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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Mister Hate
by Terry Vinson

No conscience…no morals…no limits to his insatiable appetite for inflicting pain…introducing a walking, talking weapon of mass (murder) destruction. THE natural born kill..  
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Featured Book
Blue Brick, Red Brick: A Shadow in the Law of Reflection
by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Author: #1 Amazon Kindle International Bestselling Author Lisa Loucks Christenson THIS IS THE STORY PREVIEW EDITION, (Still in editing), the full book will relea..  
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Featured Book
Boone's Creek-Almost Home
by Kathryn Perry

Mystery and suspense keep you turning the pages in this fast paced novel...  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

Revolution Conservative by Joseph Smith
Most of Kentucky is very conservative, and thus right-wing politics run rampant. But, what if the upper-class were the "freaks"?..
Riddle Of Swanship by Paul Mc Cann
There is a moral here for soem that may seek after knowledge for the wrong reasons . ..
Riptide by Rekha Ambardar
Long mystery story..
Rita's D'Artagnan by J.A. Aarntzen
Rita's life fell apart but she still has to continue...
Read excerpt from Road Work Road Work by Steve Rylor
"Some roads have no destination Some destinations have no road" Beauford Williams, July sweat trickling from his brow, dug feverishly by the light of a full Texas moon. On the shoulder of the deserted dirt road on which he labored lie his wife's body wrapped in a soiled sheet. At length..
Role Reverse part l by Richard Kallao
Run, rabbit, RUN! by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
Darker medical suspense from a real live health care pro!..
Sacred TIme by Helen Downey
Our writers so determined to do anything to motive them selves?..
View Photo of Sasquatch, A Creature By Any Other Name Read excerpt from Sasquatch, A Creature By Any Other Name Sasquatch, A Creature By Any Other Name by Victoria Murray
The Sasquatch is this creature fact or fiction? The following story is non-fiction and the details were provided by those who specialize in the search for the hidden animals that science ignores (cryptozoologists) and by those who claim to have seen the creature known as the Sasquatch...
Scared To Death by Sherry Hoffman
This is a story I am just starting. It begins with a woman who lives alone and is called to the door...
Schedule C by Alan Cook
An IRS mystery...
Scraps of Paper by Kathryn Griffith
A woman starts a new life after her husband is found dead...and in renovating her new home she discovers a 30 years old mystery scribbled on scraps of paper where a woman and two children have disappeared. In trying to solve it she puts herself and her ex-cop friend in danger. ..
Sea Air by Wa Conner
A traveler learns about the intricacies of sea air...
Secret Of The Marsh by Paul Mc Cann
The sound of snapping and snarling echoed through the clear morning air. Suddenly beneath a blanket of mist a group of Irish Wolfhounds uncovered themselves with wide open jaws and long stretching legs, running like a flame through the dry forest the wild dogs chased their prey into corners..
Read excerpt from Secrets Secrets by Anthony Greer
(**This is just an excerpt**)The story of murder, revenge and deceit. After being summoned to the mansion of the murdered movie director, Chris Kroftsman, the guests are all puzzled by their invitations. While investigating the old, abandoned mansion, the guests begin to disappear one by one. Is Chr..
Secrets of Stonehenge by Thomas Hay
Are there aliens ghost at Stonehenge? ..
Serena's Surprise by Ruthie Madison
Join Serena as she searches for the truth concerning a dancer and who her surprise is..
Read excerpt from Settling Old Scores Settling Old Scores by Phyllis Duncan
A past tragedy reminds that a personal retribution is overdue...
Read excerpt from Shadows of the Night Shadows of the Night by Sharon Jordan
Jacqueline Devore analyzes the basis of her ongoing night terrors. ..
She Dances Down by the River by Susan Cogan
Danger in the firelight...
Silence by Avinash Vasu
When fear controls the mind, and the body refuses to react...
Silver is Better Than Gold in Jewish Anthology by Sandra Ceren
A psychologist's patient's life is threatened. When he dies, she is determined to bring the murderer to justice...
Simonson's Milk by Doris Lane
Marguerite Simonson and her brother Arthur run a pet cemetery, but the graves might contain anybody...
Sinner's Throne-prologue by Tom Schafer
Seven sons are given a kingdom to rule, but must first learn to rule themselves, and the curse that they have inherited...
sixth sense by baz busbe
The driver said that my friend fainted as she waited to cross the road and he wasn't able to avoid her. It was probably the BCG vaccination she had that morning. I had been told to be beside her but hadn't listened. ..
Sleeping Dogs by John Lindermuth
A bad neighbor is punished for his cruelty...
SMS by Trevor Hopkins
