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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Fast Track (Hardcover)
by John DeDakis

Fast Track (ArcheBooks) is a Mystery/Suspense novel about a young, strong-minded woman's quest to find purpose in life as she unravels the mystery of her parents' deaths ..  
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Featured Book
Babes And Sucklings
by Janice Scott

Who's watching over the children? Rumors are flying about the new reverend in town, Vernon Skelly. He is very odd, but can he really be a pedophile...  
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Featured Book
Hallowed Ground
by Cindy Ziperman

Gripping suspense, fiery romance and delightful humor, combined with fascinating Civil War history, and a dangerous fight to save a Civil War battlefield. Hallowed Groun..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

'Friday The Thirteenths' by bob Smith
This year it was on the news about 2012 having 3 Friday the thirteenths and the one in January to the one in April were 13 weeks apart. Here is the full story..
'The 11:11' by bob Smith
This is about the 11:11 that can be observed on a digital clock or watch and sometimes by other means. It is very strange to the ones it happens too...
'The Smith Numbers by bob Smith
The first 13 Smith Numbers all total to the reduced number of 4 except 1 and it is 27/9. However a 9 when added to a 4 makes a 13. 202=2+2=4 and add the 9 and we have 13. Just about all my stories are about the Mystery of the 4..
'The Two Jacks' by bob Smith
Coincidences?! Are some events past coincidences? Read this story and others (15) and determine if you, like I, think not, but believe by evidence......
421311 by Eric Dalen
A detective has a one-night stand with a woman he meets in a bar, only to be investigating her murder the next morning. He has one clue -- a strange, cryptic tattoo on the victim's body. As the answers come into focus, he tries to find the right thing to do when everything's going wrong...
A Barrel Of Rum by Brian Cross
On a hot, humid summer day a walk across Suffolk heathland produces unusual consequences..
A Beautiful Village Under Water by Deep Rajvansh
This story is from one intresting chapter from my mystery fiction in which mystery under water. The name of the chapter is "A Beautiful Village Under Water" ..
Read excerpt from A Case of Mistaken Identity A Case of Mistaken Identity by Phyllis Duncan
Is it a real threat or paranoia when a UN spy spots a suspicious character while dining out...
A Champagné Adventure - May Day 2007 by Rene Remington
A feline's wisdom teaches me patience...
A Chapter by siewleng torossian
My first time writing and I would appreciate any feedback - don't even kow if I am doing this right. Thank you...
A Creature of Habit by Larry Pontius
This story is included in the anthology, Secrets, Fact or Fiction?..
A Cry For Help by Janice Scott
As the car sped off, I saw a woman in the back seat mouth “Help!” at me.....
A Desprate Mother Writes (Audrey Jackson's final letter to Louie Sandusky) by Sarah Tagert
Since you will find out soon enough from Louisa Mason, I will go ahead and tell you. I don’t plan to stay in this world...
View Photo of A Few  Documented Ghost  Stories That Are Yet To Be Explained Read excerpt from A Few  Documented Ghost  Stories That Are Yet To Be Explained A Few Documented Ghost Stories That Are Yet To Be Explained by Victoria Murray
A selected collection of a few unexplained mystery stories that have been documented but have yet to be explained...
A Friday 13th Mystery of the Dead Opossum by M. Saylor Billings
A look back at a youthful indiscretion on a particular Friday, a beloved family pet, and a dead opossum...
View Photo of A Ghost's Retribution Read excerpt from A Ghost's Retribution A Ghost's Retribution by Cynthia Buhain-Baello
A true story of ghost sightings at my grandfather's house brought forth by a family conflict of greed, deception, and revenge...
A Good Day by Henry Custer
Did you ever want to 'Kill the Boss'? For most of us it is just a fantasy.....
A Grand Murder Chapter 1 by Stacy Verdick Case
The first chapter of the first book in the Catherine O'Brien series A Grand Murder...
A Kings' Whim by Mr. Shannon Clements
A man discovers that he is related to royalty only to uncover a plot to take out him and his family...
A letter from a Stranger (To Louie Sandusky) by Sarah Tagert
A shocking turn of events. ..
A Letter From Deborah Alexander(concerning Audrey Jackson) by Sarah Tagert
Distrubing news from an unlikely source comes concerning Audrey Jackson. ..
A Light in Darkness Chapter Four Part One (Written with Sarah L Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“You’re sister would still be alive if she wouldn’t have started to snoop around, you should be dead. You know how easy it would be for me to shoot you right now?” ..
A Light In Darkness Chapter Four: Part Two (Cowritten with Sarah L Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“I have a distorted view of you, only because you are the one who gave me that view.” Marishka said between clenched teeth. ..
A Light In Darkness Chapter Three Part Two Co Written with Sarah L Tagert by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
"We need a break in the case.....
