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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
For Nil Consideration
by Dave Brooks

The first in a series of books based around the fictional Sheraton Moss estate in Teesside... only this story actually happened! Based on the real life events of a trauma..  
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Featured Book
The Confession of a Paedophile Priest
by James Skivington

An alcoholic journalist, unemployed and with a failed marriage behind him, sets out to track down an Irish priest accused of child abuse in an orphanage...  
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Featured Book
Across The Fickle Winds of History
by S Cardin

1913 brought the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty to Russia and the last glory days to Nicholas II and his family. It is in this world that Olga Romanov finds herself ..  
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2/22/2007 12:04:00 PM
Photo Good Bye Melissa - Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen
Thank you all for your prayers...
2/20/2007 4:48:00 AM
Author's First Short Film - Jill Divine
Watch my first short film, Will it Hurt, that was written and produced by myself....
2/12/2007 12:39:00 PM
The difficulties of love - Ronald Dondiego
A difficult time ......
1/28/2007 5:57:00 PM
Book Release: Full Circle: What Goes Around Comes Around - Tammie Page
Dr. Tammie Page, Clinton Maryland, releases another book: "Full Circle: What Goes Around Comes Around", publshed January 2007. Available on Amazon.c...
12/16/2006 12:38:00 PM
Photo For The People Productions Presents Bestselling Author Carl Weber - Cyrus Webb
The man who has been the "King of Drama" since he burst on the literary scene will be making a visit to Jackson, Mississippi in January 2007....
12/13/2006 8:24:00 AM
Photo I Only Wanna Be With You - my novel - Chris Dickerson
Writer Rick Boston finds himself embroiled in a Hollywood round-robin of sex, booze and mysterious beauties in the noir novel from critically-acclaime...
11/26/2006 12:17:00 PM
Photo Here's me talking like a chipmunk - Jackie Coupe
This is a recoding of an interview I did earlier in the year with Roger Kennedy at CSFm. Special thanks to Stacey Harris....
11/10/2006 10:09:00 AM
Photo Dancing In The Void, now available at bookstores everywhere! - Robert Edward Levin
Dancing In The Void, a story of one man's inability to distinguish reason from madness. ...
11/3/2006 4:25:00 PM
Back - R. Vance
Just what's been going on. New book information, etc....
10/22/2006 8:29:00 AM
For Immediate Release: Arkansas author, Joyce L. Rapier - Joyce L. Rapier
My book is in honor of Tommy J. Moon, all the American Vietnam Veterans and in memory of those whose lives were lost....
9/23/2006 11:55:00 AM
Still Writing - Ronald Dondiego
It still persists......
9/8/2006 3:47:00 AM
Photo RM Green to be Featured Author - RM Green
'SHE COULD HEAR THE SILENCE' Author to be published in two online Ezines this Fall....
9/5/2006 7:25:00 AM
...understanding immigrants...
8/24/2006 8:01:00 PM
New Novel and Book of Poetry Coming Soon! - Andre Thornton
Sex, Lies and Alibis the scandalous and exhilarating new novel by Andre Thornton is coming soon along with another dynamic book of stimulating poetry ...
6/8/2006 10:39:00 PM
Reading/Discussion - Jan Maher
I will be reading from Most Dangerous Women: Bringing History to Life through Readers' Theater at the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center in Missoula, MT. ...
5/9/2006 5:15:00 PM
Guitar Man - W. Ruth Roberts
Based on the life of the author's husband, this book takes you from childhood abuse to pursueing and realizing a dream....
4/24/2006 8:42:00 AM
Ozark Writers League publishes second anthology - Velda E Brotherton
Famous Ozark authors come together to write their best short works in two anthologies, one recently published, the other in the works...
3/21/2006 3:55:00 AM
website update - Brian E Cross
recent additions to website...
3/18/2006 6:14:00 AM
Love is as Strong As Death - Bernadine Fawcett
itle; Love is Strong as Death author: William F. Powers publisher: Infinity Press, 2006 publisher address: 1094 New DeHaven Street, Suite ...
1/3/2006 9:32:00 AM
Drama Scripts for Children - Patricia Nelson
These children's plays are all production-tested and have been well-received. They incorporate humor to make the point. Each play is available f...