Text message jokes. Topical, apposite, hilarious. We all get them, from friends and family and distant acquaintances. And we all send them on, if we think it's a good one. So, who is it who invents all these jokes in the first place? Where do they come from? And why are they sending them to..
Soldier's Gap, Chapter 2 by David Schwinghammer
Deputy sheriff Dave Jenkins and night deputy Mingo Jones arrive at the scene of the murder of Jerry Egge, high school principal...
Soldier's Gap, Chapter One by David Schwinghammer
when a high school principal is murdered, Deputy Sheriff Dave Jenkins sets out to find the killer and weird psychic happenings get in the way...
Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three by David Schwinghammer
Deputy Dave Jenkins begins his investigation of the muder of Principal Jerry Egge. ..
Something a little strange by katie wilcox
A girl feeling love again after not feeling love in a long time and this love is different because it brings out something strange ans amazing...
Sound of Silence by Tami Williams
A woman's personal ordeal to get a good nights rest...
Spirit Calling by John Cheyne
Opening paragraph where a wife loses reality on the death of her only daughter Spirit Calling The flurry of snowflakes whisked around the pinetres by the lake shore and fell quietly on the drift already there. The quiet, white duvet was growing over all, lifeless and livi..
Read excerpt from Stark in Candyland (story being edited again) Stark in Candyland (story being edited again) by Jimmy Holder
Being a private detective can be a dangerous profession - especially when you are investigating a brutal murder which implicates rich and powerful community leaders in unholy sex crimes - crimes of the heart. Sometimes, they will do anything, anything to protect their reputations and jobs, anything ..
Stephania's Ghost by Raven Newcastle
Stephania Amanato. Danielle Labouleaux's Sicilian best friend from The Body Hunters. encounters an old ghost in the stately Savannah home she shares with her best friend...
Still Searching by William Bonilla
My second short story..
Story of the Year by Justin Bumgarner
An author gets what every writer dreams of...the best story ever written...
Stranger at the Door by John Lindermuth
Fear drives a woman to extreme lengths..
Strangers are from Zeus, Chapter One by David Schwinghammer
Arnie Vogel arrives in town, having inherited the local newspaper, THE INQUISITOR, from his grandmother. Weird stuff begins to happen. ..
Strangers are from Zeus, Prologue by David Schwinghammer
A stranger shows up in East Embarrass, a small mining town in Northern Minnesota; he has no recollection of who he is...
Street Echoes by Paul Mc Cann
An out of the world experience changes the life of a homeless kid ...
Summer Nights by Lou Gallio
Excerpt of a story: A town bully in Southeast Texas, a car accident, teen romance and capers while growing up in the late '50s. © Louis A. Gallio, 2002 ================================================== “Hi Frankie.” Marcy got into the car and slid across the seat next to me. ..
Summer Nights - II by Lou Gallio
Excerpt from a story about growing up in Southeast Texas and driving an ambulance. A town bully, a car accident, teenage love and pranksters are pivotal to intense conflicts. © Louis A. Gallio, 2002 ================================================== Bizarre is the only way to ..
Sunday Terror by Janice Scott
My heart is filled with terror when James fails to arrive.....
Susan Tepes' Lost Relative by Raven Newcastle
Short story of Susan Tepes a lost relative of Lucius Johnson. Channel flipping changes everything...
Suspense in Suburbia: Chapter One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Why is it that I seem to know so little about my own family? I feel as if I am living my life away from them, and now they are not home, and there’s blood. ..
Table For One by Paul Mc Cann
One night in a restaurant can change the course of many lives . ..
Take a Chance by Tim Baker
A man and his partner scam an unwitting town with a fake raffle. The offer of big prize money brings big crowds. What could possibly go wrong?..
Taxed to Death, Chapter One by Debra Purdy Kong
Here's the opening chapter of Taxed to Death, which is now out on Kindle!..
Taxed to Death, Chapter Two by Debra Purdy Kong
Chapter two introduces Jillian Scott, a woman who has a big impact on Alex's life whether she wants to or not...
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
1. The Underside of Ice
2. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
3. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
4. The Dream of Foggy Creek
6. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Eig
7. Secrets of Stonehenge
8. Fred's Friends
9. The Mystery Blog, The end.
10. The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gu
11. Hitch Bitch
12. The Ghosts of Yesterday
13. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
14. The Sticky

Featured Book
Bluff (Kindle Edition)
by John DeDakis

Lark Chadwick is back in this sequel to "Fast Track"..  
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Featured Book
Silent Screams ebook
by Annette Gisby

Not all monsters are under the bed.....  
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