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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Love On A Rotten Day
by Hazel Dixon-Cooper

What's LOVE got to do with it? Discover the not-so-romantic style of your favorite sign. Find out who's the cheater, manipulator, bully, brat, nutcase, or nympho.  
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Featured Book
Work On A Rotten Day
by Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Hazel's guide to recession-proofing yourself, handling your boss, coworkers, and succeeding at the job you're in while searching for your dream career...  
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Featured Book
by Andrew Feder

Then what would you think? if you could leave your physical body and astral project yourself finding yourself in someone else’s body who had..  
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All Vision/Metaphysical Short Stories

25 Most Recent Vision/Metaphysical Short Stories

12-6-06 by Nicholas Geist
A vision I had while on the can...
A Hopeful Sign by Richard Kallao
i had a dream last night ...
A Leap of Fate by Gary Tenuta
This is an alternative version – a kind of Twilight Zone version, if you will – of a true story, an historical event from the last century. To paraphrase Stanley Eddington, "The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN imagine."..
A Lost Angel Singing Poetry: Excerpt 1 by Aberjhani
This excerpt from my novel, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World, was the first in a series posted while completing revisions on the novel. (Cover art by Luther E. Vann) ..
View Photo of A Small Measure of Grace Read excerpt from A Small Measure of Grace A Small Measure of Grace by Christopher Kesting
A small girl, racked with persistent and paralyzing anxiety, shows us that our perceptions of the world are far narrower than we could ever imagine. In fact, the world we experience is but a veneer over the real world. She alone holds the perceptive ability to see what we cannot. And perhaps warn us..
A Tale of Two Ceremonies by Eddie Thompson
(This piece of fiction illustrates the extreme emotions a pastor can experience during the course of two ceremonies one day.)..
About a Girl... by Heathyre Perara
And so it was written and so it is done...
About That Title... by Grace G.
How important is the title of your book? As it turns out, Very! ..
Accessing Past Lives and Galactic Ships near Little Fort, BC by Agnes Toews-Andrews
UFO's,crop circles and past lives at Nehalliston Canyon Retreat create unusual happenings and new mystical beginnings as star connections reveal themselves...
Alone by Thomas Crowley
Two children, abandoned on a schooner in the British Virgin Islands, grow together as friends to survive...
Angel In The Eye Of The Beholder by Judith Bailey
Reality belongs individually to each of us... my world is not ever 'your' world, which, I suppose, Is why writers write.......
Animal Vengeance by Franz Kessler
This story is a legend of the Orang Ulu people, explaining the formation of a lake by a struggle between men and boars. Today's Logan Bunut is the only freshwater-floodplain lake in Sarawak, Malaysia. The lake originated when a natural levee burst in the Upper Baram depression and engulfe..
Anomalous Astral Dimension Manifestation by Jim Oglesby
The unusual manifestation is the most recent sky visual that I would tag as strange. I labeled the object as an Unidentified Animated Object (UAO) because it initiated motion then dropped down a short distance before vanishing. It seemed as if the anomalous object folded into Earth's space ti..
As I Dreamed You Were by S.I. Sheehan
You were there, walking on the path beside the river that I flowed in, small particles of myself scattered about the shiny reflections of the water. ..
Authoress|Poetess|Mantic Love Muse by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Pagan Moon Feral and The Lost Jewel..
Beheld by Roland Allnach
"Beheld", a short story by Roland Allnach, depicts the history of the universe as seen through the eyes of a supreme being. Part philosophy, part science, part evolution, "Beheld" is a thought provoking story with several facets...
Building Cleansing at Tower Radio by Judith Pleasant
Story Of A Spiritual Cleansing..
Center Pointe: Dialog With My Soul by Judith Bailey
Long silent looking from wiser eyes gives me the understanding that I will not be given the answer. I have been given the way; that is all...
Chrome Plated Hearts by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
her mind cremated his decayed bones and so much more.....
Chrystal, Indigo Child Of The Universe by Amber Moonstone
This story is a visionary work from a dream that I had. It is partly fact and partly fiction. I feel very strongly connected to an Indigo child that I have recently met. ..
Costa Rica by Peter Gardner
A story about the mystical journey of a man through vision and transformation, to an uncertain and vivid conclusion..
DARK POETRY SEER: Holystones by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