2/12/2005 9:20:00 AM
Things Fall Apart - Ronald Dondiego
No real news today, or any other day....
1/30/2005 4:14:00 PM
Photo Ladybug and the Dragon - Rick Magers
This is the saddest true story that I have ever written. It's beginning to look like there will be a happy ending but I need the help of many caring ...
1/11/2005 9:47:00 AM
New Play - Kevin O'Morrison
The Nightgatherers...
10/3/2004 9:57:00 AM
Photo New Book update - Timothy Michael Flaherty
My new book should be out in August of 2008. It includes short stories and poems of recent and past events in my life. I'm search for a title at the ...
6/2/2004 3:25:00 AM
Confidential Dirty Little Secrets - Joe McCarthy
3/26/2004 7:25:00 PM
Most Dangerous Women - Jan Maher
A musical documentary of the international women's peace movement, performed in Portland, Oregon on 3/21/04. See review at
1/5/2004 10:22:00 PM
First Advance!! - Sarah L Tagert
Good News!!...
1/3/2004 2:11:00 AM
web site update - Brian E Cross
update of web site my website was updated on 09/02/05 and features a short story from my "Suffolk Tales" collection. Any commen...
1/3/2004 2:07:00 AM
web site update - Brian E Cross
web site update information...
11/13/2003 12:56:00 PM
Richard Engling appears in Two Gentlemen of Verona - Richard D Engling
Live Shakespeare in Chicago...
10/20/2003 9:47:00 AM
Watching the World Go Round Announced as Semi-Finalist - Richelle M Putnam
WriteSafe has selected "Watching the World Go Round" as a Semi-Finalist in their quarterly writing competition...
10/17/2003 1:30:00 PM
Screenplay Competition - D. A. Chadwick
10th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition....
9/7/2003 9:45:00 PM
First Book Publishing - Sarah L Tagert
I'm about to have my book published!!...
9/2/2003 12:49:00 PM
Photo A Time For Pink Roses - All My Life - Terésa (Tracey) Stanisha
A Time For Pink Roses - All My Life Orchid's Beach (Suspense/thriller) Order Now! ('I liked it a lot. Very suspenseful and spicey') Reader review ...
5/4/2003 4:08:00 PM
Tarek's dramas were student favourites at the height of the student movement in the 60s - Tarek Ali Hassan
A friend from the London School of Economics with whom I had lost contact of performances with great success at the University of London Student's un...
4/17/2003 1:30:00 PM
Photo Worlds to Shatter by Paul JJ Payack to be released in Late Spring 2003 - Paul JJ Payack
Worlds to Shatter is a full-length, classically styled dramatic work in nine “episodes”in the style and content to Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Gui...
3/19/2003 10:36:00 PM
Atempting To Get Published - Sarah L Tagert
Ready to be published...
1/5/2003 10:16:00 PM
Introduction to Atherton - Adrean Aynsley
This is the place where dreams and traditions are made....
10/22/2002 9:49:00 PM
Playwright wins Double Whammie! - Kathy Kopp
The Turner Award/Alice Childress Script Writing Award goes to Ginny Foster of Portland for her script "Falling Star." Also the Elizabeth McPherson...
10/12/2002 1:11:00 PM
Ghram"s Window - Gregg W. Giddens
Ghram"s Window, an upcoming story by Gregg W. Giddens...
9/4/2002 9:49:00 PM
New Venue For A Wicked Twist Of Fate - Ronald Dondiego has picked up A Wicked Twist Of Fate and is shipping it within 2-3 days....
8/31/2002 9:10:00 AM
A Raging Debate Over POD Revolution. - Ronald Dondiego
Beware of one star reviewers on Amazon who might be trying to undermine the POD publishing revolution!...
8/11/2002 1:53:00 AM
Discount on Snowbird - Brian E Cross
Discount on my novel Snowbird, plus details of work in progress...
8/9/2002 1:58:00 AM
An Evening Of Reflection, Sorrow, And Mirth" collection of one act plays released - Christopher Treagus
Christopher Treagus announces the long awaited release of the collection of his one act plays, "An Evening Of Reflection, Sorrow, And Mirth"...
4/17/2002 2:38:00 PM
Perfect Peace is online - Richelle M Putnam
Perfect Peace is now published....
2/1/2002 5:39:00 PM
Is there anyone in heaven? -
My latest story about my lost friend Tina, who were killed in the age of 20. Her name is changed for the sake of her family....
1/31/2002 12:18:00 PM
E2K accepted Flash Fiction Story - Richelle M Putnam
E2K will publish "Perfect Peace"...
1/28/2002 1:27:00 PM
Author to appear on Cable Access T.V. Feb. 2 & 3, 2002 - Thadine N. Quick
My first television interview and book signing will air on Cable Access T.V. this weekend - please tune in......
