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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Pastor's Inferno
by Joseph Langen

A Catholic priest seeks redemption after sexually abusing a teen...  
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Featured Book
by Derek Flower

In this second part of The Tuscan Trilogy are described the next twenty years of Rosa’s life after her marriage to her first love, sir Robert Lonsdale, by which..  
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Featured Book
Charlie No Face
by David Seaburn

Charlie No Face is a coming-of-age story about an 11 year old boy, Jackie, and the unlikely friendship he forges with local disfigured hermit, Charlie No Face, a friendsh..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

...Before I Die !!! by ugwuoju chidiebere
...a coincidence of events and scenes...
…Or, Maybe Just Leave, Steve by Carolyn Moncel
One of five short stories contained in a collection called "5 Reasons to Leave a Lover," which debuts in spring 2011. Steve and Cinnamon have a special relationship. Follow Cinnamon as she deals with their breakup and how she recovers and finds acceptance..
1979 chevy impala by C.A. Reed
narrator's first-time experience in las vegas.....
2012: Verge of Destiny by Ronald Hull
This story, capping my upcoming book: Verge of Apocalypse Tales, is a bit self serving, since my birthday coincides with the famous date. I am an optimist and believe there is nothing new about all the dire concerns around us, and that we will rise to the occassion and solve them in time...
5 Dollar Kiss Album by David Stuart
The story of a yong man, his drink, a woman, and his search for an escape from his woman....and his next drink...
8 Times Lydia by Danae Wilkin
The trials and tribulations of Lydia, who can't succeed at any of her plans...
9 Lives by Angela Nichols
I wrote this for a web-magazine; the story editor wanted a group of us to each try our hands at a Halloween style story...
A RELIEF by Jamal Abboud
I liked this short story...
A Bar Mitzvah Story: From Boy to Man; PG13 rated Becoming extcerpt by Mark Lichterman
I shouldn’t have done that, he thought, God’ll punish me for doing that tonight! He did feel relaxed, though, as if the act of masturbation had drained him of apprehension and tension, which in fact, outside of his guilt, it had. Yawning again, Mitchell Lipensky closed his eyes…..
A Bit Of Fun by Julian Isaacs
Two public school chums enjoy an elongated afternoon of drugs and delusion...
A Brush With Reality in the Key of B-Flat Minor by B. B. Riefner
A potentially gifted musician neglects his art and pays more than the required price. ..
A Candle Flickered in the Darkness by Valerie Ciolek
500 word creativity from a writing prompt..
A Careful Descent by Dee Sunshine
If you are going to commit suicide it helps if you are organised: otherwise all your plans may come to naught. ..
A Cautionary Measure by Peggy Duffy
My fingers wander, probe, examine. Beneath my armpit alongside my left breast, I find it again. The lump is the size of a pea, moveable, pliable, floating on a layer of fat. ..
A Child Too Near by B. B. Riefner
The thin line between reality and imagination is a very thin line, unless a life depends on it; and a starving child's life does. Ignorance is bliss, or, is it? What you don't know, won't hurt you; or will it? ..
A Christmas Letter by J.T. Townley by No Record Press
A Christmas Letter by J.T. Townley was published in The Red Anthology of Hitherto Unknown Writers (No Record Press)..
A Compromise by Jack Lowe
A father considers the best course of action to take, in regards to his children. (please leave all your preconceptions at the door)..
A Cottage in Another Country - pg 36 by Paul Cuenco
Excerpt of the novel, in a Parisian hotel...
A Cottage in Another Country - pg 89 by Paul Cuenco
Excerpt from the novel...
A Cottage in Another Country - pgs. 130-132 by Paul Cuenco
He contemplates on leaving his family...
A Criminal Life - Chapter one by sarah playle
This is an experimental graphic novel I'm working on,using the medium of the Sims video game. It takes place in a user made fictional town of Saskan Harbour and follows young Anna London after her famiy's flight from their old home. This is a complete experiment so all feedback is welcome...
A Day In The Life Of... by Tamara Dailey-Keur
I think we have all been here at one time or another.....
A Different Shade of Blue by Linda Dousay
Revised 5/14/6..
A division between friends by Patrick McCormick
Friendship comes full circle after tragedy...
A Drink Now and Then by Randall Barfield
A dying dream by Lemon Pie
A fantasy battle in which the hero is doomed to die. More important are the forces that drive him. ..
A Faire Daye by Cristina Van Dyck
