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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Faith of the Highlander (The MacLomain Series- Next Generati
by Sky Purington

Through hardship, forgiveness and even acceptance, Sheila and Grant struggle to push past their abused hearts and the war that divides them in, Faith of the Highlander...  
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Featured Book
Sentinel's Hunger
by Gracie McKeever

Falling to a rare sentinel illness and separated from her charges during a retrieval mission Xevera Nanay encounters the biggest threat to her survival but more important..  
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Featured Book
Don't Tell, Don't Die
by Cheryl Wright

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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

(Excerpt) Pick of The Litter by Ereena George
Ithopi goes out to dinner with one of her "picks" and he tells her that he has an issue with the way she chooses to do things when it comes to their sex lives...
“For The Boys” by Jae Awkins
“For The Boys” - a FREE Serial Novella by Episode - ..
1st Chapter of Betrayed in the Nith by Miller Caldwell
Romance 50% Crime 50% ..Ideal companion for the cold dark nights ahead...
7 Lucky Months by Paul Paterson
This is basically a little story of how I found my darling Juliet. This ending goes better than Shakespeare's...
8th Month: Rated PG13 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some descriptive sex here. Feeling the rolling, jabbing motion of his unborn child’s elbows and knees in the confines of his wife’s uterus, “Yeah! Sure I do! The kid must be jitterbugging in there.” Actually able to see the poking movement under the taunt flesh of her stomach, slidi..
A 3 Day Lifetime Pt 10 by Mark Lichterman
“Good morning, Barbara.” Coincidently passing by the partially open door, “Did you say something?” ..
A 3 Day Lifetime Pt 5 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, vivid sexual scene here _______________________________________ Giving me a hint, “I can do that,” I said, kissing her neck, making small circles with the tip of my tongue. But, truly, not being much of a “neck and throat man” but a whole lot of a “breast man,” in a very short time ..
A 3 Day Lifetime Pt 6 by Mark Lichterman
“Honey, making love to you in this shower would be great and you know I’d love to do it, but...” Seeing concern on her face. “Honey, I’m a seventy-four year old guy and to screw in a shower, standing up?..
A 3 Day Lifetime Pt 9 by Mark Lichterman
“Honey, ‘some way’ means ‘some day’ and what are we talking about here? Ten years? Twelve years? Till I’m eighty, eighty-five? I don’t have that many ‘somedays’ left.” _______________________________________ ..
A 3 Day Lifetime Pt. 4 by Mark Lichterman
Actually, my favorite female body type had always been a bit on the zaftig side and I could never quite understand my marrying an eternally thin woman or falling in love with Helen, who was also a thin woman. _______________________________________ ..
A 3 Day Lifetime, Pt 3 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, vivid sexual scene here. ______________________________________ My breath catching, drooping naturally, Barbara’s full breasts – out of my fantasies – were the breasts of a mature, fifty year old woman, and, due to her complexion, surprising me, exciting me, the color of her nipples..
A 3 Day Lifetime, Pt. 1 by Mark Lichterman
Note: This is Part 1 of an original story and is wholly, 100% fictional. _______________________________________ Two months ago, when “”, our authors web site began looking for the three most popular, most widely followed commercially unpublished poets, Barbara’s name came u..
A 3 Day Lifetime, Pt. 2 by Mark Lichterman
I need Barbara in my life now... if only for a weekend... If only to know that I am still a man that can act spontaneously. That can, God willing, still make love spontaneously... Spontaneously, that is, with a little help from Pfizer. _______________________________________..
A 3 Day Lifetime: Pt 7 by Mark Lichterman
Sitting for hours, clapping weakly for the endless jumble of words, the meaning in many... most cases of which I could not even imagine. Clapping a bit harder for what was comical, or risqué or what was presented with a bit of theatrical technique. Then there was all that transcendental crap.....
A 3 Day Lifetime: Pt 8 by Mark Lichterman
They lay closely together, both feeling the warmth of the other, their lips touching lightly, the breath of one the breath of the other, the room black, neither see the other...
A Cafe Romance in Paris by Saberi Roy
Eliza watched the young man.....the man's glance was as enticing as his wry secretive smile that curved his lips slightly like a crease on a perfect suit.....
A chance opportunity by Chriss Hill
Mariah felt something missing in her life, until she ran into an old friend..
A Christmas Surprise by Nicola Ward
A romantic short fan story (Tokio Hotel)..
A Clean Sweep for Mazeppa by John Howard Reid
One of the shorter stories from my collection, "A PACKET OF DREAMS"...
A Cold Drive and A Warm Night- Chapter Two by Lonnie Hicks
Chapter Two: Bitten and Smitten- Frost and Other..
A Cold Drive and a Warm Night-Chapters 1-2 of 16 -Novel by Lonnie Hicks
A Cold Drive and a Warm Night-A semi-true story..
A Commoner for the Prince by H. Lena Jones
The decree when out from Castle Canhappen. A princess must be found for the prince. All noble maidens and commoners alike were invited to attend the ball. But, all was not well with...Ah shucks, why don't you read the story? Ribbit!..
Read excerpt from A Country Appointment A Country Appointment by Laraine Barker
A newly-qualified vet with a poor self-image seeks an appointment in the country but finds more than he bargained for...
Attraction: Olivia's Lost Evening by Helga Ross
