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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
What’s In Your Heavenly Account?
by Neeta Blair

It was a pleasant Saturday night in November 1998. My friend and I attended a church meeting where a renowned television minister spoke about heavenly accounts. The idea ..  
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Featured Book
Sanity Savers
by Peter Mulraney

9 strategies for enjoying life for men living alone..  
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Featured Book
Demystifying Economics The Book That Makes Economics Accessi
by Allen Smith

An excellent lay-oriented primer on economics that explains the basics in simple language that relates them to ordinary daily life. An excellent way for the layperson to..  
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All Self-Help Short Stories

25 Most Recent Self-Help Short Stories

'Little Red: From the Wolf's Perspective' by Barbara Henry
There is always at least two sides to every story. This story is told from the wolf's perspective in the fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood.'..
10 Things I Feared Most Growing Up by Blondie Clayton
Facing your fears and getting control of your future...
3-25-2003 by Tony Nerone
Today Sucks!!!..
A RAY OF HOPE by Larry Matthews
Holding on to your faith in times of sorrow...
A Challenging Ride by Teresa Jones
One particular morning, my day started challenged because I was already late for work. There were people to see, calls to return, and multiple assignments to complete. The obvious challenge was how to finished them all in a shorten day. However, the challenge unbeknownst to me ..
A Conversation With Dad by Dan Hays
I had said some things I regretted to my Dad, and then he died. How I came to peace about it...
A Guide to Survivorhood by Namid
This is an excerpt from an exercise in A Guide to Survivorhood...
A Journey From Within- Partial Chapter 2 by Torrance Wade
How do we truly decide what we want to be when we “grow up?” How do we decide if we are in the right field of work, how do we take control of our destiny, and how do we decide to take the “Journey” from within. ..
Read excerpt from A Letter of Encouragement A Letter of Encouragement by Sussie Due
This is short. I will post it all here. To all who need encouragement, Listen to these words and take heart. I am only 40 years old, yet I have been told I have wisdom beyond my years. I know that at times you feel you must do everything at once. Slow down. You have the rest ..
A Vessel God Works Through by Lacy Enderson
Always be ready to help those who hurt. You might be the only answer to their prayers...
A WOMAN OF CHANGE by Raymond Sturgis
From the book: THE WORLD CHANGERS ..
ABC's of Success: Making Your Dream Come True by Sally Ann Connolly
Super-achievers hold to the key to success. By identifying their secrets we, too, can become winners in life. ..
Accepting others exactly where they are… by Alexander Devereux
Acceptance and Understanding are the best thing in the world...
An Open letter To Nicole Richie by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Just a short note to Nicole Regarding her lifelong conflict with food. It appears that she has overcome her eating issues. It Answers the question What does love have to do with it?..
Angel Feather by Gilles Marchand
Angel, why does my heart hurt so? You must open your heart to let go of pain. Child, close your eyes. Take my hand and place it on your chest. What do you feel? I feel warmth, love and peace. Now, take thee a feather from my wing, And hold it near your..
Barack Obama, America, Economy, Stimulus, Emerson by Ken Nunoo
The new king of America, Barack Obama is faced with the challenge of rescuing the American economy from the bottom of the ocean to the surface. The United States economy is drowning with unemployment at 7.6 % and double digits in some states. The American economy is in a state of recession, and th..
Being the Solution by Neeta Blair
Faced with years of programming to limitation, I must educate Imagination on how to be the solution. My education starts by recognizing I am the solution...
Benny, The Almost Flying Squirrel by Rosally Saltsman
Benny is a squirrel who wants to fly. But he's not a flying squirrel...
Beyond the Veil by Dr. Ronald Bissell
Beyond The Mask Of The Physical It has taken me many years to understand the true nature of life. I studied western medicine and worked my entire life to understand the physical laws of disease. It is from this experience that I draw knowledge and perception. It is from knowing that a forc..
Book Excerpt; Love Builds Up~Never Tears Down by Lacy Enderson
Ephesians 4:29,31,32 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind..
Can't wait - Growing wiser by Fran Lau
Sometime I wonder of, human is such a complicated creatures by God. So difficult to understand... Probably they are easy to understand and see through,is just that I've clouded the issue... ..
Cant stop by Carolyn Dye
Writing this so I can press forward with my life...
Career Advice I Never Forgot by Beverly Mahone
As I reflect, I have come to realize that a lot of advice I received early on was NEGATIVE but it actually pushed me to strive harder to achieve my goals. ..
Chapter 1 Have You Seen My ..ummm...Memory? by Miller Caldwell
