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Sept 11, 2001
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The Complete Writer's Journal
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I'll Paint a Sun
by Alfred Garrotto

Libby O'Neill discovers the healing power of love under the most unlikely circumstances, with a most unlikely partner. A moving Valentine's Day story set among San Franci..  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

1 Old Naked Lady by Mark Lichterman
Lifting her body, the lady pulled her bathing suit off her hips, down her buttocks, thighs, calves and ankles, and… “Holy shit!” _ Becoming can now also be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @ $4.95 ______________________________________..
1 Old Naked Lady 2 by Mark Lichterman
There was a speeding boat with a man standing on the bow, who had binoculars, too, and he, too, was looking towards the rocks—and though Mitchell couldn’t hear him—the man was shouting, “Faster! Faster!” Becoming can now be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @ $4.95 ..
1/5/52 # 6: Sexy Elbows by Mark Lichterman
Careful, gets a bit expletive here. ______________________________________ As difficult as it was, although he was, oh, so sorely tempted to do so, Mitchell, though, true to his word—outside of one nocturnal emission that he rationalized as something he had no control over so didn’t feel gui..
12/51 to 9/52 #2: Phoning Susan by Mark Lichterman
When you get to know me better,’ huh?” he repeated, understanding, possibly for the first time in his life, what a girl really, maybe, means when she says something: She wants us to know each other! “Know what?”..
12/51 to 9/52 #3: Seeing Susan by Mark Lichterman
Crystals of melted snow sparkling in his dark-brown hair, his cold, flushed complexion caused his eyes to appear even greener and, her breath catching in her throat, Mitchell’s features were more alluring to Susan now than they had been when she had first seen him sitting across the counter… when sh..
12/51 to 9/52#1:Encounter: Susan by Mark Lichterman
If he were alone, most probably he’d have finished his sundae and with a long backward glance left the store. But now, with his father at his side, Mitchell felt compelled, first, because he was absolutely desperate to meet the girl, and also, since he had said he would, to prove to his father and h..
12/51 to 9/52#4: At 1st Sight by Mark Lichterman
This is crazy. We just met each other, today. This is the first time we’ve been out together, or, for that matter, now’s first time we’re even alone.” Stopping, looking out the window, collecting his thoughts, “But, Sue,” turning back, looking into her eyes.....
12/7/41: A Typical Sunday by Mark Lichterman
And golf… One of the companies Al represented had a close‑out on golf clubs, and he’d talked Walter into buying a set at “below cost.” Walter bought a book. Al taught Walter the basics. Walter had beaten Al once in three years, and that was only because, due to an a..
12/8/51 #5: Tangled Web by Mark Lichterman
“You meet a girl you say you love, and suddenly college—and not just any college, but the Rochester Institute of Technology—becomes the most important thing in your life! And I’m to pay for it?”..
13: Boy to Man by Mark Lichterman
Okay, so he couldn’t read Hebrew, at least not enough to get through the entire Hebrew phase, but he had that covered, and surprisingly—no, it was not all that surprising when he thought about it, as a matter of fact—it was Rabbi Berkovitz’ idea… A "Becoming" excerpt..
1948/51 #3: Migration by Mark Lichterman
But now, slowly, all but unnoticed except by those who lived along the constantly changing, eroding borders, the European names on mailboxes changed, from Mazisyk, Binkowski, D’Angelo and Shapiro to “American names”: Smith, Jackson, Washington, Davis and Robinson...
1951 # 8: Gentile Eyes by Mark Lichterman
Sandra and most of the class picked up on his interest, and she felt flattered that this handsome new boy was interested in her and so responded with like friendliness. When she spoke to him, though, standing where she was, about fifteen feet from his chair, she didn’t appear to be speaking to him b..
1951 #10: Farm Girl by Mark Lichterman
An’ let my folks know I smoke? Anyway, It’s a hell of a lot cheaper smokin’ yours.” Pulling a cigarette from the pack, putting it between his lips, “Hey, you dick, how’s ’bout a light?” Flicking his lighter to life,“Jesus, Brandon!” Holding it forward, “Maybe you’d like me to kick you in the ..
1951 #11: Passion Pit by Mark Lichterman
Careful, a wee bit of sex here. Well, maybe not a "wee bit." _______________________________________ “Umm.” Savoring the feel of the soft, round breast in one hand as he squeezed and released the clasp that held the two ends of elastic material between the thumb and forefinger of his other h..
1951 #12: Soufflés’n’sex by Mark Lichterman
Emmm, moving her mouth to his ear, “don’t threaten me.” Her tongue flicking his ear, “Why don’t you try it and find out.” Feeling the warmth of her sultry voice, shuddering again from the sensuousness of her tongue on his ear, “Funny you should say that, ’cause that’s kind’a what I had in min..
