Davis
[News Release]: The following Special Report is currently available as a free download: Special Report, The Truth About Online Work, A Two Month Inves...
4/8/2002 6:17:00 PM
Another Book Signing - Brenda H Greene
July 10th marks another book signing for Brenda Greene and her first book FROM MY SON'S GARDEN. ...
3/15/2002 1:38:00 AM
Photo I-Mage Lovelace Finds ZENZEN at Barnes & Noble...Amazon, too! - Glen D. Lovelace
Browsing through the web, was Glen; Put his name into a Search Engine. Then much to his surprise (Right THERE before his EYES) A Bar...
1/12/2002 4:44:00 PM
First American author to donate to 9/11 - David James
Author David James has decided to donate 100% of his net profits to the healing of NYC....
1/12/2002 4:39:00 PM
Wisdom Radio talks to David James! - David James
David James appears on Wisdom Radio talking about "How to Find Your Perfect Partner."...
10/6/2001 8:11:00 PM
Seminars & Presentations By Ram Varma - Ram P. Varma
Ram Varma, author of "This Splendid World of Yours" and "Be Still and Know..." presents weekly series of seminars on Managing Your Self, Managing Your...
8/1/2001 7:28:00 PM
Book Is Available thru Barnes and Nobles and Books A Million near you - Ron Jackson
My book "How To Handle Your Man" is now available thru Barnes and Nobles and Books A Million...
8/1/2001 12:49:00 PM
Brand New Look! - David James
There's a brand new look full of surprises at the website of author David James......
4/26/2001 7:30:00 AM
Photo Electonics Version of "Soaring On The Wings Of Courage" Is Now Available - Ola Joseph
The electronics version of "Soaring on the Wings of Courage-The Art of Self Encouragement" is now availalbe at
3/16/2001 10:00:00 PM
Soaring on the Wings of Courage - The Art of Self Encouragement is due to hit the bookstands in a few weeks time....
2/6/2001 4:02:00 PM
Wedding Expert Goes One-on-One Over Wedding Planning Tips - Sharon L. Naylor
Wedding author and expert Sharon Naylor gives wedding-planning advice to talk show host Steve Adubato...
1/29/2001 1:26:00 AM
Photo 10th anniversary of 'Final Exit' - Derek Humphry
February 2, 2001, marks the tenth year in which the book "Final Exit" has been in consistent publication. In l991 it was the New York Times and Publi...
7/21/2000 6:48:00 PM
Daring To Go Beyond Your Dreams Press Release - Dennis Drake
Daring To Go Beyond Your Dreams, by new author Dennis Drake, will take you on a journey that will motivate and inspire you to open up the world of pos...

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