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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Can't Wait To Go Back To Prison: A Prison Ministry Experienc
by John Domino

So many wonder...Why do men and women enjoy prison ministry so much? What good does this ministry really do? Inspiration and answers to these questions are found in the p..  
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Featured Book
Can't Wait To Go Back To Prison: A Prison Ministry Experienc
by John Domino

So many wonder...Why do men and women enjoy prison ministry so much? What good does this ministry really do? Inspiration and answers to these questions are found in the p..  
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Featured Book
Angels, Angels, Angels
by Edith Lazenby

Written to give a description of the good angels and the bad angels that we encounter in our everyday walk...  
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All Religion Short Stories

25 Most Recent Religion Short Stories

'Accept and Accepted' by bob Smith
1-Is it true that we make our own choices? 2-Are we really responsible for our own fate? 3-What is predestination and freewill? 4-Is there such a thing as redemption?..
'No One Knew It Was Coming. ...': The Rapture. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man finds out too late he should have accepted Christ as his Saviour; now he wishes he had when he sees the events unfolding before him...
27 lines by Claudio Ianora
now this is the horizon..
9-1-1 by D. Kelly
Who does 9-1-1 call?..
9-1-1: Is God Listening? by D. Kelly
That rock in the pit of your stomach has a name. It's called, "self"...
9-1-1: Rats by D. Kelly
Did you ever see anybody stomp themselves unconscious? I'll bet I can do it...
9-1-1: Miracles and Poodle-Hugging Malcontents by D. Kelly
The Bible can't be semi-holy, partially pure or half-sacred...
A Bird Feeder, Lord? by Dr. Beverly Medley Jones
This is a true story about an experience I had, and what I learned through this experience...
A Bit of Music from Other Realms; Work on Realms of Light Continues: A Mys by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entries October 4 - 17, 2007 by Laurie Conrad...
A Christmas Story by E.H. Wharton
A Conversation With Lazarus by Gail Ylitalo
A Daddy for Maria by Maria Olvera
Happy Father's Day Dad!..
A Little Boy's Story by Martha Lee
a story about the founder of Buddhasim. The point of story:" Those who save life, get life."..
A Man Died by Brian Eddy
Dreaming of the World to Come..
A Message: A Mystic's Journal Entry: December 4, 2006 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry: December 4, 2006 by Laurie Conrad...
A Monkish Masquerade by Fr. Kurt Messick
Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way you plan... ---------------- ..
A Most Holy Man by William Neven
Father Craig fervently believed in the love of God and life after death. For anyone he cared about, he could think of no greater gift. ..
A New Perspective for Religion-Based Foreign Policy by Joe Ortiz
Talk show host writes two books that challenge the way right wing evangelicals view worldwide politics..
A Question of Faith (Previously Titled "The Death of Faith") by Macey Baggett Wuesthoff
Is it possible to write Christian horror? I think it is. I certainly make a valiant effort here. This is a combination of a horror story and a religious story. And the ending is a shocker. Of course, you won't know what it is unless you buy the story ;)..
A Reason for Living by John Coppolella
Every person in the world has a purpose for being hereóa calling. The work of your life is to discover that purpose and get on with the business of living it out. --- Oprah Winfrey from Here is proof that science and religion can co-exist in a meaningful way. This is the story of ..
A Religion In Me by Joshua LeMaster
Something short...
A Stem From Jesse, a Seed From David by Gary Gordon
The Greatest Leader, and the greatest Teacher ever..
A Voice Within by Gordon Hisayasu
Knowledge is not the key to wisdom . . ...
A Wretch Like Me by Emma Bowen Meyer
This is a suspense story published by the national magazine Christian Woman in the March/April 2005 issue...
About Easter Sunday by Manny Bermas
The real meaning of Easter. And the New Covenant. ..
Ain't No Mountain - Book Review 2005 by Angela Watkins
In life, there are always choices. God loves us and He's patient with us while we try to figure it all out. ..
Ambiguous Allocution by Paul Kogel
