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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Do What Matters Most
by William Cottringer

This book summarizes life's ten toughest tests with ten passwords each to pass these tests. The current overload, speed of change and chaos are all summarized well enough..  
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Featured Book
FREE DOWNLOAD The Conundrums of Psychology
by Sam Vaknin

Controversies and debates in modern psychology...  
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Featured Book
Abuse: An Encyclopedia of Causes, Consequences, and Treatmen
by Rosemarie Skaine

Advance Orders Only. This timely volume shows how abuse impacts every segment of society—and how society is seeking effective ways to respond. -- The Publisher (ebook 978..  
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All Psychology Short Stories

25 Most Recent Psychology Short Stories

A Heavy Burden of Mind by Alexander Goldstein
There are roads which must not be followed; there are vows which must not be observed...
A Measure of Heaven by Karen Vanderlaan
we all need a bit of escape now and then..
A Quick and Easy Way to Deal With Anxiety and Panic Attacks by Gary Gordon
How to control anxiety and panic attacks..
After the Dream: A Modern Fable by Pauline Salvucci
Will the heroine's dreams help her to come to terms with her past or will they destroy her?..
Ain't Nothin' So Scary... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A teenager writes about her biggest fear: riding the rides at any fair or amusement park...
Answer by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
In an imperfect world, problems over-run solutions. People get upset and frustrated, and they scream for answers, even when they never ask the right questions...
Read excerpt from Apricot Fields Apricot Fields by Clark Waggoner
A brother and sister riding in the back of a car--A man going crazy in the waiting room of a hospital--A live television debate gone very wrong--and a dead body. A very experimental work dealing with thematic elements of life and death through a series of seemingly unrelated characters and situation..
Bat Wings Fly With Secrets by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
tic tock tic tock crowing roosters alert the flock.....
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by Joe McCarthy
Part One..
Read excerpt from Black and White Thinking Black and White Thinking by Sara Penrod
A surgeon struggles with God and death...
Blue Shadowy Figure by Michael Maxfield
Jackson, a lifeguard, becomes haunted and stalked by a blue shadow figure. But is the shadow figure merely a delusion of the mind or does it infact exist? Although Jackson is terrified, he seeks to find an answer and becomes guided by an unexpected source. As the story unfolds he begins to unlock th..
BOND by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
We surely do live in an imperfect world, where some people confuse the issues, and others issue the confusions. In our daily interactions with life, we do have a simple choice. We can spread help and cheer and make things better by every positive thing we say and do, or we can hate the world and spr..
Britney by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
A child prodigy born to parents who were trailer trash - pushed by family greed and paparrazi greed - becomes whatever she can become - until her continued survival is questioned .....
Changing My Tune by Cryssa C
Never underestimate the power of your words...for both their positive and negative effect. ..
Chapter 1 FAULT LINES by Miller Caldwell
The first cleric's problem...
Chicken Big. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A teenage boy has an attitude problem that is in sore need of adjustment...
Claustrophobic. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman fears tight or confined spaces...
Daddy's Girl by Regis Auffray
Sorry for not being around much of late. Those who leave comments know that I always return the courtesy. Even when "in my zone," dreams still happen. Some are unforgettable. ..
Did You Know What None of This World Know? by Timesoftrouble
Few in this world today have knowledge on child abuse and the same with true religion unknown...
Dream of Shiva by Vicky Semones
During this time of The Great Awakening - a dream of the Goddess speaking truth to Shiva: she does not submit to the God of Destruction, but reassures him and brings him back to consciousness to re-establish balance of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine, healing and saving the world.(Presented..
Dreams and real life with a spider by Jeanne Miller
Dreams always seek to make an adjustment in the way I understand things, and this requires a constant sacrifice of some aspect or another of my personal sense of reality. The dream, as a rule of thumb, is a picture of my personal truth. Dreams have multi-levels of meaning...
