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Sept 11, 2001
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Messages from Nature
by Patricia Daly-Lipe

How would it feel to be in a small sailboat far from land in gale force winds? Are horses psychic? Did Sweet William come back to say goodbye? How can a puppy found starv..  
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Pass Fail
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

32 Stories About Teaching, from Inspiring to Hilarious for Anyone Who Has Ever Been to School..  
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RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts
by Jay Dubya

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, a non-fiction collection of 38 stories and essays, is author Jay Dubya's 32nd book...  
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^fn Key-Exile (a prosetry observation) by Odin Roark
Another mini-essay exploration into the mystery...
Read excerpt from “Being in Love” in the Nineteenth-Century Novel “Being in Love” in the Nineteenth-Century Novel by Phil Syphe
I wrote this essay in 2011, focusing on Anne Brontë's "Tenant of Wildfell Hall" novel & Charlotte Brontë's "Villette"...
2012-A Recap by Richard Kallao
why are people so afraid of numbers..
View Photo of A Big Thank you to Walt Skinner Read excerpt from A Big Thank you to Walt Skinner A Big Thank you to Walt Skinner by Bradley Fralick
This should be a THANK-YOU also to APRIL SKINNER, and the many other DENTISTS of AUBURN, CA who took over my DENTAL practice for me while I sold it...
A Birth by Fred Anglin Jr.
A look at my birth.....
A Bottle, A Corpse by Leon Kukkuk
First Appeared in "In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself Vol. 6"..
A Boy Like Kevin by John Herndon
This is a story about a gay boy who lived on my block when I was growing up. It was written shortly after Bush's homophobic campaign run. It also won a C.U.N.Y award in 2005...
A Casual Reference to Casualties by Morgan McFinn
Why special mention of children?..
A Chapter from My New Book by Wendell Thorne
This is a bit about my father and me, and the Boston Red Sox, or, as I should say, How We Communicated For My Whole'll see..
A Chauffer's Nightmare by Felix Perry
I orogianally tried to post this as a Limo Driver's Nightmare but it wouldn't post for some reason so I am trying again.....
A Comparison and Contrast Account of Both Sir Thomas Malory’s “The Tale of by Althea March
Medieval English Literature describing how courtly love plays into "The Tale of Sir Gareth" and Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde. How pure is spiritual love to when compared to how physical love appears?..
A Dance With Death by Marguerite Lemoine
I wrote this while taking a class in Creative Writing. In it I try to explain the life of a person from birth to natural death...
A Death in the Woods by susan larson
A man shoots a bear. Is this cruel and brutal or a manly act of skill and courage? ..
A Dip in the Gene Pool by Michelle Mills
Finding my niche.....
A dream by Nicai Zollar
This was a dream I had that I thought might turn into a moe indepth story of some kind later on. If I can, I always include the date of the dream...
A Dreamer's Poet by Lonnie Hicks
The nature of the Imagination from "Politics, Poetry and Love in the Age of Obama" available for sale on this site...
A Gingham Dress-Beth's Memories by Lonnie Hicks
A Home for Bubbles by D. K. Christi
The Southwest Spotlight newsprint and online news magazine printed "A Home for Bubbles" by D. K. Christi, a human interest tale of a great ape sanctuary...
A Kingfisher's Tale by Madhusudan Patra
A commentary of one days experience at a place elsewhere.....
A Love Realized by Michelle Mills
There's no place like home.....
A Man of Wealth by Kay Kellam
The story of finding honesty when you least expect it...
A Man's Growth by St.Clair Miller
A Man's Growth simply deals with the absurd nature of being a teen. The relationships and pecking orders that develop and define high school are ultimately not important. The character,Paul, was one of those that laughed in the face of boundaries and won...
A Monologue - Of Memories by Derek Haines
Just an old man reminiscing...
A Picture Bigger than Life by Jan
The magnitude of a mother's loss..