1951 #13: Intercourse & Jesus by Mark Lichterman
Careful! Visually erotic scene here ______________________________________ Realizing how close she’d just come to "going all the way", relieved that she hadn’t. Relieved that Mitchell had the presence of mind not to go on. Liking Mitchell all the more because he did have the presence of mind..
1951 #2: Dead? by Mark Lichterman
No one he knew had ever died. Death, to Mitchell, was a complete abstract. Death was something detached from himself. Death was something that happened to Nazis, Japs and bad guys in movies. Death was something that happened to faceless voices on the radio. Dead! To be gone! To never see or talk to ..
Ambi-Intro-Extro (versive) by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
depending on the day or the situation or the company or would that be the mood.....
Amy Pearlman by Mark Lichterman
“The girls’ toilet’s just like ours, two sinks an’ three toilets, only theirs got doors. You go in the middle one, close’n’lock the door an’ kinda fold your socks down so’s they look like bobby-socks, an’ when a girl comes in, you stay quiet a minute then, real quiet like, you stand on the toilet an..
An Act of Kindness by Mary Martin
Harry Jenkins, the protagonistlawyer in my novel, Conduct in Question, makes his first appearance in this short story. Harry's practice seems to present him with moral riddles. In this story, he is off to take instructions from two elderly women in their home. Appearances so often deceive. A dark t..
1951 #4: Junior Johnson by Mark Lichterman
NOTE: A small bit of "language" here. Actually, Yeah, I do, wanna play ball with them, he thought. But actually, having no reason to be, he was afraid of them. But if I don’t go down and play with them, they’ll think I’m prejudiced or something, and I sure don’t need a bunch of shvartzer ki..
1951 #7: Chicago Hood by Mark Lichterman
Knowing his looks had always given him as much attention as he wanted, and on occasion more than he’d wanted, Mitchell had never worried much about style, but in keeping with his desire for a new image he had purchased three pairs of slacks—green, blue and black—all with a slightly modified peg leg...
1951 #9: Knobs by Mark Lichterman
Turning the air pressure up, speeding the presses, making a game of it, the two boys completed about as much work in four hours as three full-time men did in eight hours. They did get complaints, though...
1951#1: Calling Ina by Mark Lichterman
“Mitch?” Ina said, thinking, Mitch who? “Mitchell Lipensky. You know, from Union Pier.” “Oh… Oh, yeah,” her hand absently going to her forehead, feeling a bump that had disappeared months ago, “that Mitchell! How are you, Mitch?” she asked in an oddly flat tone of voice. ..
1952 #10: Four Years by Mark Lichterman
So far, the only things that had impressed him about Wright Junior College were the abundance of good-looking girls, and that the students were allowed to smoke in designated areas within the building...
1952 #11: Orders by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some raw language here. _______________________________________ As always, Mitchell’s thoughts came back to Susan, and he philosophized: At any time you can turn a corner, or cross a street to get a hot fudge sundae and bam, your life is changed forever. Sighing deeply, an over..
1952 #12: Boot by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some coarse language here. ____________________________________ “I’m the boss here! But when I’m not around,” jerking his thumb towards the man in the jeans, “this is Gunners Mate Second Class Monroy, and he’s the boss.” Tapping the edges of the thirteen envelopes on the palm of his..
1952 #13: Dungarees by Mark Lichterman
Caution, some rough language here! _____________________________________ The men of Company Seven considered Chief Petty Officer Slattery the personification of the salty Coast Guard lifer, and without realizing, the more impressionable began to take on some of Slattery’s characteristics: th..
1952 #14: Letters by Mark Lichterman
Taking the blue envelope flap from his wallet—where Susan had written her phone number, and that he had later written her address—Mitchell addressed the envelope, wrote his return address on the corner, put an airmail stamp on it, then returned the blue envelope flap to his wallet...
1952 #7: Kind'a Sex by Mark Lichterman
But, true to her code of ethics, just as she’d never touch him there… with her hand, or allow him to touch her there… with his hand—as much as Susan truly wanted him to, and truly wanted to do herself—she did allow the “innocent and accidental” laying on of elbows...
1952 #8:Castle of Sand by Mark Lichterman
Taking hold of her chin, turning her face in his direction so he might see her eyes, “Sue, right there, right then, when your dad started grilling me about my average and my goals, I promised myself that I’d do anything for you!”..
1952 #9: Canadian Club by Mark Lichterman
Sneaking a half—not in a very optimistic mood—Sneaking a half empty bottle of Canadian Club from Walter’s liquor cabinet, at 11:30 that night he drove to Talman Avenue, parked in a tight, but perfectly situated space directly across the street from the building and shut off the motor...
1952: Christmas Eve by Mark Lichterman
On his third visit to the U.S.O., when the record player began a slow one, without asking, she had taken him by the hand, pulled him to his feet and onto the floor and… What could he do—be rude?..
