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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Love: Its Wonderments, Sufferings and Consumations (Free Aud
by Lonnie Hicks

Love stories, love poems, inspirational in nature are the core of this volume. Again, taken from individuals around the world, and of course, the authors own contribution..  
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Featured Book
Whispers Of The Heart
by J. Allen Wilson

WHISPERS OF THE HEART is artist and author J. Allen Wilson's second book of poetry.It can be autographed and shipped within 48 hours of order...  
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Featured Book
Ballyhoo! 2nd release
by Lori Maynard

Poetry inspired by the author's life with a traveling carnival when she was 18 years old...  
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All Poetry Short Stories

25 Most Recent Poetry Short Stories

1952#15: 58Years Are Past by Mark Lichterman
November 15, 1952 Going outside without his coat, the cold wind pressing his shirt and jeans to his chest and legs, Mitchell walked beyond the comparative shelter of barracks 7 to where the Atlantic wind blew the fieriest. Looking at the bleak, winter sky, carefully tearin..
1956 by Debby Rosenberg
Dedicated to my dearest friends who are turning 50 in September, epically written in poetry..
21 Audio-Book Love Poems For The Recently Cynical by Lonnie Hicks
These were recorded in the dead of night under the covers and are meant to be listened to in a similar fashion...
3 Seeds - Seeds And Weeds - Chapter 1 excerpt by JJ Johnson
Seeds And Weeds is a philosophically expressive compilation of poetry and prose, creatively expressed in rhyme and reason. The poems within are more than simply a collection of verse with splashes of imagery. Seeds And Weeds challenges the mind and heart to find a better way through observations an..
A Gentle Retreat by Jason Wise
short story..
A Box of Hearts by Lonnie Hicks
Keys and Boxes..
A Day To Remember by kristen Portanova
This is about September Eleventh. ..
A Discussion with Dame Fortune by Little Miss Aki
div align="center">img src="">/div>..
A kid I knew by Marco Reynolds
Inspired by: death of an idiot by Charles Bukowski..
A Lake of Frozen Tears by Lonnie Hicks
To love again is worse than not..
A little dandelion seed head. by Jack Kuperman
Dandelion lived in the garden behind the old house...
A Poem In G Minor by Zandra Bosie
A Poem In G Minor speaks to love of music instrumentation in us...
A Reckoning of Angels and Trees by Little Miss Aki
div align="right">a sprinkle of tears on a late night gets you a full on recipe for creation/div>..
A Soul Kiss by Lonnie Hicks
Part of the Politics, Poetry and Love Book...
A STARLIT NIGHT by Kathryn Perry
He was born on a starlit night......
A Sunrise by Laura Kibler
Winter is good for something!..
A Tall Tale! or T..l by JASMIN HORST SEILER
This is how it looks to me!!! for my fine feathered friends!..
A Treasure Box by Lonnie Hicks
Part of the PP& L Book..
A War Story by De Bulm
This is a fictional account of a soldier of WW1 and his tales of facing the Grim Reaper himself. Will he be able to survive, orhas this soldier met his fate. Click and read ths amazing tale of the struggle between life and death...
About the Pome Don't Say Good Bye by Richard Swartz
Aisumasen Renee by JJ Johnson
“Aisumasen Renee” is the final poem of my book Seeds And Weeds and is really the beginning of my journey through poetry over the last 27 years. Though not among my finest works, the inspiration for its creation and the events that lead me to writing it are surpassed only by the outcome it provided. ..
Albert Camus And His Existential Emu by David Jackson
Alternative history for the philosophically minded...
Alcohol and Daddy by Suzi Sundquist
To be an alcoholic one must understand it is not a choice..., it is something we are born with and if not controlled, can ruin a life and all of those around it. The choice is each and every one of ours to accept, love and honor while forgiving without condition..., or not. ..
At My Window by Lonnie Hicks
Not Long, Not Long..
Aunty Lisa by Jodie Simpson
This is for my aunty who is going through a bad stage of depression. ..
Autumn's Surcease by Lonnie Hicks
Bacchus by evan horetsky
This is a satirical mock epic about a lamb named Bacchus and his struggle to gain back his love with the golden fleece, Goldie. If you have read the Aeneid, the Odyssey, or the Iliad this will make more sense...
Barren Fallows by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
A Dark Story Like Poetic Expression... Presentiments Recalled of Memories Past.....
Basho Journey by Deborah Russell
following Basho.....
Beauty See- Beauty Don't by Lonnie Hicks
behind the lodge by manny moreno
in a world centered..
Behold A Cherub Sleeping by Suzanne Floyd
Thoughts of a mother whose son needs his heart repaired...
Beside The Still Waters by Kathryn Perry
Announcing my new book......
Betrayed by Richard Kallao
sorry they say write how you feel and so lately I been feeling like I been betrayed by a lot of people So sad ...
Black like Me by Minolta White
Book Review: Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry & Music by Yvonne Perry
When we diligently read our history books as part of our school’s curriculum, we learn about the famous men and women who earned their spot in print as world leaders, great businessmen, explorers, military heroes, or even criminals. ..
Burnout by Mark McNulty
Playing with words..
By a Thread. by Brenda Reid
yayyy another poem...
Can I Borrow A Pen..? by Cecil Donaby GO BUY THE BOOK..
Chap by Oisín Breen
Extract from my second novel...
Child - Cut Your Switch by Anastasia Cassella-Young
True story from my childhood...
Children in Silence by Zandra Bosie
This piece is included in the Book: Inside The Invisible Box..
Close in my Heart (a prayer for children taken by the system) by Tammy Risaliti
My two children were taken from me and given to an abusive step mother and father, both of whom I've had protective orders against for their violence. I soon began to discover this was a horrifying trend that many "good mother's and fathers" were facing all over the country. I also found that the..
Color Of The Night (A Halloween Story) by Bernice Lakota
Comic Book Hero by Edwin Larson
A story in verse...
Crazy by The Only Real Faerie
In all of us..
View Photo of cressey bridge Read excerpt from cressey bridge cressey bridge by manny moreno
an old bridge..
Dancing by Lonnie Hicks
She Flies..
Read excerpt from Daniel's original Birthday Daniel's original Birthday by Dixon C
A poem about Dan, our youngest son...
Darker Desires by Nora Steingraber
A message I once left.....
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Poetry Stories
1. Hunkered Down With Memories
2. Evil, Innocence and Human
3. FreeVersing: Inside The Unknown Photograph
4. The Sustaining

Featured Book
Piquant Short Stories and Succulent Poems
by G. Roscoe

A collection of poems and short stories..  
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Featured Book
Diary of a Crush
by Lena Kovadlo

A must-have book for those that ever had a crush, fallen in love, or had their heart broken.....  
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