A Light in the Darkness Chapter Four Part One (Writeen With Sarah L Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A man Sandy had never seen came to the trailer late on the eighth day of Sandy’s kidnapping. She tried to make her eyes focus but found this nearly impossible since they were almost totally swollen shut. Her hearing had improved slightly and Sandy was able to make out some of what t..
A Little Justice by Steve Rylor
Alonso Duke made the call to his casting director. Afterward he didn’t feel as much pain of conscious and guilt as he thought he would. And why should he? His wife was cheating on him and the fact that he was now a paraplegic did not make it right. Well, she could have the role her little heart desi..
A Mystery Short by Patricia Ebron
A Mystery Short...a work in progress..
A Mystery To Me by Allen Wiener
Why I love mysteries and can't get my fill of them...
A Narrow Escape by Claire Perez Ekman
Rebecca grew up without knowing her parents, but strange occurrences will lead her to a surreal adventure - or at least its beginning. ..
A New Way to Die by Carla Bonnell-Rickard
There is more than one way to die..
A New You by Graham whittaker
What happens when you take exercise too far....
A novel, Chapter one, temporarily discontinued by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
Due to the amount of travel that has come up since I started this, I'm going to have to stop it all together for a while, as the time , and proximity, won't allow for it. Thanks for your patience, I do hope to continue it early next year,or before. Art..
A peak at Adrenaline Junkies 2 by Craig Hartpence
New mystery/suspense thriller from the author Craig Alan Hartpence. EMS Chief Jason Holt returns to solve the mystery of the 1101 Club Murders. In his last adventure Jason had accidentally uncovered evidence of 5500 murders committed by someone in his paramedical ranks. He was unable ..
A peek at a chapter of Adrenaline Junkies A Paramedic Nightmare by Craig Hartpence
This is preview of chapter 4 in the fiction mystery/thriller "Adrenaline Junkies" A Paramedic Nightmare. A page turner you won't forget. For reviews see B-n-N online bookstore...
A Question of Murder by Frances Pawley
Why does Miss Twigg continually acuse her neighbour of murdering his wife?..
A Secret Conversation (A Story IN IM Form Written W/ S Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
cn20497287 says: you could call me Lazrus Legoless says: Oh my gosh, is this who I think it is? ..
A Short-lived Hike by Verne Washington
I once had a similar experience, so I elaborated and made it a story...
A Sister's Justice (A Sneak Peek of my upcoming Novel) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
It is not about an eye for an eye. It’s about giving back childhood to thechildren. I don’t want to see anyone else have that stripped away from them. ..
A song for those in the future by James Abbey
A short story based on a real occurence that happend in 1985..
A Still in the Night by Richard Kallao
A Time to Live by Adam Powers
Jane sits and awaits the death of the only man she's ever loved...she sits and watches the seconds tick by until.....
Yesterday, I introduced you to the mad Dr. Robert Hawke in his bath. Today, we meet Norma Dinnick, that sweet old lady.....
A Walk in the Woods by Maura Clegg
Reminding you that you never know what can happen when you go for a walk in the woods..
Adrift by Laura Rittenhouse
A lonely night watch on a yacht adrift at sea..
Aiden Stone Marine by Raven Newcastle
Excerpt from The Body Hunters. Aiden Stone as a Marine...
Aiden Stone's introduction from The Body Hunters by Raven Newcastle
Excerpt from The Body Hunters, Aiden Stone's introduction...
All Things Slip Away (sequel to Scraps of Paper) by Kathryn Griffith
Ten years ago Frank Lester, a Chicago homicide detective, thought he had rid himself forever of the Mud People Killer who’d kidnapped and murdered six people. Frank had shot him as he’d fled through a snowy night; had killed him, he believed, though a body was never found. But the killer wasn’t..
Almost Time? by Samuel Connelly
Short fiction from a dream. ..
Alone by the Sea by Adam Powers
A reporter stops at a small tavern to eat on his way to a small town in Maine to cover a festival and write a story. But, he had no idea he was about to cross paths with a story even he wouldn't believe.....
a reader dies as he leisurely reads a book...
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
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2. The Dream of Foggy Creek
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7. The Sticky
8. Edge of Ruin Chapters 4-6
9. Her Secert Word Chapter 14-20
10. Her Secert Words Prologue-Chapter Five
11. What A Daughter Learns Chapter Eight: An A
12. What A Daughter Learns: Chapter Ten: A Ana
13. The Forgotten Memory Part One
14. Hidden in the Shadows (Ana Alexei Mysterie
15. Curse of Nilofer
16. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
17. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
18. Hidden in the Shadows Chapters Six and Sev
19. One Dark Night Part Five
20. If Tomorrow Comes (A Mystery Novel) Chapte

Featured Book
The Homeless Killer
by Claude Bouchard

Book #4 of the Vigilante series..  
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Featured Book
The Victorian Cage
by Carol Fowler

This is the first of my books. It's unlike the other two in that it could be classified as a young adult, but it's okay for adults, too. And just remember. If you read me..  
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