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Sept 11, 2001
Young Adult/Teen

Featured Book
The Key to Success Your Psychic Powers
by Maryanne Raphael

How to develop your sixth sense by using your five senses to the maximum of your capabilities, living in the Present and making friends with your Past and Future.  
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Featured Book
Thought Boosters: How to lift your spirits by enhancing your
by Allen Smith

A book of inspirational essays designed to enhance your thoughts and lift your spirits...  
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Featured Book
A Christmas Awakening
by Bettye Johnson

When a mysterious woman named Virginia meets a disenchanted woman who hates the Christmas season, magic happens. The reader will be rekindled with a new understanding of ..  
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2/28/2004 6:31:00 PM Features Pearls of Wisdom from Three Generations - Thelemaque Publishing
The largest Internet Buying website features the Best Selling book, Pearls of Wisdom From Three Generations, by authors grandmother Celia Ford age 75,...
2/28/2004 5:09:00 PM
Heaven 1580 am On-Air Personality, Marsha Sumner, host of Book Bytes (Book Bites) selects Pearls of Wisdom From Three Generations as the 1st Book-of-t...
2/25/2004 4:11:00 PM
Photo Robin joins Spirit Led Writer team! - Robin Bayne
Robin has joined the Spirit Led Writer e-zine team as a Contributing Writer....
2/17/2004 1:05:00 PM
A Cry from the Harbor, Contemporary Christian Fiction - Marcyle Taliaferro
Green Light and Five Star Reviews for A Cry from the Harbor by Louisiana Author, Marcyle Taliaferro. For more infomation, please visit www.authorsden...
2/1/2004 10:46:00 AM
All Waters Gathering: A Multicultural Tale For Our Time Of International Uncertainties. - A.E.H. Veenman
All Waters Gathering reminds us of the strength in family, forgiveness, and encouragement through a tale of self-discovery. Identification is like the...
1/26/2004 1:52:00 PM
Enlightenment - Franz L Kessler
This poem was accepted for publishing. It will be published in "A treasury of American Poetry." ISBN 0974342947...
1/22/2004 2:21:00 PM
Author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, V. A. McCloud will be interviewed live on the Awaken program, Channel 9 WNCT, on March 7, 2004 at 11 am eastern....
12/29/2003 10:54:00 AM
Press Release - Pamela J. Hudson
Authors of HELP! for Your Leadership will be among several authors signing and selling their books January 28, 2004 at the Southfield Library in South...
12/27/2003 7:32:00 PM
Busy Ado, Keeps Us From You!!! - Carol Dee Meeks
Won a poetry contest for this poem at The Scroll...
12/20/2003 1:03:00 PM
A Journey to Healing: Life After SIDS. . . News - Monica Cane
A Journey to Healing: Life After SIDS is an intimate look at the authors triumph over tragedy by faith....
12/13/2003 2:42:00 PM
Christmas Sentiment Reflected in Publisher's Note - SARA WEBB QUEST
This holiday season 2003, the short poem "Christmas Ear" was published in Inside Cape Cod magazine. The publisher had a few related and inspiri...
11/29/2003 2:17:00 PM
Photo Poetry Plus - William F Heffner
Poetic Post Cards...
10/27/2003 8:32:00 AM
Ola's Favorite Quotes On Courage - Ola Joseph
Enjoy Ola's favorite quotes on courage on fine audio CD. Let these quotes from wisdom of ages help you navigate through your day....
10/25/2003 10:01:00 PM
Mobile Register - Diana L. Guerrero
Story on What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality....
10/24/2003 12:07:00 AM
Two copies of PAEANS sent to the Cincinnati Public Library - Valerie M Boggess
In an effort to touch others with the writings of PAEANS, I stepped out in faith and sent two copies to the Cincinnati Public Library....
10/7/2003 1:22:00 AM
A Quilt Formed With Own God's Hands Receives Presidents Choice Award - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
My poem A Quilt Formed with God's Own Hands receives award...
9/28/2003 7:44:00 PM
Photo Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls Press Release - Michael C Meisberger
DPebooks Press/Media release for The Imperial Dread Sea Scrolls ebook....
9/24/2003 2:13:00 PM
Live Radio Talk Show - V. A. MCCLOUD
Starting Oct. 6, and every other Monday, V. A. McCloud, author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, will host live on WOOW 1340 AM a series on Tax Tips and ...
9/18/2003 11:35:00 PM
Press Release for 'Perfect Wisdom' - Renae Jones
Read what God did for the author's entire family during the painful cycle of a loved ones death....
9/18/2003 10:29:00 PM
Photo Newspaper article about 'Perfect Wisdom' - Renae Jones
August 26, 2003...
8/29/2003 10:19:00 AM
Live Radio Interview - V. A. MCCLOUD
Author V. A. McCloud, author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, was interviewed live on KXRA AM 1490, Alexandria, MN on Aug. 26, 2003 by Mr. Denise Anhalt...