Empathic by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Imagine this. You are awake in the wee hours and you feel desolate and alone and scared. Death would be a release from this. You never feel like that. You have no reason to feel like this. What is going on? Are you going crazy?..
Exerpt from Diversity Paper by .. NeNe
An exerpt from a paper I wrote for a diversity, democracy, and social participation paper in college...
For you by Walt Hardester
Fragility by L. Craft - Hisayasu
(Photo by L. K. Craft) Fragility is the part of us left shatter at the bottom of a wall we could not scale. ..
Game Over by Andrea Jones
Why do they keep screaming?..
Garage Door Bullet Holes by Beau Fincher
A Valentine's to Remember..
Guilt by Odin Roark
Finding the right format for what needs grounding is troublesome at times... especially when one is addressing a universal malaise and feels impotent to impact a change. So… flash fiction. ..
How to Get Over Therapy by Sara Penrod
A how-to story about therapy--exactly as the title describes...
Humanity and Scorpion-ism by Alexander Goldstein
It doesn't matter who you are if you are confident in what you're doing consciously..
I Hear Voices by Sam Vaknin
The laptop was a nondescript square in shades of silver and navy blue. It bore no logo or brand name. It had no visible sockets, ports, or plug-ins. ..
Immeasurably Late in the Morning by Sky Callahan
A story of one man's struggle with sobriety and the dysfunctional relationship that complicates his efforts...
Inactive Cat Against Active Rat by Alexander Goldstein
There are three sorts of cats, but which one does its duty to the best of its limits?..
It Was Never About Them . . . by L. Craft - Hisayasu
Our perceptions often reflect our symptoms . . . Blindly we project, fault find and shame others . . . ..
Jumbalaya...a recipe for living??? by Lynn Barry
One day my hubby/chef said he'd made jumbalaya...what is it???..
La Imaginacion Terapeutica by alex canton-dutari
La imaginacion terapeutica nos ayuda a preveer acciones que nos pueden hacer herir...
Labyrinthian Edge by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Those predators... Ersatz identities digging graves... ...Thoughts & Pseudo tongues... are the discrepancies... "Literary-Fiction"...?...perhaps not... ..
Life Philosophies by Claire Tobin
Certain philosophies that pass through my mind..
Lucid Dreams by Sam Vaknin
Jack raised both his hands and stuck his left thumb through his right palm. Clean through. I gazed at him, dumbfounded. As the realization of what this meant dawned on me, I felt elated. ..
Me and Angels by Rebekah Rosie Lang
For those who think I am totally deaf, I am not, I am hard of hearing, just deaf in one ear. An exercise for a Yahoo group. Question was this: What item do you own that speaks loudest about who you are as a person or an individual? Answer: Read below........
Meaning of the Fear of the Lord. . . . by Timesoftrouble
The words "Fear of the Lord" have such a great misconception that not only does the religions of man not understand the meaning, but does not even possess it...
menstrual cramps! discover how you have an inner healer... by Pauline Houle
A woman discovers what her menstrual cramps were hiding as a healing message from an unresolved past history!..
Miss Julie by Susan Beck
Schizophrenia affects millions of families. We are not alone.....
Mom Grad by Randall Barfield
Now, what kind of mother is going to miss her only son's school graduation? she asked herself, her husband, and friends time after time...
My Religion is the Only True Religion or Belief on Earth by Timesoftrouble
The difference in My Religion and the religions and beliefs in this world...
My Works for God and All Humanity by Timesoftrouble
When we become not of this world, our lead comes from the Higher Power...
No-Clown Zone: A Phobic's (Not-So-Funny) Story. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young teenaged boy has an unusual phobia...
Noontime with Schizophrenia by Joseph Langen
A team of mental health professionals find their work following them to a noontime concert..
On the death of a sibling by Herman Hermans
A short story of a child's experience of the death of a sibling. ..
One of Dasha’s ‘Research Essays’ – Extreme Literalness in autism by T.O. Daria
This is one of the 'research essays' from 'Dasha's Journal' that reflects a feline perspective on one of the aspects of autism...
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Psychology Stories
1. Who's Who
2. Chapter 1 FAULT LINES
3. Inactive Cat Against Active Rat
4. The Walking Dead
5. A Heavy Burden of Mind
6. Wolf-Boy: A Feral Child's Story. (Part Thr

Featured Book
Do What Matters Most
by William Cottringer

This book summarizes life's ten toughest tests with ten passwords each to pass these tests. The current overload, speed of change and chaos are all summarized well enough..  
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Featured Book
P Point Management
by William Cottringer

This book helps managers focus on doing the little things that get the biggest results with the least side effects...  
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