A Pirate Hooked by Lonnie Hicks
A Sight for Sore Eyes by Stephen Geez
An essay of places and special memories.....
A Sobering Thought About Our Existence by Michael Diamond
The Truth About Humanity..
A Soldier's Lost and Found Bride by Felix Perry
Totally fiction but my muse advised me to write this one.....
A Story of Kauhuhu, the Shark God of Molokai by Kalikiano Kalei
Ancient Hawaiians worshipped many different gods, all of which populated their animistic pantheon of deities. According to Hawaiian custom, some of these gods would assume the form of a particular animal when it suited them, an attribute found also in a number of religions (including that of ancient..
A Strange Bee by Morgan McFinn
A wry essay regarding Marcel Proust...
A Tale Of Love: A Tale Of Dreams by J. Allen Wilson
I am further away from giving Leah the ultimate dream of living on Tybee than I ever was. I am exhausted; I am worn and almost broken. I love beyond reason, and I give of my all. I still believe in God, therefore no matter how dark the night, the light of my hope will never dim. I promised Leah, and..
A Tale of Two Breasts-Anna's Story by Lonnie Hicks
A Thousand Wrong Words by Derek Fraser
An account of a man's attempt to not allow himself to be hurt...
A Tough Act to Follow by Morgan McFinn
Just a personal response to the gloom and doom crowd. Let's try and keep the curtain up for a little while longer...
Read excerpt from A Transformed Life A Transformed Life by Barbara Perry
Change can be good or bad. In my life, it was good...
A Trucker's Story by Steve Zellers
If you are or know a trucker you will understand this...
A Tub of Potatoes by Lonnie Hicks
Part of a book for sale on this site: "Politics, Poetry, and Love in the Obama Age"..
A Ward of Awards by Morgan McFinn
A society obsessed with award shows...
A Wilde Find by Terry Spear
Researching Family Roots..
A World of Possibilities by Katie Gabrielle
Sunshine, warm breezes and pure joy..
About The Mother Tongue by Althea March
What it means to have your own unique language...
Accident Revisted by Nickolaus Pacione
..written from an accident I was in, and the dreams that would haunt me about the day. The recalling of the close call...
Acts of Kindness by Patricia Behnke
We do not always know how those little acts of kindness have left an imprint on those around us...
Adventures at the Farm & Home by Molly Wens
Even the best laid plans can take you down that primrose path. A day in the life of an author/mom/wife/animal wrangler/worker drone...
After the humans left. by Ahmad Abang
Animals do and can imitate humans. This is a frozen moment just a year after a sawmill closed down. Then all its inhabitants moved out...
Alphabet Spaces by Lonnie Hicks
Alphabet Spaces..
An economy of words by Tony May Sr.
Can't you say it, without a lot of fluff and so many words? Yes I can, but this at the moment is such a joy and this are my initial efforts after all...
An Oyster's Story - A Parable for all Times by Sha'Tara
A parable..
And The Not-so-great First Dates by Sandy Knauer
Angel Flight by Lonnie Hicks
Part of "Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age" a book for sale on this site...
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Essays Stories
1. A Strange Bee
2. History of Human Societies: Two: What Are
3. Unconscious America: What Are Americans Te
4. Job Hunting Lore - The Car Broke Down
5. Freedom, Justice and Equality- Updated 1/2
6. Handwriting, Name Analysis and Numerology-
7. The Topography of Pornography
8. A Casual Reference to Casualties
9. Anger
10. Retro 60s Flashback: Sitcom Moms
11. The 60s plus 50
12. A Dip in the Gene Pool
13. Shame on Fame
14. The 60s + 50: Winner of '$1,000 for 1,000
15. Pubic Publicity Stunt(ed)
16. A Ward of Awards
17. My Favorite Government Hand-Out...

Featured Book
Feathers in the Dust
by John Herlihy

Traditional essays on a variety of everyday topics such as love, trust, silence, death, nature...  
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Featured Book
RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts
by Jay Dubya

RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts, a non-fiction collection of 38 stories and essays, is author Jay Dubya's 32nd book...  
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