8/29/2003 10:05:00 AM
Live Radio Interview - V. A. MCCLOUD
Author V. A. McCloud, author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, was interviewed live on WOOW 1340 AM, Greenville, NC on July 28 2003 by Ms. Minnie at 1 pm...
8/8/2003 6:39:00 PM
Celebrations, Notes to My Grandmother - Vanessa A Johnson
The First Book in the Celebrations Series by Paul Andrew Dawkins is in print. ...
8/7/2003 6:50:00 PM
Author Signs on with Agent - Vanessa A Johnson
Agent Connie McCormick of C & M Literary Agency has agreed to represent Author Vanessa Johnson's non-fiction book, When Death Comes a Knockin', to t...
7/29/2003 8:51:00 PM
Guest Interview by Divine Eloquence - Frederick Lee Cuthbertson
Interview of author Frederick L. Cuthbertson by Divine Eloquence editor, Rudelle Thomas...
7/17/2003 9:42:00 PM
Now On Audio CD - Ola Joseph
Now you can enjoy Soaring on the Wings of Courage-The Art of Self-Encouragement on audio CD. It is a refrshing experience....
7/16/2003 3:41:00 AM
Emory Considers Title - Naomi Ululani Hoomalu
The title "Lights On In the Window" is under consideration for inclusion in the Library at Emory University....
7/16/2003 3:08:00 AM
International Award - Naomi Ululani Hoomalu
International Society of Poets hosts star studded symposium in honor of poets from around the world!...
7/10/2003 4:38:00 AM
Lights On In The Window Added to Titles - Naomi Ululani Hoomalu
As release information was received last week, readers sought the book from local sources!...
7/6/2003 11:15:00 AM
Values of the Wise: Profound & Witty Words of Wisdom from the Greatest Minds, by Jason Merchey - Judine B Slaughter
Words to live by...
6/11/2003 10:41:00 AM
Hear Ye, Hear Ye - Gloria A Lewis-Vaughn
"Lessons" newsletter expands format to include reader and other contributing material....
5/24/2003 2:39:00 PM
Wild Horse Ministries - Marcyle Taliaferro
Although my first two books are fiction, both are partly inspired by the actual Wild Horse Ministries of Paul Daily from Trout, Louisiana. Paul, his f...
5/22/2003 10:18:00 PM
The Inspiration Corner - Monica Cane
To receive the monthly E-newsletter "The Inspiration Corner" contact Monica Cane at ...
5/14/2003 11:11:00 PM
Contract to Publish 'Necklace of Warm Snow' - Brenda Townsend Hall
Set in France and England, the novel shows how wartime events exert their influence on two generations of a family....
5/3/2003 5:07:00 PM
Chosen for publication - Shirley A Parkerson
News and Thanks...
4/24/2003 10:31:00 PM
Wise Woman - Jo Condrill
Jo is featured in Real Simple magazine, June/July 2003 in their "Wise Woman" segment. This highlights the accomplishments and mentions her book, "A Mi...
4/17/2003 4:28:00 PM
What People Are Saying About Lessons Learned on My Way Home. - Gloria A Lewis-Vaughn
Gloria Lewis Vaughn To give you a feel for Lessons Learned on My Way Home, read what people who have read it are saying. Then don't fo...
4/8/2003 11:38:00 PM
Presentation of Paeans to McAuley High School - Valerie M Boggess
Valerie Maria Boggess, author of Paeans, to dedicate a copy of Paeans to McAuley High School's library....
4/8/2003 11:26:00 PM
International Sales in Ireland and England - Valerie M Boggess
International sales of Paeans reaches Ireland and England. ...
4/3/2003 1:20:00 PM
Two Writer's Digest Honorees for Burt - Steven E. Burt
Steve Burt of Norwich, Connecticut had one of those good news weeks most writers only dream about. On March 27 Writer's Digest called to say his book,...
4/3/2003 1:06:00 PM
Burt Doubles at Ray Bradbury Awards - Steven E. Burt
Connecticut author Steve Burt was a double winner in the 2003 Ray Bradbury Short Fiction Competition. His "Unk's Fiddle" took Second Place and a $50 p...
3/31/2003 6:58:00 PM
Publish America to release second novel, A Cry from the Harbor - Marcyle Taliaferro
I'm thrilled to announce that my second novel, A Cry from the Harbor, has been accepted for publication by Publish America. More later....
3/31/2003 8:42:00 AM
WTSJ .1050AM Radio Broadcast Interview - Valerie M Boggess
WTSJ.1050AM has called to do an approximate 90 minute interview on the Title book, Paeans, written by Valerie Maria Boggess...
3/12/2003 8:25:00 PM
Page Proofs for Reflections On Life in - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Page proof for Reflections on Life in......