The author's medical account of his illness is followed by helpful strategies to cope with episodal memory lapses. Many hysterically funny tales are included to keep the spirits up. An amazing combination of self help essential tips for memory lapses with delightfully amusing anecdotes. ..
Chapter Twenty-One
“In The Closet.”
by Denise Contreras
“In The Closet.” The things I kept in the closet. To start out, I will tell you something that may make you laugh. ..
Dances With Wolves Film Site by Dan Hays
To heal after my father's death, I went on wheat harvest to walk in his shoes...
Dare to Dream by Carolyn Dye
trying to reach as many as I can with my experiences...
Dear Louisa by Louisa Dobbins
Talking to myself trying not to forget anything or anybody. ..
You can be yourself but you will probably have to grow up after you are grown...
If I were to let myself go, where would I lead me? by anthony pellizzeri
alt. title :I am my own worse enemy, and my only friend..
Diamond Hearts by Gilles Marchand
Angel, why do you weep so? I do not weep. I return what life has given to me. But you look so sad, and yet you look pleased. Take with thee my gift. A tear? We call them Diamond hearts. Why do you give this to me? The tear holds my heart and my so..
Doing What Matters Most:: Simplifying Your Overload by William Cottringer
Here is the Introduction to my new book--Doing What Matters Most. This is my attempt to simplify the self-development process...
Drinking The Sand by Patrice Turner
Drinking The Sand is about the power - good and bad - that influence plays in our lives...
Drug Craving Gone In An Instant by Blondie Clayton
Your Season Could Be Just Around The Corner. Don't Give Up!..
Emmet Fox Half measures avail us nothing by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
Adapted from an essay written by Emmet Fox. Emmet Spoke to the early AA people from his pulpit. The audience however was quite varied and his message was applicable to all who needed help..
Epilepsy by Stacey Chillemi
THE REASON I WROTE EPILEPSY YOU"RE NOT ALONE_An Inspirational and Self - Help Book on How to Cope with Epilepsy ..
Epilepsy and You by Stacey Chillemi
Epilepsy We Can Beat This Together..
Excerpt from my book: Addiction A Personal Story by Lacy Enderson
Let the poor say, I am rich!..
Excerpt from The Imprisoned Mind by Daniel Keith
excerpt from book The Imprisoned Mind..
Fabulously 50 and Deliriously Happy! by Beverly Mahone
OK, so I've gone up a couple of dress sizes and menopause has come to visit but so what?..
Fight Night by Dan Hays
How a young son is shamed by being forced into boxing..
Finding a Title to Your Book by William Cottringer
We are each writing our own story in the Book of Life. Finding the right title is an important part of our story...
Finding Joy and Fulfillment After Sexual Abuse - Blondie's Story by Blondie Clayton
Blondie Clayton shares how she faced the emotional scarring of sexual abuse and through a spiritual encounter her life was changed forever..
From Addiction to Creativity by Emma Willey
After many years of smoking cigarettes, I decided I had to give them up for the sake of my health. I did, and it resulted in many good things in my life. ..
Gentle Instruction by Lacy Enderson
2 Timothy 2: 25,26 Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will. ..
Go Get It! by Ecco Debnam
Happiness is created when the things that you are spiritually bringing to you arrive. Our universe is inexhaustible in its resources. There is no doubt, we must understand when you take a step forward the process begins to move automatically. All we need is to set the direction correctly of what w..
GoodYear Eagles Suck by Tom Hyland
CAVEAT EMPTOR! No, I did not lie to this CEO - rather, I simply changed my mind. WHY? Because, whether he responds or not - whether he reimburses me something - or nothing - the Facts speak for themselves! If I can save someone else from being "sucked in" and "ripped off" - SO BE IT! ..
Has any one ever said That was well done by dizzy tailor
the quality of questions will determine the quality of your life?..
Hero by Michael Reid
Home Emergencies by J. Means
I guess this is a cross between self-help and humor as most emergencies are rather humorous in retrospect. But definatly not at the time they are happening...
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Self-Help Stories
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2. The Memory Bank Of Amazing Recall
3. 'Little Red: From the Wolf's Perspecti
4. Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy
5. Learning To Love Yourself
6. How to Change the World
7. Memory Retention Checklist
8. Being the Solution

Featured Book
The Happy Couple Playbook-Football Strategies for Winning th
by Jim Hamilton

The Happy Couple Playbook will help everyone score consistently and change the game from couples competing, to ensuring they are on the same team…the winning team...  
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Featured Book
Shelley Costello Becomes Amazon #1 International Best Sellin
by Shelley Costello

A worldwide launch went live for The book, Within 24 hours the book became a #1 International Best Seller. Local Social Media Expert, owner of Creative Web Concepts USA,..  
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