11/15/2001 7:05:00 PM
North and South Wins Second Place in WriteSafe's Quarterly Competition - Richelle M Putnam
Ballots are in!! North and South wins second place....
11/5/2001 11:54:00 AM
The Ficus Prophesy is up - Richelle M Putnam
The Ficus Prophesy is up at Lovewords...
11/3/2001 8:52:00 PM
Another novel will benefit the animals... - Conny Bryceland
"Past Imperfections" by Conny Bryceland will be released in the late summer of 2002, a novel based in part on a true event, dealing with Obsessive Co...
10/18/2001 10:32:00 AM
North and South Enters Finalist Slot in Write Safe's Quarterly Competition - Richelle M Putnam
North and South steps up from Semi-Finalist position in WriteSafe's Quarterly Writing Competition. This represents the top five percent of the entri...
10/11/2001 7:47:00 AM
North and South Enters Semi-Finalist Slot in Write Safe's Quarterly Competition - Richelle M Putnam
North and South recognized as one of the top ten-percent in WriteSafe's Quarterly Competition...
9/6/2001 7:38:00 AM
Mass. Survivor of domestic violence, writes a book about her trauma and gets published! Book to come out by end of September, 2001....
9/5/2001 2:29:00 PM
The QUICK TIMES - Thadine N. Quick
8/17/2001 12:19:00 PM
Lovewords has accepted The Ficus Prophecy, which was 2nd place winner in Coffeehouse for Writers 2000 Annual Competition...
7/25/2001 11:15:00 AM
New women's fictions: Reverse Bonding - Conny Bryceland
"Reverse Bonding" now available thru amazon and
7/24/2001 11:01:00 AM
I had the honor of having my first book signing at African American Images bookstore in Chicago, on November 17, 2001 and I SOLD OUT all 35 copies... ...
7/20/2001 9:44:00 AM
Check out - Linda Armstrong-Miller
Kim Taylor at is sponsoring my book, Touched, on her website....
7/17/2001 1:22:00 PM
Truth and Mercy Makes it to Writesafe's Finals - Richelle M Putnam
Well, it's out. Truth and Mercy is one step closer....
7/14/2001 10:23:00 PM
It's time to face The Face and Other Fantastic Tales - Ronald Dondiego
The Face and Other Fantastic Tales is now available on and and others are soon to follow....
7/9/2001 8:38:00 PM
Truth and Mercy makes it to Write-Safe's semi-finals - Richelle M Putnam
Truth and Mercy, third place winner in World Wide Writer's competition has done it again....
6/4/2001 4:00:00 AM
Soul Books Literary Tour! - Linda Armstrong-Miller
There is a Soul Books Literary Tour going on!...
4/26/2001 10:06:00 AM
Perseverance helps writers find success - Linda Armstrong-Miller
This is a excerpt from a news release which contains an interview that Alisa DeMao had with Linda Armstrong-Miller. In the article Mrs. Armstrong-Mil...
4/14/2001 9:56:00 PM
The Face and Other Fantastic Tales - Ronald Dondiego
The trade paperback is now up for sale and is now available at and as well as other on line booksellers....
1/19/2001 7:51:00 AM
Toraware Featured at Boomer Cafe - Robert W. Norris
A 1,000-word excerpt from my novel "Toraware" is now being featured as the January literary recommendation on Boomer Cafe, an ezine by and for baby bo...
10/1/2000 1:41:00 AM
Photo TORAWARE is Featured October E-book - Robert W. Norris
Dead End Street, LLC published TORAWARE, my psychological suspense drama set in Kobe, Japan in the 1980s, on Sept. 30, 2000. It's the featured e-book ...

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Featured Book
Finding Isabella
by Alfred Garrotto

A young woman adoptee returns to her native country to search for her birth mother and siblings...  
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Featured Book
Electra: A Gender Sensitive Study of the Plays Based on the
by Batya Casper

In this book, I studied the deep structure of the Electra myth and applied it to plays as early as those of Aeschylus,Sophocles and Euripides, through Shakespeare's Romeo..  
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Featured Book
by Donna Lagone

Why did Rosie on her death bed asked me to promise to always keep her silver mirror in the family. What silver mirror and why?..  
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Featured Book
Suicide/The Explosion Within
by Kathryn Carrington

This is a real and moving story of love and lost to a terrible fate, of suicide. One day she is suddenly in the middle of its horror; as if being caught up in a tornado'..  
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