3/6/2003 5:18:00 PM
Healing the Breach rates a 5! - Rosalind B. Stormer
According to RawSistaz Reviewers, Healing the Breach accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. Show the fragility of friendships and the casual way ...
3/4/2003 7:57:00 PM
Photo Unbelievable!!! - Rhonda Marie Baumgardner
I have looked and looked for the right job. Something that would benefet me and the family, and after months of nothing.........
2/28/2003 6:10:00 AM
Author Extravaganza - Marcyle Taliaferro
Marcyle Taliaferro, author of Fountains of the Spirits, will join other authors in Jefferson, Texas on March 15th for the third Author Extravaganza, ...
2/26/2003 7:49:00 PM
Televison Talk Show - V. A. MCCLOUD
Author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, V. A. McCloud was interviewed live on Minority Voice, Cable 7 on Feb. 26, 2003. Television air times are 7pm and...
2/26/2003 7:44:00 PM
Live Radio Interview - V. A. MCCLOUD
Author V. A. McCloud, author of Harvest of Souls Crossover, was interviewed live on WOOW 1340 AM on Feb. 26, 2003 by Mr. William Clark at 1:30 pm....
2/25/2003 3:00:00 PM
Photo Wal-Mart's and Sam's Club fight illiteracy in America - Valerie M Boggess
Valerie Maria Boggess is scheduled to volunteer time and talent to support the Words Are Your Wheels Literacy Initiative and help Wal-Mart and Sam's ...
2/22/2003 6:10:00 PM
Photo Self–publishing victory . . . - Jozef Imrich
As a boy in Nigeria during the 1970s, novelist Helon Habila "started reading to shelter himself" from the turbulent reality of his country at the time...
2/22/2003 11:40:00 AM
Photo Two Alumnae Publish Books - Valerie M Boggess
Two McAuley graduates share news of publication of their books....
2/22/2003 5:01:00 AM
Photo The Acorn Gathering - Huda Orfali
This insiritional work of six writers contributing their work to fight cancer. Please join them in that fight....
2/14/2003 5:47:00 PM
The Meridian Star Recognizes Local Writer - Richelle M Putnam
The local newspaper in Meridian, Mississippi recognizes Richelle Putnam's pieces, "Starting Over," and "The Power of a Mother's Love." ...
2/12/2003 4:49:00 PM
Radio Interview with WFCJ 93.7FM - Valerie M Boggess
I received a most welcome phone call from WFCJ 93.7FM on the title book of PAEANS by Valerie Maria Boggess...
2/3/2003 9:50:00 AM
Louisiana Writer Recognized in International Contest - Vanessa A Johnson
Holding on to Faith when we are faced with some of life's most difficult challenges is indeed a challenge for us all. This is the story of how my the...
2/2/2003 12:53:00 AM
Reflections Of Life - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Book of Poetry Accepted by Publish America!...
1/10/2003 8:53:00 AM
A Child of The King" ready to read!!!!! - Joanne Blundell Marsh
"A Child of The King" has been published and is available to the reader. ...
1/4/2003 1:15:00 AM
Photo EPPIE 2003 finalist - Brenda Townsend Hall
First novel is award finalist...
12/28/2002 11:05:00 AM
Photo Publish America decides to publish Paeans. - Valerie M Boggess
Received a confirmation that Publish America is going to publish the manuscript of "PAEANS"....
12/17/2002 10:48:00 PM
Current Short Story - Sarah L Tagert
a story about Hannah, a 23yr old woman with Cervical cancer...
12/15/2002 5:03:00 PM
Photo Mt. Carmel Church of Nazarene Church Bulletin on website for PAEANS - Valerie M Boggess
The church has posted the website for the book of PAEANS....
11/29/2002 8:30:00 PM
Photo Published Newspaper Article - Sherry L Gibson
The following article was published in the Index newspaper, Hickory County Missouri...
11/27/2002 8:30:00 PM
Four Words to Freedom - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
November.27.02 Sent Synposis of Four Words to Freedom To Publish America!...
11/25/2002 6:09:00 AM
Summer 2002 - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Our Childhood friendship is No More included in Poetry.Com Letters to the Soul...
11/22/2002 11:58:00 AM
First Short Story - Sarah L Tagert
I wrote my first short story in years last night. Read it in My Short Stories...
10/22/2002 3:24:00 PM
Photo Sandra Appears On NBC's The John Walsh Show - Sandra Miller- Louden
Sandra Louden was flown to New York to appear on a segment of NBC's The John Walsh Show, which aired 10/17/02. The topic was Moms Who Stayed At Home W...
10/19/2002 3:43:00 PM
Lessons Learned on My Way Home - Gloria A Lewis-Vaughn
Look for the debut of Lessons Learned on My Way Home, Spring 2003. Lessons provides the reader with practical application regarding real life spiritu...