Just a start - Three men, plane-wrecked on a snow covered mountain, make the best of their time - sort of...
An Old Preacher 92 Teaches aThing or 2 by John Domino
A poetic story - Author unknown...
Angel 23 L memo 2 by Raymond Morrow
God and Mankind..
Angel 23L by Raymond Morrow
Angel 23L and Earth..
Angel 23L Memo 3 by Raymond Morrow
Lord and the Earth..
Angel 23L Memo 4 by Raymond Morrow
The Lord and the Earth..
Angel Gabriel and the Rosary: A Mystic's Journal Entry March 9, 2005 by Laurie Conrad
The Rosary of Our Lady: A Mystic's Journal Entry March 9, 2005 by author Laurie Conrad...
Angels Of Love by Margo Snyder
The book is written to inspire those who care for the elderly,the sick, the children of the world. We are not alone and God's Holy Angels are watching over us.Angels are spiritual beings who are constantly in God's presence, singing God' prsise to Him...
Another Prayer to God by Louise Bannerman, CC
This is another prayer included in my book, Living with Victory After Past Mistakes...
Are you a giver? What do you think a giver is and what can you give? by ALISON HILL
As The Deer Pants - Dig #3 by H. Lena Jones
The Diggers are joined by a newcomer, Joyce. Together they travel to the City of David as the angel has instructed. On the way, they uncover astonishing truths...and a gallant rider!..
As The Deer Pants - Dig #5 by H. Lena Jones
I'm back now from my cruise holiday feeling refreshed and ready to write again. I've missed all of you a whole lot. Anyway, I must post my final "dig" for those who have been following the story, as it is Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... ..
As The Deer Pants - Dig#4 by H. Lena Jones
The Theological dig seems to be taking on an incredible feel of its own as I write, and I seem to grow warm and excited. I hope you feel the same. (I thought this works better in the short story category rather than poetry)..
Beam Ben Buck Back to Bible Land by Patricia Backora
A modern-day televangelist lusts after Bible patriarch Abraham's blessings. The frazzled man escapes them only to land in a bigger mess...
Beings of Light: A Mystic's Journal Entries: January 7-8, 2007 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad...
Believing the voice of God by ALISON HILL
God speaks today. Here is an excerpt from my book To Live is Christ. For more insight on this fasinating topic you can buy my book at and many other on-line book stores...
View Photo of BELLY: A Brutal Bible Tale Read excerpt from BELLY: A Brutal Bible Tale BELLY: A Brutal Bible Tale by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
An excerpt from the Print and Kindle novel: "BELLY: A Brutal Bible Tale" Available at!!..
Between Belief and Disbelief (A Conversation Piece W/ S Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Michelle (Resting, In A Good Deal of Pain) says: for one thing the joy that comes in serving the Lord, joy that can not be replicated in any way shape or form ..
Biblical Barbaric Romans were Pagan Masters?! by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
I Had No Idea!..
Blasphemy by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
excerpted from "PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale", Outskirts Press, 2008. Available in PRINT and KINDLE..
Boy at the Library by Gail Gerald
A young boy comes to know the Lord and not to hide from life's difficulties..
Broken People by Elizabeth Jakimow
Broken People is a short story about the woman who suffered from an issue of blood for 12 years and was healed by Jesus after teaching the hem of his cloak. ..
Carnality by Lorraine Watkins
The fight with demonic forces that have some people all jacked up with confusion. God is not the author of confusing...
Carry My Burden, Lord by Gail Gerald
a family copes with the effects of a wife's affair..
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5. Marked! (Part One)
6. Updates on Allah, God of the Muslims

Featured Book
Secrets of the Seven Churches
by Will Clark

Do you want to really understand the warnings in Johnís letters to the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation? If so, then you must read this book. Johnís lett..  
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Featured Book
Suddenly Free, Purpose of Joy
by Yvette Davis

Suddenly Free, Purpose off Joy is the second in the series. Suddenly Free is a chronicle of what life might be like immediately before the Rapture, and the Coming of Jesu..  
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