1953 #1: Duty Stations by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some coarse language here ______________________________________ “Two last orders! If you ever see us again,” cocking his head, Slattery motioned to Conroy and Gustand, “don’t salute us and don’t call us sir. Your bus is waiting. Good luck. Dismissed!”..
1953 #2: Rockaway Lifeboat Station by Mark Lichterman
Careful, very strong language here! _______________________________________ Hardening, his eyes made contact with Mitchell’s—who looked back a moment, then lowered his—“Your ass is grass,” Ewing said. “And I’m the friggin' lawnmower!” His stare stationary, turning his head slightly, speakin..
1953 #3: Hebrew by Mark Lichterman
Careful, coarse language here! ________________________________________ “Come, on, Mac! He even brought it to you to see. I haven’t been in the Coast Guard long enough to do anything that bad.” Cutting another piece of steak, halting the trip to his mouth, “What was he pointing at when he br..
1953 #4: Christ Killers by Mark Lichterman
Using a powerful, commercial floor buffer—that, until he learned how to take it where he wanted it to go, rather than the floor buffer taking him where it wanted to go—Mitchell discovered that maintaining the mirror-like shine on the second floor deck was not quite as difficult as he’d first thought..
Read excerpt from An Elephant Named Olympus An Elephant Named Olympus by Micah OBrien
Story of station master with his station closing and search for a circus elephant, what that is his past...
And Mrs. Harris Stopped Dancing by Elizabeth Towles
The story of a woman who lived most of her life from the outside looking in...until one fateful night changed everything......
Angel in the Snow by Olivia Lorenz
Jin Xu is an ordinary man looking for a wife. When he visits a temple on Mount Yueshan, he finds more than he ever imagined... ..
B.O.W. 2: Seagate by Mark Lichterman
His unexpected entry into the bathroom, coinciding with what she had been thinking; thinking that, Maybe I can make “it” happen now. Surprising him by drawing the curtain open, “Sure,” she said, becoming somewhat aroused herself, “come on in.”..
B.O.W. 28:Stubborn&Stupid by Mark Lichterman
Marsha didn’t hear the long distance click because her receiver, also, was slammed onto the cradle, and… Nine hundred miles apart, Marsha and Mitchell each stood catching their breaths, fighting back tears and wondering, What just happened? ..
1953 #5: Dark Tower by Mark Lichterman
As though the emotion of hatred is stronger than the emotion of love, the preponderance of Mitchell Lipensky’s hatred of Warrant Officer Floyd Richard Ewing began to outweigh his love of Susan, and his thoughts of her began to dwindle… And in time, amazingly, even forgetting her phone number—except ..
1st Day 4: The Lady by Mark Lichterman
About ten minutes from entering the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, “Marcie… Marcie, baby.” Still on her side curled in a ball, Marsha still slept with her head resting on the outside of his thigh. “Honey,” shaking her shoulder. (A "Becoming" Excerpt)..
1st day3: Kockie-Doodie by Mark Lichterman
Nearly nine hundred miles from Chicago to New York City, the trip would take them through the states of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York. Once out of Chicago they’d travel on a “super highway,” but would not pick a state turnpike until Ohio. (A "Becoming" Excerpt)..
2nd Day of Their Lives 1 by Mark Lichterman
Luxuriating beneath the comfort of the feather quilt, feeling the warmth of Marsha’s body, he had an all but uncontrollable urge to press against her, and his hand actually ached for the feel of her breast. (A "Becoming" Excerpt)..
2nd Day of Their Lives 2 by Mark Lichterman
Not expecting this, snow in his hair, on his eyebrows and running down his face, stopping cold, “Why, you…” pinning her against the fender with the weight of his body, pretending he was about to mash the ball of snow onto her face, instead, his snow-flecked, cold lips found hers, and her soft, wa..
3/20 to 4/2/54:Furlough 1 by Mark Lichterman
Standing in the doorway looking in—the same sofa and chairs, coffee table, lamps, and large, split-leaf philodendron still stood in the exact same places they’d been on the day he had left home. Although in a year and a half nothing had changed, his home looked wonderfully new...
3/20 to 4/2/54:Furlough 2 by Mark Lichterman
“Mitchie…” Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he turned around. She was thin, weighing about a hundred-twenty pounds, and tall, at least 5'7". She wore Levi’s, a blue Ship’n’Shore blouse, and a red club jacket. The girl had curly black hair that was pulled back, emphasizing a sharp wido..
4/3 to 6/8/54: Toothache by Mark Lichterman
As Marsha looked for Mitchell in the courtyard of the "J" at 8:00 p.m…. More than eight-hundred miles away, in the tower again, on the twenty-to twenty-four-hundred watch, because he knew that he would not be home again until… God knew when… Because he had no way of contacting her, he had,..
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