10/16/2002 11:50:00 PM
Give someone a PEACE PRIZE - Lisa A. Hepner
Get a FREE peace prize to give to someone you see being peaceful or kind....
9/15/2002 7:55:00 PM
Photo Musings: Authors Do It Write!-Free E-book - Leslie P Garcia
CB Writers Group announces their new collaboration, Musings: Authors Do It Write, to download or print, absolutely free....
9/13/2002 10:52:00 AM
Fountains of the Spirits by Marcyle Taliaferro - Marcyle Taliaferro
Publish America has scheduled release of hardcover copies of Fountains of the Spirits by mid-October, 2002. Thanks, PA....
9/4/2002 6:03:00 PM
My First Published Book - Joanne Blundell Marsh
Publish America has accepted my manuscript and is presently working on its publication....
9/3/2002 10:39:00 AM
Burt Christmas Story sold to Family Circle - Steven E. Burt
Steve Burt's holiday story, "Nana Antonia's Christmas Eve," has been excerpted by Family Circle magazine for a late autumn issue. The story comes from...
7/13/2002 11:35:00 PM
Photo Milk and Honey for the Hungry Heart - Rita P Hestand
Want an uplifting treat for a tired soul. Try all the stories, poem and uplifting messages in Milk and Honey!...
6/5/2002 5:05:00 AM
Photo Stepping Stones In Light' out in Newsagents July 2002 in Australia NSW, ACT, VIC & WA. - Gail A Evans
Book giveaways in July 2002 issue!!!!...
6/4/2002 5:57:00 AM
Photo John Weaver from: Page One Literary Newsletter Interviews Gail Evans. - Gail A Evans
Author of: Meditation In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa, Time Trials & The Firstborn of God....
5/21/2002 2:18:00 AM
Photo Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Double Dragon? - Jozef Imrich
End of e-publishing history? End of the e-book? What we really need an end to, is fear of our permanently risky, uncertain, but exciting future....
4/23/2002 6:32:00 PM
Photo Burt autographing at BEA - Steven E. Burt
Triple awards finalist Steve Burt will be autographing books at Book Expo America at the Javits Convention Center from 1-1:30 Friday, May 3 at table 3...
4/18/2002 5:17:00 AM
Photo Audio Book of the Year Finalist - Steven E. Burt
Steve Burt's trade paperback, A Christmas Dozen: Christmas Stories to Warm the Heart, has been named a finalist for the ForeWord Award for Best Audio ...
4/7/2002 7:26:00 PM
Photo Found Scenic Route - Leanne Bright Cloudman
North Carolina author takes short cut and finds column....
4/7/2002 4:17:00 PM
Chicken Soup for Many Souls - Kimberly Ripley
Author has stories published in two new Chicken Soup for the Soul editions....
3/18/2002 12:21:00 PM
Excerpts from The Journey: A Story For Those Who Blew It Or Are About To - Mel Hathorn
3/3/2002 7:24:00 PM
Photo Have You Heard Your Inner Voice Lately? - Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author has created an audiotape that will connect you with your inner voice...
3/3/2002 7:23:00 PM
Photo Identifying Spriitual Principles Can Change Your Life - Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author leads you to a deep understanding of the qualities of a spiritual life...
3/3/2002 7:21:00 PM
Photo What If You Could Change Your World? - Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey that will change your world....
3/3/2002 7:19:00 PM
Photo Seeing Beyond the Physical Mask Brings Great Rewards - Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey into the spiritual world....
3/3/2002 7:16:00 PM
Photo The Essence of Life is Found Within the Unity of Creation - Dr. Ronald D. Bissell
Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey into the essence of creation....
3/1/2002 9:14:00 PM
You Cannot Escape the Reality of Suspense: Book Bites Bessie - Jozef Imrich
Man and Book (or dog) both stood alone and so must have turned to each another in part because they could turn to no one else. Get Caught Reading or (...
2/10/2002 8:29:00 PM
Photo Author's article appearing in Natural Health Magazine - al d squitieri,sr
Local Man's Medical Tale Is Told In National Magazine ...
1/7/2002 6:00:00 AM
VIEW ENTERED BY ABCTALES: Two Zero Zero Two - Jozef Imrich
Jozef Imrich’s roots are in Bohemian mountains, but his branches are on the Antipodean beaches. However, Jozef's alphabetical leaves of letters devote...
12/2/2001 9:31:00 AM
Made of the Light Stuff - CJ King
New Book on the survival of consciousness...
3/11/2001 10:29:00 AM
Take Your Creativity from Ordinary to Extraordinary - Karen Daniels
Free eBook to boost your creativity - includes fun fear-bursting creative activities. ...

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Are You In The Transformation Mode? Jesus Then and Now
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Too often, we view Christ's great works THEN as exalted and his power today, NOW, as questionable. ..  
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