A Short Dark Story Like Poetic Recite... Written: October 3, 2008 8:49 p/m The Video Shade Artist is: Arron Bieber (
Escape Artist by C.R. Kwiat
I don't know if this is classified correctly. There's no 'Twilight-zone' category...
Faithures of a Muse by Odin Roark
In writing "3 Way Mirror," there were times I couldn’t tell where the protagonist (a man of lost identity) ended, and the author began. ..
Flip by Richard Kallao
Forgotten Memories by Terry McGhee
Some Father/Son time remembered, and the horrors of what was seen...
Forgotten Memories... (part 1) by Heathyre Perara
a strange dream or ancient memories?..
Forgotten Memories... (Part 2) Don't Speak by Heathyre Perara
a strange dream or ancient memories?..
Free Spirit by Amber Moonstone
" Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose, Nothin', don't mean nothin', hon', if it ain't free" Janis Joplin photo: nancymurgatroyd My take on being a free spirit...
The Other Side of Light (Part 4) by Keith Rowley
My muse has been on sick leave of late, and so, lost and empty, my mind has been relegated to the mundane. Anyway, she's back, and the tale continues...painting of Lucifer by Hettie Rowley...
The Other Side of Light (Part 5) by Keith Rowley
My fingers seem driven and muse has returned! Painting of Lucifer by Hettie Rowley...
The Other Side of Light (Part 6) by Keith Rowley
Our tale of enlightenment continues...Painting of Lucifer by Hettie Rowley...
Freedom of Energy by Michel Massicotte
David can read energy the way most people read a book. He was going to keep it a secret from his friend Ken, but after seeing something unusual in him he changes his mind, using patrons in a diner to prove his point. This story was produced into the movie "Silent Touch", viewable at the fol..
Gideon's Gift by Vicky Jeter
This poem is the foundation of the story: He was more than my enchanted rocking horse. Spirit imbued his plaster, paint and springs to guide and guard the uncharted course of this little girl's wild imaginings. He woke my dormant potentials to rainbow and hew, thou..
Going Home by Rev. Donna Mulvey
Based on a dream I had...
Golden Notes by Carol Phelan Aebby
A revelation.....
Halloween Sentinel by Judith Bailey
An old story, yet new all over again.....
Heaven's Organ by Vicky Jeter
I woke with a start. The room was soft aglow with the light of an early morning sun. Looking about, I saw that little had changed, if anything, since I last recalled the room--yet I felt something was, indeed, quite different. It was impossible to tell how long I'd been sleeping. I was wide ..
Hello? by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
All is not as it seems... [From Beyond Religion III, No.28.] ..
I am a hero by Florea Mircea
...In these moments you might feel like having a beer with the All mighty and tap him on his sholder, friendly.....
I Died Once by Marissa Couchon
My death experience...
I Invited My Dead Aunt To Supper by
When people die their paths to destiny stop, and all the roads they are traveling on in their journey of life end. They are infinitely trapped in whatever circle of life they began. We who are left behind are acutely aware of this end for our loved one. It is painful to think about what will never ..
I Remember Tomorrow--Chapter One by William Butler
Jeanette Henderson, in an effort to start a new life, relocates to a small town and becomes the first female officer with the local police Department...
In the Valley of My Shadow - Chapter Three by Robyn Speed
In the Valley of My Shadows - Chapter One by Robyn Speed
I started this on my wordpress blog, but am moving it here. I will be writing this is a series of chapters, and I have no idea what is going to happen, I am just letting myself 'find the story'... so I hope we can enjoy this journey together... (Keep in mind that this is very much first draft mate..
In the Valley of My Shadows - Chapter Two by Robyn Speed
Infinity's Shore by Patrick Sills
A dying man records his last days while immersed in an artificial world of virtual reality...
Inner Space Odyssey by Joel Windsor
An epic poem and excerpt from The Hip Hop Manifesto.-2009..
Intrapartum by Joel Windsor
Although a prequel to the Hip Hop Manifesto, this short story can be enjoyed and understood without reading the book--2006...
Intrinsic Worth: Visionary Seeress by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Allegories Viable Treasures..
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Vision/Metaphysical Stories
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Featured Book
VISUALIZATION - Creating Your Own Universe
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The quintessence and the expansion of three volumes of Essays by Stan Kapuscinski (aka Stan I.S. Law)..  
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Featured Book
Born On A Rotten Day
by Hazel Dixon-Cooper

In this wickedly funny guide, professional astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper casts off sugar-coated astrology in favor of exploring the maladjusted side of the zodiac. If you..  
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