A day in the life of a renaissance faire performer...
A Family Dinner by Marcia Miller-Twiford
Sometimes the best of intentions turn out wrong...
A Fine Pickle by Ev McTaggart
It's a windy night and Leila's brother has not come home..
A Flight of Fancy by Laurel-Rain Snow
A young woman, depressed by the chaos of her own life, hopes that a business trip will provide perspective...And a bit of distraction...
A Flower Girl Sister Surprise by Jerry Engler
This is a story that studies what people might do for each other outside the realm of usual expectation. It is among stories that I wrote, and then rejected until they could be rewritten. Feel free to tell me if you think it should have stayed rejected...
A Future Face by Mark Lichterman
Coming from the air-cooled lobby, My, God, he thought as the heat hit him, it’s got to be a million out here today! Standing in the miniscule shad in the lee of the building, loosening his tie and removing his seersucker jacket, he draped it over the sample case..
A Good And Not So Good Night (10) by Gene Williamson
Installment 10 in the Captain Jack series...
A Good Dentist by Anne Carter
Vince Bagwell's life is on the skids. With everything going South, what's left to live for? ..
A heart that wouldn't quit by Dawn Walker
a heart that wouldn't quit - a love story..
A Home for Shelly, Cole, Josie, Micky and Robbie by Randolph Camp
A brief excerpt and quotation from contemporary author Randolph Randy Camp's prize-winning story 'Wet Matches'...
A Leather Bag by Sandy Fackler
What would you do if a stranger forced a small bag into your hands and left you standing in the street?..
A Lesson In Self-Expression (from Hold Your Light) by Wayne Bien
Rodney learns about self-expression..
A Little Longer by Michael Putegnat
A Short Story by Michael Putegnat..
A Little Night Music by Katharine Sparrow
How well do you know your neighbors?..
A Matter of Timing, Frankly by Randall Barfield
What bothered Bob was that Katie had not returned and more than ten minutes had passed.....
A Meal and a Job by Gwen Dickerson
A story of a woman's plight of hunger and un-employment...
A Memory by Samuel Alesich
In early Autumn, the wind came cold out of the North and the leaves changed color on the trees. Parting from their mother, they fluttered to the ground where they lay or blew about the yard or the side of the hills until the first rains came. I would stand by the window and watch the rain and..
A Million by Lisa Adams
of what?..
A Miracle on Rivington Street by David Grant
Such a holiday cliche!..
A Mother to be, Maybe. by Mark Lichterman
She knew something was different! Oh, there wasn’t a hint, or even the hint of a hint but, be it wishful thinking, she was sure she’d actually felt the force of Mitchell’s ejaculation last night, and Marsha knew! After last night, she knew! ..
A Mother's Story by Peggy Duffy
It was the smile that fooled her. A brilliant, beguiling, bewitching smile which lit up the girl's face; it was an illusion, a delusion, a seduction she allowed to lure her in and ease her mind between the periods of the glum and the irritable, the attitude of indifference. ..
A Mother: Birth & Afterbirth by Mark Lichterman
“Come on, Mikey!” But the baby would not pull enough suction to latch onto his mother’s nipple and it slipped from his lips again... And again, in his frustration Michael began to wail and, her eyes becoming watery with the tears of her own frustration, “Mitchie, He won’t...” ..
A Mountain of Many Treasures by John Howard Reid
Following the success of MEXICAN AUTUMN (a series of inter-related short stories), and MICAELA MORRIS IN JO'S HEAVEN, here is the title story for my work in progress, an anthology of various prose pieces, entitled A MOUNTAIN OF MANY TREASURES. As usual, I have drawn heavily on my own experiences, w..
A Naked Lady!! by Mark Lichterman
On tiptoe, the two boys looked into the room. Mitchell saw a naked, muscled man. His back was to the window and he was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed. Facing the window, someone else was on the bed, not at the head, but rather below the middle… His eyes opening wide in wonder. ..
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20. Fortune and Men's Eyes

Featured Book
La Tour Shalom / Shalom Tower Syndrome
by Albert Russo

Alexis' complex background catches up with him and appears to be at the root of his existential malaise. He was brought up a Catholic, while his father was an Italian Jew..  
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Featured Book
In the time of the Scythians
by Richard French

Paul Kingsley -- journalist, teacher, father and husband, veteran, story-writer -- fights the influence of a cultish secret society called the Scythians. Unknown to him, ..  
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