i>Olivia could have sworn he looked directly her way... "Don Juan", himself. Well, he can forget it! No way, I'm looking for him.” Maddeningly, he’d gotten her attention...she was having trouble taking it back!/i>..
Aurora My Love by David Arthur Walters
Whom do we love most of all?..
Autumn in Vermont by Jim Howell
For three days they had been together here, reveling in autumn and all it's splendor. This morning was different from the rest only because it was their last morning here together. The coffee and their time would be bittersweet, for tomorrow they would be back in the city, with all its trappings. Bu..
AYI2135 by Kalai Selvi Arivalagan
This story is a collection of cherished memories to win every one's heart...
Azure & Frank (The Gift of Love) by Mickie Sherwood
Will Frank's gift be enough to save Azure's Christmas spirit...and their romance?..
A Cry From A Lonely Heart by Lady The Lake55
A new year had begun with the hope of a new love and a new romance in the life of Keri Lander's. She had broken it off with her boyfriend of 14 months. They were just friends now, and due to the miles between them, it was for the best if they were only frien..
A Dancer's Fingers by Claire O'Dalaigh
She let the warmth wash over her, enveloping her skin, a rush that made her skin tingle. It caressed as her lover's hands did, quiet whispers that touched, here and there, gracefully, like dancer's feet, twirling, whirling, pirouetting in a seamless, ghost of a dance, daring to cross the..
A Dancer's Fingers by Claire O'Dalaigh
She let the warmth wash over her, enveloping her skin, a rush that made her skin tingle. It caressed as her lover's hands did, quiet whispers that touched, here and there, gracefully, like dancer's feet, twirling, whirling, pirouetting in a seamless, ghost of a dance, daring to cross the..
A Delightful Moment by L. Craft - Hisayasu
If you're fortunate, you will breathe in a moment that lives forever...
A different kind of wedding by Gillian Stokes
A westernised wedding in Africa with distinct African overtones..
A Friend Called George by Peter Hedge
Not everyone's "cup of tea", but there're no car chases, sex or violence . . . which makes it different...
A FROLICK IN THE WATER by Selena Dobbin-Gillis
Every now and then I sit here and put my imagination to work, enjoy. I haven't had much time to put work on the den in the last couple of months, sorry...
A Good Woman is Hard to Find Excerpt by Darrell Cador
A Good Woman is Hard to Find Excerpt..
A Kiss on the Wind by Marty Kindall
Hometown sweethearts Eddie Colvert and Sarah Monroe face an uncertain future following the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. When Eddie joins the Army, Sarah reluctantly agrees to postpone their spring wedding and prepares to face the holidays without her steady. Unbeknownst to her, he's arra..
A Law of Her Own by Linda LaRoque
Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press - A Law of Her Own in a short time travel that takes place in the panhandle of Texas...
A Letter From Home by Robin Bayne
A woman contemplating divorce spends a pivotal weekend with her husband at a historical Bed and Breakfast. There, she discovers century old letters written by a woman who was also experiencing problems in her marriage. ..
A little bit uncomfortable myth by Max Reno
A provocative reflection of a latin male........
A Little Girl Under The Big Texas Sky by Michelle Smolen
Once There was a little girl...
A Little Something To Keep You Going by L Kingston
A short story written in poetry form about a method of contemplating up a relationship...
View Photo of A Love Letter To My Wife! Read excerpt from A Love Letter To My Wife! A Love Letter To My Wife! by Bradley Fralick
I just wrote this off the top of my head! No not to kiss up or make up but because I felt like it. I think it is about time.....
A Love Of My Own, Part III by Mocha Sistah
Will September reconnect with Raymond and tell him that she loved him the whole time or will they enjoy each other as just friends?..
A Love Story by Bob Makransky
A poor slob finds love in an unexpected way...
A Lover's Night by Jeffery Chaney
A couple still feel the love and passion, that they have always shared...
A Marshal of Her Own by Linda LaRoque
A western time travel romance set in the Texas Panhandle in 1890...
A New Toy for Christmas by Brenda Lee
Stranded, on Christmas Eve, over two hundred miles from home, attorney Zatoya Water does the unthinkable and accepts a ride from a handsome, young stranger. A stranger who redefines everything that she knows about love and men...
A New Year, A New Toy by Brenda Lee
New Years Eve finds attorney Zatoya Waters breaking all of her own rules. An independent woman who doesn't need a man, except to warm her bed, finds herself falling in love with a rich stranger...
A Night With Zorro/In Poetic Form by Don Juan Amante
He Was Her Sexual Fantasy..
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Romance Stories
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2. TIMES ?
3. In Defence of Love
4. Morning Reflections
5. The Newlyweds Chapter 2
6. Maid of Maidstone
7. Whispers
8. Reflections in a Mermaid's Den
9. Love is no accident
10. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
11. Kannan vs Kannan
12. Love Letters in Flower
13. Under a strong spell
14. The Language of Love
15. Anastasis
16. The bond of love
17. All the world is a stage
18. Unfinished Masterpiece
19. Entwined Destinies
20. Trilling Dalliances

Featured Book
by Pamela Ackerson

Family secrets, a gorgeous man with a wounded heart, and a young woman who is determined to get exactly what she wants.....  
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Featured Book
Love Legends: A Fantasy Romance Boxed Set (5 Book Bundle)
by Sky Purington

Steal the keys to five realms with these five fantasy romances for a mere $.99 with this bundle simply bursting with love, lust, and power games. From witches and werewol..  
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